ATWT Update Tuesday 5/25/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/25/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(TV Station) Katie calls Chris to ask him if he can stop by the station and reshoot some of the scenes they did for Lisa’s show because when they were broadcast they didn’t look so good and she is putting together a special DVD for Lisa. Chris tells Katie he will come over as soon as he gets off work and Katie tells her crew to set up for the reshoot. Katie keeps rewinding the footage of her kiss with Chris for Lisa’s show and she tells herself to stop it because it’s just silly to keep thinking about it.

(Hospital) Casey tries to help Alison fix a broken monitor he tells her to to try and hit it to make it work but she doesn’t want to do that and damage it further. Alison apologizes for interfering in Casey’s relationship with Vienna and Casey tells her that he and Vienna don’t have a relationship they are just having fun. Alison is surprised that it doesn’t bother Casey that Vienna is with Henry and she is only using him. Casey is grateful for Alison’s concern for him and explains to Alison that he isn’t looking for a long-term commitment from Vienna. Casey tells Alison to call maintenance to fix the broken monitor. Chris arrives shortly after Casey leaves and he also suggests that Alison hit the monitor to make it work and she asks him to do it since he is the son of the chief of staff and he can get away with it in case the monitor gets further damage. Chris hits the monitor and Alison is impressed when it begins to work. Alison asks Chris to go to a horror movie with her an he accepts the invitation asking her to go by and pick him up at the TV station after she has finished working.

(Lakeview) Vienna is disappointed when another pregnancy test reads negative and a few minutes later Henry arrives with some cures for the morning sickness she told him she has been having lately. Vienna thinks that is a sweet gesture but tells Henry that he is the only thing she needs to feel better. Vienna begins to kiss Henry and wants to make love but Henry doesn’t want t hurt the baby. Vienna tells Henry that she checked with her doctor and making love is fine. Henry hears a knock at the door and insists Vienna answer the door. Vienna isn’t thrilled that Barbara interrupted them to give Vienna her wedding dress and tell her that it isn’t quite finished but she will need to find someone else to finish the dress. Vienna tells her that is fine since they had several creative differences anyway and she is possibly thinking of getting a different dress. Barbara leaves and Henry is upset that Vienna didn’t even thank Barbara for the hard work she did on the dress and he decides to take the dress back to Barbara in case another bride might like it. Vienna can’t understand why Henry is defending Barbara and Henry tells Vienna she shouldn’t have just dismissed Barbara like her work on the dress didn’t matter at all. Henry goes to Barbara’s room to return the dress and is hurt when he sees the dance contest trophy he and Barbara won in the trash. Henry takes the trophy out of the trash and tells the maid he is going to keep it. Henry holds on to the trophy and remembers dancing with Barbara in the contest. Henry decides to throw the trophy and the beautiful wedding dress in the trash.

(Hospital) Casey calls Vienna and leaves a message on her cell phone that he can’t stop thinking about her and hopes that she will return his call.

(Lakeview) Vienna still doesn’t understand why Henry was so upset with her but when she hears Casey’s message she leaves to go look for him. Henry arrives a few minutes later and finds a note from Vienna in which she apologizes for their fight and tells him that she has gone for a pre natal check up. Henry is confused about what to do and when he sits on the bed he sees a book of baby names.

(Farm) Meg and Emma talk to Meg’s lawyer and are disappointed to learn that he will need more proof that Emily is a terrible mother besides that she left Eliza alone in a car. The lawyer also tells Meg that because of her past history it will be an uphill battle for her to get custody of Eliza. The lawyer leaves and Meg decides the best way to prove to the judge she is a good parent is to start leading a normal life. Meg tells Emma she will talk to Bob and see if he will waive the psychiatric evaluation requirement for her to be able to return to the hospital.

(Fairwinds) Paul sees Emily playing with Eliza and getting her ready to go to the hospital for her check up and he wants to cancel his meeting to go with them to the hospital. Emily apologizes once again for leaving Eliza alone in the car and promises Paul that it will never happen again. Paul assures Emily that he does trust her with Eliza and he tells her that the next time an important story comes up and she is with the baby that she will call him or a babysitter to take care of Eliza.

(Hospital) Chris tells Casey that he and Alison are going out on a date and it may not lead to anything serious but he wanted to be the one to tell him. Casey tells Chris that is fine with him because he is seeing someone else and it is a casual relationship where he can’t be hurt.

(TV Station) Chris arrives and tells Katie that he and Alison are going out after he is done at the station. Katie pretends to be happy but Chris can tell she isn’t happing and he asks Katie if she is sure that he should date Alison. Katie tells Chris there is no reason why he shouldn’t date Alison. Chris tells Katie that she should tell him now but Katie tells him once again that he should date Alison.

(Hospital) Meg sees Emily and Eliza coming down the hall after Eliza’s check up and wonders why Paul isn’t with them. Emily tells Meg that Paul was busy and Meg can’t believe that Paul trusted Emily alone with Eliza after what happened last time he trusted her with Eliza. Emily tells Meg that she takes good care of Eliza and she is overreacting. Alison arrives and tells the ladies to calm down and Meg asks to speak to Bob. Alison tells Meg that Bob is in a meeting and if she wants to speak to him she should make an appointment. Meg tells Eliza good-bye and then storms off while Alison advises Emily not to get in an argument with Eliza’s mother in front of Eliza. Once Emily leaves a nurse tells Alison there is medication missing from the drug cabinet and she has asked everyone working on the floor today and no one took the medicine to give to a patient. Alison tells the nurse they must work quickly to find the missing medicine.

(Old Town) Barbara runs into Emma while they are both doing some shopping for Eliza and they decide its time to plan Eliza’s christening so Barbara asks Emma to bring Meg to Fairwinds so they came plan the Christening. Emma decides that is a good idea because they probably shouldn’t leave Emily alone with Eliza after she left her alone in the car to work on a story. Barbara knows nothing about what happened but she pretends to know the details.

(Hospital) Vienna wants to make love to Casey but he feels used and doesn’t feel like having sex. Vienna makes it clear to Casey that she only wants to have sex with him and if he wants more then that then she will find someone else who will appreciate what she has to offer.

(Fairwinds) Barbara is upset with Paul because he didn’t tell her what happened with Emily and Eliza. Barbara tells Paul that she invited Emma and meg over to discuss Eliza’s Christening at first Paul is upset because Barbara is one again interfering in his life but he reconsiders and thinks it may be a good idea. Emily arrives complaining about Meg and then a few minutes later Meg and Emma arrive. Paul explains that everyone is there to plan Eliza’s Christening. Everyone is tense as Meg and Emily argue over every detail from the location to who should hold Eliza during the ceremony. Emily makes some tea and gives a cup to Meg hoping that it will help keep her calm but nobody except Emily knows that she put pills in Meg’s tea. Paul tales Eliza to her room while Meg and Emily continue to argue about the Christening. Meg drinks her tea then suddenly she tells everyone that she hears Eliza crying hysterically and she must go to her. Everyone tells Meg that the baby isn’t crying Meg gets very upset when they don’t let her go to Eliza and Emma decides to take her home. Paul returns from Eliza’s room and wonders what happened to Meg. Emily tells Paul that Meg got very upset and maybe they will be able to tell the judge Meg is acting strangely. Paul tells Emily that Meg is sick and she needs help to get better but Emily only thinks of winning a court case. Paul walks off and Barbara advises Emily not to break the connection between Meg and Eliza because despite her troubles Meg will always be Eliza’s mother. Emily tells Barbara that Meg will soon be back at Deerbrook and she and Paul, and Eliza will be a family.

(TV Station) Alison tells Chris that they are too late to watch a movie so they both decide to just get a pizza and have good conversation. Katie tells them to have fun on their date. Henry arrives to ask Katie for advice on how to make Vienna happy. Katie advises Henry to make Vienna feel like the most special woman on earth and he could start by proposing to her the right way.

(Lakeview) Casey arrives and tells Vienna he has decided that he wants to be her boy toy so they don’t waste any time and begin to have sex.

Katie is driving home when she sees Chris and Alison being affectionate with each other and then a policeman tells her to move or he will give her a ticket. Katie continues to watch Chris and Alison and when Chris and Alison kiss Katie is so startled that she knocks Chris down with her car.

(Lakeview) Henry stands outside the door ready to make his proposal and he instructs the waiter and a maid on what they should do when he enters the room. Henry is unaware that Casey and Vienna are having sex inside the room.

(Farm) Meg tells Emma she can’t explain her sudden loss of control at Fairwinds and she is worried and scared about what happened to her earlier.

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