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Written By Elayna
Pictures by Lark

In the hospital, Lily can’t believe what Gabriel just said, as Lucinda feigns disbelief. Craig wants Gabriel to tell the truth; he never saw him the day of the fire. Lily tells Lucinda that Craig swore he had nothing to do with this. Can she see the kind of person he is now, Lucinda asks. Margo wants Gabriel to tell her everything he remembers; she wants to know if Craig tried to kill him.

At the station, Carly tries to comfort Parker promising that they will get him a lawyer and get him out. Parker pleads with her to stop because he is glad that he confessed. He couldn’t keep the secret anymore or to have Craig take the blame for something that he did; it was wrong. Carly reminds him that he just hit Gabriel and left him there, but Craig started the fire. How long will he be in jail, Parker asks. Not for one second, Carly answers quickly. What will she do. Anything she has to do. Her phone rings and Carly answers it; she talks with Liberty. She has been trying to reach Parker but his phone is off. He is with her right now and she knows he wants to talk with her too, as she hands Parker the phone. Liberty wonders where he is. He is at the police station. She is relieved thinking he is just visiting his dad. She is coming to see him. Parker tries to explain, but she interrupts telling him that she will be right over because she has a surprise for him, as she hangs up quickly. Parker mumbles to himself that he has one for her too.

At Al’s, Jack is having coffee with Janet, who is waiting on him. She reminds him that the lawyer will call soon. She didn’t have to leave Dusty to hold his hand. He would have done the same thing for her. She appreciates that he also wanted to talk with Liberty in person because he has a lot on his plate already. Liberty is his niece. She knows he is scared for Parker. He was so proud of him turning himself in. Carly doesn’t understand though. She is scared for her son. She should have thought of that earlier. Janet wonders why Parker didn’t come to him sooner knowing the relationship they had. Someone talked him out of it.

Craig is upset; he didn’t try to hurt him; he is not thinking correctly. Gabriel tells him that he remembers the smoke and not being able to move. Craig is getting more worked up; he didn’t see him that day; he never hit him, as he gets closer to Gabriel begging him to listen, but Gabriel yells that he wants Craig away from him, as Margo pulls Craig away from the bed. Craig stares at her and then Gabriel, as Lily looks stunned too. Gabriel starts to cough, as Margo wants him to leave and Craig is upset saying he can’t breathe, as Craig tries to calm Gabriel, but he is making it worse. Margo wants him to leave, as Craig pulls away. The nurse races in, as Margo explains what happened; she is able to calm Gabriel down, as he glares at Craig and promises through deep breaths that they aren’t done.

Parker tells Carly that he wishes she hadn’t put him on the phone with Liberty. She knows he feels like he did something wrong, but the more he acts like he did something wrong, as Parker interrupts – Liberty is going to be furious. She will be for a little while. No, this is going to ruin their relationship because Liberty sees herself as Gabriel’s protector as if he is all alone in the world. He was a good friend to Liberty so now let her be a good friend to him. She doesn’t get it, Parker tells her. A police officer interrupts letting Liberty into the room. She didn’t mean to interrupt, but can she borrow Parker to get coffee at Java. Parker starts to explain that he can’t leave, as Carly tells her that Parker has to wait for his dad here, but she will give them time to talk, as she grabs her stuff and leaves to give them to have some privacy. Once gone, Liberty wonders what is going on. Nothing, but he has to wait for his dad here so, as he tries to get her to leave. Liberty interrupts to tell him that she is sorry that things are weird for them. He is the best friend anyone could ask for. He was so great to her when she was sick and she is feeling better now so she got them front row tickets to their favorite group. Parker is speechless. They were passing them out to sick kids in the cancer ward and she played sickest. Parker stares, as she promises it was a joke. He nods; he tries to get her the same tickets a little while ago, but they were sold out, she assumes. Cancer finally came in handy for once. Parker can’t say much. What is wrong. He would have been able to get them, but there was something wrong with his credit card, which he found out the day of the fire. Liberty doesn’t understand what that has to do with this. Parker tells her that she will have to find someone else to go with to the concert. What is going on, Liberty presses.

Who would tell Parker not to tell him the truth, Janet wonders. Forget about it, Jack answers. People have different ideas about how to handle their kids. They do, Janet agrees. She hopes that doesn’t happen with them. It won't, as long as she does what he says, as they both chuckle. Carly comes in, as Jack is surprised to see her. She thought he was getting Parker a lawyer. He did; he is waiting for him to get out of court and call him back. Therefore, in the meantime, he thought he might spread the word, a quiet Carly wonders. Janet tells Carly that she is sorry, as Carly thanks her softly. He wanted to tell Liberty in person, Janet explains. Parker is with Liberty right now. Janet is surprised. Carly explains that Parker was nervous to talk with Liberty, so she gave him some space. He didn’t get to this spot alone, did he, Jack says quietly. Carly wonders if they have to do this now. Will she admit the crushing pressure that was on Parker now. Janet realizes Carly knew the truth. Carly wonders sarcastically if she is going to weigh in on this now. Only you, Janet says. What does that mean, Carly asks. Only she could make a bad situation worse for her child.

Lily is talking with the nurse telling her that they should override Gabriel’s wishes and ask Craig to leave. She can’t do that to a patient. Lucinda looks smug, as she tells Lily that if this is justice then it should be served cold. That is revenge Lily corrects her. Sometimes it is the same thing, Lucinda replies.

Inside the room, Margo wants Gabriel to be clear when Craig came into the office. Craig swears he wasn’t there, as Margo shushes him. Gabriel explains that Craig said he wouldn’t get out of there alive and he told him that he was full of it. He turned his back to Craig and then all went black. That never happened, Craig mutters. Why would he hurt him, Margo wonders. To shut him up because he knew too much about Parker and Carly. He never would have done that or thought he could get away with killing him of all people; he never threatened him, Craig says. Just like he never threatened her, Lucinda snaps. Craig roars at her to shut up, as Margo wants to know what happened with them. Craig is too busy throwing and pushing everyone out of the room and then barricading the door with the chair, as Lucinda can’t help but smirk while Margo is yelling that he is only making things worse. Alone in the room, Craig stares at Gabriel and tells him that he made things worse and he wants to know why. Margo demands he open the door. He needs time with his son, as Gabriel tells him not to call him that. The nurse wants to call security. Lily pounds on the door wanting Craig to see how this looks. Why is he lying to Margo saying he was there at the office and supposedly trying to kill him. Gabriel thinks that is why he locked them in the room now – to finish him off. What else would he want. He grew up without a father and so he understands his frustration. How big of him. He didn’t know he existed. He didn’t want him hurt even when he came to town and was, as Gabriel finishes his thought – blackmailing him. How can he say he didn’t want him hurt. Like when he hurt his hand. That was different; he was acting like a jerk. If he wants someone to blame then he should blame those two women out in the hall because they were the ones that kept the truth from him, as Gabriel looks at Lucinda through the window, as she looks back at him.

Liberty wants to know what is going on with Parker. He is trying to tell her, but he doesn’t know how. She knows things have been sketchy since Gabriel. It is about him, Parker starts to explain. He is her best friend even with Gabriel being in the picture. She should have admitted to the time they were spending together and that she even liked Gabriel, but can’t they deal with that later and just go have fun at the concert. She isn’t listening to him; he can’t go, as he heads for the door when the officer stops him. He is trying to give him leeway because of his dad so he didn’t cuff him, but he doesn’t want him to make him regret that, the officer tells him. Liberty wonders what the officer is talking about. Why would he be handcuffed. He was booked, Parker admits. For what. Assault. He was the one that hit Gabriel; he left him unconscious before the fire broke out.

Carly snaps that this isn’t any of Janet’s concern. Jack was kicked off the case and is in hot water with Margo because of her. Jack isn’t her husband anymore, as Janet doesn’t care about that when Jack steps in between them to quiet them. His phone rings and Jack answers it; it is Margo with news. Jack hangs up and tells them that Gabriel woke up, as Carly thinks that is great news. Jack tells her that there is more; Gabriel fingered Craig as the one that hit him and left him for dead. Janet wonders what that means, as Carly tells her that means her son is coming home, as she heads out with Jack and Janet behind her.

Lily wants Craig to listen to her through the door but he won’t, as Margo comes with an officer and tells him to pry open the door. Craig tells Gabriel that there isn’t much time, but he knows that he came to Oakdale looking for his father and that he isn’t the man he hoped he would be. He pleads with him not to lie to the police and make it worse. It is too late, Gabriel tells him. It isn’t; they can still try to work through this. Margo and the officer get through the door, as Craig is cuffed and Margo urges him not to say another word. He pleads with Gabriel to reconsider what he is doing. Lily and Lucinda stare at Gabriel, who starts to cough, as Lily goes to get a nurse. He stops when she leaves and asks Lucinda if this is how she wanted it to go. Good cough; she couldn’t have done it better herself, Lucinda answers coldly. His performance was exceptional but why should that not surprise her. She barely knows him, Gabriel answers. She knows who fathered him. His lovely attributes he got from his mother, but the ability to lie, obviously didn’t fall far from the tree. Did he pull it off. He did. Lily comes in with the doctor wondering if he is better. He seems to be, as the doctor tends to him. Lucinda wants to leave, but Lily doesn’t want to. He is awake and telling the truth, Lucinda reminds her. They were right to keep Gabriel away from Craig. She knows that Craig turned into a terrible person, as Lucinda reminds her that he is despicable. He is violent and brutal too; it is the second time he hurt his child. Lily sees the doctor come out; how is he. He is strong, but he needs his rest. Lucinda wants to leave now that they know he is better. Lily declares she is staying; noone is stopping her from going though. Lucinda wants Lily to stop feeling so guilty; they did the right thing, as she hugs her and leaves. Lily walks into Gabriel’s room and tells him that there is something she needs to tell him. She and her mother are just as much to blame as his father is.

In her car, Margo calls into the station to tell them to get a cell ready for Craig. Craig pleads with her to listen; he did not try to hurt Gabriel – on all the lives of the people they love, he didn’t. She doesn’t want him to do that because that list for her just got smaller after what she learned he could do to his own child. She doesn’t mean that; she is his sister. Right now, she is his arresting officer so he should save anything he has to say for his lawyer. Craig wants her to remember that Gabriel hates him; she can’t forget all he did before this supposed accusation. He got a job at his work; he learned his strengths and weaknesses and then used them against him. Margo doesn’t want to hear it. He has an agenda and he wants to ruin his life. He is trying to save his own butt. She knows the real him and she knows deep down he wouldn’t hurt his own child.

Liberty doesn’t understand; he wanted to kill Gabriel. No, he was just mad. He found out that he was blackmailing Craig and using the money in his trust fund; he was mad that Gabriel was not even upset about it and that he was lying about it to him and to her too. Liberty can’t believe this. He didn’t want Gabriel to get hurt like that though; that is why he told the truth. Carly, Jack and Janet come in and Parker wonders by their face what is going on. Carly explains that Gabriel woke up, as Liberty is relieved. Carly explains that the first thing he did was say that Craig was to blame. Parker doesn’t understand; doesn’t he remember that they fought. Carly explains that he does, but he said he woke up after their fight and then Craig came in and knocked him out. Parker wonders what that means. Carly tells him that means he is coming home, as she hugs Parker and she and Jack stare at one another. It is over. Jack explains that Margo cleared him to leave. Carly reminds him that guilt he was holding was not his fault. Parker asks to speak with Liberty. After the adults file out, Liberty admits that she is freaked out; does he think they can just go back to normal now. He doesn’t know. Does he think that the fact that he fought with Gabriel and left him there is ok. He was stealing from him. Also, he thought he was moving in on her so he punched him out, Liberty adds. He lied to her and everyone else. He didn’t want to. He lied the whole time Gabriel was in the hospital. He is sorry, but he didn’t know what else to do. She is sorry too that he didn’t trust her enough to tell her the truth. Carly, Jack and Janet come back in. They want to take him home. Parker tells them that he rode his bike there; he wants some time to himself, as he glances back at Liberty, who looks down. Once he leaves, Carly asks Liberty if they are ok. She is just glad that Gabriel is ok. Carly heads out and Jack tells Janet he will see her later; he also thanks her for hanging with him today. He tells Liberty that Parker did everything he could, as his voice trails off and he leaves. Janet wonders if she is ok. She doesn’t want to talk about it.

Margo tells Craig that she has been making excuses for him their entire life. Gabriel is lying. He has no reason to lie. He is mad because he thinks he didn’t care for him, and because he thinks he abandoned his mother and that he wasn’t the man he wanted him to be, but that doesn’t give him the right to say he did something he did not do. Gabriel did not waver on his statement, Margo reminds him. She is really going to charge him with attempted murder. He needs to talk with Gabriel again. So, he can talk him out of the truth. No, so he can talk him out of ruining his life. He knows that she thinks he always makes the wrong choices, but not this time. He absolutely swears that he did not hurt Gabriel, as Margo stares at Craig hoping to see some sign of the truth. She turns away from him telling him that she has to get him to the station – God help him, but he is on his own.

Parker arrives home with Carly and Jack close behind. He broke a land speed record on his bike, Carly teases. He needed to think. Parker wants to know what happened. Jack reiterates what Margo told her about Craig and Gabriel. He can’t believe that. Carly reminds him that it is over, but she is going to make him his favorite dinner now; she wants him to go get showered and rest a bit because it has been a long day. Parker starts to head upstairs when he looks back and tells them that he wasn’t lying before when he said that he wanted them to be ok. Jack and Carly look at one another. Jack isn’t sure what they did to deserve him. She smiles. Parker shone through in all of this, Jack tells her. Carly’s smile fades – he means because he confessed. It matters… the truth always matter and he knows that she can’t stand that he feels that way. He is who he is, Carly answers. She tells Jack that Parker will be down soon since he knows food will be waiting; she invites him to stay. He would, but he wants to get back to the station, as Carly looks down. She thought he was off the case. He is, but he is not quite through with it yet.

At Java, Janet brings Liberty a coffee. What is really going on. Parker. They looked upset at the station. How could he keep this from her. He kept it from everyone. They are best friends though. She thinks Parker wants more. He is so jealous of her and Gabriel and nothing is going on. He is just threatened by Gabriel. Therefore, he had to punch him out. She thinks it was more about Craig and the money. She knows. Which bothers her more –that Parker kept this from her or that he got into a fight with Gabriel over her. Both. Parker made a mistake because he cares about her, but she doesn’t think it was entirely his fault. Because he was scared. Because he felt caught. Parker will get over it, but maybe they should spend time apart. Why is this so hard. Janet is sorry. Liberty wonders if she can go see Gabriel. Janet doesn’t think that is a good idea. Liberty thinks that is because the hospital won’t let her see him yet. No, Janet personally doesn’t think she should see him.

Lily explains to Gabriel that as much as he thinks Craig abandoned him – he didn’t. Craig didn’t know her mother was pregnant – at her mother’s request. She is so sorry. Craig used his mother and then dumped her. She can see how protective of his mom that he is, but relationships happen and it is up to the two people in that relationship to work it out. Cancer killed her, but she also died of a broken heart. He will always blame him for that. Why is she there. She blames herself for her part in this. She wants to make this up to him; she can help him, but he has to let go of his pride to let her.

At the station, Margo tells Craig she is leaving to talk with the DA, as Craig tries to stop her, but she leaves. Craig calls out to any officer wondering if the cuffs are necessary. Jack answers that they are; he wishes he could do worse. Craig knows what he thinks he heard. He knows what Gabriel said. He tried to pawn off what he did on his son. No. Gabriel has it out for him – he knows that; he came to town with a vendetta against him. Therefore, he is the victim, Jack snidely asks. Gabriel is lying. He almost ruined Parker’s life, he almost killed his own son and if he could kill him himself, he would because he is a ‘lousy son of a bitch’, Jack snarls as he walks closely up to Craig’s face, as he says this.

Janet understands that Liberty is worried about Gabriel. Why doesn’t she want her to be friends with him. He blackmailed Craig. Gabriel is a good person with noone on his side. She knows what it is like to have noone to count on – especially his parents. She does. She can’t let that happen to Gabriel.

Gabriel tells Lily that he doesn’t want charity. It isn’t. She is trying to ease her conscious then. What is he going to do when he is released and he needs some place to stay while he is fighting the charges against him. He has a place. At the Lakeview – he paid for that with stolen money so that well has dried up, Lily says. What is her point. He can stay with her and her family, as Gabriel chuckles. He is a blackmailer; does she really want him around her kids. She thinks he is a good person who was just looking for a way to forge a relationship with his dad – no matter how backwards that was. Why would she do this. She owes him; she has a huge house and plenty of room. She will be there for whatever happens next. Because she feels guilty, Gabriel asks. Because it is the right thing to do. She wants him to rest and she will get a room made up for him.

Parker comes downstairs and Carly notes how much better he looks. She was right – a shower and rest helped. Carly tells him that dinner is almost ready, as she hugs him again. An hour ago, he thought he was going to jail and now he is home and worrying about his homework. He has a question – Craig is being arrested for trying to hurt his own son and she was going to marry him – isn’t she freaked out. She was freaked out when he was going to trial for something he didn’t do, and Craig did this to himself. He gets that, but Craig and he were tight for a while and he doesn’t get how he could have done this. He has to realize about Craig – he only cares about himself – he needs to let it go. He should be grateful Gabriel woke up and told the truth about what happened.

Craig pleads with Jack to think this through. Jack knows that he would go this far. Gabriel woke up and told the chief of detectives, his sister, that he tried to kill him, and Margo believed him. Because he is trying to get back at him. He had every reason to get back at him. Fine, if he thinks he tried to kill his son then would he believe that he would throw Parker to the wolves – he has never done that before. Of course, he would to save his own skin. He has blinders on. Look at the history; he has never done that before. Jack yells that he has never given him a reason to think otherwise. There is the most obvious reason ever. What is that, Jack asks. Craig yells back that he loves Parker’s mother, as Jack stares at him. He loves Carly; he knows he lost her, but he would never let her go through the horrific pain of letting Parker get marched off to prison from something he didn’t do; if he thinks he could do that then he is a ‘bigger meathead then he thought.’ Jack stares at him looking somewhat unsure all of the sudden. Margo interrupts the moment when she rushes over to them asking why Jack is there because he is off the case. He knows, but he just had a few questions. He knows better, as she tells the officer to take Craig down to booking. Craig urges Jack to listen and think long and hard about what he said. Margo watches Craig get taken away, as Jack looks very unsettled, as he looks down at the floor.

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