ATWT Update Friday 5/21/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/21/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Parker asks Margo if she heard him. He was the one who knocked Gabriel out and then the fire was started. He’s confessing. She closes the door and tells him to sit down, but don’t say any more. He needs an attorney. She needs to get his mother and father here. He doesn’t know why since it isn’t going to change anything.

At the hospital, Lily runs into her mother. She chastises her that Gabriel is fighting for his life because of something they did years ago. Lucinda says that she totally disagrees. They are not responsible; this was Craig’s doing. He hurts people that get close to him. He does it time after time….like he did with her when he was going to snap her neck like a chicken. Lily says they can’t do anything about the past, but they can do something now to make a difference and make the situation less miserable. Lucinda is shocked to find that Lily also told Margo that Craig knew about Gabriel before the fire, so he certainly didn’t knowingly do anything to hurt anyone, least of all his own son. She tells Lily with Craig in jail, 99.9% of her problems are solved. Craig walks up; he begs to differ.

While Jack and Carly are discussing Parker, Margo calls and tells Jack that he must get to the station right now. His son is there and has confessed to the whole thing the night Gabriel was attacked and left in the fire. Carly insists on going along.

Dusty calls Janet at the diner and wants to see her for their first date. He brings her roses. She wants to know where they are going and he says it is a surprise. He mentions the 21st as being as very special day and she suddenly says she can’t do this. It won’t work.

Lily tells Lucinda that she is not going to call security. Craig is not going to attack her here in the middle of the hospital. He says of course not. If he wanted Lucinda dead, she would be out of her misery already. He assures her that she has nothing to fear from him. He deadpans that he’s given this some thought and he thinks the harsher punishment for her is to die alone and unloved of old age in her mansion on the hill. He glances at his watch and says that by his calculations that shouldn’t be too much longer. Lily reminds him that she is just as culpable. He says he knows, but she is trying to make amends unlike Lucinda who is proud to keep a father and son apart for two decades. Lucinda bites back that yes she is proud to have kept that boy out of Craig’s orbit for all those years. Just think what he would have turned out like if he had been around Craig. Craig says that almost sounds profound, but why doesn’t she ask Gabriel. Not only did she play God with Craig’s life but Gabriel’s as well. Lucinda blasts that she does not know what is going on in that boy’s mind, but she does know Gabriel would be a more full blown con artist than he exhibits now if he had been around Craig all his life and had him as a role model. Lily tells her not to add more fuel to the fire. Lucinda says she is not going to back off just because Craig asks her to. She tells Craig that boy in there does deserve a happy life, but he won’t get that with Craig being near him. The doctor comes out of the room and Craig asks how he is. The doctor looks to Lily since she is paying the bills and she nods for him to give Craig that information.

Jack and Carly rush into the police station and demand that Parker not say another word. Carly says none of this is okay and he should have a lawyer. Margo says she gave him those rights and he refused. Parker said this is exactly why he did not want them here. They are making matter much worse. He doesn’t need a lawyer, he just wants to confess and get it over with. He is not going to do things their way any more.

Carly tells Parker that Margo can not force him to make a statement. Without a signed statement she has nothing. She is his mother and she is trying to take care of him. He will confess over her dead body. He says he can not be the reason that Gabriel dies nor the reason that she and Jack break up. They can’t even agree on what should happen to Parker and they are fighting 24/7. Margo throws the file down on the desk in front of Jack. She says he knew that Craig did not leave Gabriel there to die, but Jack wanted her to think so and that would take suspicion off his own son. She wonders how much evidence he re-wrote to throw them off. Jack offers that he did not know until recently about the fight between Parker and Gabriel and he did not suppress evidence. He reminds her that her brother deliberately started that fire and that is arson. Margo tells him that she understands where he is coming from, but besides being a father he is also an officer of the law. He has sabotaged this case and he is now off the case.

Craig is relieved when the doctor assures Craig that Gabriel is going to make it. He’s a very strong man. Lucinda adds “and no thanks to the sperm donor.” He tells her that she needs to get back to her cave and hang upside down. He doesn’t want her anywhere near his son when he wakes up. She spews that he is a little, little man and she does not take directions from an arsonist and a would-be murderer.

Janet tells Dusty that today would have been her father’s birthday. She was planning a big party this year for all the ones they had missed. That man hurt her more than anybody ever did. They were just starting to get to know each other again. She’s not over his death yet or the way it happened. Dusty understands….they’ll try again another time. She thanks him for the beautiful flowers. She puts her hand in his and they leave.

Margo calls Craig and he tells her what great timing as he has incredible news. She says her first. Parker just confessed that he hit Gabriel before the fire started and left him there. Craig says he doesn’t remember the last time that two amazing things happened to him on the same day in thirty years. They agree to meet at Java so they can talk. Craig goes back to Lucinda and Lily and tells them that Parker just confessed, so Craig is no longer a suspect. So despite Lucinda’s best efforts, he will have the opportunity to get to know his son. He looks to Lily and tells her not to let Lucinda in the room. He is going to approve all visitors from now on.

Lucinda tells Lily the nerve of Craig for throwing them out when Lily is paying the bills. She is fresh out of ideas, but if fate decrees that Craig be part of his life from now on, there is nothing she can do. When Lily leaves, Lucinda goes into Gabriel’s room. She carefully looks him over and touches his face and he awakens. She welcomes him back.

Lucinda tells Gabriel that he gave everyone a big scare. She’s pleased that he came through and he just needs to rest and get better. She tells him she was a friend of his mother….a wonderful, dear, sweet woman, but they can not say the same about his father, Craig. Lidia Cara deserved a lot better than the likes of Craig Montgomery. He looks at her like he doesn’t know a thing she is talking about.

Craig meets Margo at Java. He tells her they will be taking Gabriel off the ventilator soon. He's going to be fine. He's a fighter just like Craig is. He's a survivor. And now that Parker has confessed to knocking him out, Craig is completely off the hook. She's not that optimistic. She says she hates to rain on his ticker tape parade, but he's still up for the charges of arson, insurance fraud and extortion and grand thief but other than that he's off the hook. Craig says he guesses he is not making himself clear. He welcomes these hurdles because as soon as he jumps over them and gets on the other side he will have a second chance with his son. He gets a do over with all the mistakes he made going all the way back to Bryant. People like him don't get lucky like that very often. He says he is happy and grateful and he wishes Margo would be happy and grateful with him. She says she is happy, but he must know there is an army of people out there who would lay money down that he will screw up that second chance. He says let them, he will prove them all wrong.

Dusty and Janet sit on a park bench in Old Town. He wants to know what her dad’s birthdays were like. She said it wasn’t just his birthday, but the whole Ciccone family. It was everyone’s celebration. Her dad used to plant a tree for every new baby born and then he’d go out every year to the family orchard to see how much they had grown. She cries that she visited that orchard after the funeral and her brother Eddie showed her where Rocco had planted a baby tree for Liberty. She also knows he would have wanted to known this baby and planted another tree, but now he can’t. Dusty says her father is not the only one with great ideas. She needs to follow him.

Parker tells Carly and Jack that all they do is fight about him and he can not let them break up because of him. He had to come forward. Jack says that took a lot of courage. Now they need to get an attorney and be on the same page. Carly agrees they are not going to break up about this; they will be a united front. They are family and that is that. Parker says he is sorry. Jack tells him not to be sorry; just be honest. She’s dismayed though to find out Jack has been taken off the case. Parker is taken away to be processed. Carly gives him a big hug and Jack tells him to be strong. Jack tries to make things right by saying it is just procedure. Parker will be all right. Carly tells Jack that this is all his fault and she will never forgive him for it.

Jack tells Carly this is exactly why they are here today because she is constantly accusing him and they end up fighting. Now Parker has walked in here and confessed because he has his own moral compass. She bellow that he's not a criminal. He didn't do anything wrong. He had a fight with Gabriel. He made a mistake, but he did nothing that was life threatening. She shouts that Parker is Jack's son and because of his moral compass they are going to lose him. He comes back that she is leaving out a huge piece of the puzzle here like that she kicked him out of the house so she could cover up a lie. She forced Parker to tell. Maybe he could help Parker if he had known sooner. She says yeah the only thing that would have accomplished is that Jack would have guilted him sooner and Parker would have confessed sooner. Jack says he can not talk to her. He's going to go get an attorney. She'll need to come back then. She spews that she will not abandon her son.

Margo tells Craig that he's doing okay with Johnny and she really hopes he will get that chance with Gabriel. But this sudden epiphany he's had after a really bonehead move has all sorts of ramifications beyond just getting caught. She'd like to give her theory. She thinks Gabriel came to Oakdale at the request of his dying mother to go and meet the father he never knew. And before he got a chance to tell Craig who he was, he got to know Craig and what he was doing......which is to lie, cheat and steal and cut every corner to get what he wants. Craig says he knows, it's not something he's proud of. She continues that instead of finding a man who had made a mistake twenty years ago and was learning from it, Gabriel found a man who was lying and cheating and stealing from another young man's trust fund to try to hold onto a woman who didn't even want him. So Gabriel was just trying to be like his father as that was the only side he knew. Margo says so if Craig wants a productive relationship with this boy then he is going to have a lot of repair work to do. And if Gabriel is recovering, then this is a gift so please do not look a gift horse in the mouth. Please don't throw away this prize. Craig says gee, remind him again why he asked her out for coffee.

Dusty takes Janet out with his hands over her eyes. She recognizes it as the back of her apartment complex building. He shows her a tree and says it is in the honor of the Ciccone tradition and her father's birthday. She's touched, that is so sweet although they aren't exactly dressed for planting. He starts digging the hole while she is trying to tell him that he's not doing it right. He claims he knows her type that likes to sit back and give orders. She says obviously he has never dared a Ciccone woman. He hands her the hose and tells her to water it. She does - on him several times and then he grapples the hose from her and spritzes her and they end up tussling on the ground and kissing.

Lily tells Craig that she is glad he came back. Gabriel is awake, so what is he waiting for…..go say hello to his son. Craig tells Margo that he needs her, he can’t do this alone. Margo goes in first and introduces herself as Craig’s sister but also as a police detective. She needs to ask him some questions. First, she needs to know if he knows where he is. Slowly he says yes, he remembers everything.

Janet tells Dusty that her father would approve. She laments that she knows she has been a pain in the butt today, but she loves the fact that Dusty did this for her. He says she is easy to do things for. Jack walks up and tells them about Parker confessing. He wants to tell Liberty before she hears about it from somebody else. Dusty suggests that Janet go with Jack and they can deal with this together.

Carly wants to take Parker home, but is told that he is in custody. Parker says they are treating him very good, so it’s all right. Carly cries that he’s a wonderful son and she is so lucky to have him. He never lets her down.

Lily watches as Margo talks to Gabriel. Lucinda comes back as she was curious. Gabriel says he remembers Parker being there and hitting him. Then he got up and Craig was there. He states that Craig hit him, hit him hard and told him he was never going to get out of that room alive. Lucinda smiles to herself.

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