ATWT Update Thursday 5/20/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/20/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Lark

Carly pops up at the hospital and asks a nurse if there has been any change in Gabriel’s condition. All the nurse can tell her that he is still on the respirator. Carly says she was his employer and she thought she would be getting his bills, but so far she has not received anything. Lily walks up and says she is paying for his medical bills. Carly can take her pick – guilt, responsibility, making amends. She explains that she kept a horrible secret years ago that she shouldn’t have. This is her way to try to make up for it. Carly wants to know what secret, and Lily tells her that Gabriel is Craig’s son.

At the police station, Jack looks over a copy of the police report and recalls Parker’s explanation that he didn’t hit Gabriel with anything. He did hit him, but he did not knock him out. He fell and it was an accident. Margo comes by his desk and comments that he sure is concentrating on that file. Jack asks if there is any word about Gabriel’s condition. She tells him that he is still unconscious. She knows he is anxious to speak with him about who hit him, but she would not count on him naming Craig. Jack thinks it is some sort of joke when she tells him that Gabriel is Craig's son. She points out that it is a long story but Lily told Craig about it before the fire started so that would eliminate him as the person trying to kill his own son. She says there are other theories she would like to run past him. Jack says later, there is some place he has to go.

In his hotel suite, Craig plays video games with Johnny but Craig is not very good at them. Johnny mentions his friend, Danny, has an older brother that plays with him. Craig tells Johnny that he too has an older brother; it’s Gabriel. He bets he will soon tell him a lot of things too.

On the banks of the pond, Luke tells Noah that he never thought he was the type either or that he would fall in love until he met Noah. It’s kind of hard to explain but he never thought he was one of those bolt of lightening, and then your life changes forever type of person. And now that he has met Noah and felt those feelings, he can’t imagine not having him in his life. He couldn’t see him with anyone but Noah. Then the accident happened and Noah pushed him away. He understands why now, but it hurt and it changed him in more ways than he knows. It finally got to the point that he couldn’t take it any more. He finally gave Noah an ultimatum, either all in or all out. Noah says Luke had every right to do that. He wasn’t much up for anything there for a while. Luke says he knows and he really understood that although it really crushed him. When Noah decided that he couldn’t be all in with Luke, then Luke forced himself to let Noah go. Only he couldn’t totally let him go. He kept thinking they’d find a way to get back together, but after a while…..well you can’t hold on to an idea forever. Noah tells him not to. He can tell how hard this is for him to admit. He already knows what he is going to say.

Reid is at Katie’s trying to study but can’t focus. He checks his cell and deletes a pix of Luke. He curses himself for thinking that walks in the park and dinner for two are his thing; what a bonehead. He grabs his coat and heads out.

Johnny wants to know why he didn’t know about Gabriel before. Craig explains that he wanted to tell him but he just found out himself. It’s complicated and he’ll explain everything later. There is a knock at the door and Craig hops up and hopes that it is lunch. It’s Jack who says they need to talk right now.

Carly wants to know how is Craig Gabriel’s father. Lily says he had an affair with the maid, Lidia, when he and Sierra lived in Montega. But while Craig might have been a louse, he had no idea he had a son, only Lily knew. And Lily kept it a secret as Lucinda and Sierra said that is what Lidia wanted. Lidia died of cancer but before she died she told Gabriel all about his father. That is why he came to Oakdale and Craig had no clue until she told him. Liberty is shocked when she walks up and overhears Lily tell Carly about Craig being Gabriel’s father. Lily apologizes for her finding out this way. She’d heard Faith talk about a friend named Gabriel but she did not make the connection that it was the same person. Otherwise she would have come forward much sooner before all of this came out in the worst possible way. The nurse calls Lily away to get the billing straightened out. Liberty fells badly as she was so sure that Craig was guilty, of trying to kill Gabriel because of the blackmail but now she is not sure. Carly tells her that she has to go and get some fresh air.

Craig gets Johnny out of the way and comes back and asks Jack what crime is he trying to pin on him now. Jack says he knows that Gabriel is his son. Craig says that makes sense since he told Margo, his boss. He hopes she also told him that Lily made it clear that he knew about Gabriel before the fire. That kind of precludes him from an attempted murder charge. Jack laments that he also knows that Craig talked to Carly about what happened the day of the fire. Yes that Parker knocked him out and left him there. That’s a new one for Jack, knowing the truth and sitting on it. He’s there trying to suss out what Craig thinks about it because he hasn’t turned Parker in yet. Jack assures him that he’s not. He’s going to make sure Parker’s name is never mentioned in this whole mess. Craig doesn’t believe that someone like Jack would do that. Jack says he will when he’s on the receiving end of it. He’s going to make sure that he does everything to see that Craig goes down for this……or there’s another way they can play this whole deal.

Liberty meets Margo as she is coming out of Gabriel’s room. She asks Margo if she thinks that Craig was capable of this. Margo says no, not to his own son. She thinks Gabriel came to Oakdale to find his father and then found him in a pile of trouble. Liberty says she knows it looks really bad what Gabriel was doing to Craig, but she knows he’s not a bad person. Margo asks about the pearls that she saw Liberty put in Gabriel’s hands. Liberty says she got them from Parker after he broke into Gabriel’s room.

Lily spies Dr. Oliver and asks about Noah. He’s curt as usual and warns her about protocol of confidentiality since she is not family. She says Noah is as much her son as Luke is. He wonders if there is anything else she wants to say. She adds – just to treat her son right. Reid says she has nothing to worry about from him.

Noah says he understands that Luke might not know if he loves him anymore. He understands that after he pushed him away. Luke skips a rock out on the water and Noah tells him to do that again. He saw the ripples. However, on the second time he didn’t. Then he doubles over with an excrutating pain in his head. Luke tells him he will take him to the hospital right now.

Lily says she knows Dr. Oliver does not know much about her, but she would never interfere in her son’s personal life. But his happiness is just as important to her now as the day he was born. Dr. Oliver snarls that he’s a grown man now. The choices he makes now are his own. Luke walks up with Noah and tells them they he was straining to see something and got a shooting pain. Dr. Olivier says he will examine him.

Margo wonders about Parker breaking into Gabriel’s room. Liberty says it was a guy thing. Perhaps Parker was jealous and she didn’t handle it very well. There was nothing to be jealous about. Gabriel was just a friend and so was Parker. Margo thanks her for telling her about Gabriel. Liberty says she will see for herself when he wakes up……and he just has to. She’s glad to know now that he has family.

Craig takes a drink and tells Jack that he is out of his mind….given his record to throw himself on the mercy of the court. Jack says that is kind of not his problem. And maybe Craig should have thought of that before he wiped out Parker’s trust fund and then tried to burn down Monte Carlo for the insurance money to cover it up. Craig says not guilty on both counts. Jack says if Craig will confess to the arson charge then he’ll make sure they don’t tack on the other charge of assault. Craig says yeah, he’ll let Parker take that one, but with Jack’s connections he knows he’ll walk or won’t have any long-term damage. Jack says he will do anything for him. And Craig knows what will happen if he doesn’t say anything. They both will be charged. So Jack asks what is it going to be? Is Craig going to do the right thing or bring Parker down with him.

At home, Parker is shocked to find out from Carly that Craig is Gabriel’s father. Could he have known this before the fire. She doesn’t know, but it also doesn’t change anything. He still can not tell anyone about the fight they had before the fire. She tells him that telling his father may be the smartest thing he ever did. As long as he is running interference for Parker, he will be safe. Parker sees that as lying for him. Carly says he is just protecting him just like she is. They will always be on his side. He hates this and it seems to be getting worse by the minute. She tells him it is okay. They will get through this. They just have to stay strong and stick to the plan. There is nothing to be afraid of.

The doorbells rings and Carly sees that it is Margo. She tells Parker to stay in the kitchen. Margo hopes to see Parker but Carly says he’s out, she just missed him. Margo asks if perhaps she can ask Carly a few questions about the fire. Carly says she already gave her statement and Jack is the lead investigator. Margo says she knows, but she has a personal stake in the case. She needs to know everything Carly can tell her about Gabriel. Carly repeats again that she has already told them all she can. She was his employee, not really even a friend. He was a good kid but managed to get under Craig’s skin. She just thought it was a personality conflict. She did not know about the blackmail, but she doesn’t feel she is in any position to judge. Margo asks since the money was Parker’s, is he as forgiving as Carly?

Craig tells Jack that this is less about saving Parker and letting Craig fry. Jack says okay, he will sweeten the deal. He’ll go to the D.A. and tell them about Craig’s mental state at the time….that he was under huge financial strain and then the realization that the guy blackmailing him was actually his son. Craig says this is just getting better and better. Not only does Jack want Craig to go down, but he also wants to throw his son under the bus so his son can go on to baseball practice. Jack bellows that his son is the innocent victim here. Craig says sure, innocent in that he assaulted….yes assaulted…..Gabriel and left him to die in the fire. He tells Jack that he is bluffing. He knows that he loves his son, but there is no way Jack could live with himself if he bought Parker’s freedom by lying. So Jack can do whatever he has to do, but Craig will take his chances.

Luke berates himself for taking Noah out. Lily says he need not do that. No one could tell Noah what to do. And if he walks out of that room in a minute and said that he was sorry and still wanted Luke, all would be all right. Luke says that he still loves him, that hasn’t changed. Dr. Oliver examines Noah and tells him that headaches are to be expected at this point. But his eyes seem to be all right. Noah questions him if he should accept things as they are and not like they used to be. Dr. Oliver says acceptance is cowardice. He doesn’t figure him to be a coward so find out what he wants and fight for it. Noah says he doesn’t know much about anything any more, but he does know he still loves Luke as much as he ever did. Dr. Oliver says okay, there he has it. He knows what he wants, so go fight for it.

Outside, Luke asks Dr. Oliver if all is okay. Reid tells him these headaches are normal at this stage. It is not a step backward. Luke tells Lily that he was so worried. She says she knows, but right now they are both worried about something different. Luke sees Noah and hugs him and says he was so worried. Noah apologizes and tells Luke that he doesn’t have to stay. He was trying to be open with him earlier and it was Noah who had pushed him away. The accident didn’t just hurt Noah, but Luke needed time for himself as well, so he should just go now.

Margo doesn’t think Carly is being completely truthful about Gabriel’s association with Parker. Carly says Parker barely knows him. Margo says that is not what she is hearing on the streets. Word is that Parker did not like Gabriel much and was jealous. Carly says no, Parker is not the jealous type. Margo thanks her for her time and to be sure and let her know when Parker is available or Carly can bring him down to the station.

Liberty sees Craig heading to Gabriel’s room and she acknowledges that she knows Gabriel is his son. Craig proudly says he is. She needs to ask him something and needs the truth. Did he mean to hurt Gabriel for what he was doing and when he found out he was his son. Craig swears on his life that he would not. Then Craig says she seems to know Gabriel better than anyone else and he’d like her to tell him all she knows. All he knew was that Gabriel seemed to like to see him squirm and he did not know why. Liberty says it is too bad that Gabriel didn’t tell Craig who he was. Craig says that is true. He was directing so much anger at him that he really didn’t see anything else about him. Liberty says maybe it was more out of loneliness. His mom died and he was alone so guess he came to Oakdale to find Craig. Craig says he wouldn’t blame Gabriel if his mother told him how badly Craig had treated her. He used her and left her and never saw her again. And the truth is if he had been a better man then maybe he would have been told and could have been some sort of father to him. He’ll never know now and he is sorry about that. She says Gabriel is the one who needs to hear this. Craig says he hopes he gets that chance.

Jack rushes home and wants to know everything that Margo asked Carly and her interest in Parker. He states that all of this could have been avoided if Carly had just told him the truth in the first place. It’s the truth…she kept him in the dark. And the only way he heard the truth was that he pulled it out of Parker; she never would have told him. She argues that she had to keep the truth from him as Parker’s self-righteous father would have turned in his own son. She’s trying to help Parker; she can’t say the same about him. He says he is trying to figure a way out of his mess. She doesn’t understand if that means throwing Parker under the bus, explain that! She doesn’t even know who he is anymore. “Let me tell you something, lady, the feeling is mutual.” Parker can’t help but her the shouting and he leaves.

Dr. Oliver is kicking back a beer when Luke sits down beside him at the bar. Reid grumbles that the seat is taken. Luke says he knows that is a lie as no one in the town would drink with him except maybe him or Katie. Luke says he doesn’t drink but he did come to play some pool. Reid says he despises people who think they are better because they are sober. Luke says then he doesn’t understand drunks at all. Drunk don’t think they are better than he is. They just have to drink to feel as normal as he does without one. Reid asks why he didn’t want to stay with Noah, and Luke replies because Noah didn’t want him to. He’s confused abut his feelings after everything that has happened. Reid says he’s not and he can not do this. He throws down his money and leaves.

Lily visits Noah but she thought Luke would be with him. Noah explains that he sent him home. He feels badly about wanting Luke to stay. He wants him to stay because he wants to, not because he feels he has to. Nothing feels easy any more. He just feels like a big obligation and that is a lousy feeling. She says she knows for a fact that Luke doesn’t feel that way. He loves Noah. But Noah says he’s going to let him off the hook until Luke can stay because he wants to. Lily warns him that if he lets Luke off the hook, he may not come back.

Liberty tells Craig that maybe he should sit with Gabriel. It might make a difference. Craig counters with the best thing may be just to get out of his life. Liberty says no. She meant what she said earlier. Gabriel was alone and came to find his father. Craig says yes but he hated what he found. Liberty tells him that he can change that. He wonders why she is pushing for this. She replies that she just watched her mom bury a father who turned his back on her once. The only reason she didn’t completely fall apart now was because they made peace before he died. He wonders how she got so smart for one so young. He wants to hear everything she can tell him.

Jack explains to Carly that he is doing everything and he means everything he can to keep Parker’s name out of this. He told that today to Craig. Craig said nothing that will help Parker though. Carly cries that Parker is her boy, her beautiful boy and she hated lying to Jack, but she didn’t know what else to do to help him. She confesses she knows she made a mistake, but Parker wasn’t trying to hurt anybody, not trying to kill anyone. Jack holds her in a big hug and says he knows. He promises they won’t let Parker slip away from them.

At the police station, Parker knocks on Margo’s door and says his mother didn’t have to ask him to come. He came on his own. He wants to confess. It was him that punched Gabriel. He hit him and he fell and hit his head on the day of the fire. Parker left him there on the floor.

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