ATWT Update Tuesday 5/18/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/18/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Metro) Lisa’s family and friends arrive for her show celebrating her fifty years in Oakdale. Tom and Margo worry because Lisa is hurt but she tells them the show will go on and a fall in the kitchen won’t stop her from putting on a show.

(TV Station) Katie is mad at her director Ron because he refuses to cut out the last video segment of Lisa’s show. Chris arrives and wonders if Katie needs a sedative since she seems to be so upset. Katie yells at Chris to leave her alone and go to Metro to be with his family.

(Outside Java) Alison is surprised to see Vienna with Henry and is about to say something to her but Vienna interrupts her and says that she and Henry are going to meet Katie at the TV station and watch Lisa’s show from there. Vienna sends Henry to call Katie and tell her they are running late. Alison doesn’t think its fair for Vienna to be with Casey one minute and then dump him to get back together with Henry. Vienna clarifies to Alison that she and Henry never broke up and Aliso thinks its even more appalling for Vienna to use Casey and then dump him. Vienna thanks Alison for not telling Henry that she saw her with Casey and reminds her that she dumped Casey on their wedding day so she should mind her own business. Henry calls Barbara to find out if she has gotten her test results back and Barbara tells him that she hasn’t heard anything yet. Barbara also tells Henry she is running late for Lisa’s show and must end the call. Henry tells Barbara that he is going to watch the show at the TV station so that he won’t make her uncomfortable by being at Metro.

(Metro) Lisa tells the audience if they think her first fifty years were wonderful they haven’t seen anything yet. Bob introduces Lisa and tells the audience all of her married names. Lisa tells the audience she came from a small town in Illinois to Oakdale because she wanted to go to a big city college to find a good man and get married. Lisa tells the story of how she met a young man named Bob Hughes and got married. The audience sees a clip in which Alison plays the role of Lisa and Casey plays the role of Bob. Lisa and Bob talk about what it will be like to be married and Lisa tells Bob she will be proud to be the wife of Dr. Bob Hughes. Lisa does wonder when Bob will tell his parents that they have married. Bob tells Lisa he will tell his parents the news soon but they shouldn’t talk about that now because after all it is their wedding night. The scene ends there and Lisa explains to the audience that her wonderful son Tom was conceived that night and she couldn’t be more proud of the wonderful man Tom has become.

(Java) Alison sits in Java and tells herself that she should stay out of Casey and Vienna’s business. The audience also sees Casey at Metro as he smiles because he is happy his scene turned out so well.

(Metro) Lisa tells the audience that she loved Bob very much but she had a wandering eye so she left Bob and he later married a woman he loves very much-named Kim. Lisa tells everyone that she still considers herself a part of the Hughes family even though she and Bob are divorced. Lisa sings a song to her family and friends gathered at Metro as well as the viewers watching on television.

(TV Station) Katie is upset that her editor won’t follow orders and cut out her video part of Lisa’s show. Lisa shares about what happened when she told Nancy Bob’s mother that she was pregnant with Bob’s child. Alison plays the role of Lisa and Margo plays the role of Bob’s mother Nancy and Tom plays Bob’s father Dr. Chris Hughes.

(TV Station) Vienna gets a call from Casey and she is worried that Alison talked to Casey but Casey just wants to know if Vienna liked his video segment in Lisa’s show. Vienna tells Casey he was great but she has to hang up because she can’t talk to him right now. Barbara arrives and tells Henry she is nervous about her test results and hearing his voice on the phone earlier made her feel better so she had to see him Barbara tells Henry that she has been thinking how much time she has wasted and she hopes that she has more time with her family. Barbara also tells Henry that the time she spent with him made her feel alive and she wants to have more moments like that in her life. Henry asks Barbara to dance with him and they slow dance together as Henry distracts Barbara from the test results.

(Metro) Lisa remembers all of the men she married as well as those she loved but didn’t marry and shows all of her wedding pictures. Lisa tells everyone that falling in love is wonderful as we see Henry and Barbara dancing together at the TV station. Katie arrives and wants to cut out the upcoming video segment but Kim tells her no because the segment is great and it stays in the show. Lisa remembers when she was involved with Bob’s brother Don and they had a passionate love hate relationship. We see a clip of Lisa played by Katie and Don played by Chris in which Lisa and Don argue but end up kissing passionately. Katie is embarrassed as she watches the scene but Chris assures her there is nothing to be embarrassed about since they were only acting. Chris tells Katie that everyone knows there is nothing going on between them so the scene and the kiss are no big deal.

(TV Station) Barbara gets a call from her doctor and she cries as she fears bad news but then she cries tears of joy as the doctor tells her that she is cancer free and she will need another check up in a year. Barbara shares the news with Henry and he hugs Barbara but the hug turns into a kiss. Vienna watches them and Barbara apologizes to Henry for the kiss and he goes to look for Vienna.

(Metro Margo brings a special guest for Lisa’s show and Margo tells Tom that she admires Lisa for always appreciating the moments that matter in life and she has decided to do the same appreciate what is important in life. Lisa tells the audience that she appreciates the privilege of living and working in Oakdale. Lisa introduces April Grove (winner of the be on stage with Lisa fan contest) and she sings a song to the audience. Alison arrives and Casey tells her that their scene turned out well and he thinks it turned out so well because they are friends now. Casey also tells Alison that the scene turned out well because he is seeing someone else now and he has moved on with hi life.

(Old Town) Chris wonders what is bothering Katie and she cries a little and tells him he should go find Alison and be with her. Chris demands to know what has Katie so afraid.

(Metro) Alison tells Casey that being with Vienna is a mistake and she is only telling him this because she doesn’t want anyone to hurt him.

(TV Station) Barbara sees Vienna and can tell from her expression that she saw her kiss Henry and apologizes to her. Barbara tries to explain but Vienna tells Barbara that if she thought by kissing Henry that he would make love to her that will never happen because Henry doesn’t love her. Henry also tries to explain things to Vienna but she says that what happened with Barbara doesn’t matter because she knows where their relationship stands or at least she will when she tells him the news. Henry wonders what news and Vienna smiles and tells Henry she is pregnant. Barbara is shocked and saddened as she watches Vienna hug Henry. Henry is also stunned and doesn’t know what he should do.

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