ATWT Update Monday 5/17/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/17/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Lark

At Fashions, Tom comes in to see Lisa with some coffee for her. He notices she seems off. She tells him that she is fine. He won’t let it go. It is nothing specific; she just feels a bit down; she needs some spice in her life. She is getting on in age and she never saw herself like this. What about the dating service she and Susan signed up for. She doesn’t want to find love that way. He would like to make plans with her tonight then. She has to work, as she looks over her date book. She asks Tom if he knows what tomorrow is.

At home, Carly is nervous to find Parker and Jack together; she thought she was going to pick Parker up. Jack cuts her off; he got him instead. She tells Parker it is time for him to go upstairs. Jack stops her again; he knows. Carly feigns ignorance. Parker tells her that he told Jack about his fight with Gabriel – he had to. Carly promises him that he didn’t do anything wrong. He isn’t thinking straight; it was a misunderstanding, as Jack stares at her. Parker tells her that his dad knows everything. Jack explains that he knows Parker left him there unconscious; he bets that she knew this all along. Parker didn’t set the fire Carly begins. That is beside the point. He fought with Gabriel – so what. He wouldn’t have left him there if he knew there was a fire. How long were they going to keep lying to him, Jack asks.

At the Lakeview, Margo is shocked to hear from Lily that Gabriel is Craig’s son. Craig reminds Lily that wasn’t their deal. She knows, but Margo should know this. Margo wants to know if it is true. Craig finally admits that it is; he just found out. His mother’s name is Lydia; she worked at his house in Montega. He was married to Sierra…as Craig waffles. Finally, he admits that he did have an affair, and that it wasn’t his finest hour. He would have done this differently if he knew. He was married, Margo reminds him. He would have acknowledged Gabriel. Margo shakes her head. However, Lucinda and her daughters decided not to let him in on this secret though. Lily apologizes again. Margo can’t believe that Craig almost killed his own son.

Carly pleads with Jack not to do this because their son needs their help; they need to show a united front. How can they do that when they aren’t even sure of the truth. He looks at Parker and tells him that it is imperative for him to tell them the truth. Did he start the fire. No, he swears he didn’t. He found out about the trust fund and then the chartered plane so he knew Craig and Gabriel were both involved. He went to Monte Carlo to talk with Craig and he found Gabriel instead. He admitted to blackmailing Craig; he even seemed proud of it so he was mad and hit him. He left him there. He checked to make sure he was breathing before he left though. He was mad at him, but he didn’t want him to die, Parker promises. Carly swings around on Jack and wants him to say something. Parker promises he wanted to tell him. Carly tells Jack she told him not to. They are both wondering what he is going to do now, as Jack stares at them. He needs time to think. He can turn him in, Parker tells him. Carly tells Parker his dad wouldn’t do that. Why didn’t they just come to him from the beginning; they waited and now this changes everything, an exasperated Jack tells them. Parker apologizes again. Carly wants him to go upstairs. He has a right to be a part of this; it is his life, Parker says. Carly explains that she is the one that his dad is mad at because she lied. He lied to. He is mad at both of them, Jack answers. Carly promises it is her fault. Parker’s future is at stake so can he yell at her, get it out so they can figure this out. Jack asks Parker about him punching Gabriel – but he hit his head on something. How did he know he was bleeding into his brain. He didn’t. Jack is upset. Carly reminds him that he was scared. That isn’t an excuse. If Parker were the victim would he be so forgiving, Jack wonders. Carly tells him that he can’t argue a hypothetical. She begs him to take a walk with her. Jack thinks for a moment, tells Parker not to go anywhere or talk to anyone before he gets back; Carly and Jack head out together.

At the Lakeview, Kim and Bob are having lunch, as Kim laughs about how fun playing hooky is with him. Bob wants to talk with her about the developer, who is working on the new wing at the hospital. He is developing some acreage in Arizona and he wants to know what she thinks. She assumes he is talking about investing. She opens the envelope Bob gives her and sees a colored sketch of a house. She doesn’t understand. Bob explains that could be their custom dream house when they retire. If she gives him the word then he will write the check, as Kim smiles.

A flustered Lisa tells Tom that tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of when she arrived in Oakdale. Tom can’t believe it. She arrived as a giddy college student and then fell in love with Bob, who then was just a med student, as they both laugh. The day just snuck on her, Lisa explains seemingly holding back some emotion. She has done pretty well for herself, Tom reminds her. She isn’t through yet. She thinks she has to get back to work; she will be fine.

Craig can’t believe that Margo would think he could hurt his own child. He never seems to amaze her though, Margo answers. Lily promises that he didn’t do it. He made the mistake. She didn’t tell him, Craig answers back. Lily knows an apology will never suffice, as Margo wants them to tell her what happened. Lily explains that she felt so guilty about the secret, but she promised to keep it. When she found out Gabriel was in Oakdale she had to tell Craig, but her mom and Sierra were against it. She ended up telling him, and Craig wanted to be a father to Gabriel. Margo wonders if he knew about Gabriel before the fire. Lily looks at Craig and tells Margo that he did; he wanted to make up for all the time he didn’t have with his son; he was determined to fix this and she hopes he still gets the chance. Margo wonders if it is true. Why would Lily lie on his behalf, Craig asks. Margo tells him to tell her. She can’t believe he did this to her again. This isn’t about her; this is about a son whom he may never have a relationship with, Craig responds. He should have thought about that before he trapped him in a fire. Lily assures her that he didn’t do that. They all know how much he loves his children. Margo has to go make a phone call. Craig wonders why Lily lied about when he found out about Gabriel. It helped his case so now they are even. He wanted an alibi for the time of the fire not so the whole town can now Gabriel is his son. Margo comes back and tells Craig that the DA lifted the restraining order. What does that mean, Craig wonders. They are going to see her nephew.

At the pond, Jack and Carly stand there staring at it. Jack comments about how they always seem to end up back here. They can’t do this to Parker; he already feels guilty enough. Our issues have nothing to do with him, Jack answers. They need to save their arguments for when Parker isn’t around. That is fine, but if she thinks having him come to where the boathouse used to be will make him all warm and fuzzy so he forgets. Carly stops him; she isn’t trying to do that; she screwed up again; she admits that. She just needs him to calm down. How can he do that; does she know what she did. She tried to protect her son. She made it so much worse. They could have ruled him out as a suspect… but now. She couldn’t take that chance because Gabriel might die and Parker would be in terrible trouble, Carly raises her voice. What does she think he is in now, Jack responds the same.

A man is asking Lisa for help for a dress for his wife. He doesn’t know what to chose or do; it is their anniversary and they have started off rocky. If he gets this wrong, as he shakes his head. Lisa promises that he won’t get it wrong. There is nothing like young love, as Lisa thinks back to being in love with Bob many decades ago.

Kim tells Bob that since she owns WOAK, she knows all the best decorators out there. She doesn’t need them because she has impeccable taste. It has been so long. Does he trust her. Always, as they kiss. Tom comes in and jokes with them about getting a room. He sits down, as they ask him what is going on. He just came from seeing Lisa; are they aware that tomorrow is the 50th anniversary since she came to Oakdale. No, they didn’t, they all laugh, as Bob jokes about only Lisa keeps track of her mini grand entrances. This town hasn’t been the same since Hurricane Lisa blew in, as they laugh again. Tom thinks they may want to throw her a party because he has been a little worried about her; she doesn’t seem to have the energy or zest for life that she used to have. Kim agrees now that she thinks about it; she turned down her offer to go to lunch last week; she thought she might have been under the weather. Tom thinks a party might be the best thing for her – to be the center of attention – to snap her out of this.

At the hospital, Margo and Craig are outside of Gabriel’s room. She can’t let him go in there alone; it is a formality for now. He guesses he is lucky Lily told her so they don’t have to pretend anymore. She wants him to remember that the next time. She reminds him that he may forget easily that he isn’t alone, but she wants him to remember that he really isn’t; they are family.

Jack tells Carly that things were supposed to be different this time. They were supposed to belong with each other; there were supposed to be no more lies or secrets. The second something goes wrong and she is right back to her old ways. Come on, it is not like she is drinking. Jack tells her snidely that she was a liar way before she was an alcoholic. Carly stares at him hurt; how could he say that to her. Jack puts his head down; he is sorry. He can’t believe this is the same conversation. What was she thinking. She was thinking that he would act this way and of course, he is. He always judges her before he tries to understand her. The difference is that he isn’t doing anything wrong. He is treating his son like a criminal. Come on, Jack answers. They all knew what he meant by his sermon back at the house; Parker is a suspect in attempted murder. He is and before she blames him, Parker is the one that created this with some help from her. They both know that Parker didn’t intend to hurt Gabriel; they were just being kids. She is afraid the evidence will say something different though. If Parker is innocent, Jack begins. Carly cuts him off yelling about if…he doesn’t believe in their son. Will she let him finish, Jack yells back. Then he needs to act like it – stand up for him, Carly screeches. If Gabriel dies then Parker could go to prison for the rest of his life; she cannot take that chance. He is Parker’s father; she should have trusted him. She doesn’t and all he is doing right now is proving to her exactly why she can’t. Why should she; he doesn’t trust her so why should she trust him. Jack smirks; she lied -again. She had to make a decision and he wasn’t around. Excuse me, Jack answers. He hasn’t been around for months. When he isn’t working then he is taking care of Janet. What does one have to do with the other. Just because he is having a baby with Janet doesn’t mean he should forget his responsibilities to them. She hasn’t been able to count on his lately and her son needed her help. Parker is their son and he loves him just as much as she; he made a mistake. That is right, Carly snaps. A big mistake and a boy could die because of that, Jack snaps back. He is a police officer; what is he supposed to do. She knows and that is the other reason she didn’t tell him – it wasn’t just about Parker; she didn’t want to put him in the middle. He is now though. He doesn’t have to be because they could just not say anything; noone will connect Parker to Gabriel’s accident and it could all end right here with them, as Jack stares at her.

Tom tells Bob and Kim that they could do a surprise party at his place – nothing big, as Tom and Bob start rattling off names of people that could come. Kim thinks they should stop because first Tom should talk with Margo and secondly, they are men and they will end up throwing Lisa a barbeque, as Lisa is nearby and listening to them talk. Kim thinks they should throw the party at the Lakeview – a tea party, as Lisa looks a bit aggravated. She is a fixture in this town and it is time she gets recognized. Bob remembers he is playing golf with the Mayor tomorrow – maybe he can get him to give Lisa a key to the city, as they laugh. Lisa is looking more upset until she finally walk up to them telling them to stop; how dare they, as Tom, Bob and Kim all look confused.

In the hospital room, Craig and Margo look at Gabriel. Craig doesn’t blame him; he came to town after his mom died looking for something, as Margo touches Craig face; he was looking for his father. Revenge, Craig answers. If he wanted a family reunion, he would have told him who he was. He blamed him for not being around and he would have done the same things if he were in his shoes – like father like son. Lucinda had no right to keep this from him. The whole lot of them did. He knows Lucinda was the one in charge. He has done a lot of lousy things, but he loves his children, Margo knows. He hasn’t always succeeded. She isn’t mother of the year either. Craig puts his arm around her, as he says they are some pair. She knows he stole Parker’s money and probably set the fire to recover it, but he doesn’t deserve this – not after Bryant, a teary-eyed Margo answers. Craig touches Gabriel face; what if he doesn’t make it; what if he doesn’t have the chance to say he is sorry and to get to know his son. He didn’t do this – please help him, he pleads with Margo.

Can he please let this go – this once, Carly asks of Jack. This wasn’t Parkers fault - it was Craig’s fault. Craig didn’t knock Gabriel out and leave him there; that was Parker’s doing. Then there was the cover up. Parker wanted to tell him, but she tried to keep them apart. That is why she asked him to move out, Jack realizes. Carly pauses and then answers, yes. That was so he wouldn’t have to choose between his family and his job. So is he to understand this – she wants him to keep quiet and let Craig go down for attempted murder even though he didn’t do this. Yes, that is exactly what she wants him to do.

Lisa tells them that she has never been so insulted. Tom explains that they were trying to so something nice; they wanted to throw her a party. Why don’t they just give her a Lifetime Achievement Award. Bob laughs; what is wrong with that. She isn’t dead yet. That is not what they are doing. They want to get her the key to the city; that is for the city council and not for her ex husband to do. They want to throw her a tea party. She isn’t a doddering old lady. They all look down. They are all fired. From what. If she wants this thing done right then she will do it herself. Bob thought she had no energy.

Craig thanks Margo for coming with him. She wants to help him, but there are no guarantees. He has to be completely honest about what he did. No more surprises. She has his word. Can she try to have the attempted murder charges dismissed. She will do the best she can. They decide to go for a walk. Margo gets a call and tells him that she will catch up with him, as she heads outside in the hall to take the call. Also, out in the hall, Parker asks the nurse about Gabriel. He has been there a lot, she recalls. He is lucky to have a great group of friends. Unfortunately, there has been no change. Can he go inside to see him. Yes. Margo stops Parker and wants to talk about Gabriel.

At Lily’s, Craig goes to see her. He wants to thank her for lying. It was the last thing he would have expected. Ok, it would be the second to last thing after hiding the secret about his son. Lily tells him you’re welcome. She won’t get a case of regret because that would destroy what is left of his family. She owes him. She owes him a lot more then this, but who is counting, Craig teases. She can’t do this if he is lying though. Is he lying to her after the thousands of lies to him, Craig responds. She won’t cover for him if he committed a crime. He swears on his children’s life. Even before he knew who Gabriel was when he tried to provoke him in every conceivable way, he didn’t hurt him – he was just a kid. Lily tells him that she believes him. Craig thanks her; she gave him a fighting chance to get to know his son; he is going to make up for the time he lost. She hopes so, but there is one thing he needs to promise her before they close this deal.

Margo explains to Parker that they haven’t had a chance to talk; he had a lot of money stolen from him and he must be mad. She wonders if he and Gabriel were close. No, but everything he knew about Gabriel is apparently not true. He thought he just did odd jobs for his mom, but he was apparently blackmailing Craig the whole time. Margo explains that what was going on between Craig and Gabriel was more complicated then they knew. What does she mean. They are piecing that together now; did Gabriel talk about Craig. He barely knew him. Parker starts to get nervous and tells her that he needs to go because he has to watch Sage this afternoon. She thought he was going to visit with Gabriel. He forgot about watching Sage and his mom will kill him if he doesn’t get home; he will call her if he thinks of anything, as Parker rushes off and Margo looks after him strangely.

Carly wants Jack to think about it. If he turns Parker in, he will destroy their family. It was an unfortunate accident. He loves Parker and her, but she didn’t think this through. He can’t turn in his son. It might not be his decision to make. What if Craig figures out it was Parker. Carly looks down; he already did, as Jack can’t believe he is hearing this. Then it is over. Noone will believe Craig. The truth is out there; what she is asking is impossible. Not when it comes to their son; he is their miracle. He can have an incredible life if they fight for it. They can give him a future or take the chance that he could go to prison for a long time. Let him have his life. Please. He has to go. Where is he going? What is he going to do, Carly calls after him. Jack stops walking for a moment before he continues on without a word.

Lisa is telling Bob, Kim and Tom her party thoughts; she wants to put on a musical that tells her story through song and dance. She wants people know what it was like back then. Kim thinks it sounds like ‘This is your life’. Lisa agrees. They have a television station luckily. Kim thinks they created a monster. They didn’t create her, Bob jokes. Tom will agree to this only if George Clooney plays him. Lisa laughs and is thrilled that they are reaching for the stars; they are going to put on a show that won’t soon be forgotten, as Lisa’s mood seems now much more lightened.

Craig reminds Lily that she just lied to the Chief of Detectives; she is no place to make demands. She could just call Margo and tell her that she was confused about the time. She wouldn’t do it. Not if he does what she asks. If Gabriel wakes up, as Craig corrects her – when he wakes up. Yes, she wants him to do everything in his power to make it right with Gabriel; she wants him to forget about the money and the threats. None of this was his fault; their decisions turned him into an angry young man; they need to make it up to him. That is an easy promise to keep; he wants to take care of his son.

At the station, Jack is sadly looking at an old photo of himself with the kids, when Margo approaches and tells him that they need to talk, as Jack quietly agrees. However, Tom interrupts them and needs to talk with Margo, who excuses herself. Tom tells Margo that tomorrow is Lisa’s 50th year of arriving in Oakdale. She intends to throw a party to end all parties and is going to have it broadcast on WOAK. Margo seems to be somewhere else as he is explaining this. Tom wonders what is wrong. She just found out the Gabriel is Craig’s son… their nephew. Tom wonders how Craig could not mention this to him; that is the defenses definition of hell. No, this proves he is right; Craig wouldn’t go after his own flesh and blood. Who did. She has no idea but it was someone who had a grudge against him; whoever did it, left Gabriel there to burn to death, as Margo just now sees Jack, who has been listening outside the door. She wonders if he needs anything from her. No, he was just going to take a break.

At home, Parker tells Carly that he went to see Gabriel and Margo was there; she asked him some questions and he freaked out and left. An upset Carly wonders why he couldn’t just stay there like his father asked him to do. He is sorry; he should have done a lot of things. He screwed up everything for him and now for her and his dad. Let them worry about what goes on between them. If he hadn’t done this then she wouldn’t have had to lie to his dad. It was her decision and she doesn’t blame him; she will do whatever she can to protect him whether his father is with them or not. They sit down when Carly’s phone rings; it is Jack, who is walking in Old Town. He asks if she is with Parker. Yes. What did he decide; will he be arrested. No, he didn’t say anything. She thanks him and hangs up. Parker wonders if he told Margo. No, he couldn’t do it. She promised him everything would be ok, as they hug.

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