ATWT Update Friday 5/14/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/14/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Lark

Liberty visits Gabriel in the hospital and lays his mother’s pearls in his hands. Perhaps it will bring him good luck. Craig visits Gabriel and sees the pearls and thinks back to when he gave them to Lidia. Lily comes in and asks if he is planning on strangling Gabriel with them. At the police station Margo tells Jack that her brother does not deserve to be kept for a crime he did not do. Someone had it out for Gabriel and she is going to find out who it is.

At home, Carly fusses at Parker that he needs to get on with his life and pretend things are okay. He missed baseball yesterday; he needs to go today and pretend all is normal. Jack stops by and is seems that Carly is hell bent on keeping Parker away from him. He’d like to know why. She says that is crazy; Parker was just running late and she had to get him off. He asks for his sunglasses that he left over there the last time. She finds them and puts them on while cupping his face. He gives her a small kiss on the cheek. She thanks him for understanding about Parker. Margo calls and wants to see Carly at the police station. Perhaps she knows more about Gabriel than she realizes. Somebody left that poor boy for dead and she needs all the information she can gather.

Craig says he will ignore that crack if it was a sick joke. Lily says that he is the one out on bail, not her. He proclaims that he would not hurt his son. The nurse returns and tells Craig that he can not be in there. He’s the one arrested for putting the patient here in the first place. Lily pulls him out and tells him to stop acting so wounded; she just saved his butt in there. She tells him they are going someplace to try to make some sense in all of this…….that is if he doesn’t put his hands around her neck the minute they get on the elevator. He says he will go, but he’s making no such promise.

Janet plops down at a table at the diner and Johnny rushes in and gives her a rose. Dusty is close behind. He explains that he thought she would be more receptive if it came from Johnny as he is the real lady's man. Dusty is glad that she had so much fun buying stuff for the apartment. She’s grateful that she had the money from her dad to be able to buy just about anything she wanted. They say goodbye just as Liberty walks in.

Liberty tells Janet that her last blood test was so good that she can stop the radiation right now. They hug and make plans to celebrate…..the sky’s the limit. Liberty tells Janet that she has to dump those bags and go put on something really nice. Liberty texts Dusty and asks if he’d like to meet her for lunch.

Janet and Liberty meet for lunch at the Lakeview and Janet starts the toast with some sparkling water. Dusty walks up and asks if he is late. Janet pulls him aside and tells him that this following her around is not going to work. It is not going to wear her down. Liberty interrupts and says she is the one who invited him. And it was pretty much because he made the best clinics and doctors available to her and now she is in remission. She needs to get back to the hospital with Gabriel and leaves Janet with Dusty. Dusty says she is stuck with him and she tells him nothing has changed between the two of them.

Margo shows Carly a lot of press clippings. She knows a lot of people have something against Craig, but what about this particular kid? Is it possible that Craig could kill if Gabriel was blackmailing him about Parker’s money.

Craig shows Lily into his hotel suite. She hesitates and he states that she’s safe today. He isn’t in the mood to kill her. So tell him what she wants. She says she wants to apologize. She can not take back what she did when Gabriel was born. He reminds her that it was what she did not do. And thanks to her Gabriel might die without him even knowing that Craig knows that he’s his son. He might go to prison for killing him and maybe she will forgive him if he doesn’t give a lick about her feelings. He doesn’t care how this affects her; she caused it. She begs him; she wants to do something. He says okay, then try this. Get him off the hook. She can make them drop all the charges against him. Lucinda must have half the judges in this town in her pocket. So have them call this off. Only people who have high morals can take the high ground when it comes to morals and she is not one of those. She lied for twenty years and not only was that dishonest, it is the reason they are standing here today. He might lose the son that he never knew he had. So for her to go to the police and clear him is not a big leap.

Jack tracks down Parker at the field and convinces him to come with him. Jack tells him there might be something he can help him with. They end up at Craig’s office. Parker is visibly uncomfortable at the burned out space. Jack lays out his scenario of how it could have happened with Gabriel and Craig. Gabriel was blackmailing Craig for the money he knew he was siphoning out of Parker’s funds. Craig got so mad so he hit him and left him there when he started the fire. Parker bellows that he knows nothing about this.

Carly tells Margo what she wants to hear…….perhaps Craig was on the edge and who knows what he is capable of. Margo visits Gabriel while Liberty is there. She sees the pearls and hears Liberty’s explanation that they were not stolen and she believes they are real. Margo fingers them and says yes they are real. They were made in a little jewelry shop in Montega. Liberty is perplexed why the pearls are so important to Margo.

Dusty confesses that he made a mistake. He is not perfect and he is sure he will make more. Janet chuckles and thanks him for warning her. He says that mistake had bad consequences. He wishes she would not stay mad at him. She says she is not mad; she just isn’t sure that she can trust him. He tells her they can just admit that they want to see each other and take it from there. Angela brings Johnny back and explains that he started crying and insisted on coming back. Dusty tries to comfort him and all Johnny wants to know is if his other daddy is going to jail for doing something bad. Dusty assures him that he doesn’t know. But everyone makes mistakes and because Craig is family, they should give him the benefit of the doubt. Craig is gonna need their support. He gives Johnny a hug.

Carly panics when she tries to find Parker at the field. She finds out from Dylan that Jack picked him up. Parker gets confused with Jack firing questions at him. Jack tries to get him to say that he already knew about Craig’s stealing his trust fund money before he heard about the fire. Parker finally confesses that it didn’t happen like Jack is implying. He did hit Gabriel but not over the head like Jack is saying. He hit him and he fell and must have hit himself in the head. It was strictly an accident.

Lily laments what about her? She has children she has to think about. She can’t go to prison; her children need her. Craig can’t believe she just said that…..implying that her children are more important than his.

Margo calls Immigration and wants them to look into the data base for Gabriel Caras as she believes he entered the country illegally. Dusty admits that he messed up big time trying so hard to hold onto Janet. She says maybe if they do things differently this time….like pull back a little and take things slow and not so fast. He laughs then what can they do, just pretend they never met. She says when two people like each other, they can start with a date. He wonders if she is asking him out. She replies no, she is a little more traditional than she looks. He doesn’t know how long he has to wait to ask. She hesitates one second and says” “Go”. He does and she says she will think about it.

Liberty sits by Gabriel’s bed and converses that she doesn’t know why she cares so much about him when she really doesn’t even know him. Margo catches Craig and Lily getting off the elevator. Craig is telling Lily that she can make something up and stick to it. Margo tells Craig that she needs to see him right now and Lily can stay. She needs to know all they know about Gabriel. Craig says that is not a blessed thing. And he won’t answer any more questions without his lawyer….you know that guy she is sleeping with. Just because Margo is his sister doesn’t mean she can bend the rules. She tells him to knock it off. She already knows that Gabriel’s mother worked for Craig and Sierra in Montega. Gabriel had a dossier on Craig, a very big one. He was obsessed with Craig. He clearly hated and resented him. Craig says he did not know that. She finds that hard to believe since that same boy is now in the hospital and Craig is charged. She begs him to tell her why Gabriel would feel this way about him. This does not look good, not good at all and it’s looking even worse with this new information. She’s begging Craig to tell her the real reason that Gabriel would be amassing all this information and why he’d want to kill Gabriel. Lily speaks up and says Craig did not want Gabriel killed; he’s his son.

Parker tells Jack that Gabriel was using some of the money from Parker’s trust fund. He swears that he didn’t want to lie to Jack, but he’s telling the truth now that Gabriel was fine when he left him alone in the office. He had no way of knowing a fire would be started. Jack just wishes Parker would have come to him sooner. He knows he was scared, but every day this continues make it worse for Parker. He’d like to know what stopped him from telling him of this confrontation between him and Gabriel. Enter Carly with a wide-eyed look on her face.

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