ATWT Update Thursday 5/13/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/13/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Hospital) Barbara is nervous about the test results but the doctor tells her not to worry because she doesn’t see any symptoms that her cancer has returned. The doctor tells Barbara that she will let her know of the test results soon but for now she should wait patiently. Barbara is touched when she sees Henry waiting for her and he tells her he didn’t want her go through this alone. Barbara tells Henry that she isn’t good at waiting and he offers to do something to take her mind of the results but Barbara thinks Henry shouldn’t make promises he doesn’t intend to keep and Henry assures Barbara he would never do that to her.

(Al’s Diner) Casey calls Vienna and tells her he had a great time with her and wants to know when they can get together again. Vienna gently tells Casey that what happened between them was wonderful but it won’t happen again. Casey sees Alison arrive and pretends to still be talking on the phone although Vienna has already ended the call. Alison wonders if Casey is seeing someone new and Casey tells her that it is harder then he thought trying to be friends with her and who he is seeing is none of her business. Casey gets up to leave and tells Alison since she is so interested he is seeing someone new and the woman is very sexy and smart.

(TV Station) Chris ends his medical segment and is visibly annoyed with Katie when she asks her viewers to send videos to the station telling her why they are the perfect woman for Chris and one video will be selected to win a date with the eligible handsome doctor. Once they are off the air Chris tells Katie that he doesn’t intend to participate in the contest because he isn’t looking for a date. Chris tells Katie that she shouldn’t have made an announcement on the air without asking him about it and Katie admits that was wrong but she was only trying to help him.

(Hospital roof) Noah notices Luke has changed towards him and asks Luke if his feelings for him have changed. Noah is surprised when Luke says yes because both of them have changed. Luke reminds Noah that he pushed him away when he was blind and forced him not to be there when he needed him the most and that hurt him very much. Noah tells Luke that he didn’t push him away because he didn’t love him but because he needed to learn how to be independent as a blind person. Noah tells Luke he never stopped loving him and never lost his connection to him. Luke tells Noah he has lost his connection to him and doesn’t know how to act when he is around him anymore. Luke tells Noah that when couples go through hard times they are supposed to handle problems together not pull away from each other. Noah tells Luke that he couldn’t stand Luke staying with him because he felt sorry for him even though he knows that Luke never felt sorry for him that is how he felt at the time. Luke tells Noah he can’t go back to the way things were with them and if he wants a relationship with him they will have to start over and Noah agrees to work on having a new relationship with him. Reid arrives and is angry that Luke took Noah to the roof so soon after surgery and exposing his eyes to dust and germs. Luke apologizes to Reid and takes Noah back to his room.

(Lakeview) Henry is on his way to Barbara’s room with her when Vienna stops him to tell him that she has cancelled all the wedding plans and Henry is happy that Vienna is handling this so well. Vienna tells Henry that she will give him all the time he needs but does ask Henry when he thinks he could be ready and Henry tells her he has no idea. Barbara gets to her room and is once again frustrated that she has to hide from Vienna and that Henry has once again chosen Vienna instead of her. Barbara is nervous about the test results as well and starts to have a panic attack and calls Henry for help when she can’t breathe. Henry tells Vienna he has an important business call and he has to leave right away. Henry rushes to Barbara’s room and gives her a paper bag to breathe into until Barbara’s breathing is normal again. Barbara apologizes to Henry for taking him away from Vienna and he tells her he doesn’t mind and suggests they play poker to take her mind off things. Barbara tells Henry she doesn’t know how to play poker and he will have to teach her how to play.

(TV Station) An assistant tells Katie there are already fourteen videos on the website from women who want a date with Chris. Chris refuses to even watch the videos and tells Katie that trying to take over his life won’t replace the loss of Brad for her so she should try to stop running his life. Katie is hurt by Chris’s words and tells him that she just wants him to be happy.

(Lakeview) Vienna calls Henry and asks how much longer his business call will take because she has been waiting a long time at the bar. Henry tells Vienna his conference call is taking longer then he thought and he doesn’t know when he will be finished. Henry asks Barbara if she wants to keep playing poker and she tells him that he has won all of her money from her so Henry suggests they ply strip poker. Barbara agrees and after Barbara wins a few hands of poker Henry sees that Barbara hustled him and after Barbara wins a few more hands Henry is naked. Barbara thanks Henry for distracting her and tells him she is very tired and pushes him out the door without giving him his clothes. Henry asks Barbara to give him his clothes but she doesn’t open the door and Henry grabs a towel from the maid’s cart to put around his waist and a woman walks by and is appalled to see Henry naked in such a respectable hotel. Barbara laughs as she hears Henry leave to try and explain to the woman why he is naked.

(Hospital) Luke tells Casey and Alison that Noah’s surgery was a success and Noah doesn’t have any brain damage. Noah thinks Reid shouldn’t be so hard on Luke since he helped him with his malpractice hearing in Texas. Reid tells Noah that he was only nice to Luke because he needed his help to keep his medical license but he doesn’t have to be nice to him anymore. Luke overhears the last part of Reid’s conversation with Noah and feels hurt and used by Reid. Reid apologizes to Luke for hurting his Luke’s feelings and calls him “Mr. Snyder” again. Luke tries to hide how hurt he feels from Noah but he knows something is wrong but luckily Casey and Alison stop by to visit Noah and Congratulate him on the surgery. Luke gives Noah a DVD of his movie so he can watch it now that he can actually see it. Luke asks Noah not to criticize it too much because he did his best to edit it the way he thought he would edit the movie. Luke takes pictures of Noah with Casey and Alison and then all of them together. The four friends talk about the things they can do as soon as Noah is well enough. Reid watches them from the window in the hallway and is hurt because he thinks that he has lost Luke to Noah. Reid quickly recovers and goes inside the room and yells at Luke for not letting Noah rest since he is just out of surgery he shouldn’t be having a party because he is in the hospital. Noah defends Luke and tells him that he has missed talking and laughing with his friends and feeling normal. Casey and Alison sense the tension in the room and decide to come back later to visit Noah. Casey and Alison talk and laugh together as they remember when Luke and Noah locked the door to the hospital roof until they resolved their differences and got back together.

Vienna arrives and tells Casey she needs to talk to him right away so they go inside a hospital room and have sex. Alison sees them come out of the room after they are done and decides its time to move on with her life. Luke decides to leave Noah alone to watch the movie and tells him he can tell him what he thinks of the editing later but he can’t stand to watch it with him.

(TV Station) Katie cries a little as she admits to Chris that he was right about her trying to fill the space that Brad left by trying to help people. Katie admits that everything she does reminds her of Brad and it still hurts so much that he isn’t with her. Katie apologizes for trying to get him a date and Chris forgives her. Chris changes the subject a little bit by asking Katie that if she was ready to date what kind of guy would she look for and she tells him he would have to be smart, funny, have a job that isn’t in television that he is passionate about he has to love his family and want to help the community. Katie tells Chris that she doesn’t think she will find love again because there isn’t a guy out there like the guy she described to him. Alison stops by to tell Katie she wants her help to find someone to date because its time to get on with her life. Chris asks Katie if she needs him to tape anymore today because he has to get to the hospital. Katie tells him he can leave and Katie tells Alison that Chris would be perfect for her but Alison is nervous to date another Hughes because she has caused the Hughes family so much pain. Katie persuades Alison to give Chris a chance and Katie gets to work on setting up a date for them.

(Hospital) Luke confronts Reid and wonders why he is being so mean to him and Reid tells him he is just being a responsible doctor because he wants Noah to completely recover from surgery. Luke thinks that Reid is jealous of Noah and he reminds him that Noah isn’t his boyfriend. Luke does admit to Reid that he and Noah are going to try and work on their relationship. Reid thinks Luke is just playing the dutiful boyfriend because he feels guilty because they kissed. Reid tells Luke that he shouldn’t feel guilty about anything because Noah broke up with him and they didn’t do anything wrong. Reid tells Luke that he doesn’t play games and calls him “Mr. Snyder” again Reid tells Luke that he thinks its best that they go back to their old relationship and he should stay out of his way while he is treating Noah. Reid tells Luke good-bye because he can’t pretend anything happened between them. and calls him “Mr. Snyder” again Luke tells him not to call him that and stops him from leaving and they continue to talk. Noah calls Luke’s name twice to tell him that he did a great job on the movie but since Luke doesn’t come Noah gets out of bed and goes to the window that shows the hallway and opens the blinds and sees Reid touching Luke’s cheek but since he still has blurry eyes he can’t believe or trust what his eyes are showing him.

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