ATWT Update Tuesday 5/11/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/11/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Carly’s house) Craig arrives to talk to Carly and tell her that the medical report from the hospital about Gabriel’s injuries says that he was punched in the face before the fire started and he suspects that Parker punched Gabriel. Carly gets very nervous and tells Craig that he is wrong because Parker disliked Gabriel but he would never punch him and leave him in a fire. Craig tells Carly that he saw Parker at the hospital and he seemed relieved that Gabriel had to have surgery because of a collapsed lung and not a head injury. Carly tells Craig that is because she raised her children to have compassion and empathy for other people. Carly screams for Craig to get out but he won’t instead he tells her that he is going to tell the police his suspicions Carly tells Craig not to say a word to the police.

(Fairwinds) Emily is excited to take Eliza to their first Mommy and me class but she admits to Paul that she is worried the judge will take Eliza away from them at the next hearing. Paul assures Emily that he won’t let that happen because they are a family. Paul tells Emily that even if the judge gives Meg joint custody of Eliza they will always be a family.

(Farm) Emma teaches Meg how to bake a pie in case the judge sends a court representative for a home visit baking a pie will make Meg look more maternal. Meg tells Emma that she just wants to be herself and then she leaves to do an errand that will help her get her life back on track.

(Police Station) Margo and Jack decide that they must find out more about Gabriel so that they can figure out if what happened to him was an accident or someone did it on purpose.

(Lakeview) jack and Margo search Gabriel’s room and discover a scrapbook filled with newspaper clipping and photos of Craig. Margo also finds a duffle bag with some money under Gabriel’s bed. Margo wonders why Gabriel would be so interested in Craig and his life.

(Outside Fairwinds) Paul helps Emily put Eliza in her car seat and asks her to take a lot of pictures of Mommy and me class. Emily smiles and tells Paul they will be the first pictures in their new family photo album. Paul gives Emily a kiss good-bye and tells Emily and Eliza to take care of each other. Emily is about to drive away when she gets a call from the paper telling her that a convict named Carmody whom she did a story about has escaped and the person on the phone tells her where Carmody was last seen and Emily is about to go chase the story but turns it down when she remembers that she has the baby with her today. Emily hangs up and tells Eliza that she hopes she knows that she loves her enough to give up a major story.

(Hospital) Meg is hurt when the nursing supervisor named Hannah tells her that she will need to pass a psychological evaluation as well as several references in order for the hospital to consider letting her be on staff again.

(Farm) Meg tells Emma what they told her at the hospital and is hurt when Emma doesn’t think she is ready to go back to work. Emma advises Meg to concentrate on getting custody of Eliza and being a good mother until she is ready to go back to work. Meg thinks that Paul will give her a reference for the hospital but Emma tells Meg to not become dependent on Paul again because that isn’t good for her or Eliza. Emma tells Meg not to count on Paul to give her a reference because he wants custody of Eliza. Emma thinks that Paul will take Emily’s side against Meg because Emily is his wife. Emma also tells Meg not to get her hopes up about getting back together with Paul because he loves Emily.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives and wonders why Craig is there and Carly explains that he is there to once again apologize for taking Parker’s trust fund but she doesn’t accept his apology and she had already asked him to leave. Craig confirms Carly’s half-truth and tells her that he won’t say another word about what they were talking about earlier and leaves the house. Jack thinks Craig is acting strangely and then he tells Carly that they both need to help Parker deal with the stolen trust fund situation because today he and Margo confirmed that Gabriel was blackmailing Craig and that Craig gave Gabriel some of Parker’s money. Jack worries that Parker may have been mad at Gabriel and wants to talk to him but Carly tells jack she will talk to Parker and let him know if Parker tells her any useful information.

(Park) Parker talks to Faith and tells her that he feels badly about what happened to Gabriel and he thinks he should tell the police everything but that Carly advised him to keep quiet about everything. Parker is surprised when Faith agrees with Carly and uses the same logic Carly used when she tells parker that all he did was punch Gabriel he never intended to leave him there he was just scared and he certainly had no idea the building was going to catch fire. Faith also tells parker that he had a right to be angry and punch Gabriel because he stole his trust fund along with Craig and Craig is the one who should go to jail not him. Parker wants to go to the police because he doesn’t want Carly to sacrifice her relationship with Jack to protect him. Faith wishes that Lily could be more like Carly and tells Parker he has a cool mother and he should trust her. Faith again repeats Carly’s exact words when she tells Parker that if he goes to the police now they will wonder why he didn’t tell them sooner and assume that he left Gabriel in the building on purpose because he wanted Gabriel dead because he stole his trust fund.

(Farm) Meg calls Paul and asks him to meet her at the hospital so they can talk Paul is hesitant but eventually agrees to meet Meg at the hospital.

Emily decides to peruse the lead on the escaped convict Carmody and then go to Mommy and me class with Eliza. Emily tells Eliza to stay there and she will be back in a few minutes. Emily doesn’t see Carmody and she is about to get in her car when Carmody points a gun at her head and forces her to leave Eliza in her car. Carmody drags Emily away and at first she pretends not to know his identity but then she tells him that she is a reporter and the only reporter who wrote a fair article about his arrest. Emily offers to write another article if he just allows her to go to her car and get Eliza. Carmody says no and tells her that he intends to take her hostage. Emily kicks Carmody in the leg and when he falls she kicks the gun from his hand grabs it and kicks Carmody again so that he rolls away from her and then she runs as quickly as she can to her car.

(Java) Parker thanks Faith for listening to him and she offers to listen anytime he needs to talk he can just text her a code word they decide on the code words community service. Parker and Faith also come up with a secret handshake and they are practicing it when Jack arrives to question them. Jack wonders how Gabriel got a job at Monte Carlo and faith explains to him that she asked Molly to get Gabriel a job after he was fired from Fashions. Jack wonders why Gabriel was fired and Faith tells him that she has no idea why Gabriel was fired. Jack asks Parker if he saw or talked to Gabriel before the fire and Faith tells Jack that Parker was helping her study for a math test and the only time he saw Gabriel was when they brought him out of the Monte Carlo office on a stretcher.

(Hospital) Meg asks Paul to talk to her supervisor and give her a good reference but Paul tells Meg he can’t do that because he thinks they let her out of Deer brook to early because of Emma and she isn’t ready to take care of Eliza much less be a nurse again. Meg thinks that Emily has turned Paul against her and that Emma was right that he would always take Emily’s side against her. Paul thinks that Emma hates him so much that she is pushing Meg to fight for custody of Eliza and that Emma doesn’t think that Meg is ready to take care of Eliza alone. Paul tells Meg that he trusts Emily with Eliza because she is very responsible and level headed.

(Lakeview) Carly wonders why Craig kept his mouth shut about his suspicions when Jack asked him why he was at her house. Craig tells Carly he did it for her sake just as he has done everything else he has done to make her happy. Craig wonders if Carly is finished with Jack and Carly tells him that jack has temporarily moved out so he can take care of Janet until the baby is born. Carly makes it clear that her relationship with Jack isn’t over and even if it was she could never be with a man who stole her son’s trust fund from him Craig asks Carly to help him figure out a way both he and Parker can get out of the mess with the police.

(Bank) Jack asks the bank manager if it is possible to recover Parker’s trust fund money and he tells him that he wishes there was something he could do but he has already told Parker that his trust fund can’t be recovered. Jack is confused because he told Parker the money was gone today but the bank manager tells Jack that he spoke to Parker about the missing money days ago as soon as he found out from his employees that the money was stolen.

(Outside the Farm) Parker thanks Faith for the talk and she tells him that she will listen anytime he needs to talk. Parker goes to do a high five with Faith and she kisses him instead and Parker wonders why Faith kissed him. Faith tells Parker she just wanted to see what it was like to kiss him.

(Hospital) Paul tells Meg that she can have as many supervised visits as she wants with Eliza as long as she continues her therapy and when she is better she can see Eliza alone.

Emily gets to her car and puts in the key and tells Eliza they will be at Mommy and me class soon but she is shocked when she looks in the backseat and Eliza isn’t inside her car seat.

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