ATWT Update Monday 5/10/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/10/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Lark

At Jack and Carly’s, Jack can’t believe Carly is asking him to leave. He divorced Janet and came home to her. She knows, but she can’t ignore this. Why is she pushing him away. He freaked out when Janet wanted to move out; he has to be near them, Carly snaps. He admits to that, but it has nothing to do with her –or them. She can’t take the chance that he would resent her because he is with her; they wouldn’t last. So, she is pushing him away to keep them together. Go take care of Janet until the baby is born. Who will take care of her then. She will. Jack stares at her. It is the only thing that makes sense. He isn’t buying this; what is the real reason she doesn’t want him around anymore.

At the hospital, Parker is upset about Gabriel being back in surgery; it is not fair. If anyone should be suffering, as his voice trails off. Craig thinks that Parker is implying that Parker thinks he should be suffering – he assures Parker that he is suffering plenty. Craig stops a nurse and asks about Gabriel. She tells them that he had a collapsed lung. Parker wants to make sure the head injury didn’t cause the relapse. The nurse explains it wasn’t life threatening, but if they want further details then they have to talk with the doctors. Parker wonders why he is worried so much all of the suddenly; he couldn’t stand him. He didn’t like him, but he worked for him and he is kid afterall. What is his excuse.

At home, Margo is working at the table when Tom comes up behind her and starts to massage her neck. She can’t be distracted, she says with a chuckle. She can’t believe that Craig drained Parker’s account, but he does swear it was a loan. He is also facing arson and attempted murder charges as well. Tom wonders who is going to represent him – this lawyer better be good, as Margo smiles at him – great minds think alike, she says with a coy smile. Oh no, Tom answers. He is not representing him. He is the best afterall. He is not going to do it no matter how much she flatters him.

At Java, Liberty is searching online for any information on Gabriel Carras. She does find him online on, but there is no personal information. She can’t help but wonder who he is.

Dusty explains to Janet that he was checking up on her. That is worse then stalking her, Janet teases. He just wanted to make sure she was safe. Does the neighborhood meet his approval. Yep. Great, as Janet starts to walk by. Does Liberty like it. She does. She needs some breathing room though. He doesn’t need to worry and check on her. As they are talking, a deliveryman walks up with a washing machine and dryer that he needs Dusty to sign for. Janet stares at him.

Carly tells Jack that there is nothing going on. She is trying to do that right thing. This is not the right thing – him moving out. She begs to differ considering the circumstances. She can’t be selfless without ulterior motives, she snaps, as she looks at a photo on the desk of Parker and Jack. He knows her better then she thinks; they both know why she is doing this. Carly looks nervous, as she turns to face him. He wants her to say it – admit it, as Carly and Jack lock eyes. He will say it then; she is mad as hell. Carly covers; doesn’t she have a right to be; when will she be the only woman in his life – doe she have to get pregnant or find out one of their kids are sick to get his undivided attention. That is not fair. What Janet went through is horrific, but life is unfair to her too, Carly answers. Parker was robbed and her dream career has gone up in smoke literally, but he is upset that Janet is moving to a less then desirable neighborhood. Carly yells. He gets it that she is feeling neglected. Don’t condescend to her. He wants her to talk this through as adults. They won’t talk this through until she is the only woman in his life. He is worried about Janet and the baby, but she is the only woman he loves. He doesn’t want to be anywhere but here. She doesn’t want him here when his head is elsewhere. She doesn’t have to compete and she shouldn’t have to. Is she trying to leave him, throw him out of her life; is she telling him that they are done for good.

Parker wants to find out more information on Gabriel. Craig tells him that he didn’t answer his question. He can’t stand him, but Liberty cares about him and he hates seeing her upset. Parker tells Craig that he knows he is the one that started the fire and the only reason he is here is guilt. That is not true; he wouldn’t hurt Gabriel. He can keep telling himself that. However, he doesn’t believe him and either will his father, as Parker walks away.

Margo asks Tom to talk with Craig to get his side of the story. He has to trust him to represent him. He has represented a lot of questionable client, Margo counters. That is just his job. Why is this different. Craig stoops lower then most of his clients. He always said everyone deserves a decent defense. Does Craig want him to defend him or is this her idea. She knows Craig would love him to help, but he hasn’t asked for any lawyer. He has to talk with him at least for Johnny’s sake. Tom finally relents and agrees that maybe he will talk with him.

Janet directs the deliveryman to the landlord. She teases Dusty about having one of those faces that looks like he is in charge, but she is in charge of her life now. She has an apartment, a landlord and now apparently new appliances. Janet asks what he really thinks about this place because Jack is worried about break-ins; she has good locks, security system.; she may even get a gun, as Dusty tells her that she could also have a good friend stopping by to check in on her. She would love that… even if he were really more then a friend. Dusty smiles – he is happy to hear her say that. She doesn’t want him to get too excited because she isn’t ready to do the whole engagement thing still. Thanks god for her father’s inheritance though. When can he see her apartment. As soon as she is set up. She needs to go. The deliveryman comes back and says he has to leave because he can’t find the landlord for a signature. Dusty pulls out money and asks him to do a top job installing the appliances, but he can’t say a word to the woman in the apartment. The man promises to take care of her.

Carly assures Jack that she isn’t trying to break them up but rather save them. She is going about it the wrong way, Jack answers. If he feels torn by being there with her instead if he feels he should be taking care of Janet properly. She has to have more faith. She knows he loves her, but she knows how the world works even when she plays fair. Once Janet is settled, the baby is born, and other things are settled then he can come back. What other things need to be settled, Jack asks. It is a figure of speech. It isn’t up for discussion. He will go pack his things, an irate Jack tells her. As he is walking away, he tells her that she may have given up on them, but he will never give up on her; he has too much faith. Carly looks sad, as she looks down. Parker comes in and Carly is happy he is home; she has to tell him something, but she sees he is upset. Parker tells her about the emergency surgery. Craig was at the hospital. He was acting like he cares about Gabriel; this is not fair. Jack comes downstairs with a bag and tells Parker they have to talk. Parker wants to know where he is going. They decided he should move out for the time being. Carly jumps in explaining that Janet moved out and way across town and this is for the best. He knows where they are moving, but why does he have to leave. It is just until the baby is born. Are they breaking up. No, they both answer. It is the practical thing, Carly says. Jack forces a smile. She will tell Sage later. Parker is amazed they aren’t telling her together. Carly explains that they are fine because they aren’t breaking up. Parker wonders where Jack will go. Probably the station for now. Carly tells Jack to call her when he gets settled. Jack promises that he will. Parker stares at his mom after Jack leaves.

Craig thanks the nurse and asks her to keep him posted when Margo walks up. Why is he worried – that Gabriel will die or pull through. He wants him to live. He didn’t trap him. When he wakes up will he say that he didn’t try to kill him. She can think whatever she wants, but there is no way he would try to murder his own – as he stops. Margo wonders what he means. His own employee. Tom walks up and Craig wonders why he is there. Tom explains that he is thinking of taking his own case. He wants him away from Gabriel though. Margo urges Craig to tell Tom everything; he needs all the help he can get. Craig asks Tom what he thinks. He has his work cut out for him; he isn’t sure he can get him off based on this, as he holds up Gabriel’s medical report.

At the Lakeview, Dusty is heading up in the elevator when Liberty stops him. She needs his help. Is she ok. It isn’t about her. Does he know about Gabriel. Yes. He is in the hospital, but the hospital won’t give her too much because she isn’t family. She needs to try to track down some of his family; he shouldn’t be alone. Maybe they could start in his room. She wants to break in. The room might just so happen to be open. Dusty smirks. Let’s do it.

At the station, Janet comes to tell Jack that she moved in without getting mugged. He still wishes he could have helped. Is he going somewhere when she sees the suitcase. He needs to stay here for a few weeks. Janet realizes Carly threw him out because of her and the baby. She moved out so she wouldn’t cause them any more trouble. He and Carly have been through issues before and they will be fine. He can’t room here because it is like being in jail. She has an extra room; he can stay with them. Jack laughs; that won’t work. Moving in with her will just throw her into the middle of this again. She agrees it is not the best solution. He wants her to worry about herself and the baby; he will be fine, as Janet agrees and heads out. Afterwards, Jack gets a call from Eddie, Janet’s brother. He tells him that he just missed his sister. She is so excited about her dad’s inheritance, Jack tells him. He is shocked to learn that he knows nothing about this. She cashed the check already though. Jack tells him that he will look into it, as he seems to realize what might be going on, as he hangs up.

Dusty lets Liberty into Gabriel’s room; she thinks her mom is crazy to let him go. They look around; there are no photos of family or friends; it is weird because he is close to his mom. What brought him to town. She doesn’t know. She pulls out the pearl necklace and tells him that it is his mother’s. Maybe they should take it to the hospital to see if it helps him wake up. Dusty and Liberty head out the door.

At the Lakeview, Tom and Craig are going over the medical reports. Gabriel was blackmailing him and that could be the motive. The DA can connect the arson to blackmail and the blackmail to the embezzlement and that is sound motive. That is murder 1; that is life without parole. Craig is looking through the reports half listening to Tom when he tells Tom that they need to talk further about this head injury he sustained before the fire.

Carly tells Parker that should take in a movie to get their minds off of all of this. How could she do it – make dad leave. She didn’t. It is about Janet. She is trying to do the right thing. It is about him. She is as scared as him that he will blow it in front of dad. Craig put Gabriel in the hospital. He knocked Gabriel out and he is just as guilty that he didn’t get out. Stop it. He doesn’t want to hear him say this. He doesn’t want her to break up with dad over him; he has to go tell his dad everything. Carly stands in front of the door; he isn’t going anyway. Ok, she admits it; she asked him to move out so she wouldn’t worry about either one of them slipping up. It is just a matter of time before they make him suspicious. He is ready to explode. He will do whatever her can to keep them together even if that means moving out. He isn’t going anywhere. This isn’t just about protecting him – although that is at the top of the list. They don’t want to make Jack chose between his family and his job. Is he gone forever. Just until Craig goes away. He thinks Craig should be punished for only the crimes he committed. Then Parker says that the nurse did say the surgery was about the smoke inhalation and not the head injury. Carly thinks that is good news. No, it is not. Reality is if Gabriel dies then Craig will be charged for murder, but he is as guilty as Craig. Does he want to spend the rest of his life behind bars too though, Carly asks.

Tom explains that Gabriel was roughed up before the fire. He didn’t fight with him. So he says. He would have bruises. What if he hit him with something else then his fists. Why would he burn him in his own building; plus, he could make it, so he isn’t found. He will take a lie detector test. He is convincing – so guilty or not that will help him on the stand.

At the hospital, Liberty and Dusty walk into Gabriel’s room to wait; he has been in surgery for a while. She wishes she had brought the necklace sooner as a good luck charm. Don’t give up on him – just like noone gave up on her while she was sick. She had a lot of family and friends. Gabriel has her, Dusty reminds her. Her mom is lucky that he cares so much for her. She will come around – give her time. He will come back and check on her later, as he kisses on the cheek and leaves.

Downtown, Jack finds Dusty. He has been looking for him. He was at the hospital with Liberty. Is everything ok. She is just worried about her friend, Gabriel. He has this hand holding down to a science. What does that mean. He wanted to talk with him because Janet called her brother about the supposed inheritance… except there was a problem. Dusty feigns confusion – was her brother’s share not as big. He and the whole family never got an inheritance because Rocco died $15,00 in debt. Dusty and Jack stare at one another. That is fascinating – what does it have to do with him. The money came from somewhere. Janet made it clear that she didn’t want help. She wanted to prove her independence. Now she has the money to do that. He tricked her into that. She has all she needs now. She doesn’t have him anymore, Dusty reminds Jack. He will always be there for Janet and the baby. He bets Carly is thrilled. They aren’t discussing them. He did what he had to do so he should leave it alone. He wishes he had a better idea. He will keep quiet for now so Janet doesn’t need to know, he guesses, as they shake on it.

At the hospital, Janet finds Liberty upset because of Gabriel going into emergence surgery. She looks pale; she needs to take care of herself first. He is all alone. Gabriel has her and now he has her mother too. He is getting the best care possible so she is demanding she get something to eat. They walk off, as Dusty watches nearby.

At the station, Margo sees why Craig needs a good lawyer, Margo says, as she looks at the medical report. Tom feels more optimistic now though because Gabriel was in a fight before the fire; he doesn’t think it was Craig.

Carly finds Parker looking down. He and his dad are the most decent people she knows; their instinct is to tell the truth. Is that bad. No, but sometimes you have to do something bad to get to something good. This is terrible what they are forced to do. He wishes Gabriel would wake up, get out of the hospital and punch him back; he wishes Craig would have the money to give it back to him. She is sorry he is going through this. He is sorry she is going through this – and dad, and Liberty and Gabriel; it is all because of him. It is because of Craig; he is thief; he set this in motion, Carly says firmly. Craig couldn’t change if he wanted to, but he can, as Parker starts to walk away. Where is he going. For a walk – he needs to be alone. Can he promise not to tell his dad. He won’t tell him because she talked him out of it; he will stick to the plan even though he hates it. Parker walks off, as a concerned Carly watches him go, and then heads back inside and makes a call. She inquires about when the next AA meeting is. Craig walks up into her doorway and tells her that if he were in her position, he would want to drink too. She wants him to get out of here so she doesn’t do something she might regret. She will regret it if he goes. They have to have a long talk. About what. Parker, as Carly looks very nervous now.

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