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As the World Turns Update Friday 5/7/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Lark

At the police station Parker wants to find out from Carly about Craig. She scoots him outside into the corridor and tells him he should not be here. His father is on top of this and Parker should keep his head clear and his mouth shut. No one is going to believe a word that comes out of Craig’s mouth. Craig barges in and tells Jack that he may be guilty of a lot of things, but not this. Jack wants to know why he’s not in cuffs. Craig says he made bail. He would not hurt Gabriel like that ever. Jack says this bail is only temporary; it does not mean that he is off the hook and sure as hell doesn’t mean that he’s innocent. Craig points out that there are degrees of guilt. He only borrowed the money from Parker’s account to help get Monte Carlo running for Carly. He always intended to put the money back. But his snake of an accountant, Ellis, ran away with the money. He swears that he did not start the fire. Had he known Gabriel was in there, he would have gone in after him himself. Jack says he sounds so sincere that he almost believes him.

Carly steps back in and Jack asks her if she thinks Craig is telling the truth. Craig tells her that he is not a killer. She’s not so sure. He can be capable of most anything when he is desperate. She recites how he planted a bomb in Paul’s car when he took over Worldwide and he ran Roseanne off the road to shut her up when she found out he switched Gwen and Jennifer’s babies. He claims that he is a changed man but she does not believe it. She tells Jack that no, she does not believe Craig has a sincere bone in his body. Whoever paid his bail should have their heads examined….and lock up their children. She wants him out of her sight.

Jack warns Craig that he is not to skip town. No matter where he goes or how long it takes, he will hunt him down. Craig tells Jack that he is not going away. He will stay and face the music until he proves himself innocent of what happened to Gabriel. He looks right at Carly when he says…..however long that takes. She tells Jack that he is smarter than that. Don’t believe Craig. He will plead guilty to the lesser crime while getting away with the zinger. She accuses Jack of looking tired and wants to take him home for a little something to eat and some rest. She begs that she needs him badly; they have had no alone time since Rocco’s funeral.

Dusty and Johnny are in Old Town as Johnny has the day off from school. He wants to see his other dad and Dusty says they will later. They meet up with Janet. She tells him that she is going to look for an apartment, but declines his offer for help. Seems her dad left her a little money, both a relief and a surprise. She thanks him for not pushing. He understands that she needs her space. She tells him about her potential new place and that they are welcome any time.

At WOAK Holden shows up early to see Molly. She tells him about Craig being arrested last night….looks like Craig is in real trouble this time. He tells her there is something he needs to take care of so he will do that and come back to meet her for lunch.

At home Lily speaks with Lucinda on the phone. She says she did not get a bit of sleep last night and she just called the hospital to check up on Gabriel. They discuss the situation twenty years ago about keeping the secret. Lucinda says it is too late for regret, what is done is done and they can’t change it now. Lily says she can not be that cold. Lucinda warns her not to beat up on herself; it is not her fault. Holden shows up and tells Lily about Craig being arrested for arson and the attempted murder of Gabriel Caras.

Jack comes back home with Carly but says no sleeping. What else does she have in mind? She says a little of this and a little of that and they kiss…..then they are grabbing at each others clothes and she throws him on the bed.

Lily tells Holden that she feels so guilty over what happened. She still feels like she needs to do something now, but Holden thinks she should stay out of it. This is best for their family. He gives her a hug just as Molly walks up unannounced and looks through the shudders and sees them. Lily apologizes to Holden for dragging him into this. He says he will talk to Jack about this and he wants her to promise to call him if anything unusual happens. Molly calls and they break the lunch date and they promise to meet each other later. Holden hears voices in the background and asks where she is….which is right outside Silas’s suite. He’s thrilled to see her.

Parker bumps into Craig who tries to apologize. He doesn’t blame Parker and promises to make this up to him. He’d like Parker to forgive him. Craig says not everything he is being accused of is true. Jack is a good cop and he will sift through the facts and get to the bottom of it. The truth will come out. Parker says in the meantime he wants Craig to stay away from him and his family. He wants nothing to do with him.

Carly and Jack lie in bed and she wishes they could stay this way all day. When they are like this the whole world seems to fade away. They agree they need to stay focused when things get complicated. Janet pops back into Carly’s almost in the worst of times. She declines their lunch plans, but gushes about her new apartment. When Jack hears the address he gives his opinion that he doesn’t think she should do this. He tells her it is all the way across town and not a very good neighborhood. They have had a lot of home burglaries. Just be patient and wait for a better one. Parker calls and informs Carly that Craig is out on bail. Carly says that Jack is not going to believe everything Craig says. He will say anything to protect his own skin. She warns him again just to keep quiet and hang in there for just a little longer. She will take care of everything. Janet tells Jack to trust her. She and the baby will be fine. For the sake of his and Carly’s relationship, he has to let her do this.

Craig sees Dusty and Johnny eating and walks up. He’s upset that Johnny hurt his wrist and Dusty didn’t call. Dusty tells him to settle down as he is freaking out Johnny more than the accident. Dusty tells him that he is facing criminal charges and he thinks Craig needs help taking care of Johnny. Craig rants that he will find someone else if he needs help. He does not need it from Dusty. He doesn’t want Dusty anywhere near Johnny.

Lucinda drops by to see Lily. She can’t believe that Lily let Holden leave. She should have learned something from Lucinda after all these years. Lily says with all happening – keeping Holden away from Molly is not her priority. Lucinda says she still stands by her decision about Gabriel and she thinks Lily should too. Lily says the one person they were trying to protect is now the one who got hurt the worst. She tells Lily that her life is in a mess and Lucinda is the only one that seems to want to help fix it. She laments to Lily that the Chinese symbol for crisis is exactly the same one for opportunity. They have Craig – warpath – crisis. Then they have Holden – concern – opportunity.

Silas pours some bubbly for Molly. She states that she will only take a sip of it. She wants to make it clear that she is only there for the interview, nothing else. He suggests they go to New York to do the interviews. What better way than where he fell from grace to seek redemption as an humbled man returning to the scene of the crime. She thinks that might come off as a little manipulative and contrition has to be sincere. He admits that he’d also like to go with her since that is where they fell in love and he’d like a second chance to change those ugly memories she has. She tells him that she does not think she can get away right now. On the other hand Holden might like it. He concedes that it will be okay if she invites Holden. He states he is not afraid of the competition. She says there is no competition.

There is a knock at the door and Molly opens it. Silas tells Holden that this is a private interview. Holden says the interview is over. He wants to speak with Molly in private. Silas says she is not going any place with him. Holden tells Silas that pouring Molly some champagne and luring her here under false pretenses isn’t going to change anything; she can’t stand him. Silas says that at least he is attentive. He says Holden says that he cares but is rarely there for Molly. Molly asks Silas to give them a little privacy. Holden tells Molly that he thought they had an understanding that he would always come with her when she meets up with this guy. She reminds him that he had something else to do. She did not mention Silas as it just came up. Holden questions why it had to be over champagne. She comments that Silas just likes to lay on the charm. He knows, but they also know where that leads. She understands…..because she is such a pushover. Holden says that is not what he meant. But she has spent the last couple of months trying to distance herself from one scandal and here she is ready to dive into another. He points out that interviewing this guy in a hotel room with champagne isn’t very professional. She accuses him of running off to take care of Lily again.

Janet tells Jack that she wants this place; end of discussion. He helps her with bags to her car. Carly calls Parker and finds out that he is at the hospital checking on Gabriel. She doesn’t think that is a good idea and warns him not to talk to anyone. Janet hugs Jack and says bye to Carly. She will be out of their hair soon. Jack tells Carly that she must be relieved as it will all be over soon. She informs him that no it’s not, she doesn’t think this is going to work out so good.

Molly confesses to Holden that she had to do something to get his attention; even make him jealous. She is always in competition with Lily since he is always helping her. She is tired of coming in second place. She can’t lie about it anymore. That is how she feels. She knows now it was stupid. He says he thought she had more faith in them. She says she trusts him, just not Lily. He tries to convince her that Lily is not the problem. He is sorry she felt she had to do that. She did not tell him that she was meeting Silas. She says he did not tell her that he was going to Molly’s either. It works both ways. He admits they need to be more honest with each other.

Lucinda points out to Lily that she is all alone here. Faith does not want to be around her. She has moved in with her father. Lucinda just wants her to focus on her family and on Holden and not Gabriel. She has news for Lily. Her life is in a mess…..Holden, the man she loves, is out there shacking with Molly. Lily wants her to leave. Lucinda says sure, so throw her out because she is the truth teller. Lily is not a weak woman, but she is acting like one. Lucinda gives her a hug before she leaves. She advises Lily to get Holden back in the house here where he belongs and they can deal with him as a family. Craig can smell weakness.

Dusty makes arrangement with the landlord to get all new appliances for the apartment and to tell Janet they are included in the rent. Craig stops by the hospital and finds Parker there also looking for Gabriel who is not in his room. They ask a nurse and she does not know the details but that Gabriel had an emergency and was rushed into surgery.

Frustrated, Carly says she is trying to pretend that Jack is not expecting a baby with Janet or they have to put their lives on hold until that happens. His mind will always be elsewhere. She understands that he needs to be in control. He says it is not control, just concern over protecting Janet. She says the point is he needs to be close to them and if he is here, he will soon start resenting Carly. Jack says that is not true. He loves her and has come home to be with her. She counters yes for now, but not 100%. He vows he will be from now on. He says she can not ask him to worry about his child. She admits she would not do that. She looks at a photo on the desk of Parker and Craig and tells Jack that she thinks it best that he go. He has to move out. He chuckles and tells her this is crazy. Everything is fine. They just made love in their own house. She says yeah until Janet showed up and she lost him again. This is for the best; that he goes.

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