ATWT Update Thursday 5/6/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/6/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Carly’s house) Carly and Parker practice their reactions and what they will say when Jack tells them that Craig has stolen his trust fund and he has no money left. Carly and Parker both worry about his reaction because he has never been able to lie at all.

(Police Station) Margo tells jack that Craig has stolen all the money in parker’s trust fund. Jack is angry and wants to kill Craig but Margo tells him to calm down and go tells Carly and Parker the news.

(Katie’s house) Reid and Luke kiss passionately and start to make love but Luke stops before it gets too far because he feels selfish for thinking of himself while Noah is in the hospital unconscious and he doesn’t know if Noah will awaken with brain damage. Reid wants Luke to admit that what just happened wasn’t a mistake and he wanted it as much as he did but Luke heads for the door and tells Reid that he has to go check on Noah’s condition.

(Al’s diner) Liberty arrives to show Janet her new wig and Janet wishes that Liberty had asked her to go with her to help her pick out a wig. Janet tells Liberty that she is working double shifts at the diner so that they can afford a place to live and move out of Carly’s house. Liberty sees Dusty outside and goes out to talk to him hoping to help get him and Janet back together. Dusty tells Liberty he stopped by to give Janet her last paycheck from Metro. Liberty tells Dusty that she wishes Janet would let him help her instead of working so hard to get a new place to live. Dusty agrees and tells Liberty that her new wig looks very nice on her Liberty smiles at the compliment and tells Dusty that Janet will be on a break in twenty minutes and Dusty smiles and tells Liberty that he is starting to feel hungry.

(Lakeview) Craig is relieved when Ellis answers the phone and tells him that he had to burn down the Monte Carlo building to try and recuperate the money that he lost due to his bad investment. Craig also tells Ellis that Gabriel was inside and now he is in the hospital. Ellis tells Craig he is sorry but he new the risks of the investment and Craig hears waves in the background of the phone call and figures out that Ellis stole Parker’s money and didn’t invest it at all. Craig vows to track Ellis down and get the money back that he stole from him. Ellis hangs up the phone and ends the call and Margo knocks on the door asking Craig to let her in because they need to talk. Margo arrives with a search warrant and takes his computer and also tells him that he needs to come down to the station for questioning.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives and tells Carly and Parker that Craig stole his trust fund and he feels like killing Craig. Parker tells jack he is too shocked to get angry and he can’t believe he made Craig trustee even though both jack and Carly told him it was a bad idea. Parker throws some things around and wonders what he will do now without the trust fund that he was going to use for his future. Jack tells him everything will be okay because he and Carly will always help him. Parker tells Jack he has to go take a walk and think things over then he hugs Jack and Carly and leaves the house.

(Al’s Diner) Dusty gives Janet her last check and orders enough food for two and Janet wonders if he is going to eat all that food and he tells her just walking into the diner makes him hungry. Janet brings all the food and Dusty persuades her to eat with him they talk and laugh as Dusty makes some jokes Janet finishes eating and Dusty takes a napkin and gently wipes her mouth and they almost kiss but Janet tells Dusty she has to get back to work.

(Police Station) Craig tells Margo that he only borrowed the money from Parker’s trust fund and intended to replace it when Monte Carlo made a profit. Craig tells Margo that his accountant Ellis Nelson his accountant is the one who should be arrested for stealing Parker’s money. Craig also tells Margo that neither Carly, Jack, nor Parker knew that he was borrowing the money to use for Monte Carlo. Craig tells Margo that he feels badly about what happened to Parker’s money and then Carly comes in and puts her knee where it hurts Craig and tells him a few choice words for stealing Parker’s money. Craig apologizes to Carly for what he did and once he is alone with her he tells her that he did everything in order to make her dream come true. Carly doesn’t believe his story but Craig tell her that he wanted to prove to her that he loved her and that Jack isn’t the right man for her. Carly makes it clear that she will never get involved with him personally or professionally but Craig isn’t giving up hope because he is confident that she will be with him when she realizes that Jack will do nothing but hurt her once again.

(Carly’s house) Parker tells Liberty her new wig looks nice on her and Liberty tells him that she feels badly for what happened to Gabriel. Liberty is determined to find out why Gabriel was inside the building no matter how hard Parker tries to persuade her to let the police handle things.

(Hospital) Luke sits at Noah’s bedside and pleads for him to open his eyes and assures him that everything will be okay. Reid walks in and when he sees Luke with Noah he has a hurt look on his face because he can see that Luke still loves Noah. Luke sees Reid and tells him that he is sorry that he ever accused him of allowing his feelings for him to get in the way of his skills as a doctor because he knows that isn’t true. Reid accepts Luke apology and tells Luke that he would never risk his career for his personal life no matter how he feels about him. Reid tells Luke that there is no need to talk about what almost happened between them anymore. Reid advises Luke to talk to Noah because that might help him awaken.

(Police Station) Jack and Margo go over the debit card charges taken from Craig’s computer and when Jack notices a charge for a private plane from Oakdale to Melrose Park New York he tells Margo that Gabriel was the one who chartered the plane. Jack and Margo thin k that Gabriel found out what Craig was doing with Parker’s trust fund and was Blackmailing Craig. Jack and Margo wonder if Craig knew that Gabriel was inside and set the fire in order to get rid of Gabriel.

(Metro) Dusty asks Terri to help him give money to Janet so that she and Liberty so that she can get a new place. Dusty wants Terri to tell Janet that Rocco left her an inheritance in his will but in reality he will be the one giving Janet the money. Terri agrees to the white lie as long as Dusty doesn’t give up on having a future with Janet because Janet loves him and they belong together.

(Hospital) Reid tells Luke he will keep Noah sedated for a few days to give his brain a chance to heal and Luke thanks him for accepting his apology about his outburst earlier and although he doesn’t say it in words he and Reid exchange a nod as if to say thanks for keeping what almost happened between us a secret.

(Old Town) Terri tells Janet that Rocco left a small inheritance for all of his children in his will and her share of the inheritance should be enough to help her and Liberty move out of Carly’s house and into a place of their own. Janet cries a little because despite how Rocco treated her in the past he always thought of her and never took her out of his will. Janet hugs Terri and tells her that Rocco came though for her when she most needed him.

(Police Station) Jack tells Margo that if their theory is true Craig will finally go to jail after all these years of getting away with many crimes.

(Carly’s house) Parker is sitting on the porch when Carly arrives and he tells her that Liberty is inside and he came out there because she is o worried about Gabriel and he can’t stand to lie to her. Carly tells Parker that Craig will go to jail for arson and for stealing his trust fund so it is best that he keep quiet about his fight with Gabriel because Craig should rot in jail for this not him.

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