ATWT Update Tuesday 5/4/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/4/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Lakeview) Henry looks for his watch and tells Vienna that he is angry with her because she handcuffed him to the bed to try and force him to get her pregnant. Vienna doesn’t understand why Henry is angry with her since he always loved playing sex games with her and she used the handcuffs he gave to her. Henry pleads with Vienna to wait to get married until their relationship is solid again. Vienna agrees to wait to get married until next year but she wants to get pregnant now. Barbara meets her date that Katie arranged for her his name is Rex and he is the local anchorman at the TV station. Barbara instantly dislikes Rex because all he does is talk about him.

(Hospital) Chris asks Reid if he is sure that Noah will regain his sight after the operation since it is still considered an experimental operation. Reid tells Chris that he has performed this operation before with success so he is positive that he can make Noah see again. Reid wonders if Chris would like to observe the operation because he could learn something but Chris says he has to meet a friend and wonders if Reid would like to observe him so he could learn how to make friends.

(Old Town) Casey and Alison run into each other and Casey wonders why Alison still feels awkward around him since he thought they had made peace at Bob and Kim’s anniversary wedding. Casey invites Alison to have coffee with him so they can start to be friends again but she turns him down since she has to go meet Katie to go watch a chick flick at the movies so she gives Casey a rain check.

(Hospital) Noah is nervous and scared about the operation and Luke arrives with Noah’s camera so that he can document this important event in his life. Noah is surprised that Luke is there for him considering how he has been treating him lately but Luke tells Noah that if he were having surgery he knows that he would do the same for him. Noah tells the camera that he is nervous and scared about the operation but he is ready to get on with it so he can continue with his life. Noah asks Luke to sit on the bed with him so that they can take a picture together. Reid walks in and he is not happy to see Luke and Noah together but he coves with Noah telling him the nurse will be in soon to take him to surgery. Once the nurse arrives and takes Noah to surgery Luke asks Reid to take good care of Noah. Reid tells him that that has always been the point and the reason Luke forced him to come to Oakdale.

(Movie Theater) Chris and Alison are not happy to discover that Katie has set them up and ask her to stop her matchmaking but Katie doesn’t listen to them and tells them she has to take Jacob to swim class and makes a quick exit. Alison wants to leave and Chris says that is fine but he is staying because he needs to relax. Alison decides to stay too and they watch the movie together.

(Lakeview) Barbara is bored listening to Rex talk about him until a handsome stranger named Joe rescues her by apologizing to her for being late but his plane was delayed. Barbara excuses herself to talk to Joe and he tells her to go along with his lie unless of course she wants to listen to Rex talk about him all afternoon. Barbara tells Rex it’s been nice meeting him but she wants to be alone with Joe. Once Rex has gone Barbara thanks Joe for rescuing her from Rex and he tells her she can return the favor by having dinner with him. Barbara accepts Joe’s invitation with a smile. Henry explains to Vienna that he is afraid he won’t be a good father because of the weird parents he had and he doesn’t want to make another mistake and risk her leaving him again. Vienna doesn’t understand and starts to cry as she asks Henry why he doesn’t want to marry her and have a family. Henry walks out of the room for a few minutes as he struggles with what he should say to Vienna. Henry returns and tells Vienna that she would make an amazing mother and their children would be beautiful because they would look like her but he has never felt like he deserved to be with her because she is so special she deserves someone better then him. Vienna cries and tells Henry she doesn’t care what she deserves she just wants to be Mrs. Henry Coleman.

(Old town) Alison tells Chris that he needs to learn how to behave at the movies because he shouldn’t have thrown popcorn at a guy who was talking on the cell phone during the movie. Chris smiles and pretends that what he did was an accident then he starts trying to tickle Alison she gets away he catchers her and picks her up and spins her around making her laugh. Casey arrives and is hurt because he thinks that Alison lied to him when she turned down his invitation for coffee earlier. Chris and Alison explain to Casey that Katie set them up but he doesn’t believe them.

(Hospital) Katie arrives because she wants to give Reid a four-leaf clover for luck during surgery but Luke tells her that the operation has already started. Katie tells Luke that Reid has become gentle and more human because of him but Luke tells Katie that Reid was rude to him again. Luke explains to Katie that Reid saw he Noah sitting on the bed together and Katie drops hints that Reid may have been jealous because he is in love with him but Luke doesn’t think so and makes it clear to Katie that he is still in love with Noah even though they aren’t together anymore. Katie advises Luke to think about what is best for him and what will make him happy.

(Lakeview) Henry thinks that he and Vienna should sleep in separate rooms because he needs space and time to think about things. Vienna continues to cry and reminds Henry he could lose the best thing in his life. Barbara is having a good time with Joe the handsome pilot but she can’t stop talking about Henry to Joe. Joe is und3erstanding and tells Barbara that when he gets back from making a phone call she can talk about anything she wants to except Henry.

(Katie’s house) Henry arrives and tells Katie about his fight with Vienna and she tells him that the fight had nothing to do with Barbara and everything to do with his fear of commitment. Katie asks Henry if he loves Vienna to which Henry responds yes and Katie wonders if Henry could imagine his life without Vienna and Henry says no so Katie orders Henry to go find Vienna and Marry her and have a baby with her because if he doesn’t he could lose her for good this time.

(Metro) Vienna wants to get very drunk so she orders a drink called the Swedish Ice berg and Casey arrives and orders the same since he also wants to get very drunk. Casey tells Vienna about his troubles with Alison and Vienna tells Casey that Henry doesn’t want to marry her and have a baby with her. Casey thinks that Henry is a fool not to want to be with a beautiful woman like her. Vienna and Casey have thee Swedish icebergs each and Vienna thinks that Casey would be the perfect man to get her pregnant so she asks him if they can go some place more private. Casey is unaware that Vienna intends to use him to make a baby for her.

(Lakeview) Henry sees Barbara sitting alone and starts to go over and talk to her until he sees Joe arrive and hears Barbara tell Joe that she has forgotten about Henry.

(Katie’s place) Chris arrives and pleads with Katie to stop matchmaking him and Alison because it isn’t working it is just making things worse between him and Alison. Chris thinks Katie is just trying to fill the void that Brad left in her heart by Matchmaking and he tells her it won’t work because no matter what she will still be lonely. Katie tells Chris that he just wants him and Alison to be happy and she won’t give up on them. The argument between them gets so loud that Jacob wakes up and Katie asks Chris to hold Jacob while she makes a bottle for him. Chris tells Jacob that his mother means well and she is just lonely so he thinks that they need to find Katie a man.

(Hospital) Noah is nervous so his blood pressure is high and they can’t start the operation so Reid calms him down by telling him that he should think about all the wonderful things he will see when he wakes up he also jokes that he will finally be able to see what he looks like with his pot belly, comb over and buck teeth this makes Noah laugh and he asks Reid one more question before he goes to sleep. Noah wonders if he thinks the operation will work and Reid tells him to just keep thinking about the wonderful things he will see when he wakes up so Noah goes to sleep with a smile. Noah dreams of making a movie with Luke’s help and then Reid discovers a blood vessel is leaking and he doesn’t know from where the blood is coming. Reid finishes the operation and tells Luke that Noah had a leaky blood vessel that wasn’t seen on a CAT scan or MRI. Reid also tells Luke that Noah could suffer brain damage but they won’t know that for sure until he awakens.

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