ATWT Update Monday 5/3/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/3/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Lark

In bed, Henry awakens and starts to turn over, but he finds himself handcuffed to the bedpost; he starts to panic because he doesn’t know what is going on. Soon, a scantily clad Vienna is cozying up to him wanting to make love. He wants her to stop, but she turns the seduction up a notch.

In her suite, Barbara is stressing over making Vienna’s wedding dress; she puts the sketchbook down when she gets a call. The doctor’s office wants to verify an appointment she has scheduled. Barbara seems hesitant about wanting to go to this and she asks what the doctor is planning on doing. He will be running some routine tests and blood work. Barbara promises that she will be there; as she hangs up the phone, she talks to herself about finding out if she is still cancer-free soon.

In his kitchen, Jack is talking with Margo about the fire in the Monte Carlo’s offices, as Parker listens nearby unseen. Margo is telling Jack how it may be arson or not or maybe, Gabriel might have fallen accidentally or not. Maybe someone hurt Gabriel and left him there to die. That would make it attempted murder, Jack answers. Margo tells him – worse - if he doesn’t wake up. Parker comes in trying to be casual and says hi, as Margo is leaving, but Jack seems onto him and wants to know what is wrong.

At Metro, Dusty is interviewing for hostesses, but he seems preoccupied and suddenly, he isn’t interested in hiring this woman. He will call her if anything changes because the hostess that was here before was special. She shakes his hand and tells him thank you for his time.

Jack wonders why Parker isn’t at the library. He was, but it was crowded so he came back home for peace and quiet. That rings strangely with Jack, but Janet has come downstairs, and is thanking Parker for the flowers he sent to the funeral home. Parker excuses himself to go work on his ‘school project.’ Jack comments about how pretty Janet looks; he wonders where she is going. She is going to work at Metro. Jack tells her quickly that he doesn’t think that is a very good idea, as Janet stares at him.

At the charred remains of the Metro office, a drunk Craig asks Carly why she is there. She came to see if anything could be salvaged. It is too late; it is all destroyed. It wasn’t supposed to be this way…if he had known, Craig mutters. Carly wonders what that means, as Craig looks nervous. He catches himself and tells her that he would have told her not to come if he had known she was coming. She doesn’t believe him; what has he done. He wants her to stop badgering him. She has a right to know because it was her company. He can’t talk to her, as he stomps by her and out the door with Carly hot on his trail.

Jack reminds Janet that she just buried her father, she had a stressful couple of days back home and that she hasn’t been sleeping well; she needs to give herself a break. She is fine, Janet assures him. She is going to be on her feet all night…Jack says, or be around Dusty, Janet finishes. That is not what he said. Janet is putting on her coat now, as she tells him that he doesn’t know what she needs; they aren’t married anymore; he is not responsible for her. She wants to make money and take care of her and Liberty; she needs to do this on her own. It is the best for her, Liberty, Carly and him. He needs to not stand in her way, as she walks out the door.

Henry tells Vienna that he is losing feeling in his wrists; can she unlock them. They decided they wouldn’t have sex before they got married. She didn’t agree to that; she wouldn’t have; she is Swedish. His mouth says no, but his body says ravish her. She wouldn’t want him against his will, as she kisses him more passionately all over his chest and stomach.

Barbara is looking in the mirror with her mouth open, then she feels her neck and around her glands. She tells herself to get it together; there are no symptoms and there is no reason to assume anything is wrong. She needs to get her mind of off this. She has been through this before; she needs to occupy her thoughts, as she sits back down and picks up her sketchbook.

At the Lakeview bar, Carly finds Craig having more drinks. This is a bad idea for him to do. She can sit there and be sober while he plays drunken oblivion. She wants to drink very badly, but she knows she can’t. She doesn’t know what he has done; there isn’t enough booze on the planet for him. The bartender cuts Craig off, as Craig tells him that it is a wake. Who died. Noone yet, Carly answers quietly. The bartender wants to keep it that way. Carly offers to help him leave.

Dusty is making reservations on the phone when Janet comes in. They joke about a man making anniversary reservations at Al’s. He wonders how she is. It was really hard being there; she would have thought after 18 years she wouldn’t feel like that. Dusty is surprised she came back after everything; he wants to support her and not make it worse. Janet tells him that she knows, as she tries to blow this off. She sees Dusty’s face. She has to work and make enough money to provide for her and Liberty. Is Carly kicking her out. No, but the nice words are too much now. His offer still stands; she and Liberty can move into the house. She would love to move into the house with him, but she can’t. She needs some time and distance. From him. From everything. She is so confused and Liberty needs her full attention. Maybe they can try later. She can’t promise anything. That is admirable. She isn’t afraid to be alone. She has been alone more than she has been with anyone. It is courageous and he respects that. Dusty starts to walk away, as Janet makes a noise. Dusty wonders what is wrong. Nothing – the baby just kicked – for the first time.

Henry is still haggling with Vienna asking her to let him go, but she continues to kiss and ignore him. He tells her that they can’t make love without protection, but that isn’t stopping her either. There is a knock at the door and Henry thinks it could be housekeeping, as he calls out. It is Barbara however, as she tells them through the closed door, that she has some sketches to show Vienna for her dress. Vienna is thrilled and puts on her robe and heads for the door. Henry wants her to let him go so he isn’t out in the open like this. Vienna wonders when he became such a prude, as she opens the door and happily greets Barbara. She lets her inside and Barbara looks horrified when she sees Henry in bed handcuffed to the post. An awkward Henry says hello.

At the station, Margo and Jack are going over the police report on the fire. The point of origin is at the fuse box, but there is no sign of accelerant. It went up so fast though. Tox reports are negative for Gabriel. They need to find his family, but he isn’t listed anywhere. Jack admits that he doesn’t know any handyman that can afford to rent a sports car or afford the Lakeview. He wasn’t selling or doing drugs. They need to start somewhere, Margo explains. They have to start with Carly and Craig unfortunately.

Carly helps Craig into his room, as he falls onto the couch muttering about his son. Carly tells him that she will call the babysitter because she is sure that he doesn’t want Johnny to see him like this. Craig is snoring suddenly, as Carly snarls about him being a ‘son of a bitch who stole from her son’; he set the fire and ruined her hard work – all for insurance money. He kept saying he wanted her back; all the while, he was doing this. How could he involve Parker. Then if Gabriel dies, Parker could go to prison because of him. He destroyed everything she loves – she hates him, Carly growls. She picks up a pillow and holds it right above his head seemingly contemplating what she could do with it. She stops herself; he is going to have to live with what he has done, as she tiptoes to the table and goes though his briefcase. She finds nothing so she goes to his computer. She finds a document on Parker’s trust fund. She prints out the information on withdrawals to Parker’s trust fund; she talks to herself about what the police would think if they saw this. She then gets on the phone and calls Margo, who motions to Jack to come over. Carly explains about finding Craig drunk and how she got him to his room, but she can’t stay. She thinks he might have alcohol poisoning and she is worried something is wrong. Margo hangs up and tells Jack about the call. Jack is worried about Carly drinking, but Margo assures him that she sounded fine. She thinks they might be in trouble together. Jack tells her that what this proves is Carly didn’t leave a drunk person alone passed out. Besides, burning down a building is not Carly’s modus operandi; it is Craig’s. Margo tends to agree with him on that one, as she heads out the door.

At the hospital, Parker stops a doctor walking by Gabriel’s room and asks how he is; he won’t die will he. He is still unconscious and not able to breath on his own. He thinks it might due Gabriel good if he had a visitor. He can’t hear him though. Who knows, maybe he could. Parker slowly decides to go inside.

Vienna is asking questions about her dress, as Barbara uncomfortably answers. Then Vienna more quietly asks about the ‘thing’ they talked about. A stressed out Barbara answers that the dress can be changed to make allowances for that. Henry is listening nearby nervously. She then tells her that she has some fabric samples. Barbara tells her the one she favors is quite expensive, as Vienna is sure that money is no problem; she loves being a bride. She wants to take the sample to the bathroom where the light is better. Barbara claims she can’t stay, as Henry wants out now. Vienna wonders again when he became a prude; she is sure that Barbara has seen many scandalous things in her day, as she trots off to the bathroom. Barbara tells him that she is leaving. No, she can’t, she has to get him out of this please.

Janet holds Dusty’s hand to her stomach. He feels it; she has an acrobat. He continues to hold his hand to her stomach – this gives him hope, as they stare longingly at one another when Jack comes in the door and watches them. Dusty sees him and Jack explains that he had another case nearby and he wanted to check in to see how Janet was doing. Dusty tells him that he has a kicker on his hands, as he walks away. Janet tells him to feel, as Jack asks if she is sure. Of course, she beams. Jack is overjoyed to feel, as Dusty watches. They talk bout not being able to wait to be parents. Jack thinks she isn’t ready; he can drive her home, but Dusty thinks if Janet says she is ready then she is. Janet promises she is ready; she will call him if she needs him. Jack agrees to back off a bit.

Parker comes home and Carly reminds him that he was supposed to stay in his room. He wanted to go see about Gabriel; he tells her how the doctors say he should talk to Gabriel, and he tried, but all he could do is stand there. It is not like he would want to hear his voice anyway. He was willing him to wake up. If it weren’t for him hitting him then Gabriel would be fine. Carly wants him to not think like that; it was an accident. He picked a fight with him. People fight all the time; he didn’t intend him to die. The doctor looked like he thought Gabriel might die and then he would be charged with murder. After she left earlier, Margo was here and she and his dad are now working this case together. They are going to figure out everything after they start asking questions. She thinks she just gave them answers, Carly answers.

Henry pleads with Barbara to get him out. She is not Houdini. If she leaves him there then she is at Vienna’s mercy, can she please help him. Barbara finally agrees, as Henry urges her to hurry. Vienna did this as he was sleeping because it was the only way, as Barbara tells him to shut up or else she will swallow the key. Barbara straddles him in order to unlock his other hand, as Henry hopes she doesn’t hate him that much. They are looking at one another when they hear Vienna’s voice declaring how much she loves them from in the bathroom, as Barbara jumps off of Henry when Vienna comes out. She had no idea there were so many different white colors; she will feel like a princess; Barbara is so in tune to all she loves. Barbara smirks at that thought. She hugs and thanks Barbara, as Barbara hurries out.

Parker wonders what Carly did when she was gone because she just got back together with his dad and he doesn’t think she should be lying to him again. She took care of things. How. She went to the Metro offices and found Craig there drinking and mumbling about how it shouldn’t have happened. What does that mean, Parker asks. She doesn’t know, but she thinks Craig must have set the fire to collect the insurance to replace the money he stole form his trust fund. That makes it worse, Parker answers. If Gabriel dies then he will be the one paying for it and not him, Carly assures. How did she make that happen. All he needs to know is tat she is going to take care of him. Jack comes in, sees them with their heads together, and wonders what he interrupted. Carly pastes on a smile and looks from Jack to Parker, but when she sees Parker’s unsure face, her smile fades.

Vienna is going on about the dress and how Barbara may be old, but her fashion sense is impeccable. An annoyed Henry gets up and sits on the edge of the bed. Vienna notices he is undone and wonders how that happened. He must have more talents then she thought. Henry doesn’t look pleased. She thinks she should put the cuffs back on. No, Henry snaps. Vienna thinks that he should put them on her, so she can be the very bad girl and he can be the officer that punishes her. Henry is even less in the mood now, as he gets up and tells her to stop it. Vienna wonders when it became a chore to make love to her. They had a deal to not sleep together before marriage. They did not; she doesn’t like that idea at all. It is tradition. Since when is he interested in tradition. Since she went and decided to try to get pregnant without even telling him, as they stare at one another.

Barbara is pacing in her room promising herself that she won’t fall apart to the likes of Henry. She will find an appropriate man better then Henry so she doesn’t have to share. She sees a sketch of the dress, crumples it up, and tosses it on the floor. She sees her phone, triumphantly picks it up and makes a call. She talks to Katie and wonders if she was free; she was wondering about her matchmaking skills. If the offer still stands, she is in.

Dusty is on the phone making more reservations while Janet is folding napkins quietly nearby. She walks over and tells him that it has been really nice working here with him and Terri; she can’t work here anymore. Being here and this close to him – she can’t pretend he is just her boss. She can’t be here and not be with him. She is so confused about everything; she can’t think of getting involved. His offers have no strings. She needs to take charge of her own life. She isn’t going to change her mind will she. It is the best job she has had; she thanks him so much for believing in her. She can come back whenever she is ready – the job and he will be waiting. Janet stares for a moment at him before she walks out the door.

At the Lakeview, Margo knocks on the door of Craig’s suite and lets herself in because the door is a jar. She sees him passed out on the couch. He makes a noise and she mutters to herself about glad he is not dead – just drunk. She puts a blanket over him and wonders outloud what he is trying to drink away. She walks back towards the door and sees some paperwork out on the desk. She looks at it seeing what Carly left involving the withdrawals from Parker’s trust fund. She exclaims outloud to an unconscious Craig that she can’t believe this; he stole from Parker’s trust fund.

Carly tells Jack that Parker may flunk the class if he doesn’t do his report – right in time for college apps. Parker tries to say something but Carly stops him and Jack seems surprised how upset Carly is. He explains that Parker brought books home from the library. Carly pretends that is all well and good, but he should be upstairs hard at work. Parker tries to talk, but Jack interrupts and tells him to do what his mother says. She thanks him for backing him up. He will anytime, but think about all Parker is going through with Liberty and Gabriel. She doesn’t want to talk about that, as she kisses him. What is he missing, Jack wonders. She misses him, but everything is fine now that he is back, as she hugs him while Parker watches from the stairway. Their eyes meet and Carly quickly looks away.

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