ATWT Update Friday 4/30/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/30/10


Written By Wanda
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At Lily’s, Holden tells Lily that whatever she did that he is sure it’s not that bad. Everyone makes mistakes. And he says that she can confide in him. Lucinda walks in and cautions Lily not to tell him. At the hospital, Craig sits by Gabriel’s bedside and mouths that he is his son. He can fight this; he knows he is a survivor, but he has to want it. Carly sees him. She flashes back from when Parker told her that Craig stole all his money and somehow Gabriel was involved.

Jack brings Janet home to Carly’s. She thanks him for helping her cope with her family. She wishes things weren’t so difficult. Parker calls his mom and tells her that Janet and Jack are on the porch. She convinces him to just go to his room and avoid Jack; don’t tell him anything. She will be home soon. Craig sees her before she leaves and tells her that Gabriel needs all the support he can get. Parker doesn’t get upstairs fast enough and Jack and Janet come in and want to know all that has happened since they’ve been away. Liberty comes down and she spills about the fire and that Gabriel is in the hospital and hasn’t come to yet.

Jack asks Carly about her business and she informs him that pretty much everything was lost in the fire. Gabriel told them that both his parents were dead so there is no one to contact. Margo is surprised to find Craig so emotional about Gabriel. She wants to know what is going on. Holden tells Lucinda that this is between him and Lilly so she should just leave. She won’t, so Lily tells Holden that they can talk at another time. It can wait. Janet realizes that Liberty is closer to Gabriel than she knew.

Jack tells Carly that just because Gabriel worked for him and Parker had problems with him doesn’t mean they are responsible for him now or what happened to him. Jack wants to go pick up Sage and suggests that they all go for a walk and concentrate on family and talk things through. Abruptly Carly says they can not do that. She makes up an excuse about Parker’s homework that he needs to be working on. He really needs to be at the library. Jack is smarter than that and asks why Carly is pushing him away.

Margo is shocked that Craig cares so much now for a boy he claimed not to like previously. He wonders if this just turned into an investigation. There is nothing more that he can tell her. She’s only trying to get to the bottom of how the fire started.

Liberty tells Janet that Parker was jealous of Gabriel although there was no reason for him to. Liberty confesses that Parker broke into his room trying to prove he was up to no good. Janet tells her that she did nothing wrong. She has nothing to be guilty about if she was open with both guys. It’s Parker’s problem.

Lucinda tells Lily that she can not tell Holden. He can’t tell a lie and soon everyone including Craig will know that Gabriel is his son. Lily says it’s too late as Craig already knows. Lucinda goes ballistic and tells Lily that she is out of her mind. Lily announces that Craig has the right to know he has a son. Even if the mother wanted it that way, he should have been told. Lucinda storms off without answering Lily of what she is going to do.

Carly snaps at Janet that she and Jack are trying to cause trouble and make more of this with Parker and Gabriel than it really is. She is sick of Janet doing that. Nothing of this matters except what has happened since Gabriel got hurt. Janet says she is sorry and she is not trying to suggest anything. Jack sails into Carly and reminds her of what a hard time Janet has had the last few days so Carly should lighten up. Later he asks Janet why she was implying that Parker and Gabriel were enemies. She confesses they caught Parker breaking into Gabriel’s room and going through his things. Janet does admit she should not have brought anything up in front of Carly.

Janet tells Parker they can not tell Jack what really happened. She is protecting him as Jack is a cop and will know that Parker is not being truthful if he admits any part of being on the outs with Gabriel. Parker is not sure he can do this.

Lily slips into Gabriel’s room and tells him that she and his mother should have never kept it from Gabriel. He had the right to know that Craig was his father and his mother must have changed her mind and told him. She hopes it is not too late. Craig returns to the Lakeview and finds Lucinda waiting outside his door. She wants to talk to him about this unpleasantness. He grouses that he didn’t even know there was a situation thanks to her. She states that Gabriel is a stranger to Craig and they mean nothing to each other. They should leave it that way. Craig grabs her by the throat and tells her that he will choke her to death if she doesn’t shut up. He tells her that the hired help doesn’t know what she wanted. And Sierra lied to him and now he finds Lily has. She definitely is her mother’s daughter first more than his friend. He throws Lucinda out.

Janet demands that Liberty sit down and eat something. She apologizes for not doing her job and the things that Liberty has had to go through lately. Her mind has been all over the place lately and she wants to be spending more time with Liberty. She promises her things will get better….starting with moving out of this house living with Carly. It won’t be the house that Dusty bought, but one on their own.

Lucinda drops by the farm and Holden sees her neck all red where she was choked. He wants some answers. Craig take a stiff drink. Carly tells Parker that she will tell Jack later that it was her decision not to tell him. If the fire is determined an accident, then none of this has to come out. Everything will be okay. Margo is glad to see Jack back in town and immediately gets into the facts of the fire.

Holden tells Lily that Lucinda was a little rattled, but she is all right. He is afraid that Craig might try to come after Lily too. If he does, he will have to come through Holden first. Janet tells Liberty that they are okay by themselves. She doesn’t need a guy to complete her and fly from town to town. They can stay here in Oakdale and be okay. Margo confides in Jack that it might not be just a fire. Gabriel suffered a blow to the head so somebody may have knocked him out and set the fire. They need Jack to find out who that was. Parker overhears this. Craig visits the burnt office, drinks a whole bottle of booze and is wallowing in his misery when Carly shows up.

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