ATWT Update Thursday 4/29/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/29/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Fairwinds) Paul worries that he and Emily could lose custody of Eliza because Meg has her family to help her take care of the baby and he has a sordid past. Emily reminds Paul that he has changed and now he is providing a stable home for his daughter. Emily reminds Paul that Meg just got out of a mental institution. Paul reminds Emily that he was also in a mental institution at one time but Emily tells Paul that he has recovered but in her opinion they released Meg from Deer Brook to early.

(Farm) Meg comes downstairs and Emma tells her that he outfit makes her look responsible and like a mother but Meg fears she isn’t ready to take care of Eliza. Emma reassures Meg that the judge will see that Eliza belongs with her mother and she will have her family around her to help her take care of Eliza until she feels more confident. Holden comes in and asks Meg if she is sure she is ready to take care of Eliza and Emma tells Meg to wait outside for her. Emma screams at Holden to support his sister and be on her side and Holden tells her that he was just concerned that Meg is taking on too much too soon after her release from the hospital. Emma goes outside to get Meg and drive her to the courthouse and is shocked when she discovers Meg has left so she and Holden begin to look for Meg.

(Old Town) Liberty leaves a message on Gabriel’s cell phone asking him to call her because she is worried about him.

(Hospital) Carly wonders why Parker dislikes Gabriel Parker recalls the fight he had with Gabriel in the Monte Carlo office before the fire. Parker tells Carly that he doesn’t trust Gabriel and he doesn’t like that he spends so much time with Liberty. Parker thinks its best that he be the one to tell Liberty what happened to Gabriel so he heads home to tell her the news. Craig doesn’t believe Lily when she tells him that Gabriel is his son with a former maid named Lidia Caras. Lily show’s Craig Gabriel’s birth certificate but he thinks it is a fake and she is part of Gabriel’s attempt to con him. Craig tells Lily that Lidia is a liar and Lily explains that Lidia died recently of cancer Craig is saddened but he doesn’t show it too much because he is angry with Lily. Craig demands that Lily tell him who knew about this and why they kept this a secret from him. Lily explains to Craig that Lucinda, she and Sierra knew since Gabriel was born but they kept it a secret because Lidia was ashamed of sleeping with a married man. Lidia also didn’t think that Craig would be a good father to Gabriel so she made them promise not to tell him about Gabriel. Craig knows that Lucinda and Sierra hate him now but he is hurt because Lily whom he has always considered his friend kept the truth from him. Lily tells Craig she was young and Lucinda persuaded her that keeping the secret would be best for everyone. Craig wonders why Lily didn’t tell him about Gabriel when she got older and she tells him that she didn’t want to break a promise to Lidia and it wasn’t her secret to tell because Lidia made the decision not to tell him. Carly asks the nurse about Gabriel’s condition and the nurse informs her there is no change but they need to contact his family. Carly tells the nurse she doesn’t know about Gabriel’s family but her business partner Craig Montgomery may have some information about his family.

(Carly’s house) Liberty assumes that Parker is there too apologize to her for what happened in Gabriel’s room and she tells him that she is tired of his apologies because he has to learn to control his jealousy. Parker tells Liberty that Gabriel was inside of the Monte Carlo offices during the fire and he is in the hospital. Liberty cries and Parker holds her while he apologizes but Liberty wonders why he is apologizing to her since Gabriel’s accident wasn’t his fault.

(Fairwinds) Meg arrives to talk to Paul because she wants to reach and agreement with him so they won’t have to battle for custody in court. Emily tells Meg that Paul is upstairs with Eliza and she won’t let Meg talk to him and then Emily lies and tells Meg that she and Paul are looking forward to fighting Meg in court for Eliza. Emily reminds Meg that she asked her to be Eliza’s mother and she has no right to take her child away from her. Meg reminds Emily that it was only a temporary arrangement and Eliza isn’t her child. Emma arrives and wonders why Meg is there and she explains that she wanted to talk to Emily and Emma reminds Meg they don’t want to be late for court. Meg tells Emma that she can’t fight against Paul and Emily and Paul and she fears that she will lose Eliza. Emma whispers to Meg that she just has to fight for Eliza like Emily will dirty and to the death.

(Courthouse) Meg, Emma and Holden arrive and Holden asks Meg if she is ready Meg says yes but asks Emma and Holden to leave her alone for a minute to catch her breath. Meg calls Emily’s paper first edition pretending to be a secretary at Deerbrook and informs the person on the other end of the phone that the doctors at Deerbrook released Meg Snyder early in exchange for money. Emily soon gets a call from the paper and tells Paul to stall because this information she has could be important to the case. Emily rushes out of the courtroom and Paul asks the judge to wait a few minutes for Emily to return because he has important information regarding the case. The judge refuses and asks Meg if she thinks she is ready to be a parent to Eliza Meg says yes and Emma assures the judge that Meg will have a lot of family to help her take care of the baby. Paul tells the judge that he has no doubt that the Snyder’s will provide a stable home for Eliza but she already has a stable home with him and Emily. Paul tells the judge that he is willing to let Meg continue visiting Eliza but he thinks it’s to soon for her to have custody of Eliza.

(Hospital) Liberty arrives and begins to cry when she sees Gabriel and refuses to leave his side since he has no other family. Liberty wonders how Gabriel got trapped in the building and Parker tells her maybe he was doing some work and he fell and hit his head so he couldn’t get out when the fire started. Carly and Parker leave and tell Liberty they will come back to pick her up later. Craig tells Lily that if Gabriel doesn’t want him in his life that is fine and he tells Lily not to tell Gabriel he knows the truth. Lily tells Craig not to abandon Gabriel because he needs him more then ever but Craig tells Lily Gabriel doesn’t need him because he has her, Lucinda and Sierra.

(Deerbrook) Emily accuses the doctor of releasing Meg early in exchange for money but the doctor denies it so Emily threatens to expose the story in the newspaper and take him before the medical board and take away his license and testify at his malpractice hearing. The doctor tells Emily not to try it and has security throw Emily out of the hospital.

(Carly’s house) Parker tells Carly he went to the Monte Carlo office looking for Craig because his debit card was denied and when he called the bank they confirmed that Craig had approved several transactions that wiped out his trust fund account. Parker tells Carly he found Gabriel at the office and he confirmed the information and told him that he was blackmailing Craig with the information. Parker tells Carly he punched Gabriel and Gabriel hit his head on the desk and passed out and he was so scared he didn’t know what to do so he left. Carly tells Parker not to tell Jack because he could get in trouble because he wouldn’t stop until he cleared Parkers name and he would do anything to prove he is innocent. Carly wonders why Craig would steal his money and how he did it Parker explains that he had two duplicate cards made up for him and Gabriel and that is how he took the money. Parker tells Carly he never wanted Gabriel hurt and he worries that Gabriel won’t survive the accident.

(Lakeview) Craig recalls the arguments he had with Gabriel and continues to get drunk to cope with his guilt about the fire.

(Hospital) Craig watches Gabriel through the window in the hallway and wonders why Gabriel didn’t tell him that he was his son.

(Carly’s house) Liberty arrives home saying she took a taxi because the nurses wouldn’t let her stay with Gabriel. Liberty tells Carly and Parker Gabriel’s condition hasn’t changed. Carly tells Parker and Liberty and Parker he will be back later she whispers to Parker not to tell anyone what he told her.

(Courthouse) Meg thanks Pail for being fair with her when he spoke to the judge and Paul tells Meg that he doesn’t want Eliza to hear her parents fighting all the time. Emily arrives and tells Paul someone sent her on a wild goose chase and Paul tells her the judge decided to keep things the way they are and revaluate in thirty days. Paul heads to the car and Emily accuses Meg of calling the paper to get her out of the hearing because she knew that she wouldn’t have been as nice as Paul was to her. Meg tells Emily she has no idea what she was talking about and Emily assures Meg that she will regret trying to outsmart her. Meg gives Emily a half smile and tells her it hasn’t been too hard so far outsmarting her.

(Carly’s house) Liberty cries and tells Parker that a single mom raised Gabriel and now that she is gone he doesn’t have any family.

(Hospital) Craig sits by Gabriel’s bedside and tells him that he understands his need to come to Oakdale and get revenge against him since he thought he abandoned him but he had no idea that he was his son. Craig tells Gabriel that if he had known that he was in the office he never would have set the fire. Carly watches Craig crying through the hallway window.

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