ATWT Update Tuesday 4/27/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/27/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(TV Station) Holden stops by to pick up Molly because she is late getting home from work and Holden gives Molly a kiss and invites her to go on a horseback ride and then they can see about doing other physical activity. Holden notices the bouquet of flowers on Molly’s desk and gets upset when he learns Silas sent them to her but Molly tells Holden that he has nothing to be jealous of but Holden asks Molly to make it clear to Silas that he hasn’t got a chance with her.

(Farm) Lily stops by because she wants Holden to help her bring over a box of Faith’s things that she packed and she tells Faith she packed so many things the box was too heavy for her to bring with her. Faith tells Lily that she must be happy not to have her at home anymore but Lily tells Faith she misses her very much but she knows that she is happier living with Holden. Lily asks Faith what Gabriel is like because she is curious but Faith thinks that Lily will never be able to trust her that is why she is curious about her friends. Faith walks out of the house just as Holden and Molly arrive and Lily walks out too because she doesn’t want anyone to see her cry. Holden goes after her and Lily explains that Faith got mad at her because she was curious about Gabriel. Holden tells Lily he met Gabriel once and he seemed like a good kid. Holden also tells Lily that Gabriel is working for Craig and Carly at Monte Carlo. Lily asks Holden to go to the house and pick up the box of Faith’s things so Holden goes back inside to tell Molly who is once again forced to put her plans with Holden aside for Lily.

(Lakeview) Gabriel and Liberty are surprised to find Parker searching his room and Liberty demands an explanation from Parker. Parker accuses Gabriel of being a thief because he finds a string of pearls and Liberty asks Gabriel where he got them. Gabriel tells Liberty that those pearls were the last thing his father gave to his mother and he likes to carry them with him to remember her. Parker also accuses Gabriel of being a drug dealer because he got Faith to keep his drugs for him. Gabriel tells Parker that the drugs belonged to Faith that he lied to cover for her. Liberty tells Parker she has had enough of his obsessive jealousy and asks him to leave her alone. Parker leaves and Liberty tells Gabriel she doesn’t feel like watching the movie they rented so she leaves because she wants to be alone.

(Movie Theater) Craig finds Ellis and almost strangles him for losing all of the Monte Carlo money. Carly pry’s Craig’s hands from Ellis and while Craig and Carly are talking Ellis gets away. Craig is forced to tell Carly that Ellis made some bad investments and they have lost all of Monte Carlo’s money.

(Monte Carlo Warehouse) An angry Carly demands to know how Craig could be so stupid as to invest all of Monte Carlo’s money with an obvious con man like Ellis. Craig apologizes to Carly and promises to make things right but Carly is disappointed in herself for once again getting involved in business with Craig and trusting him when she knows from experience he can’t be trusted. Craig tells Carly he was just trying to make her happy and give her what she wanted but Carly makes it clear to Craig that they have no future together romantically but Craig is hopeful that one day Carly will realize that Jack isn’t the hero she wants him to be because he only a hero to Janet. Carly tells Craig she is tired of believing his promises.

(Java) Parker asks Faith to tell him the truth about the drugs she hid in his room and after some coaxing Faith admits the drugs were hers and not Gabriel’s Faith promises parker she isn’t doing drugs anymore and Parker feels like a fool for accusing Gabriel. Parker wants to take Liberty to a concert of her favorite band to apologize he also wants to take her to a fancy dinner and get a fancy hotel room. Faith thinks that Liberty is lucky to have someone who cares about her so much and she tells Parker that if she were Liberty she would love the surprise. Parker tries to get the tickets online but his card is declined when he tries to use it. Parker calls the bank and finds out his account balance is zero and Craig approved all the recent transactions. Parker uses the computer to look at the recent transactions on his account and suspects that Craig and Gabriel stole his money.

(Monte Carlo Warehouse) Craig pleads with Carly to give him twenty-four hours to fix things and get the money back so that they can launch her clothing line. Carly tells Craig that he should face reality that the business is gone. Carly starts to leave but Craig stops her by giving her a kiss and Carly pushes him away and wipes her mouth with her hand. Carly then kisses Craig for a few minutes and she pulls away saying they are both insane for doing this because she loves Jack. Craig tells Carly that Jack is comforting Janet right now but he has always been there anytime she needed him. Carly leaves and Craig takes out the Monte Carlo insurance policy and after reading it discovers that it will pay 20 million dollars in case of fire so he decides to set the building on fire if it will help him make things up to Carly.

(Farm) Molly tells Holden that she thinks Lily wants him back but Holden tells Molly that he wants to be with her not Lily and then they kiss for a few minutes.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Lucinda that Gabriel Caras is in Oakdale and that she feels guilty about keeping Gabriel a secret from Craig for twenty years. Holden arrives to pick up the box of Faith’s things and then leaves and Lucinda wonders if Holden knows about Gabriel. Lily tells Lucinda that Holden has met Gabriel but he doesn’t know the secret. Lucinda tells Lily they must contain the situation before it gets any worse.

(Old Town) Gabriel asks Craig for an increase on his debit card but an angry Craig tells Gabriel he has had enough of him and he almost punches Gabriel until a man passing by who tells Craig to lay off the kid stops him.

(Carly’s house) Liberty tells Carly its better that she and Janet leave the house soon because she thinks Parker is getting obsessed with her and she tells Carly what Parker did inside Gabriel’s room. Liberty tells Carly she is scared of Parker and Carly worries about Parker.

(Monte Carlo Warehouse) Craig makes sure the warehouse is empty but once he leaves his office Gabriel and Parker arrive and an angry parker accuses Gabriel and Craig of stealing his money. Parker also tells Gabriel he has proof, which he intends to take the police. Parker punches Gabriel who falls to the ground unconscious because he hit his head on the desk when Parker punched him. Parker leaves scared because Gabriel doesn’t respond when he calls his name. Craig pushes a button on a detonator causing the warehouse to explode but he is unaware that Gabriel is inside the warehouse.

(Carly’s house) Craig arrives to tell Carly their problems should be solved tomorrow but Carly doesn’t believe him.

(Farm) Silas calls to tell Molly that he hopes the flowers he sent her made Holden jealous. Molly tells Silas that Holden isn’t there because he is taking care of family business. Silas tells Molly that Holden will always put his ex wife and kids ahead of her. Silas reminds Molly that he is single and will always be there for her when she needs him. Holden arrives and Molly tells him that Silas knows exactly where their relationship stands.

(Old Town) Parker tells Faith that he thinks he knows who stole money from his account and he intends to make that person pay.

(Lily’s house) Lucinda doesn’t think that Gabriel knows the truth and hopes that he will leave Oakdale soon. Lily thinks the only reason that Gabriel came to Oakdale is because he knows that Craig is his father.

(Monte Carlo) Warehouse) Gabriel lays unconscious on the floor as the building starts to catch on fire.

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