ATWT Update Monday 4/26/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/26/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At Carly’s, she is going over her fragrances when Lily lets herself in. Carly explains that they are adding a fragrance line to Monte Carlo. They make small talk and they agree it is nice to see each other. Lily also came to see Parker. He left early and she doesn’t know where he is; she is a bad mother, Carly jokes. Her too, Lily agrees. Things still not good with Faith, Carly wonders. Pretty much; she never thought she would see the day she is seeking out advice from a 17 year old boy.

At Monte Carlo offices, Craig is on the phone with someone that used to be engaged to Ellis, Vivienne; he is trying to get information about him, but the woman he is talking with clearly doesn’t have much love for him so he isn’t get far. They were both victims of him; he took their trust and broke it. Craig doesn’t get anywhere with his tactics even when he tells her that he stole from the trust of an innocent boy. She ends up hanging up on him and an exasperated Craig turns around to find Parker standing in the doorway.

At her parent’s house in Melrose Park, Jack and Janet walk out dressed for a funeral, as Jack wonders how she is doing. Like she is about to bury her dad. He is worried about her. She just talks about how her dad was going to sell the hardware store and move to Oakdale. They can take another moment before they leave. She is so glad he is there with her. Where is Liberty. She went for a walk, but she is worried about her because she should be celebrating the end of her chemo treatments instead of doing this. Jack reminds her that Liberty is strong like her.

In a park, Liberty is sitting on a bench when Gabriel walks over to her. He spent the night on the plane because he wanted to make sure she didn’t change her mind and decide to skip out on the funeral. She would love to, but she can’t do that to her mom. Her whole life she hated them for kicking her mom out, but she is now glad they did. She is finding it hard to miss her grandfather since she just met him when she got sick. Her mom is still tied up in knots over her dad even though he treated her like dirt; it is too messed up. Gabriel reminds her that the plane is ready to take her anywhere she wants.

Upstairs in the house, Terri is looking through some old childhood memories when her phone rings; it is Dusty. He wonders if Janet is around. She is outside. He wants to know how she is doing. Not so great, she hasn’t been home in so long so it is a lot to deal with. Thank God, for Jack he has been a rock, Terri admits. He is sure, Dusty answers flatly. Dusty hangs up because Terri has to go, but he soon makes a call to someone telling them to meet them at the airfield because they will be leaving right away.

Back at the house, Janet tells Liberty that she is so sorry that her grandfather couldn’t see her looking as healthy as she is. Is she ok. She knows she needs her, but she doesn’t know if she can handle another funeral so soon after Brad. Janet understands. They all feel the same way. Janet wonders if she wants to stay and Jack reminds Liberty that he will be with her mom. Liberty hesitates before she asks if her mom minds if she leaves with Gabriel, who was passing through town. Janet is surprised, as is Jack, but after a moment, Janet agrees to let Liberty leave with him. Gabriel promises to look after her. Terri comes out with Janet’s brother, Eddie and Aunt Marie. Her aunt wonders where Liberty is. She left because she couldn’t handle this. When is going to a family member’s funeral become optional, the snarky aunt answers. Terri reminds her that their mother isn’t going. She is too distraught and is being sedated. Terri asks her not to do this right now, as the aunt tells Janet that she is spoiling Liberty when she is walking off. As everyone piles into the cars, Terri quietly tells Jack that Dusty called for Janet and she is wondering if she should say anything. Jack thinks Janet has enough on her plate right now, as they all get in the car.

Carly gets Lily some coffee, as they talk and Lily helps with some of the fragrances. She should add some notes of coffee; it might be original and subtle. Carly thinks she is a genius. Lily wonders how she and Jack are. They aren’t. Jack took Janet to her dad’s funeral. She can’t hate her considering Janet is all going through. She can hate her; she won’t tell, Lily teases. She should be with Jack, Carly sniffs. What is stopping her. The unborn baby, the daughter with cancer and the now deceased dad; she can’t compete. Craig gave her this project, but it isn’t helping; all she can think of is Jack comforting Janet. Lily has an idea.

Craig asks Parker how long he has been there. Long enough to hear that he must be mad at Ellis. Craig looks a bit relieved; he left town without telling him. Parker realizes that is tough since they are just launching Metro. He came here to tell him that he is going to send some flowers to Liberty and Janet and he didn’t want him to not know what the charges were for when he got the account information. Craig is now much more relieved, as he tells him that it is his money. After Parker leaves, Craig makes a call to someone whom he tells that he is calling in on the favor they owed him.

On the plane, Liberty is looking out the window when Gabriel comes in with a drink for her. She feels bad leaving her mom alone with her family, but she couldn’t pretend to be all broken up over her grandfather’s death. She is just being honest, Gabriel understands. She doesn’t know how her grandfather loved her when he kicked her out before she was done with high school. It sounds like her mom forgave him though, Gabriel answers. She shouldn’t have. He only acknowledged her when he found out she had cancer. Her family has too much drama, as she wonders about his. He mutters something about understanding about putting on a suit and finding closure when someone is lowered into the ground. She assumes he is talking about his mother. He nods. He has a lot of money clearly so why did he come to Oakdale. It is what his mom wanted. Liberty wonders why. Gabriel changes the subject to let her know they are making their descent now; they will be home soon.

At the cemetery, Jack’s phone rings and the aunt Marie goes on about having it on during Mass. He is a cop – bad habit. Everyone goes on to the burial site except Janet and Jack. Jack talks to Parker, who is worried about Liberty. She was upset so she didn’t go to the funeral, Jack explains. Parker doesn’t understand. She was thinking of Brad. He is too, as Parker hopes he is ok. He is. Parker, who is holding his bouquet of flowers, wonders if he should call Liberty since she is alone. Jack tells him that she is on her way home. Parker is concerned about her being alone. She left with a friend – Gabriel. Parker is stunned and upset, as he hangs up soon after trying to hide his hurt. Janet hopes Parker is ok. He will be ok. Jack and Janet start to walk when Dusty jogs up to them calling out to Janet. What is he doing there. He couldn’t stay home when she is burying her dad. She doesn’t know what to say. Jack thinks he should have stayed away, as Dusty snaps that this is between him and Janet. He can’t pretend this isn’t involving him; she shouldn’t be going through this without him; she is wearing his ring. Janet thinks this is too much. She can’t think of anything more then getting through the day. He is sorry and he hopes she forgives him for his role in her dad’s death. Jack thinks he should stop and leave. He is not leaving. He can’t. He believes in them, but Janet just stares at him.

The PI arrives at Craig’s place. Craig shows him a photograph of Ellis; he has disappeared with millions of his dollars. How much exactly. He doesn’t care what he does to find him or what he does after he finds him, but he wants his money back at all costs.

At Metro, Carly is having some coffee when Lily comes in and introduces her to Rhonda, who is a marketing genius in cosmetics and beauty, Lily explains. Lily takes Carly’s cup and asks her to smell it, as Lily explains about adding notes of coffee to her fragrance. The woman thinks it would work; it is new and different. Chocolate and vanilla have been done so why not coffee, as Carly and Lily smile at one another.

Craig hands the PI an envelope of money. He needs to find Ellis as soon as possible. Craig gets a call, sees it is Carly and answers slowly. She wants him to meet her at Metro and to bring his checkbook. Why, a nervous Craig asks. She is standing here with a woman that can make their fragrance dream a reality. What is the catch. She needs $500,000 seed money, as Craig looks pale. She wonders if he is there. He is; he is on his way. He grabs his coat, tells the man to find Ellis now before he leaves. Carly tells them that Craig is on the way. Carly thanks Lily for her help and asks if she can help her in anyway. If she can figure out a way to make her daughter speak to her without rolling her eyes then she can she should let her know.

Liberty is so happy to be home, as they collect her bag. Her phone rings and she takes a deep breath before she answers knowing it is Parker. She answers and he tells her that she doesn’t need to come up with an excuse because he knows she is with Gabriel. He was just calling because he heard she was having a hard time and he was worried. She admits that the funeral would have been hard so soon after her dad dying, as they make awkward small talk. He thought they could get a movie when she is back in town. She is already back because Gabriel chartered a plane. Parker is shocked; how could he have a plane. She doesn’t know, but he could get his hands on one. It isn’t the same – if he were rich then why is he working at his mom’s. She doesn’t know. She claims the connection is bad before she tells him that she will see him at home. Gabriel thinks they sounded strained. She blows it off. He can give her a ride home. She thanks him for flying her home, but she thinks she wants some time to herself now. Gabriel agrees and Liberty gives him a peck on the cheek. What was that for. For not pretending, he knows what she wants.

Jack wants Dusty to back off, but Dusty still urges Janet to hear his words because he isn’t walking away when she needs him. Jack reminds him it isn’t the place. Eddie walks over to tell them that they are waiting, as he wonders who Dusty is. Dusty introduces himself, as Eddie realizes he is Janet’s fiancé. He is immediately angry; his father was ok until he helped him leave the hospital to play ‘O.K. Corral’. Dusty tells him that he tried to stop his father from going anywhere, but he wouldn’t listen because he was too stubborn. This comment enrages Eddie, as he spits back wanting Dusty to repeat his words. Dusty tells him that his father was stubborn and that is why he missed out on Janet’s life. Janet tries to stop them, as Eddie explains now because of him, his father will miss out on everyone’s lives. Janet wants them to stop it, as Eddie approaches Dusty and pushes him so Dusty goes to punch him, but Jack tries to step in the way and is hit instead, as Janet glares at Dusty. Janet and Dusty help Jack up, as Janet is upset with him. Dusty assures it was an accident. Jack recognizes it was, but he still thinks he should leave. Soon everyone has come over to where they are standing; Janet’s aunt goes on about how they are trying to bury a man and can’t with all the screaming. Eddie explains that he is the man who got his dad killed, as Janet introduces him as Dusty and tells them that is not true. Her aunt realizes that Dusty is the fiancé and puts two and two together. She can’t believe she is sleeping with the enemy, she snarls. Janet is upset. Her aunt is on a roll now, as she goes on to say when she needed a father for her daughter she couldn’t buy one, but now men are coming and going in her life. Jack has finally had it with her insults, as he revs up and Janet tries to stop him explaining it won’t change her, but Jack won’t be deterred. Janet may have made a mistake, but it was years ago, and it had nothing to do with her. She did a terrific job raising a wonderful child and if there is anyone who is allowed to be angry since she got no support from them, it would be Janet. She forgave them so they should feel lucky. Terri seconds his comments. Jack thinks they should put their differences aside for now. Terri takes Dusty aside and thinks he should go. What about Jack. Janet has a lot going on. She can’t stand him anymore. She needs time to process; not everything is about him; Janet is burying her father, a man she barely knew but who changed her lie forever. He shouldn’t have come; he will go. They will see him back at the house. Janet tells Jack that she doesn’t know how to handle this because everything has changed. He thinks she should focus on burying her father first. She doesn’t know how to do that either. He is here for her, as he takes her hand and they walk back to meet up with everyone.

Carly is anxiously looking at the door promising Rhonda that her partner will be there any minute. He is as excited as she is. Craig rushes in saying he is sorry to be late, but he was in the middle of something. Carly pulls him aside and asks him why he looks disheveled and out of it. Couldn’t he put on a clean shirt. He was up all night. She wants this meeting to go well. He has changed his mind and thinks now they shouldn’t put too many irons in the fire. They should focus on her women’s clothing line and not confuse the consumer; they can do a fragrance next year when they are established. Carly is confused; this was his idea and her was all for it yesterday. He has changed his way of thinking. She doesn’t care, as she takes some Banaca out of her purse, shoots it in his mouth and tells him that she doesn’t care what he now thinks because they are taking this meeting.

At the house, Liberty walks in and Parker is immediately wondering where Gabriel is and why he didn’t drop her off in his ‘fancy new sports car.’ She didn’t want him to; she wanted to get home herself. He doesn’t know why because Gabriel seems to be her new best friend. Liberty shakes her head and assures him that isn’t the case. Parker is now interested in where Gabriel slept the night before, as a shocked Liberty can’t believe he is asking her that. Does he really think she slept with him – before or after her grandfather’s wake. He agrees it was out of line, but she said she wanted space and he should have respected that. She is glad that he didn’t, which aggravates Parker. He is a snake and a player; he made Faith hold a bag of pills for him. Liberty doesn’t believe him. He is probably a drug dealer and that is where he is getting all his money – not from the odd jobs, his mom gives him. Liberty wants him to stop; she left the funeral because she couldn’t stand her mom’s family attacking them and she is not going to stand here and let him attack the person who helped her get away. He doesn’t do anything out of the kindness of his heart; he wants something and he is up to no good and he is going to find out what that is, as Parker stomps out. After he leaves, Liberty calls Gabriel, who is back at the Lakeview getting his mail. She tells him that she needs to meet him at Java. He will be there in 5 minutes. He walks out and right past Lily, who eyes him strangely. She walks over to the front desk and asks the manager who that was. He answers it is Gabriel Carez. Lily looks unnerved. Soon, she gets home and heads straight to a small wooden box on her shelf and opens it with a key. Inside, there is a baby picture of someone that looks similar to Gabriel. She looks at it unsure.

Carly is talking with Rhonda, as Craig is texting and seemingly elsewhere. Carly is talking about the ads and where they would shoot them. She tries to include Craig, but he is preoccupied. Carly thinks his texting is rude. He explained he didn’t know he would be at this meeting and is busy. Carly quietly tells him that he is acting like this is a bad thing. He whispers back that he told her this should wait. Craig decides that he will address Rhonda now. He wants to know what she provides that is worth $500,000, as Carly is horrified. Craig gets a phone call and has to take it. The PI tells Craig that he found Ellis. Craig listens and tells him that he will take it from here. He tells Carly and Rhonda that this meeting will have to be continued at another time. He rushes out and soon we see Ellis sitting in a darkened movie theater with 3-d glasses on. Suddenly, Craig is beside him, as he puts a menacing hand on Ellis’.

Lily is leaving a message for Sierra looking at the baby photo, telling her that what they both wished would never happen…it has so she needs to call her.

At Java, Liberty explains how upset Parker is about that he was with him at her grandparent’s house. He sat with her everyday and talked with her through a bubble; he was so good to her. He sounds like a good guy especially since she married him. That is from a closed chapter of her life. Gabriel is glad. Liberty wants him to tell her the truth even if it is something he thinks she may not want to hear. Sure. Does he deal drugs. No. The stash with Faith – what was that. The stash belonged to Faith so she wouldn’t get in trouble with her mom. He doesn’t deal or use drugs. She thought so. He thinks she looks tired so he wants to take her home. She doesn’t want to go back to Carly’s and Faith has her room at the Farm; she doesn’t know where home is. He can take her to his room; nothing will happen, he promises, unless she wants it to, as they both smile teasingly at one another before they head out.

Jack and Janet are in the car; she is glad to be away from them. Her aunt hasn’t changed, but she seems to have recruited her brother. She is glad she didn’t stay; can he imagine what she would be like if she stayed. She doesn’t feel like she has taken the time to grieve with all the drama. They can leave now, Jack tells her. She can’t leave without saying goodbye. Dusty walks over and he asks Jack how his jaw is. It is fine, Jack smiles. How is his hand. He is ok but he will never play piano again, Dusty says with a chuckle. Janet asks for a moment. She tells Dusty that he is her knight and hero, but she can’t be engaged to him right now. He doesn’t want her to take off the ring. He loves her and he will wait. She doesn’t know how long it will be. She is mourning her father, taking care of her sick daughter and pregnant with another man’s baby. No, he won’t accept it. She holds out the ring and asks him to take it. She knows he loves her, but he needs to know if she loves him. Of course, she still loves him; it wouldn’t be so hard. They can get through this. Maybe, but she needs time. Dusty takes the ring finally. She can take all the time she needs. She doesn’t want him to put his life on hold for her. She is his life. When she puts it back on her finger, it will never come off again. Terri comes out and asks if Dusty can take her home. Dusty agrees and tries to be light about them having a full house tonight at Metro so she better be on her game. Terri laughs and tells Janet not to let them get to her. She won't, but she wants Terri to take care of Dusty. She will. Janet and Dusty sadly watch one another as they leave.

Ellis tries to leave, but Craig gruffly stops him. Why is he hiding from him. Sorry. He wants his money. He means Parker’s money. Where is it. It is gone. He gave millions to him to invest, as Craig grabs him by the throat; where is his money. It better not be gone. Carly shows up, next to him wearing glasses too; she tells him that he took the words right out of her mouth.

Walking up to his room, Gabriel tells Liberty they can watch a movie. Great, as long as it doesn’t have cancer, death or hospitals in it. That leaves them with cartoons, Gabriel teases. Gabriel sees his door is open and they come in and find Parker looking through his stuff. Liberty demands to know what he is doing.

Lily tells Sierra she needs another photo – a more recent one, but she wants her to brace herself because she thinks she saw Gabriel Carez in Oakdale.

Jack brings Janet her bags, as she is waiting outside. Is she ok. She just gave Dusty back her ring; he and Terri went back to Oakdale. He is sorry. Does she want to say goodbye. She has said enough goodbyes today. Then they should get going because she has a family back in Oakdale that will never abandon her, as he takes her by the arm and leads her to the car. Janet stares at the house before she gets in the car and they drive away.

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