ATWT Update Friday 4/23/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/23/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At Carly’s, she calls Jack but gets voice mail. She says she is thinking of him and hopes things aren’t too bad with Janet. She’d like him to give her a call.

At the office, Craig wonders how he can get Parker’s trust in the black with Craig taking money out every day. Gabriel slips in while Craig thinks it is Ellis. Gabriel wants more money or at least a debit card. Craig tells him the fund is not a bottomless pit and he wants him out of the office if he is not actually working and he doesn’t mean blackmail either. If Gabriel keeps this up, Craig won’t have anything. Gabriel makes himself at home, propping his feet on Craig’s desk and threatens that he doesn’t think Craig will want Carly to hear about this. He needs the card today. Craig knocks his boots off the table and gets in his face and tells him not to try and ruin him.

Jack drives up to the house in Melrose Park. Janet stands outside her parent’s house. She tells Jack, Teri and Liberty that she is not looking forward to going in. She was up all last night, but she is okay now. She has not seen her mother or brother Eddie or others for twenty years. She doesn’t know what she will say or explain. Teri reminds her that she saw her dad before he died and she made her peace with him. She will be able to do this too. Jack tells her she is there to bury her father; she doesn’t have to explain. Jack tells her that they are the ones who turned their back on her, not the other way around. And this time she has allies. She’s in control now and can handle this. Her baby brother, Eddie, comes out to greet them and they hug. It doesn’t take him but one second to blame Jack, the cop, for being the ex and letting his pop die.

Janet and Jack brace themselves before they go in. Janet slips into her old room and looks at the familiar surroundings. She tells Jack that it has not been changed in almost twenty years. She lost so much when her dad kicked her out. She was such a huge disappointment to him. Jack says he disappointed her too when she needed him the most. She cries she almost had him back and now he’s gone again. Eddie blindsides them with a question for Jack. He wants to know how his dad went out of town just fine and came back in a box.

Liberty has to get out of the house and as such she has to put up with Aunt Marie’s foul mouth. She’s sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette. Liberty tells her that she did have a family. Her mother was there for her for her entire life, no thanks to them. Marie says she has some mouth on her. Liberty comes back if she keeps sticking those things in her mouth that she will end up like Liberty. Marie pokes fun at Liberty if she is in designing. She hopes they can teach it as it doesn’t look like it’s in her genes judging from the way she looks now. Liberty says, “beauty comes from within which is probably the reason why you are having a hard time recognizing it.”

Gabriel tells Craig to look in the mirror if his life is ruined. He did that to himself. Craig tells Gabriel that he is robbing him blind and taking some perverse pleasure in doing so. His mom and dad must be so proud. Gabriel changes the subject and asks again about the debit card. He says he has the goods on Craig, and if he tells Carly, his life as he knows it will be over. Craig repeats the words, “got the goods.” He really is a piece of work. Gabriel says it takes one to know one. Craig tells him that whatever it is that has him so angry, he better master it before it masters him. Because if he doesn’t, then it will and it will eat him alive.

Carly tells Parker that she is taking a trip. Parker tells her that she is making a mistake. Liberty would not want him there with her in Melrose Park and Carly doesn’t belong there either. She says she is not going to crash the funeral, but if she doesn’t take her place by Jack’s side then she may lose her place.

Jack says he is sorry for Eddie’s loss, but he doesn’t know how or why Rocco’s death happened. And as far as why he is here with Janet, it’s because she asked. He intends to be there and support her no matter what Eddie thinks. He wants Eddie to lay off of Janet. She’s only there to pay her respects and she’s going through enough as it is. Jack fills Eddie in on the details that he knows. Eddie is still bitter. Here Janet is wearing Dusty’s ring and he isn’t here but her ex is. She says it is complicated but that is not the point. He points out that her entire life is complicated so maybe that is why she hasn’t been back since he was a kid. She takes off and they never hear from her again. And the next time she comes is when Pop is dead. Jack jumps in and tells Eddie something. He doesn’t know what stories he has been told of how and why Janet went MIA but the truth is she was thrown out by a couple of hard-headed, simple-minded people who couldn’t see behind their own shame to see their daughter needed them when she was scared. Because of that, they missed out on getting to know two incredible women. He tells Eddie that he can think what he wants and rant to who he wants to, but as long as he is standing there he will not go after this woman. She was only sixteen and scared and no place to go. Jack says he can’t imagine being sixteen; he could barely make himself lunch. Eddie apologizes to Janet. He tells her she got the Ciccone good looks and he got the lousy temper. Jack tells Janet that he hopes he wasn’t too harsh on Eddie. Janet says this is what she thinks – her life would have been a lot easier if he had been there in the good old days.

Craig gives Gabriel the debit card but warns him that it has a limit. Gabriel says he will need an advance, some cash. $20s will be fine. He keeps his mouth shut when his wallet is full. Parker walks in just as the exchange is made and wants to know what is going on. Craig says Gabriel was just getting an advance on his salary and he is leaving now. Parker wonders why Craig can’t get someone else to work for him. He informs Craig that he needs to stop his mom. She’s planning on going to a funeral to prove that Jack is still on her team and not Janet’s. Craig tells him that he is the last person who can talk Carly out of anything and he’s not been able to talk her off the mountain at all lately. Parker says Craig is the best liar he knows and he wants him to tell Carly something that will prevent her from leaving town.

Liberty tries to defend herself and the way she looks because of cancer. Marie tells her that she looks anorexic, thin as a rail. That chemo is just poison. Liberty doesn’t know if she is really this awful or Liberty is just in the middle of the world’s worst daymare. Marie can’t believe she is going to wear that hat thing to the funeral; she can get her a great wigmaker here in town. She can get her a red one, more like her mother. In the process she more or less calls Janet a slut….cause first there was Brad, Liberty’s father, then this guy who actually married her and is here with her today, then there is some new guy – Bumpy, Grumpy, whatever. Perhaps he didn’t come as it would look bad for Janet to have two dates at the funeral.

Gabriel calls and Liberty says it’s the worst thing ever; very sad. He can tell her something nice like what time did the garbage trucks come by this morning. She says it is really hard on her mom, but she will make it through this. If she could she would just fly away. Marie makes notice that Liberty takes a lot of calls on her phone…..implying she must be real popular with the boys….just like her mom….she better be careful. Liberty tells her too late…..she already did get knocked up and lost the baby and about five minutes after that she lost her dad. So she feels like she has kind of seen it all, but until today she had not heard it all, so she thanks Aunt Marie for filling in the missing pieces. Marie says she did not know all of this. Liberty says of course not as she had not bothered to ask. She tells Teri that Marie had it coming. Teri says they may really be awful but they sort of grow on you. Liberty says yeah, like mold. They really are the worst family ever. Teri says they did something right. They had her and Janet and Liberty.

Carly opens the door to Craig, but tells him that she does not have time for him. He demands that she make time. She feels that Parker had Craig come here to keep her from going to Melrose Park. He denies it but then admits it’s true. Her trip screams of desperation and it will show Jack that she is needy and does not trust him with Janet. If Jack is that vulnerable then she has a much bigger problem than surprising him at a funeral. Craig tells her that she needs a diversion, a purpose; a new fragrance will do that. It’s genius. He gets her to admit that she will stay. She can not run after Jack after every little emergency that Janet has. She admits she needs Craig and doesn’t know what she would do without him. Okay they will put their heads together and get this fragrance going. Craig tells her to unpack and he will get the ball rolling. He calls Ellis and leaves a message when he says he needs more money available to him. And if he can’t, then they are both going to jail.

Liberty says she can’t believe that Janet waited so long for her parents to throw her out. Marie sat there with circles of smoke over her head and yet criticized them for everything Janet and Liberty did. She’s a train wreck. She hates the whole bunch of them. They are like their own bad reality show. She tells Marie that if she wants to talk about sin in their religion, then she is on. She is sorry that her grandfather is dead, but what they all did to Janet was a sin….having her wasn’t. Marie says they thought about her day and night and they were never the same after Janet left. Liberty corrects her; she did not leave; she was thrown out. Parker calls and she snaps at him before she realizes who it is. She tells him that she is okay but surrounded by the family from Hell. He wants to join her, but she says she can not deal with that right now. Gabriel walks up and hears the end and thinks Parker should take a hint.

Janet takes Jack on a walking trip through town and he thinks it is a good thing to cleanse herself from the awful times and move forward. He points out that the day he died, her father knew that she forgave him. She remembers the look on her dad’s face when he kicked her out. And she remembers that her mom wouldn’t even look at her when she left. She poured all that love she had into Liberty when she was born and that’s what is important. And she learned to love herself again when Jack came into her life and loved her. That’s what he gave her. They each admit that each other is the best people they know. She wants some time alone now.

Parker tells Gabriel that he needs to stay out of his business. He really knows nothing about him and Liberty. Gabriel says he knows enough to know that Liberty hung up on him. She totally dissed him and wants nothing to do with him right now. Parker claims Gabriel has only known her like 15 minutes so he doesn’t know everything about her. Gabriel comes back that Parker may have known her forever, but he doesn’t know her either. Otherwise she would not have hung up on him and she is there and he is here.

Carly tests some samples and admits she does not have a clue. Jack surprises her when he calls. He says the situation with Janet back home is complicated. He is now entirely grateful what he has back home with Carly. Parker comes in and Carly tells him that his little plan worked. She is not going to Melrose Park. He wants to borrow her suitcase as he is now going. She says he is not!

Craig paces waiting for Ellie to call back. He speaks with someone and is aghast when he finds out Ellis cleaned out his desk and disappeared with no forwarding number.

Parker tells Carly that he can feel Liberty slipping away from him. Things have changed and it’s freaking him out. He needs to see her and figure this out. She warns him that Liberty may actually push him away if he smothers her. Liberty tells Teri that Parker is not pressuring her, but she feels pressure just the same. Gabriel shows up on the steps and tells her she said she wanted to fly away and he doesn’t want her to go alone. Janet tells Jack that her family gives new meaning to the word Hell, but she got out and met some great and incredible people along the way. He agrees that most of the time great and incredible people do. She’s really glad he is there to share her hellish family. He’s glad he is there too. They walk in the house arm in arm to eat some ziti, even served by Aunt Marie.

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