ATWT Update Thursday 4/22/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/22/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Farm) Holden helps Molly make sandwiches for their horseback riding day with Faith and Ethan. Molly tells Holden that she is nervous about riding a horse since she isnít a very good rider, but she is excited about spending the day with Faith and Ethan. Holden and Molly kiss for a few minutes then she asks Holden to go find the picnic basket. Molly gets a call from Silas and she tells him that she doesnít need to interview him to further her career. Silas tells Molly that he will be in room 701 at the Lakeview in case she changes her mind about interviewing him.

(Lilyís house) Ethan asks Lily if Holden will ever live with them again and she tells him that Holden is happy at the farm and he wonít live with them again but he is a very lucky little boy because he gets to live in both places. Lily gets a call from Luke asking her to go to the foundationís awards banquet because he is still stuck in Texas with Reid since the medical board hasnít made a decision about Reidís medical license. Lily is nervous because she isnít up to date on the foundationís new projects so Luke suggests that she asks Holden to go with her since he knows the foundationís new projects. Lily tells Luke that she will do her best but she isnít sure that Holden will want to go to the awards dinner with her and she may have to go alone.

(Texas) Luke finishes the call with Lily and Reid wonders if Luke has finished talking to his mommy yet. Luke tells him that he called his mother to talk about foundation business because he asked her to go to the awards dinner tonight in his place. Reid tells Luke that he can leave if he must go press some flesh at the dinner tonight and Luke tells Reid he isnít leaving until they know the decision of the medical board. Luke tells Reid he can be obnoxious to him all day if he wants because he knows he is getting nervous and impatient waiting for the medical board decision. Luke asks Reid if he knows of any fun places to go in town because they have to get out and have some fun. Reid tells him that he is too busy saving lives to have time for fun or friends. Luke is sad for Reid because he doesnít have a life outside of work.

(Katieís house) Katie tells Henry that Vienna is worried that he doesnít want to be with her anymore but they talked earlier and she reassured Vienna that he wanted to be with her because he loves her very much. Henry admits to Katie that Vienna does have a reason to be worried about his feelings for her. Katie tells Henry that his relationship with Barbara has confused him and he needs to forget about Barbara and concentrate on Vienna. Katie thinks that the wedding plans are scaring Henry and making him nervous Henry agrees and asks Katie to persuade Vienna to take the wedding plans slowly Katie agrees to talk to Vienna but only if Henry promises to forget about Barbara and concentrate on Vienna.

(Lakeview) Vienna admits to Barbara that she hasnít talked to Henry about having a baby yet but it shouldnít be a problem because she and Henry love each other. Barbara wonders what attracted Vienna to Henry so Vienna tells her that they got stuck inside a limo together and made love but after that she saw how kind, loving and loyal Henry was and she began to fall in love with him. Vienna tells Barbara that their relationship has been strained since she returned because Henry thinks that she will leave him again but a baby will prove to him that she is never going to leave him again. Vienna tells Barbara Henry has changed since she has been gone and she doesnít know if he has been with someone else but she intends to leave the past in the past. Vienna tells Barbara that she has been in many relationships but no other man has made her feel as special and loved as Henry.

(Texas) Luke takes Reid to a western bar to have drinks and have some fun and Reid canít understand why anyone with half a brain would ride a mechanical bull. Luke explains that ridding the mechanical bull is fun and decides to ride it he. Reid watches Luke ride and is impressed Luke finishes and challenges Reid to beat his time on the bull. Reid tells Luke he canít risk injuring his hand and when Luke calls him a chicken Reid decides to ride the bull. Reid finishes the ride and smiles and tells Luke he had fun and challenges him to try and beat his time. Luke hands Reid his phone and shows him that the medical board called and Reid tells Luke he is scared to return the call.

(Farm) Lily tells Holden that Luke is stuck in Texas and called her and asked if he would replace him at the awards dinner. Holden tells Lily he has plans with Molly, Ethan and Faith and Lily apologizes for interrupting things and tells Holden she will go alone. Molly tells Holden to go with Lily because she knows that the dinner is important to Lukeís foundation. Holden goes upstairs to change and Faith sees the disappointed look on Mollyís face and tells her that she knows that Molly hoped that Holden would say no to Lily and choose to stay with them. Faith tells Lily she should just get Holden a beeper so that Holden could come to her whenever she needs him even if he has to drop everything to help her. Holden comes downstairs in his tuxedo and kisses Molly and promises to make this up to her later and Molly tells him she will hold him to his promise.

(Old Town) Vienna tells Katie that she persuaded Barbara to design her wedding dress and Katie tells Vienna that Henry is very nervous about the wedding. Katie reminds Vienna that Henry left her at the alter once but Vienna tells Katie that it was because Henry didnít know her well enough to get married but this time they have a more mature relationship. Katie suggests to Vienna that they have a long engagement so that Henry can have time to adjust to the idea of marriage. Katie also tells Vienna that it will give them time to plan a perfect wedding. Vienna agrees and tells Katie that she just wants to make Henry happy because she loves him and she wants to have a beautiful wedding to show it.

(Lakeview) Barbara tells Henry that she is going to design Viennaís wedding dress and Henry thanks her because he knows it will be very hard for her. Barbara doesnít want to tell Henry about Viennaís baby plans because she doesnít think it is her place but she tells him anyway because she thinks he has a right to know. Henry tells Barbara that he doesnít want to have a baby anymore because he doesnít want to pass on the Stenbeck DNA and he thinks he wouldnít be a good father. Barbara tells Henry that he would make a wonderful father because he is loyal spontaneous and kind and points out that James was never any of those things.

(Farm) Molly tells Faith that she has an important interview that she wanted to do but she thinks she needs to stay with her and Ethan. Faith tells Molly that she should do the interview and she will baby sit Ethan. Molly writes down where she will be in case Holden should call and asks her about her whereabouts.

(Lakeview) Lily tells Holden she misses the connection she had with Faith and is worried that Faith will never get over her problems. Holden tells Lily that Faith will be okay they just have to love her. The photographer the foundation hired thinks Lily and Holden are married and ask them to take a picture together for the foundation brochure. Lily is surprised that Holden remembers she wore the dress she is wearing to a business dinner they went to in Chicago. Holden calls the farm to check on the kids and is worried when Faith tells him that Molly is meeting Silas in his room for an interview. Molly thinks she has made a mistake but Silas tells her that she canít make her boyfriend jealous unless she comes inside the room. Holden tells Lily that he must go upstairs and check if Molly is okay because she doesnít trust the former congressman. Molly is all business trying to prepare for the interview but Silas wants to have a drink Holden arrives and asks Molly if she is okay. Molly and Holden go outside to talk and Molly tells Holden she wants to do the interview. Holden tells Molly he is going to be in the room with her when she talks to Silas because he doesnít trust the former congressman.

(Farm) Faith colors with Ethan and tells him that Molly is better for Holden then Lily then Faith goes to the parlor to take a call and Ethan finds some candy in her purse.

(Old Town) Barbara tells Katie that Vienna wants to have Henryís baby before they get married. Barbara is surprised that Katie didnít know about this and that Vienna chose to confide in her instead of her best friend. Katie thanks Barbara for not telling Vienna about her relationship with Henry and knows that it must be very hard for her. Katie offers to play matchmaker for Barbara and Barbara turns her down at first but then agrees because she is tired of being alone.

(Lakeview) Vienna is waiting for Henry in their room naked and she wants to make love and she and Henry kiss for a few minutes until Henry stops and tells Vienna it will be more romantic if they wait until their wedding night.

(Hotel room in Texas) Reid admits to Luke that he is nervous about losing his license and the impact that will have on his patients. Luke tells him that if that happens they will keep fighting the decision until the medical board gives him his license back. Reid makes the call and is thrilled because the board decided to reinstate him and he can still practice medicine. Reid kisses Luke and Luke is stunned but he thinks its just because Reid was happy about the boardís decision. Luke asks Reid if he knew that he just kissed him and Reid tells Luke that he knew what he was doing and calls Luke by his first name and tells him that he has wanted to kiss him for a long time. Reid tells Luke he has to get back to Oakdale now because he has patients to treat.

(Farm) Lily comes home and Ethan tells her that his stomach hurts because he ate some candy from Faithís purse. Lily assumes that Ethan ate pills thinking they were candy and demands that Faith show her what Ethan ate Faith shows Lily the candy and says that she was putting some pillows in front of the TV so Ethan could lay down until he felt better. Faith calls Lily a hypocrite and stomps to the parlor. Lily shows Ethan some pictures of the awards dinner and stares wistfully at the picture of her and Holden together.

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