ATWT Update Tuesday 4/20/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/20/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Lakeview) Craig talks to Ellis and tells him once more that he will replace the money in Parker’s trust fund once Monte Carlo starts making a profit. Craig tells Ells he needs to put one more expense on the debit card. Craig cuts the call to Ellis short when Parker arrives to ask him to cancel the debit card and make it very hard for him to have access to his trust fund. Craig wonders why Parker wants to do this and parker explains that he almost wasted his money on an expensive sports car just because he was jealous that Gabriel had one and he wants to take the temptation away so that won’t happen again. Craig tells Parker that the fact that he stopped himself from buying the car proves that he is mature enough to handle his trust fund. Craig tells Parker to think about it some more and keep the debit card and if he still feels that way after he has thought about it some more he can cancel the card. Parker tells Craig that he knows that he is hoping to get Carly back and that is why he is being so nice to him but he has got to understand that even though Jack and Carly’s relationship is a bit strained right now they are together and they intend to stay that way. Parker is tired of discussing this with Craig and decides that he will keep the debit card and heads back home and Craig is relived that he was able to avoid another problem.

(Old Town) Liberty tells Gabriel that she still can’t believe she doesn’t have cancer anymore and she doesn’t know how to get back to a normal life. Liberty wonders why Gabriel cares so much about a cancer girl and Gabriel shares with Liberty that his mother was a cancer girl but she died and that is why he wants to celebrate that Liberty is in remission now.

(Metro) Dusty has a drink and tells Terri that she should sit down because he has some bad news to tell her about her father.

(Police Station) A carly walk into the interrogation room and gives Janet her sympathies about Rocco and tells Janet that she can stay at the house as long as she needs to stay. Janet tells Carly that she will move out of the house soon and Jack tells Carly that he has to help Janet sign some papers to transfer Rocco’s body back home. Carly is understanding and tells jack she needs to talk to him once he is done helping Janet. Janet yells at Carly to get over herself for two minutes because Jack needs to help her now. Carly tells Janet that she isn’t trying to take Jack away from her and Janet tells her that she has been trying to take Jack away from her since they got married. Janet tells Carly that she has Jack but now isn’t the time to gloat about it. Carly is offended so she leaves before she says something she will regret. Janet tells Jack she feels badly that this is causing him and Carly to fight but Jack tells Janet that Carly understands why he has to help her and not to worry because he will be there for her as long as she needs him. Jack reminds Janet that they must tell Terri so they head to Metro to give her the news.

(Carly’s house) Parker wonders if Carly is okay and she tells him about Rocco’s death and asks him to go find Liberty because Janet needs her now.

(Metro) Terri cries on Dusty’s shoulder and when Janet arrives with Jack Terri hugs Janet and tells her they should call their mother and tell her together. Once Janet and Terri go call their mother Jack and Dusty argue because Dusty wants Jack to leave Janet alone so that he can help Janet but Jack thinks that Dusty should leave Janet alone because right now she thinks he caused Rocco’s death so seeing him only causes her more pain. Dusty accuses Jack of using this crisis to try and make amends with Janet for the way he treated her when they were married. Janet arrives and tells Dusty that she wants Jack to help her not him and Dusty tells her that if she needs him for anything she should call him then he leaves. Terri gets upset because Janet sent Dusty away and she is depending on Jack who hasn’t exactly been husband of the year. Terri tells Janet Jack isn’t a part of the family anymore so he should leave just like Dusty left. Janet asks Jack to leave and he tells her that he will meet her at the house later so he can drive them back home to see her family.

(Old Town) Parker finds Liberty with Gabriel and isn’t happy about it but tells Liberty that she has to go see her mother because she needs her right now and he will tell her what happened on their way to find Janet. Liberty thanks Gabriel for the nice time and apologizes because she has to leave.

(Lakeview) Dusty asks Craig if he can see Johnny for an hour and tells him that Janet’s father Rocco died. Craig figures out that Janet must blame Dusty for Rocco’s death or he would be comforting her right now. Craig tells Dusty that it is better that he stay away from Johnny so that Johnny won’t get hurt just like Dusty has hurt all the other people in his life. Craig tells Dusty that he always acts before he thinks about how his actions will affect all the people around him. Dusty is about to punch Craig but Carly arrives to advise Dusty not to let Craig goad him into a fight because that will only make things worse between him and Janet. Carly tells Craig to stop trying to break up Dusty and Janet hoping that Janet will return with Jack because even if that happens she (Carly) will never be with him. (Craig)

(Metro) Janet tells Terri that she blames herself and Dusty for Rocco’s death but Terri tells her that neither of them is to blame because their father always did what he wanted and neither she nor Dusty would have been able to stop him one he made up his mind. Terri tells Janet to forgive Dusty because he loves her very much. Janet tells Terri that she can’t forgive Dusty even if it wasn’t really his fault because she is afraid of him because he always acts without thinking of the consequences. Liberty arrives with Parker and gives Janet and Terri the good news that he cancer is in remission. Janet cries bittersweet tears and is grateful that Liberty is okay. Janet tells Liberty that Jack is driving her and Terri back home to see her family. Liberty is confused and asks Terri why Dusty isn’t going with them. Terri explains to Liberty that Janet blames Dusty for Rocco’s death and asks Liberty to persuade Janet to give Dusty another chance. Liberty wants to go with Janet to Rocco’s funeral at first Janet says no because she doesn’t want Liberty to get to tired but Liberty insists so Parker drives Janet and Liberty to Fashions because they have nothing appropriate to wear and Liberty sends Dusty a message to meet them there so he can talk to Janet.

(Lakeview) Dusty gets Liberty’s message and heads to Fashions to talk to Janet and is hopeful that they can reconcile. Craig tells Carly to realize that Janet and the baby will always come first with Jack and he will never leave them. Carly tells Craig that won’t happen and even if it does she will never get back together with him. Craig tells Carly he will be waiting for her when Jack leaves her again.

(Outside Fashions) Dusty tells Janet he is sorry once more and that he loves her and wants to give her and her children a home. Janet tells Dusty that when he was in a coma she would pray every day that he would wake up so they could have a future together but everything is different now because she can’t be with him and Live constantly wondering if he will do something impulsive and dangerous without thinking how it will affect others.

(Old Town) Liberty thanks Parker for telling her about Rocco and for all his support during her illness. Liberty apologizes for making Parker feel like she didn’t want him around but Rocco’s death has made her realize that what she was doing wasn’t right. Liberty gives Parker a hug and tells him that his friendship is very important to her.

(Lakeview) Craig isn’t happy that Gabriel has moved into the room across the hall from him and he makes it clear to Gabriel that if he comes near Johnny he will pay.

(Carly’s house) Carly apologizes to Jack for yelling at Janet and complaining about him helping her. Jack tells Carly that she has put up with a lot and he understands but she should never forget that he loves her and wants to be with her. Carly hopes that since Janet is going away they can spend some time alone. Jack tells Carly that he is driving Janet, Terri and Liberty to the funeral. Jack explains to Carly that Janet blames Dusty for Rocco’s death and she can’t stand to look at him right now. Jack offers to take Carly with him but Carly thinks that would make things worse for Janet. Janet, Terri, and Liberty arrive and Jack gives Carly a kiss good-bye. Dusty arrives and Jack, Liberty, and Terri go load the car and Janet thanks Dusty for everything he has done for her and tells him good-bye. Dusty worries that Janet will never forgive him and even though Carly tells him not to give up hope deep down she is afraid Janet will never forgive him and reconcile with Jack.

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