ATWT Update Monday 4/19/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/19/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At his office, Craig is telling Ellis that he is going to have to pay Gabriel no matter what. He can’t afford to have Carly find out. Ellis thinks he should put the money back; he doesn’t have a shot with Carly anyway. As long as he is breathing, he has a shot. Blackmailers never stop with one payment, Ellis cautions. It buys him time. Gabriel coming to work interrupts them. They can plot their next scam and he will pretend not to listen, he sarcastically tells them.

Downtown, Faith sees Parker. Why is she so happy. She is free; she is back at the farm with her dad and away from her mom. Parker barely cracks a smile and tells her that he will see her later. She stops him and asks him if he wants to grab a burger. He can’t. He has a better offer. Liberty has a doctor’s appointment; it is a big one. Is he meeting her there. He doesn’t think she wants him there. Why. Liberty wants a break from him, Parker answers quietly.

At the hospital, Liberty thinks Janet, who is pacing, is preparing herself for bad news. Janet disagrees; she knows it is going to be good news because it is about time and they deserve it. Janet stops and then puts her hand to the chest, as Liberty asks what is wrong. Is it the baby. No. She had a weird feeling; it is nothing to worry about though, as she blows it off.

Downtown, officers are telling Dusty that they need a statement, as he walks over to the ambulance and sadly looks at them closing the door.

Janet thinks they should focus on Liberty and not she; she is her hero and this baby will be so lucky to have her for a sister. The baby will be lucky to have as a mom, Liberty cautions. Does she know how she said it was great with it just the two of them. Yes. She now is glad they are a part of a big family; she won’t have to go through having this baby all alone this time. Janet is happy about that as well.

At Carly’s, an agitated Jack is taking out the trash, as an irate Carly follows close behind. He has used every excuse to keep Janet at their house. They have nowhere else to go. They go stay at a hotel or with her father. He yells over her that he is trying to do right by his baby. Carly yells over him that she just wants him to admit that he still wants to stay a part of Janet’s life. She is right; he does, an exasperated Jack answers. He is clear when he tells her that he is not apologizing for taking care of his unborn child. She doesn’t want him to, but she doesn’t want him to act like he was forced into this – he chose this. What choice did he have. Liberty has cancer, her dad had a heart attack and Dusty got shot. Carly screeches that she doesn’t want to hear the trials and tribulations of Janet again; there comes a time when enough is enough, as Jack’s phone ringing interrupts them. Carly follows him as he goes to answer it. He tells the person he will be right there. Of course he has to leave, Carly snips. It is his job; can they finish talking later. Only, if he can think about what she said. He knows he is asking a lot and she has been through so much, but it won’t be forever. Yes, because she is so sure that it will be better after the baby is born. They have gone through so much and always found their way back, Jack reminds her. She is frustrated because it feels like they aren’t making that last step. They will; can she hold on for a little while longer, as he kisses her sweetly. She tells him to go do what he has to do.

At the station, Dusty is telling the officer that Rocco knew where to find the guy who shot him; he didn’t want Rocco to go with him because he just had a heart attack, but he insisted. He said he was up for it. It was Rocco’s idea then. He never would have let him if he thought he wasn’t ok.

Craig grabs papers out of Gabriel’s hands, as he eyes them; he doesn’t want him sniffing around. Gabriel doesn’t think he takes him seriously. He gave him $20,000 already – that seems like he does, Craig answers. That was pocket change and he already needs more. How can he go through that kind of money in a couple of days. He bought a sweet ride. He is enjoying this. More then he knows. This is really payback for Bryant. He must feel guilty for his death, Gabriel answers. He misses him everyday; he has no idea what it is like to lose a son, as Craig turns away and Gabriel looks strange. Gabriel goes to use his tools, but he slips and burns his hand, as he cries out and Craig looks on with a slight smirk even.

Faith tells Parker that Liberty told her that she didn’t want to be more then friends with him, as Parker is less then thrilled to hear she knows. She also told him that he is her best friend. Why is she pushing him away. She probably feels smothered and needs a little space even if she doesn’t know herself. Faith thinks he should go see her today. He doesn’t know about that. Faith thinks he can go with her and make it look like it is a causal visit from friends. Parker wonders if she has to check with someone first. Not anymore, she can do what she wants when she wants.

Janet comes back to Liberty and tells her that the doctor had an emergency and it will be a few more minutes. She is ok with that, Liberty answers. Look at her all tranquil finding Zen, Janet teases. Cancer taught her patience. Her phone rings and Liberty wonders if it is Dusty. She doesn’t want to talk to him right now. Why. It is a long story. What did he do – or what did she do. They are having some issues. They are great together and avoiding him will not help matters. Call him back, Liberty demands, as Janet acquiesces. She calls back and asks in a short manner what he needs. He needs to see her at the police station. She is with Liberty so it has to wait. It can’t; it is important and he can’t get into it over the phone. Janet agrees to see what she can do. After she hangs up, Liberty wonders what it wrong, as Janet tells her what Dusty said. She thinks she should go. What about the doctors. She will be fine waiting, as she sees Faith and Parker show up; she has reinforcements now. Janet isn’t sure, but Liberty insists.

Dusty is waiting in the interrogation room when he hears a door open behind him and hopes it is Janet, but it is Jack. He must know what happened. If he knew, he was that weak, he never would have let him come. He said he was up to it. Did it ever occur to him that he wasn’t up to it and that he should have let the police do their job. Rocco is dead because of his bad decision. He has to now face Janet. She is on her way. He is going to process the shooter, but this is far from over. Jack opens the door and is heading out when Dusty is still talking about feeling really badly about what happened. Janet walks in and wants to know what he is talking about. Dusty stares at her and Janet wants to know what is going on.

Gabriel wants a first aid kit, but Craig isn’t too interested; adults know how to be careful and not to play with fire. He is serious he needs help. Craig wants him to take care of it himself. Carly comes in and sees Gabriel’s hand and is worried that he needs to get to the ER, as Craig still doesn’t show any concern. He should quit whining, but he should know that he isn’t paying worker’s comp either. Is he trying to get back at Gabriel because he told her about him, Carly asks. It is cosmic forces this happened. Carly wants him to go to the ER and they will pay the bill. Gabriel explains that he can pay his own bills, as he leaves. Carly doesn’t say much, as she goes back to work, which surprises Craig. She has to focus on her designs. She thinks they should go to Milan. Kids or no kids. Kids. Craig thinks this should be fun, but really he wants to know what has Jack done now.

Liberty is happy they are there, as Faith tells Parker – see. What does she mean. Liberty asks. Parker tries to stop Faith, as she explains that he thought Liberty didn’t want him around. He just didn’t want to crowd her. He isn’t; he has been her best friend through all of this and she is so glad they are both with her. A bandaged up Gabriel is nearby when he sees Liberty and says hello. Liberty goes over to say hi. Faith is surprised they know him. Parker frowns and tells her that he always seems to be popping up where Liberty is around. They both walk back over and Liberty wonders what they are talking about. Parker tells her nothing. The doctor comes over and Liberty tells him that she is almost ready to hear her results. Gabriel asks the doctor if they can come in and hear the results with her, as the doctor agrees and they all head in – Parker being the last looking annoyed.

Janet tells Dusty that whatever he needs to tell her better be good because she was just at the hospital with Liberty; they are waiting on some test results. It can’t wait, Dusty assures her. After she left the hospital, Rocco told him that he wanted to make things right. He heard her dad say that he wanted to make things right with her and Liberty. Rocco was talking to him about his shooting. He wanted to help find the guy who shot him. She hopes he didn’t listen to him because he is no condition to play hero. It was about justice. Was, Janet notices the use of past tense. He knew where to find the guy. It was Uncle Ralph. Her father set things in motion with Ralph, Dusty explains. No. He knows it is hard to hear. No, Janet repeats. He wanted to make things right with her too so he wanted to go after the guy together; he said he was feeling strong. He just had a heart attack; he was in no condition, Janet answers. Janet yells she can’t believe he allowed him to do that. She is going back to the hospital to sees her dad now. Dusty stops her; he isn’t in the hospital. Dusty wants her to sit, as Janet looks at him strangely. He is scaring her. Her father was a hero; he got the shooter, Dusty explains. Where is her dad. He is gone. Janet starts to cry and say no. They tried to save him, but it was too late; he is so sorry. He can’t be dead. He wishes he could take it back. He can’t. She tries to leave and Dusty stops her, but she tells him that she can’t be around him right now. She rushes out and Jack, who is just finishing up with an officer, sees her upset and walks over to her. She wants him to tell her that it isn’t true. He is sorry, Jack answers. She just got him back. She wants to see him. She needs to take it easy. Where is he. He is in the morgue. Can he take her to him – please. Dusty watches them from in the room when they walk off together.

Craig wants Carly to talk to him as a friend. She is tired of feeling like a monster in her own home. She feels for Janet, but she and Jack have no privacy. She blew up and said everything she felt. Who did she blow up on. Jack… and Janet. He wasn’t impressed, Craig surmises. They aren’t on the same page. God forbid he backs her up though, Craig answers. She might have gone overboard. With what, Craig jokes, on a woman who is pregnant, whose father had a heart attack and whose daughter has cancer. She can count on him to make her feel worse. Jack also is to blame. He put her between a rock and his ex wife; she had no choice to go ballistic. Maybe she shouldn’t have gone off on Janet, but she shouldn’t have had to go off at all. She hates this situation. She hates Janet is in her home, she hates Jack feels he has to take are of her, she hates that Jack got her pregnant, but worse of all, she hates what this is turning her into. What. An angry shrew. She can’t even be an angry drunken shrew. That wouldn’t help even if she could, Craig answers. He has something that can make her feel better, as he rubs her shoulders.

Liberty braces for her news, but the doctor surprises her when he tells her that the cancer is retreating. She is thrilled; she is beating it. They are stopping the chemo and just going to do maintenance radiation. She can’t wait to tell her mom. She jumps up so happy, as Parker tells her that he knew she would be ok. Just like he always said, Liberty tells him, as they hug and then Faith hugs her. Liberty turns to Gabriel and hugs him, as an uncomfortable Parker watches them embrace.

At the morgue, Janet slowly approaches the covered person lying on the table. She pauses before she raises the white sheet to see if it is true that it is her father lying underneath. She looks, starts to tear up and puts the sheet back down. Jack offers to give her a moment. No, she wants him to stay. For so many years, she wished him dead – at least she thought she did. Nevertheless, really come to find out, all she wanted was for him to call her his daughter and to tell her that he was not ashamed of her. So much has been left unsaid, Janet tells him. He died knowing that she forgave him, Jack reassures her. She really hopes so. Dusty interrupts them and asks Jack to give them a moment. He will be upstairs. Dusty admits that he doesn’t know what to say. She wants to know how he could let a sick man leave the hospital. He said he was fine, but he was wrong. He sure was and now her dad is gone. He will never come back, never know Liberty or her baby. Because of him, her father is dead, as she walks out. Upstairs, Dusty follows Janet and stops her. There was nothing he could have done to stop Rocco; he was determined to make things right. How can this be right because her father is dead and there is nothing he can do to justify what happened. He loved her and he wanted to make amends, Dusty explains. He already did, and he didn’t ’have to chase after some guy to prove it. He should have come to her first. She had a chance to know her dad all over again; he would have been a wonderful grandfather, but now he will never get a chance. He is sorry; what can he do. Nothing; he has done enough. She can’t even look at him anymore, as she walks away. Jack stares at Dusty and then follows Janet into the room.

Outside, Liberty is walking with Faith, Parker and Gabriel leaving a message for her mom; why isn’t she answering her phone; she wants her to call her. They get to Gabriel’s car and he wants to show it off. Faith wonders how he got it. Liberty reminds Parker it was like his. Parker prefers not to remember that time, as Liberty smiles. Parker mentions how expensive they are – did his mom and Craig quadruple his pay. Gabriel is sarcastic when he says they made him partner. It doesn’t matter how he got it; it is his – so who wants to go for a ride. Faith and Liberty are thrilled to and Liberty calls shotgun. Gabriel tells her that she just got great news so she can drive, as Liberty is excited as she takes the keys. Parker and Gabriel exchange stares, as she gets in the front driver’s seat.

Craig is oohing and aahing, as he dressed in nothing but a towel, as he is getting a massage. The camera pans up and we see there is a professional masseuse and an annoyed Carly is working nearby explaining how she is not interested in a couple’s massage. That is way to weird. She won’t lay done naked next to him in the middle of the day. Carly watches, as Craig seems to be in heaven. A man masseuse walks over to Carly and starts to massage her neck. She is sold finally; a rubdown won’t hurt anything.

At Al’s, Liberty is happy to finally break her cancer diet; she wants a mound of fries and a chocolate shake. Gabriel thinks she should ease into it, as Parker immediately takes the other side; Liberty should treat herself to whatever she wants, Parker answers. Liberty now changes her mind; maybe Gabriel is right; she doesn’t want to get sick to her stomach. Gabriel explains he is just looking out for her when he reminds her there is grease in fries and caffeine in chocolate; she should go with vanilla. He is right, Liberty answers, as Parker gripes about him being a health food nut. He is just looking out for Liberty. She does a fine job on her own, Parker snaps. Faith is watching this rivalry unfold; as she looks uncomfortable, as they are practically fighting over Liberty.

Craig and Carly are lying side by side getting massages now. Craig thinks this is genius. Carly agrees it feels good. She needs to take care of herself; he is looking out for her; he is not the bad guy; he is doing better then Jack right now. That is a tightrope he is walking with all his lies and betrayals, Carly teases. She can’t deny he is devoted to her. He puts her first. Did he forget he dumped her for her sister, Carly answers. Biggest mistake ever. Craig tells Carly that he was an idiot to get involved with Roseanne again, but he didn’t see that she was everything he ever wanted. He is stuck in what ifs now since he was weak because she wasn’t with him. She thinks he should stop. He gets down next to her; he has been a cad, a philandering and a ruthless deceitful man in his life, but he is better when he is with her. Carly is shocked by this. If he had been stronger and waited for her then they would be together and life would be simple. He didn’t and now it is complicated and for that he is an idiot. Now dressed, Craig hopes Carly feels better. She does. He is right; she is relaxed and can think more clearly. She knows what to do. Dump Jack and marry him. No. They can just live together Craig goes on. She has to talk to Jack. He pours his heart out and she runs back to someone who doesn’t understand her; he must be losing his touch. Regardless of what he says, Jack knows her better then anyone. She is wrong. She isn’t, but she is now relaxed enough to take the first step to working this out.

Liberty thanks Faith and Parker for sticking by her – they are her best friends. She wants to go find her mother though to tell her the news. Gabriel offers to give her a ride back home. Parker wants to go since they are going to the same house. Faith decides she won’t go since she is heading in the opposite direction. The waitress stops them as they are leaving and asks Parker to help with the sink like he did before when it was backing up. Gabriel teases a little about ‘Parker the Plumber’ to the rescue. Faith offers to wait with him, and Liberty tells him that they will meet up later. Sure, Parker answers flatly. Parker tells Liberty that he is so happy for her. She couldn’t have done it without him. That is what friends are for, he answers, as she hugs him. Liberty leaves and Faith immediately tells him that he deserves better. What does that mean. After all, he has done for her, he deserves more then the way she is treating him.

Craig is looking over paperwork with Ellis; is he sure this investment is solid with a quick return – enough to replace what he took out. He should get one; he needs to cut his expenses though. He can’t now because he had a breakthrough with Carly so he has to give her anything she wants – including a trip to Milan perhaps. However, what he needs to do first and foremost is to figure out how to get this blackmailer off his back.

Downtown, Liberty and Gabriel are walking when he tells her that he thinks she should bundle up since it is cold. She jokes with him about being overprotective. That is what he does. Liberty stops and then asks him if he doesn’t mind not taking her home just yet. She would rather go elsewhere; her mom can wait for a little bit before she gets the news.

Jack sits down next to a crying Janet; does he know what is funny- she should hate him so much because noone hurt her more then her dad did. Then why does it hurt so much that he is gone, as she starts to cry harder. Jack puts his arms around her and comforts her. Carly comes into the station and sees a frozen Dusty staring off in the distance where she doesn’t see where Jack and Janet are. She was wondering if he has seen Jack; she needs to talk with him. Has she heard the news, Dusty asks without losing his gaze. No. Rocco had another heart attack. Carly is shocked; is he ok. No, he didn’t make it. Janet just found out. Where is Jack, Carly asks slowly. Where does she think, Dusty answers, as Carly notices where he is looking now. She follows his intent stare and sees Jack and Janet hugging through the window. She walks closer to the window just staring at the two of them, watching, as Jack offers Janet comfort.

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