ATWT Update Friday 4/16/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/16/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Jack calls for information on Rocco. He finds out he has been moved from critical to stable. Carly calls and she says there is an emergency and she needs him home right now. He rushes out, barking orders about calling for backup at his house ASAP.

Dusty explains to Janet that he was officially released today. The house will take a while to close, but there is a suite next to his at the Lakeview and she and Liberty can move in today and they can all be together. She has to say she is sorry, but that is not going to happen.

Holden grabs hold of Silas by the collar and tells him he can do this the easy way or the old fashioned way. Molly tells him that Silas is not worth it; just let him go. Silas says he just wanted to introduce himself. Must be that his reputation precedes him….just as Holden’s does. Silas smiles and thanks Holden. The way he sees it, Holden spent the night with his ex so Silas can have a drink with Molly. He owes him and wants to shake his hand.

At Lily’s, snarky Faith tells Lily that she knows she wants Holden back. She is not saying to go for it, but at least don’t deny it. It was totally obvious when they were at the cabin, but Lily won’t have a chance against Molly although that might not stop Lily from trying. Lily says she is not going to play this with Faith. She and Holden are a team when it comes to the kids and that is it. She let go of Holden some time ago, and she wishes him and Molly well.

When Jack bursts in at Carly’s, she is in lingerie. She is sandwiched between two police officers. She shyly admits that she may have played up the emergency angle a little bit. She really just wanted some alone time with him. She did not realize he would send over the SWAT team. He dismisses the officers. She knows he is mad, but her intentions were good. She tries to get him to lighten up for thirty seconds. He only wonders what she was thinking. She realizes it was probably irrational, but she just thought it would be fun to get him in bed in the middle of the day. And the officers were great about it. They thought it was funny, so it’s only Jack that is overreacting. She rants that she knows he was busy at work, just sitting at his desk wondering who shot Rocco, so everything is always about Janet. She wants to be forgiven and not to have to work so hard. He tells her to stop parading around; she does look fantastic and this doesn’t make it easy.

At the hospital, Dusty tells Janet that Rocco is going to get better and Rocco does not want her to put her life on hold. He says that it makes no sense for her to live with Jack and Carly when he has a perfectly good place. She wants to talk about her father and Dusty wants to talk about the two of them. She points out that her dad is in recovery and yet the shooter is still out there. She is not sure she can trust Dusty again. Rocco comes to and wants to speak with Janet.

Molly explains that Holden was with Lily so she went out to a bar to have a drink alone. Silas says he and Molly had a very productive meeting and he admitted to Molly his very big mistakes and now he wants to atone for them and Molly can help him with that forum. He just wants to do a TV interview. And while it might be a bone of contention between the two of them, this really is in Molly’s best interest. Holden tells him to get out while he can still walk. Holden tells Molly that part with her and bad boys is over for good. They kiss.

Liberty bumps into Lily and Faith in Old Town. Lily tells Liberty how good it is to see her out and about. She excuses herself leaving them alone to talk. Faith says she is moving in with her dad. She thinks she may even be getting Liberty’s old room. Liberty confesses to Faith that Parker is wonderful, but he wants to get back together and that is not that she wants right now.

Rocco confesses that he knows he blew it and ruined Janet’s life. He never should have done that. He is here now and he is going to work extra hard to earn that respect again. He wants to deserve that honor of calling her his daughter. She hugs him and gives him a kiss on the forehead and tells him that she forgives him. She tells him that it wasn’t his fault; he saved Dusty’s life. He suggests that he might sell the hardware store and move her mom here to Oakdale so they can spend more years together. He doesn’t want to waste another minute. He says Dusty is a good man. She would like that, but only wants him to concentrate now on getting better.

Rocco says he would kill for her mom’s lasagna. She can’t allow that on his heart healthy diet, but she can get him some lunch. She tells Dusty that her dad was a little set in his ways, but it is obvious now that he is a changed man. She’s going to get a few things for her dad and will return. Dusty goes in to visit and Rocco explains to him that he wanted to tell Janet everything. Dusty says he can still help by giving him the name of the guy that Ralphie hired to take him out. Rocco says he can do better; he can show him where he is. Dusty will never be able to get near the guy without setting off alarms. He has almost been killed two times; they don’t need to go 0 for 3. Dusty isn’t sure he can trust Rocco, so Rocco says he will just have to prove it. Dusty tries to stop him, but Rocco tells him not to stop him, kid, he’s going to get up.

Liberty tells Faith there is no other guy, not even a possible contender. Parker is just her best friend and it’s not worth losing her best friend just to hook up. She tells Faith that she spent a lot of time being mad at people and you don’t get that time back. She knows she will love it at the farm. Lily returns and wishes Liberty well with her doctors. Molly comes on to Holden and wants to get back to those naughty things they were talking abut before Silas came. And now Faith and Lily burst in. Once more, Molly says, Lily’s timing is perfect.

As the passion reaches a pitch, Carly teases Officer Jack that this is an open and shut case with the evidence. He’s not sure as she pushes him back on the bed. Janet walks in just as Carly climbs on top. Janet gasps and covers her eyes. Carly spouts that she hopes she got an eyeful. She should have knocked first. She hopes she saw what she came to see. Jack apologizes to Janet and Carly doesn’t understand why he should have to. She tells Janet that she has a problem with her. She’s really beginning to be bothered by Janet. She never thinks, she never realizes. She is treating this house like it is her own. Janet can’t say how sorry she is. She did not think they would be here in the middle of the day. She came in to borrow one of Jack’s shirts. Carly says Janet is still acting like Jack is her husband and she has had it!

They all end up in a shouting match egged on by Carly. She doesn’t like Jack defending Janet by calling this an accident. So Jack thinks it is much more difficult for Janet than it is for her. So she should put Janet’s feelings first just as Jack has. She professes that she has given up her place at the table for Janet, she has given up her privacy and all she has left is Jack. She gnashes her teeth and says Janet is pregnant and she can deal with that and him worrying about her every second of the day, but when it is going to be enough? When he says Janet is going to have his baby, Carly lashes back that she already did. If he can’t draw the line around here, then she can. Janet says she realizes this is uncomfortable and she will just leave. Carly finds that an offense too if Janet thinks Jack will chase after her. She says she may not have a sick daughter or a father in the hospital or a fiancée with a bullet in the back of his head, but she does have a life. And that life includes Jack and she feels she has the right to do what she wants in the middle of the afternoon in her own home without the ex-wife bursting in on them.

Faith is so happy to be here at the farm. Holden tells her this is not a reward for good behavior. Lily suggests that they need to have a standing family dinner night at her house with her and Holden, Luke, Faith, Natalie and Ethan. Faith points out that she is leaving out Molly. Lily looks at her and says she is welcome too. Holden suggests he call Billy’s right now and have take out. Molly tells them that is not necessary as she has already made a casserole…..yes she can follow a recipe.

Rocco leads Dusty to the spot where he points out a rough looking guy. Dusty warns Rocco that he is out of breath and needs to go back to the hospital. Rocco assures him that he is all right. He’ll distract the guy and Dusty can make his move. In the confrontation, the guys pulls a gun on Rocco who clutches his heart until Dusty manages to grab the guy and wrestle him and the gun to the ground.

Carly apologizes to Janet and Janet accepts. She says if she were in Carly’s shoes, she would have done the very same thing. She admits that she made a serious error in judgment when she moved in and she doesn’t blame anybody but herself. It’s a situation that is bad for all of them and she will move out and make it on her own. There will be less drama. Jack assures her that he will be there for her and that will never change. He turns on Carly and says she got what she wanted. He hopes she is happy now.

Molly says grace while all hold hands. All make a face when they take a bite and Molly admits it is like potting soil. Guess there was more to the recipe than she realized. Holden tells Molly it is okay. Then he and Lily get into huge laughs as Lily recalls some earlier goofs that she made in the kitchen.

Molly scraps the plates and bowl clean and takes the trash out where it belongs. Faith follows her and points out that she will do her part, but Molly has to help. She explains that Lily wants Holden back. Molly can not fall for this laughing at each other’s jokes. If it is obvious that it bothers Molly, then Lily will keep it up and do it all the time. She tells Faith that Holden is just laughing, not proposing. Faith says okay, but don’t say she didn’t warn her. Silas calls and still insists he believes Molly really wants this exclusive interview with him….just think of the ratings with a former lover….the ratings will skyrocket not to mention what it could do for her career if she were to snag it or him. She calls him a classless pig. He taunts that he knows she wants it. She hears the laughter again inside and returns to Silas and tells him to name the time and place.

Carly says hello no, this is not her being happy. He explains he thought they were on the same page in that they wanted to help Janet out of a bad situation. They can make this work if Carly will help a little. Carly calmly tells him that she has gone along with a lot of things because he wanted it and asked her to, things she did not want to do, but she did it for him. So pardon her for being a little upset when they finally had a little alone time together in the what she thought was privacy in her own bedroom and Janet chose that exact moment to borrow a damn shirt. She stomps off. He follows and she says she was upset and yet he is apologetic. Being here for all of them is not the best solution. She knows it and Janet knows it. Only he isn’t listening to either of them. She says she wanted sex and she doesn’t think she has to schedule it or apologize for that. Janet understood it. He asks if she realizes how selfish she sounds right now. She tells him that he is the only person that wants Janet to stay there. She thinks it is time that he stop and examine that and figure out why. It’s becoming very clear to Carly that he had rather put a roof over Janet’s pregnant head rather than preserve anything she and Jack might have found together again.

Janet joins Liberty and despite needing to go check on her dad, that can wait. She wants to be there when Liberty gets the good news. She hugs Liberty and says she knows it is going to be really good news. Janet tells Liberty that her dad apologized and she can’t describe how good it felt. She forgave her father and it felt amazing. She has her dad back. Dusty gets the gun away from Crowe and calls someone to come get the guy who shot him. Dusty tells Rocco they got Crowe and Rocco just needs to hang on….but he slumps over.

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