ATWT Update Thursday 4/15/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/15/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Fairwinds) Paul awakens and is stunned to see Meg and Eliza in bed with him and Emily asks Paul if he slept well. Meg awakens and explains to Emily that the scene isn’t what it looks like and then she leaves to put Eliza in her crib. Meg returns a few minutes a few minutes later to tell Emily that Eliza got fussy and Paul told her how she calms down when he and she (Emily put her (Eliza) in bed to sleep with them so she did the same and Eliza calmed down and she sat with her and ended up falling asleep in the cozy bed.

(Hotel room in Texas) Luke helps Reid go over his testimony for the hearing and advises Reid to not only tell the doctors the medical side but how he felt when his young patient Annie died. Reid doesn’t want to mix his feelings with his career but Luke insists that showing his feelings in his testimony could help him keep his license.

(Lakeview) Silas considers it fate when he runs into Molly at the bar and Molly is shocked that Silas is in Oakdale.

(Cabin) Holden comes out of his room because he can’t sleep and sees Lily sitting in the living room because she can’t sleep either. Lily checks to see if Faith is still asleep then comes back to the living room to talk to Holden. Lily tells Holden that she has made so many mistakes with her kids but the biggest was letting Damian back in her life so that he could hurt her family. Holden tells Lily that he has also made mistakes with the kids but Lily insists that her mistakes have caused more pain then his mistakes have caused. Faith gets up and opens the door to her room a crack to see Holden and Lily talking and sees Holden assuring Lily that they will help Faith together. Holden and Lily remember how nervous they were when each of their kids were born because they wanted so badly to do what was best for them. Holden decides to make him and Lily a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich to make them feel better. Faith watches as Holden and Lily give each other the spoon to lick from and then Holden finishes making the sandwiches and they both eat them and laugh as they remember those sandwiches were the only things that made Faith feel better when she was upset about something. Lily worries that Faith will continue to do drugs when they return home and that she could be a bad influence on Natalie and Ethan. Faith gets angry comes out of her room and tells Lily that she would never be a bad influence on Natalie and Ethan and introduce them to drugs because that is Lily’s job.

(Lakeview) Silas tells Molly that his wife divorced him and now he is in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction so he is trying to take responsibility for his mistakes. Silas wants to give Molly his tell all interview instead of giving Emily the exclusive because he feels he owes it to her. Molly doesn’t believe Silas and tells him that she is over him because she has a wonderful man in her life now. Silas wonders why Molly isn’t with the wonderful man right now instead of drinking alone at midnight in a bar. Molly explains that Holden and his ex wife are helping their daughter this weekend. Silas tells Molly she deserves a man who will make her his number one priority and Molly tells him she couldn’t love a man who doesn’t put his children first in his life. Silas asks Molly to give him another chance and she gets up and throws her drink in Silas’s face before she leaves the bar.

(Hotel Room in Texas) Luke gets Reid to open up and tell him that his young patient Annie had a nice, brave smile and she was the only one of his patients who smiled at him when he came in the room despite all the painful treatments he submitted her to she always smiled at him. Reid blames himself because the rest of the world will never know about Annie’s brave smile. Luke is touched by the story and tells Reid that everyone thinks he is a good doctor because he is fearless but nobody knows how much he cares about his patients. Reid tells Luke that he sounds like a self-indulgent celebrity shrink. Luke wonders why Reid can go from sharing his feelings back to being a jerk so quickly and Reid tells Luke that he has always been a jerk. Luke wonders why Reid always calls him Mr. Snyder and can never call him by his first name. Luke asks Reid to call him by his first name but Reid explains to Luke that he can call Noah by his name because they have a clearly defined doctor patient relationship but he cant define their relationship so he must call him Mr. Snyder.

(Cabin) Faith tells Lily that she isn’t addicted to drugs like she was she just likes to get high and she would never do anything to hurt Natalie and Ethan. Faith tells Lily and Holden that she wants to move to the farm and live with Holden but Holden thinks that Faith should work out her problems with Lily. Lily thinks that if Faith will be happier at the farm then she should live with Holden. Faith hugs Holden and tells him thank you and he tells her to thank Lily. Faith gives Lily an awkward hug and admits that she is surprised that Lily let her go so easily. Faith goes back to her room to pack but she opens the door a crack and watches Lily cry and tell Holden that letting Faith live with him at the farm was the hardest thing she has ever done. Lily hopes that giving Faith some space will help her deal with her problems Hoden holds Lily as she cries and he assures her that Faith will survive this crisis.

(Fairwinds) Emily gets into bed to sleep and tells Paul not to talk to her Paul tries to spoon with Emily but she pushes him away.

(Hotel Room in Texas) Reid is tired and doesn’t want to talk anymore so he thanks Luke for helping him prepare for the hearing and heads home to rest.

(Fairwinds) Emily tells Paul she doesn’t think Meg was ready for her overnight visit and Paul once again apologizes for the misunderstanding yesterday. Meg arrives and tells Emily and Paul that she hasn’t slept so well in a long time. Meg also apologizes to them for using all the hot water because she can’t take hot showers in dear brook. Meg tells Paul and Emily that she wishes she didn’t have to return to dear brook and Paul thinks that is a good sign that she is getting better. Meg is about to eat a muffin when Emma arrives to pick her up a Meg goes upstairs to pack her things. Emma wonders how things went on the visit and Paul tells her things are fine and interrupts Emily when she is about to tell Emma about what happened last night. Paul goes upstairs to help Meg bring her bags downstairs and Emma persuades Emily to tell her what happened last night. Emma looks worried and Paul makes it clear to Meg that he loves Emily and his marriage is important to him. Meg goes downstairs thanks Emily and Paul for their hospitality and Holds Eliza a few minutes and cries when she tells Eliza goodbye.

(Hotel Room in Texas) Reid arrives early and Luke opens the door thinking its room service and Reid sees Luke in his pajama bottoms. Luke goes to get dressed while Reid struggles to hide his feelings for Luke.

(Farm) Holden gives Molly a kiss and tells her that Faith is going to live with them Molly is supportive and tells Holden it will be good for all of them. Lily and Faith arrive and Faith asks Molly for coffee but she says no and Faith tells Molly that she knows they won’t be sharing a room because she is in Holden’s room now. Faith goes out to the car to get her things and Lily tells Molly that Faith really seems happy with the both of them. Lily ask Molly to help Faith and Molly tells Lily that she knows that letting Faith Live with them was a hard decision for her.

(Hotel room in Texas) Luke advises Reid not to be a jerk at the hearing and Reid thanks Luke for his support even though he knows he is only doing it for Noah’s sake and not because he cares about his career. Luke tells Reid he does care about his career their conversation is interrupted by a call from Noah. Reid assures Noah that he won’t lose his medical license because he has help and he isn’t alone. Reid hands the phone to Luke and Luke tells Noah he is doing everything he can to make sure Reid can perform his operation. Noah is grateful that Luke can put his differences with Reid aside for his sake.

(Farm) Holden, Lily, and Molly make it clear that she will have chores to do as well as her school work and Lily will still be very much involved in decisions that affect her. Lily and Holden go out on the porch to talk and Holden tells Lily that she can still change her mind. Lily says that Faith is obviously happy with him and Molly because she feels like she is a part of something there. Lily thinks Holden for the sandwich and tells her that for a few minutes he made her feel like she was a part of something too. Molly watches Holden and Lily and looks jealous and Faith notices Molly’s reaction to the scene.

(Hotel Room in Texas) Luke is confident Reid will do well in the hearing and he tells him so as he straightens Reid’s suit and makes sure there isn’t lint on it.

(Farm) Lily thanks Molly for her help with Faith before she and Faith leave to go get the rest of her things. Silas arrives right after Holden and Molly kiss and Holden asks him to leave the house.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Faith she will miss her very much and Faith tells Lily to admit to her self that she doesn’t like the fact that Holden is living with Molly because she wants Holden back.

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