ATWT Update Tuesday 4/13/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/13/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Metro) Dusty can’t remember the combination to the safe where he keeps his gun and he tells himself he must focus because he needs his gun for when Ralph’s hit man comes to finish the job.

(Outside Metro) Rocco tells the hit man that he won’t come near Dusty because his daughter is in love with him and he doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Rocco takes the gun away from the hit man and tells him to leave or else he will call the police and have him arrested. The hit man tells him that Ralph won’t be happy that he didn’t finish the job on Dusty.

(Inside Metro) Dusty hears glass break and knows someone is outside he asks the person to come out and when Rocco comes out Holding a gun Dusty tells Rocco that he can finish the job if that is what he wants to do. Rocco explains to Dusty that he took the gun away from the man who was going to shoot him.

(Carly’s house) Parker tells Carly and Jack that he doesn’t know what to do because Liberty told him she needs some space. Jack advises Parker that he shouldn’t try to help Liberty so much and wait until she asks him for help. Carly laughs and Jack explains to Parker that Carly gave him the same advice a few minutes ago and she also told him that he was too close to Dusty’s case. Parker tells Jack that he is a cop so he is only doing his job when he investigates Dusty’s s shooting. Jack thinks Carly has a point and tells Parker that he is considering letting someone else handle Dusty’s case. Jack thinks they should all go on a family picnic to the lake because it will be a relaxing distraction from everything that is going on lately. Carly is anxiously waiting for Dusty to call and let her know if he caught the hit man so she tells Jack she thinks Parker should stay home in case Liberty needs him. Carly also tells Jack she thinks it is going to rain but Jack laughs because there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Parker agrees with Carly and is happy to stay home in case Liberty needs him. Carly suggests that they rent a movie and have family movie night but Parker tells Carly and Jack that he will try to take their advice but right now he has to make sure Liberty keeps her chemotherapy appointment. Once Parker is gone Jack asks Carly to tell him the real reason that she has been so anxious and didn’t want to go to the lake today.

(Outside Fashions) Liberty looks at the store window at a dress she likes and when Janet arrives she asks her if she thinks the dress would look good on her. Janet tells Liberty the dress would look good on her but she should go to her doctor’s appointment now. Liberty tells Janet she is tired of being treated like cancer girl and just wanted to do something normal for a few minutes. Janet and Liberty sit down to talk and Janet tells Liberty that Dusty checked himself out of the hospital and told her that he didn’t want her help because he felt she was smothering him. Liberty knows the feeling and tells her mother that she needs to take care of herself and the baby and stop trying to help everyone. Liberty advises Janet to give Dusty some space and wait until he asks for her help. Janet wonders if Parker is going to go with her to her chemotherapy but Liberty insists that she can go by herself. Janet asks Liberty if she wants to go shopping but Liberty lies and tells her that Parker is meeting her soon to take her to her appointment. Janet tells Liberty she is going to find Rocco and wonders why Liberty won’t give her grandfather a chance and Liberty tells her that Rocco hurt her deeply when she threw her out of the house when she was pregnant with her and she will always be loyal to her because she loved her and raised her. Liberty tells Janet that she can’t be loyal to anyone who hurt her (Janet) so deeply. Janet tells Liberty that she is proud to have her as her daughter. Once Janet is gone Liberty leaves a second message for Gabriel asking him to call her back if he wants to hang out with her.

(Monte Carlo warehouse) Craig isn’t happy to see Gabriel sitting in his chair she he demands that Gabriel get out of his chair. Gabriel demands his money or he will tell Carly, Parker, and Margo that he has been stealing money from Parker’s trust fund. Craig makes it clear to Gabriel that he is only borrowing money from Parker until Monte Carlo gets off the ground. Craig warns Gabriel never to come near Johnny again or he will make sure there is no place in the world that he can hide from him. Craig tells Gabriel he will have his money soon and then screams for Gabriel to get out. Gabriel tells Craig he has to fix the light and Craig tells him to fix the light and then get out.

(Lakeview) Craig asks Ellis if he has the fake set of book ready for Carly to look at and Ellis tells him that he doesn’t know anything about any fake books. Craig reminds Ellis that he left him a message on his voice mail telling him that he needed a set of fake books for Carly to look at so she would stop asking so many questions. Ellis explains to Craig that he lost his cell phone when Gabriel spilled coffee all over him a couple of days a go. Craig figures out that Gabriel was the one who stole Ellis’s phone and he mistakenly talked to Gabriel not Ellis and that is how Gabriel found out that he is borrowing money from Parker’s trust fund. Craig asks Ellis to find out all he can about this punk so they can stop his blackmail because Parker’s trust fund isn’t a bottomless pit. Parker arrives and hears the last sentence of Craig’s conversation with Ellis and worries that there is a problem with his trust fund. Craig lies and tells parker that he wanted Ellis that he wanted him to talk to the bank because they have been charging high fees for his trust fund account. Parker is worried that his money won’t be available in case Liberty needs something and Craig assures him that the money will be available when he needs it and he shouldn’t worry about it. Parker tells Craig that the bank has been bothering him about his account but he knows that he has everything under control.

(Monte Carlo Warehouse) Gabriel calls Liberty to tell her that he is free to hang out with her and gives her instructions on where to meet him.

(Car Dealership) Liberty arrives and wonders why Gabriel is looking at an expensive convertible. Gabriel tells Liberty he is considering buying the car and asks her opinion of it. Liberty tells Gabriel the car is cool but way too expensive for him to afford. Gabriel tells Liberty not to think about the money and pretend that Money isn’t an issue. A salesman arrives and asks Gabriel to get out of the car because that is a place of business not a place to pretend to buy things. Gabriel tells the salesman he is thinking of buying the car and takes out a big stack of cash to prove to the salesman he can afford the car. Gabriel asks the salesman if he can take the car for a test drive so he can take Liberty to her appointment in style. The stunned salesman nods his head and Gabriel tells him that he will return the car soon. Liberty wonders where Gabriel got all that money and he tells her that he has been saving the money from the odd jobs he has been doing for years.

(Metro) Dusty doesn’t believe Rocco and tells him that he probably asked Ralph to put a hit out on him. Dusty gets Rocco in a chokehold and screams for Rocco to stop lying and tell him the truth. Janet arrives and screams and wonders what on earth Dusty is doing to her father. Dusty tells Janet that Rocco is the same awful man who threw her out of the house when she was pregnant with Liberty. Janet screams for Dusty to let go of Rocco and Dusty does it for Janet’s sake. Rocco is short of breath as he pleads for Janet not to believe Dusty because he has changed and he wants to make things right with her. Rocco collapses to the floor and Janet pleads for her daddy to wake up and then panics when she can’t feel a pulse.

(Carly’s house) Jack is able to coax Carly into telling him that she helped Dusty get out of the hospital so he could smoke out the guy who shot him. Jack yells at Carly that Dusty just had Brain surgery and isn’t capable of having a sensible plan. Carly tells jack that Dusty is at Metro waiting on the shooter and Jack and Carly head to Metro.

(Metro) Jack arrives in time to give Rocco CPR while Carly calls 911 and Janet begs Jack not to let her father die.

(Hospital) Janet yells at Dusty for beating up on an old man with a heart condition. Jack and Carly persuade Janet to go be with Liberty for her treatment and they will call her if there is any news on Rocco. Once Janet is gone Jack yells at Dusty for doing this on his own and not asking for his help. Jack tells Dusty that his plan backfired and could have had a much worse outcome. Jack tells Dusty that he was foolish and he doesn’t want him anywhere near Janet or the baby. Carly tries to persuade Jack not to be so hard on Dusty because he was only trying to protect Janet.

(Bank) Ellis gives Craig the money to pay off Gabriel and Craig is upset that he has to pay Gabriel instead of using the money to help Liberty or invest in Monte Carlo. Ellis tells Craig that he feels sorry for Parker because he is using the money for a noble cause to help Liberty but he doesn’t feel sorry for him (Craig) because he is only using the money for his own selfish reasons.

(Hospital) Janet yells at parker for not making sure that Liberty arrived at her appointment on time and wonders why Liberty is late. Liberty arrives with Gabriel and Janet yells at her for not taking her appointments seriously and going on a joy ride with a stranger. Liberty thanks Gabriel for the ride and he tells her he had better take the car back to the dealership before they report the car stolen. Liberty goes inside the treatment room and Janet tells Gabriel that Liberty is sick and doesn’t need any trouble. Parker starts to leave but Liberty asks him to stay with her. Parker admits to Liberty that he has never stopped loving her and he hopes they can be more then friends. Liberty tells Parker that he probably told her this because he was jealous of Gabriel. Parker admits that is true but he tells Liberty he does love her and always will love her. Liberty tells Parker that she wants to be well before she falls in love again so for now all she can offer him is friendship. Parker goes to get Liberty some ice but when he gets outside the door he shows how hurt he is that Liberty rejected him. Jack gets a call from the police station telling him that Metro surveillance tape shows that Rocco took the gun away from the hit man that came to kill Dusty. Dusty is grateful that Rocco save his life and he apologizes to Janet for assuming the worst about her father. Janet is upset that Dusty lied to her about his memories and that he didn’t trust her enough to tell her his suspicions about Rocco.

(Monte Carlo Warehouse) Craig gives Gabriel the money and Gabriel tells him that he has been doing some research on him on the Internet and now he knows why Bryant hated to be his son. Craig demands to know how Gabriel knows about Bryant and Gabriel explains that Bryant helped him get better at soccer when he lived in Florida and they became very close friends almost like brothers. Brant told him how he (Craig stole his trust fund and all the other horrible things he did to him. Craig wonders that if in his research Gabriel discovered what he does to people who double cross him. Gabriel tells Craig that if anything happens to him he has a friend who will send an e-mail on his behalf who will send an e-mail to Carly, Parker, Jack and Margo telling them that Craig stole from Parker’s trust fund. Gabriel thinks that Craig deserves to be blackmailed because of every awful thing he did to Bryant.

(Hospital) Janet is upset because Rocco might die and it is all Dusty’s fault Carly tells Janet Dust was just trying to protect her and Jack tells Carly they should leave Janet and Dusty alone to talk. Dusty tells Janet that he thought Rocco asked Ralph to have him killed because of an argument that they had the day he was shot in which Rocco told him he wasn’t good enough for her. Jack is also upset with Carly for not telling him about Dusty’s plan but he understands Dusty’s instinct to want to protect Janet. Jack even admires Carly for defending Dusty but he doesn’t understand why Carly helped Dusty with his plan. Carly explains to Jack that she didn’t want to take the chance of losing him because he would once again put his life on the line to protect someone. Carly tells Jack that she thought it was time someone else caught the bad guy she was just trying to protect him. Dusty tells Janet he loves her and he was only trying to protect her but Janet wonders if Dusty will continue to lie to her when they get married. Dusty reaches out to touch Janet’s shoulder but she tells him not to touch her and walks away.

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