ATWT Update Monday 4/12/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/12/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Dusty wants to check himself out. The nurse tells him that he needs to take it slowly; she also mentions that Dr. Oliver is out of town. He needs to talk with someone else. After the nurse leaves, Dusty gets up and starts to get dressed when he hears Rocco’s voice in the hall asking the nurse about him. Dusty covers and yells loudly about not knowing how to use his cell phone. Rocco looks in at him through the door and then tells the nurse that he will come back at a better time. Dusty watches him go.

At their new offices, Carly wants Craig to give his honest opinion about her work since she started over from scratch. He loves them, but he also loved the other ones. She wants Gabriel’s opinion; he was honest. He hopes she is not comparing him to a handy man. She wants Monte Carlo to succeed this time. They need more investors then just him. They have enough to get them to the Milan show and then everyone will be clamoring for them, Craig assures her. Gabriel comes in and wonders if he is interrupting. Craig says he is, but Carly tells them that she is going home. Craig thought she would be doing a lot of her work from here tonight. Something came up. Craig sarcastically wonders if she is readying a room for Dusty now. Carly smirks, walks over to Gabriel and whispers to him reminding him to keep an eye on Craig like they talked about.

In her room, Parker is sleeping in a chair while Liberty is in bed. She awakens and looks over at him. She quietly gets up and covers him with a blanket and then heads out of the room.

Downtown, Rocco is talking to Ralph on the phone; Dusty can’t even remember how to use his phone. If he had told the police about anything then they would have been talking to them by now. Dusty is no threat and he should call off the dogs. Terri, who is walking by, wonders what he is talking about threats.

In the hospital, Janet and Jack show up at Dusty’s room. Janet wonders why he is out of bed. Did the dr. say he is ok. He can’t stay here anymore. People he loves are in danger. Janet is worried what he means. Jack wonders what he remembers. Someone wants him dead, but he can’t remember whom. Can he remember an image or voice, Jack asks. He would tell him if he did. Janet will talk to a doctor unless they want him to stay. After Janet leaves, Jack wonders if there is something he wants to tell him now that she is gone. Dusty looks very concerned when he tells Jack that he needs him to take care of her, as now Jack looks very concerned too. Jack gets Dusty some water, as he tells him that he will be taking care of her. He just needs time. He needs to promise. She doesn’t need him. They are going to move into their home. No. She needs him, Jack tells Dusty. Not him, Dusty counters. Him. He is too busy trying to find the person with a score to settle; he won't let him succeed. What is really going on. Nothing. Someone does wrong by him he makes them pay, Jack tells Dusty. Not anymore. He needs to worry about Janet while he finds him some justice. Janet is more important and Liberty and the baby. He needs to promise to look after them, as Jack stares at him for a moment before he agrees. Janet comes back in and sees how serious they look; what is going on.

At home, Carly comes in and wonders what is wrong with Parker. Liberty snuck out and she is not answering her phone. She probably went for a walk to clear her head. She could get dizzy. She has her chemo treatments later. That is why she might want some space and sunshine. She thinks he might not want to smother her. He wants her safe so he isn’t worried that she is passed out. Why couldn’t she leave a note. She might not want to concern him; she probably sees that he is a lot like Jack would be. Jack would know what to do, Parker believes. She loves that about him but it also frustrates him. Liberty needs to find her own way and make her own choices. She is sick though; he can’t back off and let her risk her life for fresh air, as he storms out. Carly talks to herself about that is what Jack would say.

At the office, Craig wonders what Gabriel is doing when he is working on a light. He can’t figure out why Carly has drawn a line in the sand with him. He is paying him and he wants 2 roast beef sandwiches. Fine, he can call the shots for now. Craig wonders what that means. Nothing; he will be back.

At Al’s, Liberty tells the waitress that she thought she would kill for a burger, but now that she is here, she is not hungry. Gabriel comes in and orders the sandwich joking about adding to it - mayo, mustard and arsenic. He wonders what is up with Liberty. Off day. She thought she wanted a burger and not so much. Chemo that rough. He remembered. The hat and that isn’t something you forget when you hear about it. He decides Craig can wait; he orders Liberty a grilled cheese light on the butter, white rice instead of fries and plastic utensils instead of metal. Liberty looks impressed; how did he know especially about the metal. He saw it in a movie once.

Jack explains to Janet that he was filling Dusty in on the case. Janet wonders if there are any new leads. No. Margo is going back over Metro. Jack will do his job if she takes it easy and goes home and rests. Dusty agrees. She knows when enough is enough. Janet tells him he doctor says if the tests come back as they hope then he can go home. She is so excited that tonight she will sleep soundly knowing noone she loves will be in a hospital. He doesn’t want her to care for him. He can repay her by taking care of her when she is 8 months along. She hired movers because she doesn’t want him lifting anything heavy and she and Liberty decided the basement would be his man cave. Dusty looks upset when he cuts her off and tells her that he is sorry but he can’t move in with her, as Janet’s face drops. Janet puffs up his pillows and reminds him that he needs to be taken care of right now. He is stuck with her. They are family even if they aren’t married; they are committed. Not for this. When one is down, the other has to rise to the occasion. Dusty shakes his head. Janet wants an honest answer; has he changed his mind about marrying her. No, Dusty answers quickly. However, he can’t now. Jack is on the phone in the hall asking about the video at Metro or about the forensics. This is not a perfect crime. Carly comes up to him with coffee. She had a talk with Parker about Liberty. He seemed to listen, but then told her to back off and let him do what he needs. He sounded like him. He has to help since Dusty can’t do anything; he can’t remember details from the case; he is even struggling with how to do simple things – like use a cell phone. Dusty will need help if he gets released today and Janet can’t help. He wants to be here to make sure nothing goes wrong again like with Brad, Carly wonders. This has nothing to do with him. People break up all the time; you move on, Carly tells him. Janet rushes out and past them, as Jack calls to her. Carly wants him to let her go. He can’t…he gave Dusty his word. He leaves to follow Janet and so Carly goes into Dusty’s room. What the hell is he doing?

Liberty thanks Gabriel; for a while, she forgot about her cancer. She hopes Craig isn’t starving though. He hopes he is. He gives her his cell phone number if she needs to talk, as he heads out.

At the office, Craig is spinning Johnny around in the chair commenting about how their food should have been there by now. Cue Gabriel walking in the door fumbling with the bag. Johnny looks at him and tells Craig quietly that is the man who was talking to him on the playground. Craig stares daggers towards Gabriel.

Dusty feigns innocence; he is just trying to get out of the hospital. Jack said he made him a promise. That is between them. Nope. What did he say to Janet to make her cry. Did Jack go after her. What does he think. Dusty asks Carly for her phone because he can’t find his. She hands it to him and then watches as he talks about getting himself a driver. She thinks it is funny because Jack tells her that he can’t even remember how to use a phone, but he seems to know his way around hers just fine. One of them is lying and her money isn’t on Jack. Dusty smirks and looks down. This wasn’t even his cell phone, Carly continues. He has sporadic problems with his memory. Why does he want people to think the memory loss is worse then it is. He has his reasons. Could she hand him his watch. She holds it up; she will trade him. Ok, he does remember bits and pieces. He knows the man that came at him was a professional. He doesn’t know whom though. Does he mean someone put out a hit on him from the mob… who. Ralph or Janet’s father; he doesn’t know, but he does know that Janet is stuck in the middle. She can’t tell Jack this though, as Carly looks upset to hear all this. The police can’t know about this; it will make them madder. Won’t they want to finish the job. He will be waiting. She doesn’t like this. He has to make sure Janet is safe; he can’t be around them now. Jack promised he would look after Janet. He knows it makes it harder on her. Carly makes a face. What happens now. Once he knows Janet is safe, he will get word to her family that he is starting to remember. Carly realizes what he means; he is going to use himself as bait.

Downtown, Janet is upset, as he tells Jack that Dusty is trying to protect her because they guy he still out there. Jack doesn’t know if Dusty is thinking that clearly. Janet realizes Jack may know something. What isn’t he telling her; does he know who shot Dusty. Jack seems to be about to talk when Rocco comes out of a store. He wonders why Janet looks upset; is Dusty ok. He is actually being released. Rocco seems to be eyeing Jack and Janet wants him to back off. Jack offers to go get the car so they can head back to Carly’s. After he leaves, Rocco wonders why Jack can’t get out of cop mode. He is a good man and she is not sorry she married him. Rocco wonders why they are splitting up then. Janet asks him to sit down next to her. She explains that she thought she would be married to Jack forever; she didn’t think she would find someone she would love as much and then along came Dusty. Rocco doesn’t know him, but he isn’t a cop at least. However, he doesn’t know. Dusty is wonderful; he invited her, Liberty and the baby into his life. Dusty is pushing her away to protect her, but she doesn’t want his protection; she just wants him, as Janet hugs Rocco tightly.

Gabriel gives Johnny his sandwich and Craig asks him to take it in the back and turn on the TV. After Johnny leaves, Craig wonders if he had fun. Gabriel doesn’t k now what he means. He broke into his room, did something to the elevator and now he finds out that he was asking his son about him. He stole confidential papers and wrote that threatening note. What does he want. Gabriel tells him that has all the answers. He thinks he will call the police and let them get the answers. He shouldn’t do that because he will have to tell them that he is stealing from Parker’s trust fund. Craig looks shocked.

At Al’s, Parker comes in as Liberty is happily eating. Where has she been. She hasn’t been answering her cell. It is rude to have it on here. Why did she disappear. She wants to live a normal life. She isn’t normal; she is, as his voice trails off. What is she - cancer girl. She has Leukemia and she can’t pretend she doesn’t. She now knows why she snuck away without letting him know. She had to get away from him so she could actually breathe.

Dusty is standing in front of the mirror when he rips his bandage off his head. Carly thinks he is out of his mind; he is lucky to be alive and the next time, the shooter will be more accurate. He needs to get to the bottom of who did this. He can leave and paint a bulls eye on his back, but she doesn’t have to stay quiet. She has to because either he goes after Ralph, Rocco and the whole crew or Jack does. Which would she rather, as Carly stares at him unsure. Jack won’t take them on alone; he has back up. She knows how he gets. He won’t back away until he finds out who shot him. He asked Jack to protect Janet. Great. What happens if he gets killed. She needs to trust in that, Jack loves her. Where is his watch. Carly reminds him that she has it; doesn’t he remember. He isn’t all the way back is he; it isn’t all an act. That is why he needs her help. Fine, she won’t tell Jack, but he better not make her regret it. Dusty says there is one other thing; he is going to be armed and ready, but someone has to bait the trap. Why doesn’t she shoot him and get it over with. Is that a yes, Dusty wonders.

Craig tells Gabriel that he shouldn’t make up stories about him. Gabriel tells Craig what he knows – about the money, his lawyer’s part and the cooking up of the phony books. He can’t prove a thing. True, Gabriel answers, but that is his call. He should call his sister, the chief, to tell her that he is making up stories. He holds the phone out and then he asks what he wants from him.

Outside of Al’s, Parker is sitting on a bench when Liberty comes out. She is sorry that she hurt his feelings, but she woke up this morning and found him sleeping in a chair. He thought she might need a blanket if she got cold. Liberty looks at him and he realizes that it is a bit much. His home isn’t hers and he wasn’t sure she would know where to find one. His home isn’t exactly foreign to her. Parker admits that his mom told him to back off and that she would tell him when she needs help, but he knows her and she will try to tough it out on her own. She is a pain like that, Liberty teases. How does he stop caring and back off. She doesn’t want him to stop caring. She just needs some space and she wants him to go do something he might like to do. He will worry still though. She will be fine and wants to pretend she is normal. He is sorry he said that. He said worse. Can he stop treating her like a child or ghost. He will. He would offer her a ride, but, as he stops. She will see him at home later.

At home, Carly comes in to find Rocco and Jack hovering over Janet, as she is getting more stressed. Carly mentions Dusty and Janet is surprised she saw him; is he ok. He seemed fine and to be handling things. Janet thinks she should go see him again. Jack wants her to get some rest, as Carly offers to go make her a sandwich. Rocco, who has been looking funny, follows Carly into the kitchen. He asks what Dusty really said. He is doing really well; he just doesn’t want to be a burden. He is checking out and heading over to Metro; he is determined to get his life back. Rocco thought he couldn’t do much. The doctor said he is recovering so well; he may get his memory back very soon; he could be as good as new. Rocco feigns happiness. He thinks he should go light a candle for him. Carly follows him out, as Rocco says a cursory goodbye asking Jack to take care of Janet. Janet wonders what is wrong with her dad because he barely said goodbye, as she looks at Jack, who looks at Carly, who smiles. They all sit to eat while Janet calls the hospital. Carly wonders what is wrong, as Janet tells them that he checked himself out without calling her. Carly thinks he is just doing things on his own to prove something to himself. Janet grabs her coat and tells them that she will be back, as Carly doesn’t think that is a good idea. He needs time to himself. She isn’t going to see Dusty because she is respecting his wishes. Where is she going then. Janet walks out the door, as Jack is about to follow when he stops himself; he is doing it isn’t he, as he looks at a saddened Carly.

Parker is pacing outside of Al’s and decides to walk away. Inside, Liberty tells the waitress that was the best meal she has had in a long time… but don’t tell her mom. Soon, Liberty calls Gabriel and leaves him a message about getting together after work.

Craig closes the door and asks Gabriel if he is serious. It is only money and there seems to be plenty of trust fund money to go around. What kind of money are they talking about. Six or seven figures. He is delusional. He is a thief. He was going to put the money back as soon as he made the turnaround in Monte Carlo. He can’t withdraw that kind of money without raising red flags. It doesn’t have to be a lump sum but more like an allowance. He calls it blackmail. As long as he gets what he needs.

Jack closes the door and tells Carly that she was right; he is too involved in their life. She won’t hurt the baby and if Dusty needs to stand on his own then it is his business. What if Dusty isn’t as ready as he thinks it is, Carly actually asks. He thought she wanted him to back off. She does; she pauses then decides that Dusty is smart so he will call or ask for help if he needs it. She is glad that she has him to herself. She is her top priority, and if she thinks he is forgetting that then she needs to remind him because he never wants her to doubt that.

At Metro, Dusty looks around trying to jog his memory. He mumbles to himself about where he put it, as he leans down in front of the safe. He realizes that he doesn’t remember the combination, as he struggles to recall it. He is behind the bar when someone whose face we can’t see, comes into the bar with a gun drawn at their side.

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