ATWT Update Friday 4/9/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/9/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At Al’s Diner, Noah tells Luke that he doesn’t want to get his hopes up. Luke says Dr. Oliver rarely says anything positive so this is huge if he thinks it is good news. He’s happy for him and gives him a kiss while Dr. Oliver happens to be outside looking in the window. Luke wants to take Noah out to dinner tonight to celebrate; just a few friends like Casey and Allie. Noah says he would like to, but he can’t tonight as he has plans. Luke thinks a minute and then asks if he has a date.

Kim and Bob are dining and she says she could become accustomed to being spoiled like this. She says she can’t remember a time when she had a whole week when family or something didn’t come in and distract them. Bob agrees that it was a great second honeymoon, and he’s even looking forward to the third. She quips she hopes they don’t wait another 25 years. He says they don’t have to as they can go on a never-ending honeymoon. His pager beeps and she says it was lovely while it lasted.

At home Lily tells Faith that she’s really serious so she needs to go pack if they are to get to the cabin before dark. She takes Faith’s phone away from her. Lily tells Holden that she really appreciates him wanting to come but he doesn’t have to do this. He says they are in this together, so yes he does. He knows that when Faith gets cornered, she takes off and Lily won’t be able to handle that. Lily can’t believe it has come to this that they have to stage an intervention to show Faith how much they love her and are on her side no matter what. Holden says she is just angry; it will pass. He says Faith is their kid; they need to do this together.

At the farm, Molly comes in all dressed and bubbly. Emma asks if she would like a fresh cookie; they will be ready in a few minutes. Molly says she will take a rain check. Holden told her he is taking her someplace special tonight; oops maybe TMI for her boyfriend’s mother. Emma has to be the bearer of bad news in that Holden is going away with Lily with Faith so their date for tonight is off.

Lily has reservations about going away, but Holden says he gets why she is doing this. They are forcing Faith to look at the consequences of her actions and he thinks that is a good idea. Lily says - or the last resort. He admits that Faith has a serious problem and he hasn’t wanted to admit it, but Lily has dealt with it head-on and now he thinks they need to do it as a family. She reminds him they are not a family anymore, but Holden says yes they are. Faith returns fairly quickly and says she has no choice so she will go with them. But they better not get too excited, she has one condition – she wants Molly to go with them. Holden says this is a family matter. The three of them need to work on this and Molly has nothing to do with it. Faith pouts that Lily hates Molly and that is the only reason he is saying no. Lily says she is saying no because this is not about Faith calling the shots. It’s about what her parents want and right now they want her to see things more clearly. Lily says this is not a lecture trip. She just wants them to connect again and remember how to trust one another. Lily assures her that she does not hate her. She wants them to have a good family time. Holden says she can go with an attitude or with an open mind. Faith reluctantly says fine and Holden says good…..they will all go with an open mind.

Noah tells Luke that this new friend of his is not a date, it’s just a friend that he has met in therapy. Luke replies that is pretty much a date. Noah says it is just dinner so Luke shouldn’t make more out of it than it is. Luke wants to know his name and how Noah met him. His name is Richard and no he is not blind, but hurt his hand and goes to the same P.T. Luke still thinks it is a date and asks if he is gay. Noah admits that he is. Luke says okay, then it’s a date. Luke wants to know if he likes him. Noah replies that Richard is nice and funny and easy to hang around with. There is no pressure which is exactly what Noah says he needs right now.

The cabin looks good. Holden unloads the car with groceries. Faith bemoans the fact that she can’t use her cell as there is no reception. She whines about the prison sentence with sleeping arrangements if she has to share a bed with her mom. She tells her mom that she will just die here. She finds a bottle of booze while Lily and Holden are getting the groceries put away. She is a little excited when she sees they have ingredients for s’mores which she loves. But then quickly adds like that is gonna make this whole nightmare go away.

Emma finishes her baking and explains to Molly that Faith is going through a bad time and Holden and Lily took her away for a few days at the cottage. Molly informs her that she is crazy about her son and she knows that Emma knows that. She gets jealous quickly too, but would never try to compete for first place with Holden’s children….parent intervention, capital idea. She has tried helping, she has tried not helping at Lily’s requests. She feels sort of like a ping pong ball, but she will be all right. Emma’s back isn’t what it used to be and Molly helps her with the cookies from the oven. Molly says that Holden would scarf these up in about ten minutes if he were there. Emma offers to give Molly the cabin address. Molly says Lily would have a fit if she were to show up. Emma says too bad. She loves Lily and always will, but Lily broke his heart and Molly was there for him through that. She thanks her and says Holden depends on her; she is very special to him. She’s been there for both Holden and Faith and if Molly can help Faith now, then Lily will just have to welcome that no matter how she feels about Molly. Emma gives Molly the address. Molly is still concerned that Holden might think she is being desperate. Emma says not to worry; she will talk to him later. He will listen to his mama. There is nothing desperate about helping someone you love. Faith belts down two glasses of liquor. Lily thanks Holden for coming with her and for his help. This trip is a little different than previous trips when the kids were younger.

Noah tells Luke that he didn’t mean to hurt him. Luke tells him it is okay; he should not have pressured him and kept asking about Richard. Noah tells Luke that he doesn’t feel like he owes Richard anything. They don’t have a history. He doesn’t feel any pressure from him to be the old “me” as he doesn’t know the old Noah. Luke says he gets it – he hovers over and pressures Noah. Noah says Richard doesn’t love him so he doesn’t try to fix him like Luke does. It’s easy to be around him right now, so Luke shouldn’t get so worked up like he is. He and Richard are friends, that’s it. Luke thinks he has the picture. Noah wants to be with someone now that he doesn’t love. Luke says that he wants to be there for Noah, but Noah doesn’t want that now. Noah says Luke has made it clear that it is all or nothing. And right now it can not be all for him. Luke thinks this sucks. He jumps up to leave. He tells Noah he wants him to get well, more than he can ever know, but he’s not going to sit here and watch it happen.

Bob and Kim return to the hospital. Bob informs Dr. Oliver there will be an investigation because of the malpractice suit so meantime Dr. Oliver has been suspended throughout the length of the inquiry. Dr. Oliver slams him that he could stop this if he wanted to. This is Draconian and Bob could overrule them. In the process he calls Bob a coward and Kim steps up and says he can not talk to her husband that way. Oliver gives it to her too that she just runs a tabloid TV show. Bob hops back in and assures him that he can say what he wants to him, but can not talk to his wife that way or he will knock him on his back. Reid says, “Go ahead, Bob. Great example to set. Then we both can be suspended. Let the interns run this zoo into the ground.” Luke comes by just in time to grab Reid by the arm and drag him out and tells him to keep his mouth shut.

Holden and Lily return to the house and realize Faith is acting irresponsibly. She says she is just having fun like they asked. Holden smells her breath and tells Lily that Faith has been drinking. Lily can’t believe that Faith hates her so much to sabotage this trip. Faith admits that yeah, her life is miserable and it’s all because of Lily. She hates her life and it is all Lily’s fault. Lily is the Drama Queen. Holden sits her down and says she is so busy being defiant that she can’t see that they are up here because they love her and want to help. She complains what it’s like to have them as parents. There hasn’t been a single month of her life that things were ever stable and normal. They get married, break up, get back together, leave again and disappear. She doesn’t call that fun, love, togetherness and family. She’d really like to be like some of her friends, one marriage, two parents, sticking it together. They talk about being there for their kids, but are they? Lily says they are far from perfect, but they have tried. Things are different now and they need her help. Faith cries that she doesn’t know how to help. She doesn’t know how to stop or know anything any more. Lily puts her arm around Faith and pulls her down on the couch to cradle her head on her shoulder.

Luke tells Dr. Oliver to stop being so outraged and just try to tow the line. Dr. Oliver says Bob was trying so hard to keep him here and now he’s turned his back on him. Luke says no matter what information Dr. Hughes gives him, Reid needs to have a little more respect for the man. Oliver tells him to take a hike since he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s the one who is going to lose his career, not Bob while he sticks his nose in the sand. He grouses they might as well shoot him. It will be a lot easier. He admits if he can’t be in the operating room, then he has nothing. Luke advises him to get a lawyer and fight; make everyone listen to his side if these charges are baseless. Reid says he can not focus without his work. He has not had a day off since starting med school. It’s all he knows. He’s just a doctor and without it he truly has nothing to hold onto. And that is why he needs Luke. He needs his name, his money, his power…..all of it to bribe someone, to blackmail them, he doesn’t care how but just get him back in the operating room. He knows Luke doesn’t like him but he doesn’t have to. But if Luke can help him, then Dr. Oliver can help Noah, the one person that Luke professes to love.

Kim says she probably already knows the answer to this, but why does Bob put up with Dr. Oliver. He says because he has a set of skills no other has and he just can’t turn his back on him. She gets a phone call and says of course she wants to be there to cover it, she will be right there. Bob says he is tagging along.

Faith finally says she is sorry. She knows they love her. Lily cuddles Faith and tells her the room will stop spinning eventually. However, a whirlwind blows through – Molly opens the door and bursts in. Lily rolls her eyes. Molly apologizes and says she didn’t think. She should have called first. Lily tells Faith that she needs some fresh air, so they go outside. Holden tells Molly that he tried to call but the reception was bad. He hopes she is not too upset that he is with his ex. She says she was only worried and is sorry that things have gotten so bad with Faith and she promises she had no idea that the book that came to her contained drugs. Faith tells Lily that she is not being fair. None of this talking is going to help. She wants to go back to Oakdale. Lily realizes that she let Faith down in a big way and that she hates her for that. She knows because she was Faith’s age once and felt that way about her own mother, more than once. There are still days she wants to pull her hair out. She thinks she knows it all. But Lily says she knows there will be a time that her mom won’t be there to help her in her often imperfect way and it breaks her heart. Lily says she knows she has made mistakes that have nothing to do with Faith, but it doesn’t change a thing the way she loves her. She wants to change things, but she can’t do it alone. Faith needs to help her through it.

Luke finds Dr. Oliver in his room. Luke says here’s the deal. He’s not going to do anything illegal, immoral or underhanded even if it is for the right reasons. He’s done that before and it never turned out the way he wanted it to. He never felt good afterwards; he always felt like Damian Grimaldi’s son. Dr. Oliver reminds him that he is Damian Grimaldi’s son, but Luke says Reid calls him Mr. Snyder for a reason. Reid says he may as well forget it. The pleas from a lovesick boyfriend to the medical board isn’t gonna get him back in the operating room. Luke says probably not, but his grandmother might. She has friends in high places. Because she loves Luke she was able to make a few phone the Texas Review Medical Board. They have scheduled an emergency hearing, so Dr. Oliver has to go and fight well. Fighting and saying he is right should be easy, but now is the part where he might have a hard time saying thank you. Reid gulps and says thank you. Luke says “we” have a lot of work to do to fight this and lets Reid know that he’s not going to let him do this alone; he’s going to Texas with him.

Holden tells Molly that he thinks Lily is the only one that can help Faith. Molly says she has done desperate before, but this is different. He did hurt her feelings but he can make it up to her with flowers and they can go on that date with her new dress. She wants him to know she never would have come up here if Emma hadn’t suggested it. If that makes her seem desperate then she is sorry. Lily and Faith return. She is going to make supper and invites Molly to stay. Molly says thanks, but she thinks she better get back. She tells Faith that her folks love her. Try to get better, but don’t ever use her again like she did with the drugs.

Kim calls Molly but the reception is bad. Kim tries to get Molly to go to the Chicago courthouse. She wants her to have first dibs to cover a story. Without any details, Molly takes off. Then Kim laughs and tells Bob that she is a hypocrite. Here she is telling him that he’s working too much and she’s ready herself to drop everything and take off to Chicago at the drop of a hat. Bob grabs a cameraman. He tells Kim they are both working too hard and this calls for extreme measures. He tells Kim to just stand there and not produce. He is going to produce, direct and star in this piece.

Luke tells Dr. Oliver that he is ordering some take-out from Al’s. Dr. Oliver is surprised. He thought their planes would have white-glove, in flight catering with borscht, caviar, whatever the rich folks ate. Luke says that is not his style; he likes chili. Dr. Oliver asks if that is with cornbread; if so he’ll grab some magazines and be ready. Luke ducks into Al’s and sees Noah laughing with this Richard. He grabs his order and hurries out, looking back once at them and then again on the outside as he looks back in the window and sees Richard’s arm on Noah’s shoulder. Dr. Oliver returns and he notices Luke looking at Noah.

Bob starts with he is married to a beautiful, very special woman….and he calls Kim into the camera range….she is stubborn too. He hands her a photo album which she flips through… of their wedding. He wanted her to have them to always remember that day. She thanks him; what a lovely thing for him to do. She gives him a hug and a kiss. He says he thought he needed to digitize this moment so that he could say once again that he would make sure every day, every week, every year for the next 25 years will be as special as this day was.

Molly shows up at the Chicago courthouse and she is flabbergasted to see that it is Senator Silas Whitman who has managed to beat the charges and is standing here rather than going to federal prison. She tries to duck out, but he spots her and comes forward. She calls him a snake and comments how he slithered away from an attempted murder charge even though he admitted it on tape. She walks off and he counters that he will win her back.

Holden and Lily cover Faith and manage to get her to sleep on the couch. They reminisce about another time when she was about four years old and they got snowed in and she kept singing The Wheels On The Bus. They laugh and Lily says that they thought those times were hard, but she’d love to have them back, the feeling of joy and love and peace. Their fingers touch and linger as he says they could try.

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