ATWT Update Thursday 4/8/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/8/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

Barbara repeats what Katie just asked her – she wants her to back off from Henry. She scoffs when Katie tells her just to leave Henry alone. Barbara tells her contrary to what she may think, she loves being with Henry and he loves being with her also. Katie asks if she thinks she has a chance at any normal relationship. Barbara says who wants normal; she wants exciting and unpredictable; a relationship with passion. Katie tells her there are plenty of guys out there looking for the same thing Barbara is so go find one of them. Barbara says they can keep looking since she wants Henry. And judging from the fact that he can’t seem to stay away from her, he must want her too.

Still on bended knee, Vienna begs Henry to marry her. He stammers that he is speechless and he wants her to stand up. He doesn’t understand as he thought they were the anti-matrimony couple. They didn’t need marriage to make them happy. She gushes that she wants him in every possible way – physically, emotionally and legally. She knows now she should have never left town, and when she came back and saw him, she knew she could never leave him again. He says never is a very big word, but marriage is even bigger. She says unhappiness is the biggest word of all and she is unhappy without him. She asks when has he been happy and he admits they have all been when he is with her.

Luke finds Dr. Oliver at the hospital and needs a few minutes, but Reid doesn’t have time for him. Reid thanks him for talking to Mr. Judd to try and drop the malpractice suit. He knows he did it for Noah, not for Oliver. When Luke practically shoves some blueprints in his face, he looks and even agrees with Luke’s idea. They laugh when Reid says Luke may not be as useless as he thought he’d be. Noah walks up and is surprised to hear them both in the same space and laughing and joking with each other.

Faith gets snubbed at Oakdale High by former friends. Holden calls to check up on her. She lies and says no adjustments from being back; all is okay. Lily stops in on Molly and assures her that she is not going to be hands-on with her, but with Kim gone she thought she’d check on a few things. She also wants to thank her for helping out with Faith. Molly is glad she can be a friend to her. Lily tells Molly that Faith went back to school today and she hopes it all goes well.

Molly spies Faith and gets rid of Lily quickly when Faith puts her finger up to her mouth for silence. Faith asks Molly if her mail has arrived yet. She ordered a book and had it sent here. Molly finds the package the gives it to Faith. She’s happy to see this new old Faith back on track. Faith asks her not to tell her mom about this as it is a surprise.

Luke explains to Noah what he and Dr. Oliver were talking about. Luke gets a phone call so has to excuse himself, leaving Oliver and Noah alone. Luke wishes him luck with his session with Dr. Oliver. Noah comments that it must be hard having to work so closely with Luke now as it is no secret that he doesn’t like him. Oliver agrees that everyday it’s like a new hell.

Holden goes to see Molly and finds Faith there. She explains she was just telling Molly how good her day was going. It’s her lunch hour and they don’t call it fast food for nothing. She tells him she just came to tell Molly how good things are going at school and she’s not to worry. Holden says that is his job. Then he asks Molly what really is going on here.

Barbara and Katie continue arguing. Katie asks what its going to take for Barbara to realize she needs to leave Henry alone. Barbara asks what it’s going to take for Katie to realize that is not going to happen. Katie reminds her that Henry already has someone in his life. Barbara reiterates that Vienna and Henry do not belong together. Vienna is a fair-weather lover. The seas get a little choppy and she heads for shore. Katie points out that Vienna came back when she realizes she made a mistake. Barbara predicts that she will leave again as soon as Henry makes a mistake. Katie says she won’t and he won’t walk away from her since she is the best thing to ever happen to him. Barbara puffs then why doesn’t Katie take Vienna and leave Henry to her. Katie starts to leave and one last parting shot at Barbara says that she is only going to say this one more time – back off and let Vienna and Henry patch this up or Barbara will regret it. Barbara tells her to save it; she is all chat and no bite. Katie says watch her as she slams the door.

Vienna tells Henry that they have nothing to be afraid of now. Remember how he never wanted children before and how that changed. She thinks if they were married, she wouldn’t have run away so easily. She would have honored her commitment and stayed and fought harder. She knows they can not change the past, but they can start the future by getting married. He needs to stop thinking so much and think with his heart. She kisses him passionately and starts to pull her clothes off, pulling him back on the bed.

As Henry and Vienna lay in bed completely spent, she tells him that he is a machine. He’s going to realize that getting married is the thing to do. She hopes he is thinking about her marriage proposal, but she wants him to take him time and be as certain as she is.

Molly confides to Holden that Faith did stop by to see her and she did not tell him the real reason why. It’s a secret, but nothing for Holden to worry about. Molly says she is not going to enable Faith; she’s not going to cover for her anymore. She is coming around, even has a secret surprise for Lily. She believes she is going to be okay. She’s really working hard trying not to see Lily and Holden as her enemies. Holden thinks that might be encouraging. Molly laughs that he can stop interrogating her about the surprise as she is not telling. She leans up against him and says he can frisk her if he wants to though. Faith goes back to school and sits in the hallway and opens her package. There is a book, but it is a fake as she opens it, there is a hollow well that holds drugs.

Noah asks Reid how much he has to work with Luke. Reid says well more than he’d like to, but he is pitching in a good chunk of money so that sort of makes him God Junior. Noah tells Reid that he hates to tell him this, but both he and Luke have major control issues. He explains that is partly why they broke up. He could not be totally dependent on Luke. When he lost his eyesight, he lost his independence. Reid exams his eyes and Noah is surprised that it is not completely dark but a flash of light. Reid says that is not bad news. It may not be that he is getting his sight back, but they need to check it out more fully. He offers to call anyone that Noah wants to share the news with. Noah thinks not yet.

At home, Lily confides to Luke that she is not sure how she feels any more, but she does feel a little guilty about feeling jealous of Molly. Molly has made a connection with faith that Lily lost. She is glad Faith has someone to talk to and confide in; she just wishes it was anyone but Molly; Holden’s new girlfriend. Molly has her ex-husband; she’s got her daughter. It seems like sometimes she is leading her life. Luke says for what it is worth, he thinks she is handling it all pretty well. He thinks she still loves Holden too and she has two options – fight for him or move on. They both agree they are going to throw themselves into their work.

The principal of Faith’s school, Edward Hayes, calls and wishes to see Lily and Holden right away. He’s holding the packet of drugs in his hands. When she speaks with the principal, Lily apologizes that she forgot to tell him that Faith was on some anti-anxiety pills. She should not have brought them to school. Faith sheepishly says she forgot they were in her backpack. Lily thanks the principal and takes Faith home.

Barbara is on her way out when Henry comes around the corner. She tells him to tell her something that she wants to hear as she has just spent thirty minutes listening to a hundred things from Katie that she didn’t want to hear. Glumly he tells her that Vienna wants to get married. Barbara says that makes 101. He tells her that Vienna wants to try again; she’s ready to take the next step. Barbara says well she did tell him that his chance with her was over. Henry says he didn’t think she meant that, but he knows he blew the relationship the first time because he was weak and stupid. He turned his back on marriage but perhaps he shouldn’t have. She thinks it over and says okay, then he should have a nice life. She starts to go back into her apartment. He asks her to wait; there is something she should know. She can’t imagine what else she needs to know now. He says he did not say yes to Vienna.

Vienna tells Katie that she proposed to Henry. They made love and it was better than ever. She and Katie hug. Vienna says Henry is thinking it over. She told him not to rush; she wanted him to take his time and agree. Katie makes her paranoid even though Katie assures her that Henry will say yes. Jacob cries and Katie says she needs to take him outside for a while as they have been cooped up all day. Vienna says she needs to walk off her frustrations too so she offers to take Jacob.

Lily brings Faith home and tells her no more lies; she wants the truth. She did not cover for her at school just to get her off the hook. Faith tells her that the drugs aren’t hers and she doesn’t know how they got in her bag. She thinks some of the girls are setting her up to get her in trouble. Lily tells her that she is trying her patience; stretching it to the limit. She says she has no idea how much she’d like to believe Faith, but trust is earned and she has not yet earned hers back. Faith says her mother is not listening to her. The girls at school have been awful, treating her like she has a disease or something. Lily grabs Faith’s purse and wants to look inside. She finds the envelope that held the book; one addressed to Molly. She sees the book with the well. She guesses that someone at her school sent her drugs. Faith says no, but Lily declares the proof is staring her right in the face. Finally Faith says okay, but she wasn’t going to take them. Lily warns her not to dig the hole any deeper. Faith says that the girls at school heard she got kicked out of boarding school for drugs, but they didn’t believe she could score so she got them to prove to them that she wasn’t lying. Lily tells her that scoring drugs doesn’t mean that she is smart. Faith whines that Lily doesn’t know what it feels like at school; she is dying. Lily says she doesn’t know what to think; what to feel or what to do with her.

Holden hangs around to see Molly a little more. He thanks her one more time for being so good with Faith. She quips that she never thought she’d see the day that she was a good influence for somebody. She tells him Lily was there to thank her too, but she could tell it was a huge effort on her part. She feels like his sexy girlfriend and doesn’t want to lose that position. Between kisses, they make plans for tonight, a romantic dinner and a stroll down by the river in the moonlight and see what happens later. Lily interrupts the mood when she calls and asks Holden if he can come over right away; she needs him.

Lily thanks Holden for coming so quickly. Faith is sullen but Lily wants her to tell Holden what happened. She has to as Faith won’t talk. Holden doesn’t want to hear any more smart remarks so Lily fills him in. She shows him the book and the fact that Faith had it sent to Molly at work. He tells her that he is angry, but he does care. She has put them in a position now that they don’t know what to believe any more. They are through with the lies. She cries that she is not taking the drugs. She only wanted to prove a point to everyone at school. They think she is a joke. Lily says she hopes it was worth it as all of that stops now. The two of them are going away until she gets her straightened out.

Oliver returns to Katie’s and starts to make a sandwich. He confides in her that he had a minor breakthrough today with Noah. He will never understand the human heart, like why Noah dumped Luke because he didn’t want to be dependent on him. She wonders why Oliver even cares. In all his back and forth, Katie reveals to him that OMG, he has a thing for Luke. He denies it. And besides Noah is still hung up on Luke and as soon as he gets his eyesight back, they will be back together. They are destined to have a very long life together. He says they are the gay Bob and Kim. So she can hang on to those decorations and they can use them again at their own 25th anniversary. He advises her to worry about her own love life. She says she has a baby and a job, no time for a life. He calls Luke and says he has good news. He should talk to Noah and – this news did not come from him. Luke finds Noah at Yo’s and asks him to tell him about his appointment with Dr. Oliver. Reid stands outside and watches Luke and Noah hold hands tightly.

Henry follows Barbara inside her apartment. Barbara tells him that they were free to do what they wanted. There was no commitment, no strings. And he is free to marry Vienna if that is what he really wants. He tells her even lying in bed with Vienna, all he could think about was getting over here to Barbara and talking this out. Barbara goes berserk when she hears he was lying in Vienna’s arms and that he slept with her and then left her bed to come over and see Barbara. She grabs him by the sleeve and steers him to the door and throws him out. She tells him to have a nice life as she intends to.

Henry bumps into Vienna in the lobby of the Lakeview while she is watching Jacob a few minutes. She overturns the baby bag and Henry helps her pick it up. While he’s holding the baby, she reaches into a bag and pulls out a box. He tells her to open it and when she does, lets out a gasp as it is the biggest, brightest engagement ring she has ever seen. He smiles and says that the answer is yes!

Barbara is in Fashions trying on a big ring too until the saleslady mentions today has been a good day. She just sold Henry Coleman the biggest engagement ring he could find. Barbara changes her mind about the ring she selected and storms out.

Molly walks in and wants the sexiest, hottest dress that they have in stock and she needs it right now. Lily lays out the ground rules. She’s taking Faith to the lake cabin, no phone, no internet, no TV, just the two of them. They are going to talk this out and get to the bottom of what is really happening here. Faith smarts that they might as well kill her now. Lily says it is that or rehab, take her pick. Faith looks to her dad to help her out here, don’t let Lily do this. He says he thinks Lily is right. It’s exactly what she needs and he plans to come with them.

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