ATWT Update Tuesday 4/6/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/6/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Carly’s house) Liberty is tired of being in the house and wants to go see her friends at school but Janet tells her it is too soon because she doesn’t have the resistance necessary to fight off germs right now. Liberty asks Parker to help persuade Janet to let her go out but Parker agrees with Janet. Once Janet has gone to see Dusty at the hospital Liberty pleads0 with Parker to at least take her to Al’s diner to get a burger and Parker tells Liberty no at first but in the end agrees to take her to get a burger at Al’s and Liberty is so happy she gives Parker a hug.

(Monte Carlo Warehouse) Craig makes a phone call to Ellis telling him that Carly is getting suspicious and they need to meet and decide what their next step should be. Craig isn’t happy to see Gabriel back at work but he explains that he works for Carly not him because she is the one who gave him back his job.

(Jack’s car) Jack wants to make out with Carly in the back seat of the car but she tells him they are adults and they can’t act like teenagers right now because she has to go to work. Jack and Carly kiss for a few minutes as he tries to persuade Carly to make out in the back seat of the car.

(Hospital Janet sits by Dusty’s bed and tells him that Liberty wants to get out of the house but its too early for her to be outside where there are so many germs. Janet tells Dusty that the doctors don’t think he can hear her but she is going to keep talking to him until he awakens and tells her to be quiet. Janet takes some CDs out of her purse and Dusty touches her hand and Janet is startled and asks Dusty if he touched her hand. Dusty opens his eyes and Janet is so happy that Dusty came back to her that she kisses the top of his head and then Janet starts to leave to get the doctor and Dusty loses consciousness. Janet tells the doctor what happened and then she goes outside to give Jack a call to tell him what is going on with Dusty.

(Jack’s car) Jack finally persuades Carly to go make out in the backseat and they are about to get started when Jack gets a call from Janet. And she is worried because Dusty woke up and passed out again. Janet asks Jack to come to the hospital and figure out what to do. Jack tells Carly and she tells Jack to go help Janet they share one more kiss before Carly goes to work.

(Monte Carlo warehouse) Carly arrives in time to rehire Gabriel once again because Craig fired him again. Carly explains to Craig that she needs someone she can trust with her because she is his partner but she doesn’t trust him. Craig tells Carly that she should give Gabriel more of an interview before hiring him. Carly asks Gabriel if he has a criminal record he tells her yes but he is trying hard to change his life. Carly asks Gabriel if he has done drugs and he tells her not today and those answers are good enough for Carly to hire Gabriel no matter what Craig thinks of him. Carly demands that Craig show her the company books and he tells her she shouldn’t worry her pretty head about that and this comment makes Carly very annoyed with Craig. Craig agrees to let Gabriel work for the company as long as Gabriel stays out of his way. Carly asks Gabriel to fix one of the electrical outlets that isn’t working. Parker and Liberty stop by because Parker thought that the Monte Carlo office would have less germs then Al’s diner. Parker asks Carly to give Liberty a tour of the warehouse and he leaves Liberty and Carly alone to have girl time. Parker sees Gabriel working on the outlet and Craig explains to him that Carly hired Gabriel as a handy man. Parker tells Craig he doesn’t trust Gabriel and Craig agrees and advises Parker to just ignore Gabriel because for some reason Carly does trust him that is why she hired him.

(Hospital) The doctor tells Jack and Janet that waking up and passing out again is a normal part of Dusty’s recovery from a severe head injury but he is awake again. Jack gets permission from the doctor to go speak to Dusty about the shooting so he goes inside Dusty’s room to talk to him. Rocco arrives and is nervous when Janet tells him Jack is talking to Dusty about the shooting. Rocco tells Janet it is too soon for Dusty to be talking to the police but Janet tells Rocco that Jack knows how to talk to shooting victims without upsetting them.

(Monte Carlo Warehouse) Carly tells Liberty that she can be an intern for her once she has completely recovered. Liberty tells Carly that she would really enjoy that but she can’t be an intern because she has to travel back and forth to Minnesota so that the doctors can see how she is progressing with her treatment. Parker wants to fly Liberty’s doctors to Oakdale so she can stay at home and recover and he wants to use his trust fund to do it. Craig and Liberty both think that is too expensive but Parker doesn’t care he just wants to make Liberty happy. Craig asks Carly to tell Parker it’s a crazy idea but Carly thinks Parker can do whatever he wants with his money. Liberty gets upset because she doesn’t want Parker to waste his money on her and she doesn’t like him making decisions for her. Liberty tells Parker she is going to Al’s alone so she can get a burger and think about things. Parker starts to go after Liberty but Carly tells him he need to respect that Liberty needs time alone. Gabriel takes his lunch break because he has fixed the electrical outlet.

(Hospital) Jack asks Dusty if he remembers anything about the night he was shot and he says no then Jack tells him what he and Margo saw on the surveillance video at Metro and Dusty tells Jack once again that he doesn’t remember anything about the night he got shot. Janet and Rocco walk in when Jack is asking Dusty if he can describe the man who shot him and Dusty tells Jack he can’t remember anything. Rocco goes outside to call Ralph and tell him not to try and do anything to Dusty because Dusty doesn’t remember anything about the shooting. Rocco talks to the doctor that examined Dusty and the doctor tells him that Dusty might or might not ever remember what happened to him. Jack asks Janet if he can asks Dusty some more questions but Janet tells him that Dusty needs his rest so he can’t ask him any more questions today.

(Old Town) Liberty gets dizzy as she walks through old town and Gabriel helps her sit down and offers her some water. Liberty wonders if Carly or Parker asked him to follow her and he tells her no he was just on his lunch break when he saw her. Gabriel tells Liberty that she seems different from Craig, Carly, and parker because they all seemed like the world owes them something. Liberty tells Gabriel that her mother Janet raised her and they had hard times until she met her father Brad two years ago and things got a little easier. Gabriel wonders what happened to Brad and Liberty tells him that he was accidentally shot and killed last year. Gabriel offers his sympathy but tells her that she is lucky that her father didn’t walk out on her when he found out she existed. Gabriel wonders if Parker is Liberty’s boyfriend and she tells him they were briefly married then got divorced and now they are just friends. Gabriel thinks that Craig and Carly act like an old married couple and Liberty explains that they almost got married last year until Craig slept with Carly’s sister. Parker arrives and tells Gabriel to leave Liberty alone and Gabriel says he isn’t leaving unless Liberty tells him to leave. Parker tells Gabriel he will make him leave and Gabriel tells him that he can try if he wants to and Liberty asks Gabriel to leave so that he and Parker won’t fight. Gabriel tells Parker that Just because Liberty has cancer he doesn’t have to watch her every second of the day. Liberty wonders how Gabriel knew she had cancer because she didn’t tell him. Gabriel tells Liberty he figured it out because she lost her hair and she got dizzy. Liberty thanks Gabriel for the water he gave her before he leaves to go eat lunch. Liberty wonders what Parker has against Gabriel and Parker tells her that it’s a long story, which he will tell her later. Liberty tells Parker that she doesn’t feel like getting a burger anymore she feels tired and wants to go home.

(Hospital) Jack leaves Janet alone with Dusty and goes out to the hallway to call Carly and tell her that he is going to the station to get some mug shots for Dusty to look at once he has rested. Carly thinks Jack is too close to the case and should let another detective handle it. Jack tells Carly her is just doing his job and Carly tells him to do what he needs to do.

(Monte Carlo warehouse) Carly can’t concentrate enough to sketch designs so she asks Craig to give her the books for the company so she can go over them. Craig distracts her by inviting her to lunch but she reminds him that he told her that he was having lunch with Ellis. Carly decides to have lunch with both of them so Ellis can give her the company books. Carly and Craig are about to leave when Carly gets a note from Jack telling her to meet him at the Lakeview. Carly tells Craig to enjoy his lunch with Ellis because she just got a better offer.

(Old Town) Gabriel bumps into Ellis and steals his cell phone and then he starts looking at all the calls Ellis has been making.

(Hospital) Janet tells Dusty that Liberty’s treatments are working and once he recovers they can have that wonderful future they have been planning. Janet also tells Dusty that she is staying at Carly’s house and although it was awkward at first Carly has been really nice. Janet also tells Dusty that Jack has also been great and he is working very hard to find out who shot him. Dusty apologizes to Janet for not being able to give Jack more information to track down the person who shot him. Janet tells Dusty not to worry because Jack is good at his job and will find the person who shot him. Rocco arrives to check on Dusty and Dusty remembers the confrontation he had with him in front of the house he bought for Janet in which he told Rocco he was going to tell the police that his hardware store is a front for Ralph Manzo’s business.

(Old Town) Gabriel answers Ellis’s phone when it rings and once he hears Craig’s voice he pretends to be Ellis Just giving Craig yes or no answers. Craig asks “Ellis” to make a set of fake books for Carly to see because if she finds out that he has been using Parker’s trust fund to finance Monte Carlo they could both go to jail.

(Lakeview) Carly is surprised when she arrives at the room Jack told her in the note and finds candles, flowers, and a romantic dinner set up for her. Jack tells Carly that he just wanted to remind her that no matter what is going on in their lives they will always find time for each other. Jack also tells Carly that she is the most important person in his life and he doesn’t ever want to make her feel like she is last with him. Jack appreciates how amazing Carly has been with this whole situation with Janet, Liberty and the baby. Carly thinks that Jack is also amazing for helping Janet through Liberty’s illness. Carly tells Jack she will be there to support him in whatever he does then they kiss and make love.

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