ATWT Update Friday 4/2/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/2/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At Tom and Margo’s, Katie helps Chris put up the anniversary streamers and crepe paper bells. He tells her if anyone makes any remarks, just point them to him, he can be chivalrous. Barbara is not pleased that things are delayed as she was planning on surprising Kim and Bob the minute they walked through the door. With all the talk of happy marriages and their longevity, things get uncomfortable for Katie and she makes an excuse about going out on an errand. Tom comes in and approves of all the decorations. Barbara quips it must be a brother thing. He won’t tell them of the little surprise that he has cooked up for Kim and Bob for tonight. Barbara says she has a big surprise for them too. Tom tells her that he hates to tell her this, but he doesn’t think it will ever top the one he has for them.

Margo calls Casey at the hospital and says she shopped before she came to work but she did forget club soda so he should pick that up before he comes over. He says he will be there in time for them to all jump out and scare Kim into another heart attack. She doesn’t think that is funny. He says okay, it’s been a bad day. She doesn’t want anything to spoil this day for Kim and Bob. Alison overhears Casey and approaches and mentions him being back in town. She asks about Gwen and Will and little Hallie. She asks about pictures and he shows her some on his phone. She remarks how incredible it is that Bob and Kim are celebrating 25 years today. He says yeah, makes him want to believe in marriage again…..almost.

Henry can’t get his mind off of Barbara. Katie walks up and insists on knowing who he’s talking to. Margo greets her handsome husband, Tom, and says the place looks good. She regrets to tell him that Andy Dixon won’t be coming as Hope has a bad case of the flu and he can’t get away. Barbara informs them that she has other surprises and she predicts this will be the best moment of Bob and Kim’s lives. It’s about an hour to go and she predicts this will be one anniversary they will never forget.

But the happy couple are not so happy at the moment. Bob says Kim is very serious that she would call it quits just because he won’t get away and spend a couple of days with her at the cabin. She maintains that he sounds like she is pulling him there. All she wanted to do was to celebrate their anniversary. She had the cabin re-done, made sure his schedule was clear, went to a lot of trouble and he is making it sound like it’s absolutely nothing. He corrects her that he did not say he wouldn’t go, just that he’d rather go when they both could enjoy it. He reminds her they can’t get away again so soon; they just got back from a cruise. She says yes, but that was the first vacation they have had in years. And now all she is asking is for one long weekend where they can celebrate their anniversary together and alone. She asks him to remember that last year they both almost died. Maybe there will not be a tomorrow. She doesn’t appreciate it when he says she is over-reacting. She reminds him again that he is supposed to be slowing down, taking it easy and having some time for himself and for them. He doesn’t want her to guilt him into this. She assures him she will stop when he stops putting their lives second.

Bob makes a phone call on a patient and Kim sits and reflects back to Chris Hughes death. Then she told Bob that she never knew anyone who was so unselfish of his time and his love and wisdom….not just with his family but with everybody. He was never bitter with disappointment, and he loved his family. “He was a fine, decent man.” He was a man who was the glue that held everyone together and a miracle to her that she is married to a man just like him. “You are your father’s son in every wonderful way.” When Bob returns, she almost doesn’t hear him. She says she is not giving him the silent treatment. She was just thinking about the day that his dad passed away. It was sad, but she felt such a sense of security, of peace because she knew she had married a man just as generous as his dad was. Chris always was so generous with his time with his family and that is all she is asking Bob to do. He wants to know why it has to be either or the other. He can spend some time at the hospital and still do what she wants. She explains that he has a gazillion doctors and administrators who can fill in for him. They may never get this time back. He doesn’t know where all this talk of death and illness is coming from. They aren’t going to drop dead any minute. She says they could. He agrees they could, but it’s just an irrational argument to manipulate him into doing something that he isn’t available to do. She agrees, but he could make himself available, but he chooses not to…just as he did when Dr. Oliver called and didn’t tell him that he was in the middle of something with his wife on their anniversary and wasn’t available. Bob says she said it was okay. She claims she was only trying to be polite and considerate which is more than she can say for him now.

Chris tracks Dr. Oliver down at the hospital. Chris says he was supposed to find his dad and get him to Tom’s house for the anniversary. Reid says he will when the time is right. Chris thinks he just forgot. Reid says he has an amazing memory. He even remembers this amazing little gadget thingy called the telephone which Chris could have used and spared them the agony of this conversation. Chris says he just wants to make sure that Reid doesn’t blow this off. This anniversary is a big deal to everyone. Reid tells him then to get off his back or he may just forget this amazing little thingy and not call Bob.

Alison runs into Casey in Old Town and he tells her that he is in a hurry. She thought they were okay with everything. She knows he is still mad at her because of their wedding, but she thought……He says yeah, she slept with someone else while they were engaged. She acknowledges that, but they both work at the hospital and even if he hates her, she thought they could be civil. She asks if he can turn down the sarcasm notch; it’s pretty distracting and it might make those they work with and patients uncomfortable. His solution is just not to talk to each other again. He can’t be sarcastic is he’s not talking. Chris walks up and wants to know why Casey is being such a jerk to Alison. Casey thinks a moment and then answers that she cheated on him and wrecked his life. Chris says Alison is hurting to so don’t add to it. He could make a gesture and just invite her to the party.

At Al’s, Henry tells the waitress just to get Katie’s party order. He hopes she is not glum and thinking about Brad. She admits it’s hard with all this anniversary happiness and they barely had one. She’d like to pack more in so she invites Henry to the party as her date. He first says no until he hears her run down the list of who will be there – Barbara. He agrees to go.

Bob tells Kim that he is surprised that she is suddenly surprised that he is so dedicated to his work. She knew that when she married him. His cell phone rings, and Kim hopes it is not Dr. Oliver. It is, but Bob doesn’t listen to a word and tells him this is not a good time.

Chris and Casey argue. Chris says Casey is holding Alison to some marriage vows; it’s his pride talking. He should hold to those same standards if he was that close to marrying her. Casey rushes off and says he is not having this conversation. Katie walks up. She is surprised that he wants Alison at the party. Chris says it is for the same reason that he invited Susan so they can finally put this feud behind them. She asks if he will bring the food over as she has something to do first and will meet him at Tom and Margo’s.

Katie finds Alison at Yo’s and sits down and says she thinks she should come to the party. She thinks it would be good even for Casey even though she broke his heart. It won’t help by keeping her distance. She needs to keep showing up and proving they can get through this. They can at least be friends. Alison says she would love that, but she doesn’t think getting in his face is the way to do it. Katie says at least think about it; she can come as her guest. Alison says she will think about it.

At the Lakeview, Bob asks Kim if she is ready to order. She puts the menu aside and says she is sorry but she has lost her appetite. He asks if they are just going to sit and argue all night. She says no, she can just go to the cabin and do her thing and he can go back to work. He admits in 25 years he has never known her to be selfish. It doesn’t help that Dr. Oliver calls again. Reid tells Bob not to hang up; it’s an emergency. Bob listens as Reid says that Tom says it is about the lawsuit in Texas. They need a strategy session and Tom would like Kim there too at his house. Kim doesn’t even want to hear about this and tells Bob a simple Happy Anniversary.

All the activity is going on at Tom and Margo’s just waiting for Bob and Kim. Chris brings the food. Katie shows up with Henry, and Barbara and he can not take their eyes off each other. Barbara asks where Vienna is and Henry quips “not here.” Barbara warns the group that she saw Bob and Kim earlier and there seemed to be a little tension. Lisa says well that was before. Now that they have had a good supper and Bob gives Kim flowers and they exchange gifts, she thinks all of that feuding has developed into a love fest. They all scoot out of sight as Bob enters and they shout surprise. Only the surprise is on them as Kim is not with him, just Dr. Oliver.

Bob tells everyone that the last thing he expected tonight was a party and he is sorry that he has spoiled it for them. He admits that he and Kim had a bit of a disagreement and she stormed off and turned her phone off so he can’t even call her now. Barbara says she will find her and bring her here. Nancy wants to know what really happened. Bob says it is an old argument but he has never seen her so mad…..he looks at Susan and says well almost never.

Bob relives that time as Kim tells him that she doesn’t want to hear his rationalizations of why he slept with Susan….the five months he was alone while Kim was dealing with Andy….she doesn’t want to hear the circumstances and what she was or wasn’t doing as his wife. He slept with Susan and now he wants her to understand and even forgive. Well he can just forget that. Bob sits down by his mother and pats her on the knee and says this might be very serious to Kim.

Kim sits and looks through a photo album. She remembers their wedding, the honeymoon, them singing. Margo tells Casey that perhaps they should put the food away. Casey spies Alison outside and excuses himself. Alison explains to him that Katie invited her. He tells her it’s okay if she stays, but Kim did not show up so he doesn’t think there will be a party.

Barbara sits down by Kim and chides her if she is going to let one little fight with Bob ruin her anniversary. She mentions that she knows about Bob. She happened to run into him at their surprise party. Kim feels so badly that everyone knew about the party and they were pretending they had forgotten the day. She’s beside herself when she hears that Frannie is going to be here too. Sabrina couldn’t come as she is in Haiti helping with the relief. Frannie was going too but she had a layover and they worked this out. Kim can’t believe they all went to so much trouble. Barbara says it is because they all love her and Bob. Kim admits she is really mad at Bob today and this does not make up for it – to hell with the party. Barbara tells her they have survived bigger hurdles than this. They are Bob and Kim….everyone’s favorite couple. Everyone takes it for granted that they can get through anything. Kim snaps that is the problem…Bob takes her for granted. Barbara says okay maybe he is guilty of being a little too focused on the hospital, but she can not deny that she is the love of his life. She holds out her hand and tells her to let’s go to the party. Reluctantly Kim follows.

Chris tells Dr. Oliver that he did his duty. He brought his father even if Kim didn’t come so he can go now. Reid says he thinks he will stick around a little bit; he hopes it is time to eat. Katie feels badly that she invited Alison and Casey managed to scare her off. Henry wonders when Barbara is returning. Casey finds Nancy sitting on the bed upstairs looking at pictures and thinking about family. He wonders if she is sad seeing pictures of his great grand-dad. She says no; they had a perfectly wonderful time together and it just reminds her that she was so lucky to have chosen him. Casey digs around and finds a jewel box and says it did not work out with Alison so he wants to give this back to Nancy. She takes her ring she gave him earlier and remembers her own 50th wedding anniversary where she told Chris there might be 50 more. She hands the ring back to Casey and says he might not be getting married just yet, but he came from a family of strong marriages and someday he can give this to the girl who is smart enough to choose him. He hugs her and says thanks.

Bob tells Tom and Margo that Kim thinks the object of his affection is the hospital and she is jealous. Lisa says she remembers feeling that way once also. She remembers the day she told Bob that he could forget getting a house for them. It would have to be an apartment as a house was too permanent and close the hospital.

Kim stops outside the house and tells Barbara that she is not sure this is a good idea. She has no intention of letting Bob think this has blown over and she is sweeping this under the rug. Barbara tells her that she does not have to deal with all of that tonight. They can just go in and enjoy her family. Everyone claps when Kim walks in. Bob stands to attention and wishes her a “Happy Anniversary Dear.” Margo gets a phone call and summons Tom to meet her outside so they can discuss the surprise. Chris tells Reid now that he has stuffed his face, he can leave. Reid says no, he thinks he will stick around a little longer. This family is a hell of a lot more interesting than it looks.

Margo and Tom come back in with sheepish looks and have to explain to Kim and Bob that they are not really married. Margo asks them just to listen and they will explain. Tom says it all started when he tried to find the minister that married them 25 years ago. He thought maybe they would like to renew their vows. Someone pipes up that they did renew their vows a few years ago. Lisa says you cannot get married enough. Susan quips that Lisa should know. Margo says they found the minister, but unfortunately he is in jail. He’s a fraud, a con artist who rips people off by pretending he is a man of the cloth. Chris wonders what that makes him. Reid says he always knew he was a bastard, he just didn’t know it was official. Reid thanks them all for the food and the afternoon. He’s sorry it didn’t work out.

Kim gives out a big laugh. It’s ironic – 25 years and suddenly poof, you are not married. Bob tells her not to worry; they can get this straightened out. Kim keeps assuring everyone in the room that she is just fine. Barbara says they are married in every other way than legal and surely must be married under common law. Tom says not in Illinois. Lisa gives a toast of 25 years of living in sin. Who would have thunk it? Nancy says Lisa is not helping matters. Chris says it doesn’t matter. They will just find a real minister and do it right and make it official. Bob says good. They can do this right away and everything will be as it was. Tom says sure they can all come back tomorrow. It won’t be a 25th anniversary, but a wedding. Bob asks Kim what she thinks. Kim asks Margo if she is correct in that for now she is a single woman. Margo says yes until tomorrow. Kim isn’t sure tomorrow will make much of a difference. She tells Bob she is not sure she wants to marry him. Lisa can’t believe she just said that. Kim says she thinks they ought to look at this as a gift, a chance to re-evaluate. Bob says he doesn’t want a chance to re-evaluate. She replies that just as he needed time to work and put off being with her, she now needs time to think and she intends to put off marrying him. He offers that he knows she is still angry at him for not taking their anniversary seriously enough, but they belong together. She speaks up that she is not so sure of that. Bob says he has had enough of this. Is she going to marry him or not?

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