ATWT Update Thursday 4/1/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/1/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Carly’s house) Janet feels restless being waited on by Carly so she offers to do the dishes but Jack and Carly won’t let her lift a finger to help with anything. Carly tells Janet that she should go check on Liberty and when she goes upstairs Jack thanks Carly for being so understanding about Janet and Liberty staying there with them. Carly tell jack that Parker likes having Liberty staying with them so it is no big deal. Jack tells Carly that they should go on a date right now to get away from everything and Carly loves the idea. Carly leaves to get ready for the date and Jack gets an envelope from the lawyer with his divorce papers in it. Jack looks at the papers stunned that they came through so fast and he tells Carly the news that as soon as he and Janet sign the papers he will be a free man. Carly wonders if Jack still wants to divorce Janet since he doesn’t look happy to have gotten the papers. Jack explains that he knows the divorce is the right thing to do but he feels like he has once again failed at marriage and he doesn’t want to celebrate it. Carly yells that she will cancel the marching band and Janet comes downstairs and reminds Jack that he promised to take her to see Dusty. Jack tells Janet the divorce papers arrived and she looks for a pen in her purse but when she can’t find one she looks for a pen in the kitchen. Jack promises Carly they will have their date as soon as he returns from the hospital and Carly tells him that she doesn’t feel like a date anymore and leaves Janet comes out of the kitchen and is surprised that Carly left. Jack catches up to Carly and apologizes but Carly doesn’t want to hear another apology from him and leaves because she needs to get away from everything.

(Monte Carlo warehouse) Gabriel is hooking up the wi fi network for the computer when he hears Craig and Ellis arrives and hides from them. Craig tells Ellis he is worried about the person following him and wonders if that person knows how he is funding Monte Carlo. Craig and Ellis see Gabriel and Craig tells Ellis to call the police but Ellis is put on hold. Gabriel tells Craig his name and that Carly hired him and gave him a key so he could hook up the wi fi network for the computer. Craig tells Ellis to put the phone down and leave him and Gabriel alone to talk. Gabriel thinks Craig is going to fire him but Craig just asks him to return the key and tells him that he can’t be in the warehouse unless he and Carly are there. Gabriel wonders why Craig is so paranoid and Craig tells Gabriel to stop asking so many questions and get back to work.

(TV Station) Katie tells Chris that the show’s website has been flooded with comments about his medical segment and she adds that Kim just might offer him his own show if the medical segment continues to be popular. Chris tells Katie that he just wants to stick to medicine because he couldn’t do television all the time. Chris asks Katie to help him with the decorations for Bob and Kim’s surprise anniversary party today at Tom’s house. Chris also shows Katie a picture of Bob and Kim and asks her if she has an idea on how to make the picture more special. Katie gets some people at work to enlarge the picture Chris gave her and have it framed. Chris is pleased with how the picture turned out and thanks Katie for the idea.

(Lakeview) Kim and Bob have a special anniversary lunch and are about to make a toast with champagne when Reid interrupts because he has to talk to Bob about something important. Kim tells Bob she will leave him alone to talk to Reid and go upstairs to visit Barbara. Bob promises to call Kim when he has finished talking to Reid. Reid tells Bob that a man whose daughter died a year after an operation he performed is suing him for malpractice because the man is grief stricken and looking for someone to blame. Bob wonders if the girl's death was Reid’s fault and he says no it was a risky operation and he gave the girl a year of life she would not have had without the operation. Reid offers to take a leave of absence from the hospital because he doesn’t want his problems to reflect badly on the new hospital wing. Bob won’t hear of it and insists that when someone comes after one of his doctors they have to go through him first so he will handle it. Reid wonders what is in it for Bob and Bob tells Reid that he may be a genius when it comes to medicine but he doesn’t know anything about people. Kim hopes to get some sympathy from Barbara but she doesn’t get it at all. Kim tells Barbara that she hoped that he 25th anniversary would be special and different from any other day. Barbara tells Kim that there is nothing better on her anniversary then to do what she normally does every day. Kim is hurt that Barbara won’t let her sulk and tells Barbara that after 25 years of being a doctor’s wife she should know the hospital always comes first with Bob. Barbara wishes that she could celebrate with Kim but she has plans tonight. Kim gets a call from Bob telling her that his business with Reid is finished and if she comes down now they can have their toast. Kim happily leaves Barbara to go downstairs and finish her toast with Bob. Barbara starts to wrap her anniversary present for Kim and Bob when she gets a call from someone asking if the party is still on Barbara tells the person yes and that she is sure Kim and Bob would love to see them.

(TV Station) Chris asks Katie to help him with ideas for a present for his parents and Chris’s question reminds Katie of the necklace Brad gave her and she shows the necklace to Chris and explains that the big circle represents her and Brad and the little circle inside it is Jacob. Katie cries a little bit and tells Chris that she doesn’t believe in love anymore because love brings so much hurt and suffering. Chris tells Katie that they both still believe in love no matter what they tell everyone and jokes that maybe Katie shouldn’t speak at the party tonight that makes Katie smile and Chris tells her that she is strong, smart, and beautiful and he is sure she will find love again. Katie tells Chris that she will never love anyone like she loved Brad and he tells her that she will find someone to love and that love will be different then it was with Brad but she will be happy again. Chris tells Katie that neither of them should give up on love until they find the right person for them. Chris gets a call from Tom telling him that he is stuck in court so Chris will have to find a way to get Bob to his house for the party. Chris tells Katie that the best thing to do would be to have Reid help get Bob to the house since Reid is more connected to Bob these days. Katie thinks Chris sounds jealous of Bob’s connection to Reid but Chris insists he isn’t jealous and is just happy to work at the hospital.

(Carly’s house) Jack and Janet agree that they loved each other when they got married but then they discovered they were not right for each other and jack is happy that Janet has a bright future with Dusty. Janet gets a call from Reid telling her that Dusty’s condition hasn’t changed. Janet tells jack the news and she worries that Dusty won’t survive. Janet tells Jack that she and Liberty have to make plans about where they will live in case Dusty doesn’t make it. Jack tells Janet that he will still take care of her and Liberty even if they are divorced. Janet reads the divorce papers and notices that there isn’t anything in there about custody of the baby and she wants to work that out before they sign the papers. Jack and Janet argue because they had the papers drawn up before they new that Liberty’s treatments would work so she tells Jack that he doesn’t have to take care of the baby. Jack tells Janet that he is getting excited about being a father again and he intends to be a father to the baby. Jack assures Janet they can be great parents to the baby even if they are divorced. Jack and Janet sign the divorce papers and put an end to their marriage.

(Monte Carlo Warehouse) Gabriel finishes setting up the wireless network and Carly arrives to show Craig her evening gown designs Craig tells Carly her designs ate great and leaves for a meting with Ellis. Carly asks Gabriel his opinion of her designs and he tells her they are nothing he hasn’t seen before so Carly concludes her designs are boring. Carly wonders why Craig told her they were great and Gabriel tells her that Craig would say anything to make her happy. Carly tells Gabriel that a big investor is funding the entire company because he believes in her talent. Gabriel wonders how long it has been since Carly talked to the investor and she says she only had one meeting with him but Craig talks to him all the time. Gabriel asks Carly if she is sure that Craig talks to the investor all the time. Carly thinks Gabriel has a point so she calls the investor and finds out from his secretary that he pulled his money from the company months ago. Craig arrives and Carly throws things at him because she is mad at him for lying to him. Carly tells him she talked to the investor’s secretary and she told him that he pulled out of the company months ago. Craig admits to Carly that he is the investor and the other potential investor pulled out months ago. Carly doubts that she can design for younger women but Craig assures her he believes in her and it doesn’t matter that Gabriel the handy man though her designs were boring. Carly leaves to go home and Craig fires Gabriel for making Carly doubt her talent.

(Lakeview) Barbara arrives and reminds Kim to give Bob his present and she gives him a framed picture of their cabin and tells him that she has arranged for them to go there tomorrow for a second honeymoon. Bob tells him that he can’t leave because he has a meeting with the contractor about the new wing tomorrow. Bob explains to Kim that it is important for him to leave the hospital better then it was when he began working there. Bob tells Kim that he wanted to leave Chris in charge but since he doesn’t want the job he has to get Reid ready to take the chief of staff job. Kim Cries and tells Bob that she worked hard to plan things and make sure that he could get away and she wishes that for once he would put their relationship ahead of the hospital. Kim is angry with Bob as she gets up and tells him happy anniversary before she leaves the table.

(Hospital) Katie asks Reid to help get Bob to Tom’s house for the surprise party he agrees but only if he is invited. Chris doesn’t look happy when Katie invites Reid to the party.

(Carly’s house) Carly asks Jack to give her a hug he does then Janet interrupts and asks Jack to drive her to the hospital. Carly is mad but doesn’t let it out until Jack and Janet are gone. Gabriel arrives and tells Carly Craig fired him and Carly re hires him and asks him to spy on Craig for her.

(Tom and Margo’s house) Chris, Katie and Barbara decorate of the surprise party and Chris displays the picture of Bob and Kim.

(Monte Carlo warehouse) Gabriel overhears Craig telling Ellis that he told a half-truth to Carly and fired Gabriel but now they must get rid of any evidence that Parker’s trust fund is funding Monte Carlo.

(Carly’s house) Jack tells Carly that he filed the divorce papers and he is a free man so since Liberty is asleep upstairs and everyone else is gone they decide to make out on the couch.

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