ATWT Update Tuesday 3/30/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/30/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Minnesota) Liberty is posting an entry for her video blog and she tells the people watching that she is nervous because the doctor is going to tell her if her cancer treatment is working. As she is talking the audience sees the people back in Oakdale.

We see Faith wave to some girls from school as she walks with Holden the girls don’t wave back to her and Holden puts an arm around Faith and hugs her and kisses the top of her head. Liberty continues to narrate from Minnesota and she tells her blog watchers that they should always listen to their parents because when they grow up they will realize that their parents were right and that they are only trying to protect them because they love them. Liberty talks about how last year she was a normal teenager trying hard to fit in with her friends but now she realizes that the most important thing in life is her family.

We see Craig at the Lakeview telling Johnny that he should tell his teacher to call him if he sees a stranger at school again because the most important thing is for him to be safe. Craig gives Johnny a hug and sends him to play and once Johnny is gone Craig has a look of worry on his face because he doesn’t want anything to happen to Johnny.

Liberty tells the blog watchers that at first she didn’t want Jack and Janet to have a baby in order to save her life because she worried that the baby would effect Dusty and Janet’s relationship as well as Carly and Jack’s relationship. Liberty thinks it is cool that she will have a new brother or sister to love and admits to her blog watchers that she has changed and matured since she came to the hospital to undergo the experimental treatment. We see Janet pacing the floor of her hospital room at memorial staring at the engagement ring Dusty gave her Jack arrives and Janet tells him there isn’t any change in Dusty’s condition. Jack advises Janet to go back inside the exam room and wait for the doctor to examine her because she has to concentrate on the baby. Jack promises Janet that if he finds out anything about Dusty he will let her know Janet agrees and Jack helps her get back into bed inside thee exam room and he goes to get her a glass of water.

Liberty talks about how hard it is to cope with serious problems and some people drink and some people distract themselves with work. Carly tries to sketch at her house but she can’t concentrate so she crumples the unfinished sketches and throws her sketch pad and pencil across the room. Molly arrives at Carly’s house because she wants to interview him about Dusty’s shooting.

(Minnesota) Liberty ends her blog posts by telling her viewers that she’s nervous about what the doctor is going to tell her because whether it is good news or bad news it will change her life forever. Liberty asks her viewers to wish her luck then she closes her laptop.

(Carly’s house) Molly asks Carly how she is handling the situation with Jack, Janet, and the baby and Carly tells Molly that she is taking things day by day. Carly hates herself for feeling paranoid that Jack will leave her and stick by Janet and the baby if Dusty doesn’t survive the shooting. Molly tells Carly that just because Jack is supporting Janet through the pregnancy and Liberty’s illness doesn’t mean that he will leave her but Carly can’t help being a little paranoid about the situation. Carly hopes that Dusty recovers so that he and Janet can have a happy life together.

(Minnesota) Liberty feels nervous about what the doctor will tell her and it doesn’t help matters that the doctor is taking a long time to come to her room. Liberty tells Parker that whatever happens she will deal with the situation and Parker corrects her saying that they will deal with the situation together. Parker calls Jack and tells him Liberty is worried because Janet hasn’t come to see her so Jack hands the phone to Janet.

(Memorial) Janet doesn’t want Liberty to worry about the baby or Dusty so she tells Liberty that her plane to Minnesota was delayed because of fog. Janet makes Liberty promise that she will stay positive no matter what the doctor tells her today.

(Old Town) Holden sees that Faith is sad about those girls from school not waving back to her or saying hello even though Faith tells him that she doesn’t care about those girls at all. Holden thinks that Faith’s favorite chocolate chip cookies from al’s diner will make her feel better so he goes to get her some cookies while she waits for him sitting on a bench. Gabriel sees Faith and tells her that he got fired from Fashions because he helped her steal the dress she wore on her first day back to school. Faith wants to turn herself in so that Gabriel can get his job back but he tells her that wouldn’t help him. Holden comes back and wonders that Faith is talking too she lies and says that he is an old friend who needs a job and asks Holden to give him a job doing repairs at the farm. Holden is suspicious of Gabriel and tells Faith he can’t give a job to someone that he has just met. Gabriel is embarrassed and tells Holden that he doesn’t need to give him a job. Gabriel leaves and Faith is annoyed with Holden because she thinks he scared Gabriel away.

(Carly’s house) Molly thinks that she and Carly should have a girls get away but Carly doesn’t want to leave Craig to run Monte Carlo. . Craig arrives and is hurt by Carly’s comments. Molly leaves and Craig wants to see Carly’s sketches and when he sees the crumpled up unfinished sketches he worries that Carly isn’t coping with her work and the problems in her personal life. Craig reminds Carly that if she doesn’t create designs Monte Carlo could go under before it gets off the ground. Carly gives Craig the only finished sketch she has and tells him to manufacture it. Carly heads to the hospital to see how Janet is doing because she can't stand waiting for Jack to call her and tell her about Janet's condition.

(Minnesota) The doctor tells Liberty that her blood count is up to almost normal range and the treatment is working. The doctor tells Liberty she can get out of the plastic isolation bubble and Parker gives her a hug. Liberty smiles and tells Parker that she has a chance to be normal again. Liberty calls Janet who is thrilled by the news and tells her that Dusty was shot and is recovering so she won’t be able to go see her.

(Farm) Faith tells Holden and Molly that Gabriel got fired because he helped her steal a dress from Fashions and that is why she wanted to Holden to give him a job. Faith thinks Holden was unfair to Gabriel and she stomps outside. Molly goes outside to talk to Faith since she has more experience with rebellious teenage girls then Holden.

(Hospital) Craig arrives to give Carly some support but she insists she doesn’t need him to support her because she is handling her problems just fine. Carly walks inside Janet’s room and sees Jack and Jack smiling because they have heard the baby’s heart beat. Carly walks in the room intending to tell Jack about Molly wanting to do a story about Dusty’s shooting but she feels awkward interrupting such a special moment so she starts to leave telling Jack and Janet she didn’t mean to interrupt them. Janet asks Carly to stay and listen to the baby’s heart beat Carly congratulates Janet because the baby has such a strong heart beat but then she can’t take the awkwardness anymore and tells Jack she will see him at home then she leaves the room. A carly walk out into the hallway and Craig wonders how she is doing and Carly says that it is hard but she is doing well. Craig tells Carly she can lean on him if she needs to talk he will listen to her. Carly tells Craig she appreciates the offer but she has done enough talking today.

(Farm) Faith talks to Molly and tells her that Holden is being unfair not to hire Gabriel to work at the farm. Molly reminds Faith that Gabriel helped her steal a dress from Fashions that doesn’t exactly lead anyone to trust him. Faith Cries and tells Molly she feels badly because she was responsible for Gabriel being fired and she was just trying to make things right. Molly asks Faith if she can borrow her phone because she has an idea that could make everybody happy.

(Hospital) Jack tells Janet that she needs to get some rest but Janet tells him that she doesn’t have anywhere to go because she and Dusty were making plans to move into their new house when he got shot. Jack tells Janet that she can continue to stay with him and Carly until Dusty recovers but Janet thinks Carly will be upset. Jack assures Janet that Carly won’t mind because she wants the baby to be born healthy.

(Monte Carlo factory) Carly finds a bottle that someone sent to Craig to wish him success with Monte Carlo. Carly opens the bottle and smells it and tries really hard to resist temptation but pours herself a glass and is about to drink it when Gabriel arrives to interrupt him. Gabriel tells Carly that he is there for the job interview and Carly looks confused and explains that Gabriel is the guy she spoke to her about on the phone. Gabriel admits that he doesn’t have any experience in the Fashion business even though he worked at Fashions for a little while. Molly begs Carly to please give Gabriel a job because it would really help her and Gabriel. Carly tells Gabriel that he can have a job doing filing and basic clerical work Gabriel and Molly both thank Carly and Carly tells Gabriel to be at work bright and early the next morning. Once Gabriel and Molly leave Carly pours the drink into a plant and throws the bottle in the garbage.

(Farm) Holden goes out to the porch to talk to Faith and tells her that he and Lily are really worried about her behavior lately. Faith doubts that Lily even cares about her and she cries because she has made such a mess of her life and Liberty is in the hospital fighting for her life. Holden holds Faith as she sobs and apologizes to him for making so many mistakes.

(Minnesota) Liberty wants to go home and continue a he treatment because she feels Janet needs her at home right now. Liberty asks Parker to help her go home but he tells her that they should wait for her to finish her treatment and she is in remission then she can go home. Liberty asks parker to get her a soda and once he is gone Liberty calls Faith and asks for her help to go back home.

(Outside the Monte Carlo factory) Craig senses somebody following him and yells for the person to come out. Craig tells the person not to come near Johnny again and tells the person that he will discover his identity. The person starts to run and Craig chases the person but he quickly loses the person. We see an out of breath Gabriel watching Craig from a distance.

(Farm) Molly arrives to tell Faith and Holden that she got Gabriel a job at Monte Carlo and Faith is so happy she runs to give Molly a hug. Faith goes inside the house and Holden gives Molly a thank you kiss before he goes to call Lily and tell her the details of Faith’s latest teenage crisis.

(Carly’s house) Janet and jack arrive and Janet still doesn’t think that Carly will be okay with her staying at the house. Carly walks in and Jack asks her if Janet can stay at the house until Dusty recovers because her house is closer to the hospital in case Janet has more cramps. Carly forces a smile and tells Jack that it make sense that Janet stay there until Dusty recovers. Carly asks jack and Janet if they are hungry and when they say yes she goes into the kitchen to make lunch. Carly vents her frustration and releases he tension by chopping vegetables for lunch.

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