ATWT Update Friday 3/26/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 3/26/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

Lily comes home and finds Faith on her laptop, uncommunicative and crying….and on top of that she is wearing the dress that Lily had forbid her to have so she wants to know when Faith went back and bought it.

Parker visits Craig at his new office and questions him about his trust fund having more charges than it should. Craig assures him that all is okay and he will take care of it. Carly drops in on Jack and brings his favorite suit. She wants him to be at the opening of the new Vodka business. He is sorry to decline, but Janet has a doctor’s appointment and he promised to go with her. She realizes this is important and Janet’s baby trumps her new business. She wishes Janet good luck. Dusty is with Janet and she promises that she will be fine with Jack; just go get them that house.

Jack accompanies Janet to the doctor and bombards him with a million questions before he will get out of the way. Dusty is at Metro when Terry’s father comes in. He doesn’t trust Dusty even if he does own this place. Terry tells him not to start. He helps himself at the bar. Jack skips out early leaving Dusty to be with Janet. He’s pleased that all went well with the doctor, now he has more good news for her. He takes her to “our house”. She gushes that is the only thing she has ever wanted; her own home and now this is perfect. She wants to go inside and look at it and he hands her a heart shaped keychain. She says she feels more thankful than she has in a very long time and it’s all because of him.

Rocco shows up as Janet walks into the house. He tells Dusty that he is looking for his no-good daughter and figures she has to be there with Dusty. He claims that his daughter is catting around just like she did twenty years ago. Dusty grabs him by the collar and tells him that he is drunk, so get lost. Rocco says he will be sorry that he talked to him like that.

Faith pouts and cries despite Lily trying to get her not to beat up on herself. They will work this out. Parker comes in and Lily offers her jet to fly him and Faith to Minneapolis to see Liberty. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for Faith to see others have more serious problems than hers.

Craig introduces his first clients to Carly and tells them that he will give them a tour of the warehouse very soon. Carly says it feels nice to be appreciated. She’s ecstatic when Jack shows up. Craig receives a letter and when he opens it, it is a page with magazine cut-out letters saying “Nice Party….enjoy it while you can.” He looks around to see who it might be from.

Jack tells Carly that she looks fantastic and she quips that she feels like he is trying to charm her right out of the dress. Craig wants to borrow her for five minutes and shows her the note. She thinks someone is just being a punk and he should just go with the flow. It’s probably just from some of the competition. She goes back to Jack and asks him to help her work the room. Craig can’t quit looking at the note.

Parker tells Faith that no one forced her to smoke pot or pop pills, so he is not going to offer any apologies. And here she is outside of Liberty’s room feeling all sorry like it is all about herself that some cheerleaders wouldn’t have lunch with her today.

At the farm, Janet shows Terry some pictures of the new house. She tells Terry that she knows Liberty still has a long road ahead of her, but like she told Dusty she feels more hopeful now than in a long time. Janet senses some misgivings from Terry every time she mentions their dad. Terry tells her that she is way off base here; nothing is wrong. She just doesn’t want Janet to expect too much or get her hopes up. Janet thinks he has changed and now is back in her life and she wants that. She feels good about her life now and she feels like her pop can be proud of her now. Terry tells her that all she should be focused on now is Liberty and the new baby and Dusty. Don’t look back on the past that you can’t change.

Dusty returns to Metro where a stranger pulls a gun on him. Dusty reaches into his pocket for cash only to find the man isn’t interested in that. Dusty asks who sent him – Ralphie or Rocco? He manages to grab the coffee pot sitting on the counter and slams it into the guy’s face and they grapple for the gun.

Liberty tells Faith that she is so glad they came. Parker is amazing and she doesn’t know what she would do without him. Parker tells her that when she is better he will take her on a cross country tour from Dollywood to Hollywood, New Orleans to Graceland and all the places in between. She can feel the sun on her face now, but seriously she says if they can’t go together she wants him to promise to do that. Faith says that Liberty is lucky to have someone to love her like Parker does.

Craig shows Ellis the note and asks if he thinks anyone knows he has been dipping into Parker’s trust fund money. Ellis tells him just to go buy himself a drink and relax. Craig thinks that is a good idea. Carly thanks Jack for being there; he inspires her to greatness. He thinks that hot little number she has on did that. They make a date to stop by Metro. When they arrive, no one is there. She is disappointed that she won’t get one of those little cheese things. He promises to take her somewhere else and she can get anything she wants with cheese on it.

Craig gets into the elevator and it goes bonkers and throws him to his feet. Jack and Carly run into Terry in Old Town and she assures him that Metro is open, probably just busy with a party tonight. They should go back for dinner. They enter again and it’s like the first time; just vacant. Carly gasps when she sees a body on the floor behind the bar – it’s Dusty.

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