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As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/25/10


Written By Eva
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(Lily’s house) Lily tells Faith that her school transfer came through and she can start Oakdale High tomorrow but Faith tells her that she doesn’t want to return to school. Lily tries to cheer up Faith by offering to take her shopping for new clothes but Faith makes it clear that she doesn’t want to go shopping with Lily. Faith asks Lily to take her to the farm so she can visit Holden so Lily agrees although she looks hurt that Faith didn’t want to go shopping with her.

(Java) Holden wonders how Luke is feeling about his breakup with Noah and Luke admits that he has his good and bad days. Luke tells Holden that he felt the break up was coming because Noah has changed a lot since the accident and Noah didn’t think he could be with him if he was going to be blind for the rest of his life. Holden tells Luke not to give up hope because two people who love each other as much as he and Noah do can’t break their strong connection so easily. Luke tells Holden that it is ironic that the doctor who could give Noah his sight back dislikes him so much that he can’t stand to see him with Noah.

(Al’s Diner) Bob explains to Reid that Henry’s donation to the hospital won’t be enough to build the costly hospital wing that he (Reid wants to build. Bob shows Reid some things in the building plan that could be postponed but Reid tells Bob that if they can’t build the wing the right way they may as well not build it all.

(Hospital) Katie talks to Chris about the medical segment for her show and tells him she wants him to give advice about vaccinations for children. Chris tells Katie that he will be there right on time and Katie assures him the segment will be great. Once Katie is gone Chris admits to Alison that he is scared that he won’t do well on TV because he tends to be a little intense when people ask him for medical advice. Alison advises Chris to be himself and he asks her to come to the studio with him and give him signals when she feels he is getting too intense. Alison tells Chris she would feel awkward showing up at the TV station that Kim Hughes after what she did to Casey. Alison also doesn’t think it would be right to go to the station with Chris since Casey is out of town but she assures Chris he will do a fine job on television.

(Outside Al’s Diner) Reid tells Katie that the money that Henry donated won’t be enough to build the new wing for the hospital. Katie volunteers to have a fundraiser on her show but Reid tells her he needs millions of dollars. Katie laughs and wonders if Reid knows someone who is very rich and Reid tells her he does know someone he could ask for the money.

(Farm) Faith asks Molly to go shopping with her for school clothes and Molly says yes Lily is confused because Faith didn’t want to go shopping with her. Faith tells Lily that she likes the way Molly dresses better then the way she dresses so she wants to go shopping with her. Lily tells Molly that she got what she wanted and Molly tells Lily it was never her intention to come between her and Faith. Faith pouts and sulks as she goes to the car to wait for Lily. Lily leaves and Molly tells Holden that it is best that she end their relationship so that Faith won’t use her to hurt Lily. Holden appreciates Molly’s offer but he doesn’t want to give up their relationship and he assures her that he and Lily can handle things with Faith. Molly is happy that Holden turned down her offer and she and Holden kiss for a few minutes.

(Java) Luke knows Reid wants something from him when he starts making small talk and being nice to him. Luke tells Reid to tell him what he wants so that he can go back to being himself. Reid asks Luke for funding for the hospital wing and Luke gloats a little that after Reid made fun of him many times for having money now he needs money from him. Luke asks Reid to tell him the whole story about why the man accused him of murdering his daughter the other day. Reid again tells Luke that he gave the girl a year of life she wouldn’t have had otherwise by operating on her and then she died and her father is hurting. Reid refuses to tell Luke anything more and tells him that if he is going to have to answer so many questions to get the money then he doesn’t need his money.

(Hospital) Bob offers Alison a promotion to head nurse on her floor and she thinks she is too young and inexperienced to be head nurse. Bob says that is true but she has compassion and leadership ability two qualities that are very important in a head nurse. Alison is flattered and after Bob tells her once again that he wants her to take the job she accepts the promotion.

(TV Station) Chris comes off intense and a bit scary during his run through with Katie and after trying to loosen up nothing is working until Alison arrives and tells Chris to hold Jacob and pretend he is giving advice to Katie when she arrives for an appointment at the hospital. The advice works so well and Chris is so great that Katie also asks Alison to be in the segment with Chris so that he can feel at ease. Alison agrees to be in the segment after some coaxing from Katie and Chris.

(Fashions) Faith and Lily argue when Lily wants Faith to wear some conservative clothes to school and Faith wants to wear a sexy dress. Lily won’t let her buy the dress so when Lily turns her back to pick and pay for the clothes Faith takes the dress off the hanger and puts it inside her backpack. A young employee named Gabriel tells Faith that she won’t get out of the store with the dress because of the security tag so he helps her take the tag off and she puts the dress back inside her backpack. Faith tells Lily she will wait outside for her to finish paying for the clothes.

(Outside Fashions) Parker confronts Faith about leaving drugs in his room and Faith admits she did it because he is perfect now and he never gets into trouble. Parker wants to tell Lily and Holden the truth and when Lily arrives Faith tells her that Parker is mad at her because she hasn’t called or visited Liberty. Parker begrudgingly backs up Faith’s lie but when Lily heads for the car Parker makes it clear to Faith that is the last time he will cover for her. Faith tells Parker that those drugs were not hers she was just holding them for a friend and Gabriel arrives and tells Parker the drugs belong to him. Parker tells Gabriel not to make Faith keep drugs for him and he promises he won’t do it again. Gabriel leaves and Parker tells Faith not to hang around with that guy anymore.

(TV Station) Katie encourages Alison to give Chris another chance because they could possible make a good personal couple as well as a professional team. Alison can’t forget about her past with Chris but Katie advises her to be open to a future with him.

(Old Town) Molly makes it clear to Faith that her game of pitting her and Lily against each other won’t work. Faith insists that she isn’t playing a game but Molly knows better then to believe Faith. Molly tells Faith to work out her issues with her mother and Faith tells Molly she isn’t being a good possible stepmother.

(Java) Luke tells Lily that when he found Faith after Damian took them she was high on prescription medicine. Luke tells Lily that he thought it was only a one-time thing but Faith has been acting strangely ever since she returned home. Lily tells Luke Faith was suspended from school for having pot in school.

(Hospital) Bob advises Reid to try and make some friends and put down roots in Oakdale but Reid tells Bob that he doesn’t have time to listen to his speech because he has to see patients.

(Lily’s house) Luke tells Holden about Faith taking pills and Holden tells Luke that they will handle things from here. Lily gets angry when Holden suggests that she keeps prescription pills in the house. Faith arrives and at first denies she used pills then she admits it and says she isn’t an addict like Lily. Faith also blames Lily bringing Damian into the house and tells her that is why she started taking pills.

(Hospital) Luke tells Reid that his grant for the wing has been approved and a representative of the foundation will come by with a blank check for him to fill out. Luke tells Reid that he has two conditions the first is that Noah can’t find out about his donation because he will accuse him of trying to buy his love. The second is that he wants input on the decisions made about the new wing. Reid isn’t happy about the second condition but agrees to the deal and he and Luke shake hands.

(TV Station) Kati has a great segment with her new medical consultants Chris and Alison and after it is over Alison returns to the hospital. Katie advises Chris to allow Alison to come to him if she wants a more personal relationship and also tells him to be open to a future with her.

(Java) Molly asks Parker to keep an eye on Faith and if she is headed for trouble he should let her know. Parker agrees to help Molly but wonders why she is getting involved and Molly says that someone has to keep Faith out of trouble.

(Fashions) Faith goes to look for Gabriel and the sales girl tells her he is gone and she has no idea where he lives or his phone number.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Holden faith is right she is responsible for hurting and splitting up her family because she married Damian. Holden assures Lily that will handle Faith’s problems together.

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