ATWT Update Tuesday 3/23/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/23/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Carly’s house) Janet doubles over in pain from her cramps and Jack and Dusty panic and start to argue over which one of them is going to take Janet to the hospital until Carly orders both of them to help Janet to the couch to lay down and put up her feet.

(Lakeview) Craig wonders if Johnny has been playing with the things inside his desk because the things in his desk drawer are out of place and he noticed some important files missing yesterday. Craig asks Johnny if he has been playing with papers on or inside his desk but Johnny tells him that he hasn’t been playing in or around his desk. Craig worries that someone could have discovered he has been taking money from Parker’s trust fund and if anyone finds out he could be in trouble. Barbara arrives at the bar and sees Henry with Vienna and starts to leave but Vienna tells Henry that it is time she made peace with Barbara and invites her for a drink. Barbara doesn’t think that is a good idea and neither does Henry so Barbara tells Henry and Vienna she is waiting for a date but she really isn’t waiting on anyone. Barbara sees Craig getting off the elevator and calls him over Craig is confused when Barbara goes to sit with him and starts asking him about Monte Carlo and how the company is doing and he also wonders why Barbara is being nice to him. Henry is jealous of Craig and Vienna tells him that Barbara has questionable taste in men. Vienna wants to go to another restaurant to eat but Henry tells her that he wants to order oysters and champagne and go upstairs to his room and he makes sure to say it loudly so Barbara can hear him. Vienna tells Henry that she will order the oysters and champagne and while Henry waits on her he interrupts Craig and Barbara’s conversation and takes Barbara aside to talk to her about Craig. Barbara tells Henry she understands he wants to be with Vienna so she is moving on with her life. Henry tells Barbara that she doesn’t have to try and make him jealous with Craig but Barbara insists that she isn’t trying to make him jealous she is only having some fun. Vienna tells Henry she doesn’t want to wait for him anymore and she takes Henry by the arm and they head to the elevator with their champagne and oysters.

(Carly’s house) Janet’s doctor isn’t available so Carly’s doctor is kind enough to make a house call and check on Janet. The doctor asks everyone but Janet’s husband to leave the room so she can examine Janet but Dusty doesn’t want to leave the room and Jack wants him to leave and they argue back and forth about who should leave the room. Carly puts an end to the argument by suggesting the doctor and Janet go upstairs for the examination since it is quiet up there and Janet will be more comfortable for the examination. Dusty and jack argue about which one of them should help Janet upstairs and Carly once again puts an end to the argument by telling the guys that she and the doctor will help Janet walk up the stairs to the room. Carly tells Dusty and Jack to calm down and wait until the doctor has examined Janet once Carly goes upstairs Dusty and Jack give each other a “see what you did” look and then turn away from each other as they both anxiously wait for news about Janet’s condition. Once upstairs Carly helps Janet get into her bed and Janet admits to Carly that this whole situation makes her feel awkward Carly tells Janet that she feels the same way but she will do anything for the sake of the baby. Janet asks Carly to reassure Dusty because he is probably more scared then he seems because before Jennifer died the doctors told him she was going to be okay and then she died. Carly wonders why Janet isn’t worried about how Jack feels and Janet tells her that she isn’t worried about Jack because Jack has her (Carly) to reassure him but Dusty only has her in his life. Carly goes downstairs and tells Dusty and Jack that the doctor is still examining Janet but cramps are normal in the first months of pregnancy and the doctor will probably just suggest that Janet get some rest. Dusty tells Carly that he would rather hear that from the doctor and then he and Jack begin to argue because Jack thinks that Carly knows what she is talking about sine she has had children of her own. The doctor comes down and tells everyone that Janet is fine but just as a precaution she should stay in bed for two days and avoids stress Carly repeats that louder so the guys can hear it and then walks the doctor to the door. Dusty wants to take Janet to his place and take care of her but Jack reminds her the doctor just told them that Janet should stay in bed and not move Jack thinks Janet should stay there for two days something that surprises Carly but she takes it all in stride and says that Janet can stay for two days since both Jack and Dusty agree that it is what is best for Janet. Dusty goes upstairs to see Janet and Jack wonders if Carly is okay with all of this Carly admits that this isn’t the best situation for her but she will do anything for the baby. Janet tells Dusty that she feels awkward staying in Carly’s bed and in her house but Dusty tells her it is what is best for the baby. Dusty reminds Janet that soon they will be a happy family living in their beautiful dream house. Janet smiles when she hears Dusty refer to the baby as his child and then she gives him a kiss and Jack sees them and waits until they are finished to enter the room. Jack wonders if Janet wants something to drink and she says she would love some tea but Dusty says caffeine is bad for the baby so Jack offers some hot chocolate and Dusty and jack argue about which drink is best for the baby. Carly arrives sees that Janet looks stressed and tells the guys to go downstairs and let Janet rest. Dusty and Jack continue the argument downstairs and Carly once again puts a stop to it by saying she is going out to buy some groceries and she will buy some decaffeinated hot chocolate. Carly tells Dusty and Jack if they are going to keep arguing then they should do it quietly so that Janet doesn’t hear them.

(Lakeview) Henry and Vienna kiss and begin to make love but then Henry stops and admits to Vienna that “ the mind is willing but the flesh is limp.” Vienna worries because this has never happened to Henry before he has always been ready to go at anytime. Vienna wonders if Henry still loves her and he tells her that he does love her he is just worried that she will leave him again so maybe that is why he can’t perform. Craig thinks that Barbara knows that he is using Parker’s trust fund to fund Monte Carlo or that she might want to steal Carly’s designs and is guilty of cooperate espionage. Ellis agrees that he could be on to something so Craig tells him to cover their tracks well before Barbara can find out anything about what he is doing. Craig also worries that Carly could find out and that could put an end to the company. Carly arrives just as Ellis is leaving and wonders if Craig is hiding something from her. Craig tells Carly that he fears that he is being stalked or that Barbara is trying to steal her designs and Carly smiles at the idea that Craig is being stalked but then stops herself when she sees he is serious and Craig assures her that he can handle it. Carly tells Craig that she came to try and do some work and escape her family situation for a while. Craig wonders if Carly really wants to work since she has so much going on in her personal life. Carly tells Craig that work is the only thing keeping her sane and she needs to work to give her strength to handle her personal life. Carly tells Craig that Jack and Dusty can’t stop arguing about every aspect of Janet’s care but she is determined to take it all in stride until the baby is born.

(Carly’s house) Janet tells jack she doesn’t have a tempeture Dusty fells Janet’s forehead and says that she doesn’t have a tempeture but jack insists on putting the thermometer in her mouth and then Dusty argues that Janet just had hot chocolate and the reading won’t be accurate. Jack tells Dusty that if he hasn’t insisted on taking Janet to Santo Domingo the baby’s life wouldn’t be in jeopardy Janet gets upset and Dusty tells Jack that he is upsetting Janet so he should stop talking now.

(Lakeview) Barbara looks at herself in the mirror and is sad because she is older and Vienna is young and that is why Henry went back to Vienna. Barbara has a daydream where she walks into Al’s diner using a walker and a hearing aid and she sees Henry telling Vienna that he doesn’t know why he ever slipped and gave Barbara hope that he could be with an older woman lile her when he had a gorgeous young girlfriend like Vienna. Barbara asks for a glass of water and Henry brings it to her and she puts her dentures inside the glass. Barbara screams and tells herself that won’t happen because she intends to fight for Henry. Vienna wants to play a new game to get Henry going but he tells her that nothing will work he just needs his space.

(Fashions) Barbara arrives to buy the red dress that Henry picked out for her and panics when she can’t find it on the rack. Thee saleslady finds it and Barbara puts on the dress and heads back to the Lakeview.

(Lakeview) Vienna is upset with Henry and tells him that she’s sorry that she ever came back to Oakdale. Barbara arrives in time to see Vienna leave Henry’s room. Henry is sad and has his head down as he pours himself a drink. Barbara wonders what is wrong and Henry tells her that he is less then a man and he needs to be alone. Barbara starts to leave and Henry looks up to see Barbara who looks beautiful in the red dress he gave her. Henry is speechless and all he can say is that Barbara looks wow and Barbara thanks him for the compliment and as she turns to leave she smiles pleased at Henry’s reaction to her in the dress. Henry follows Barbara to her room to thank her for wearing the dress he bought her and once again all he can say is wow when he looks at her. Henry starts to leave but then he closes the door to the room and he and Barbara make love. Henry wonders why he can’t make love to Vienna and Barbara suggests that maybe he and Vienna aren’t meant to be anymore. Henry tells Barbara he has been considering that possibility. Vienna calls to apologize to Henry for the way she acted earlier and wants him to meet her at Al’s diner to talk. Barbara tells Henry to go talk to Vienna and Henry gives Barbara a kiss and tells her that she is an amazing woman. Once Henry is gone Barbara sheds a tear because Henry didn’t stay with her and refuse to go to Al’s to meet Vienna.

(Carly ‘s house) Carly and Dusty talk while Carly puts away the groceries and Dusty wonders how Carly feels about this situation. Carly tells Dusty that she isn’t worried because her relationship with Jack is strong. Janet asks jack to stop fighting with Dusty and apologizes to him for not telling him about the trip to Santo Domingo. Janet tells jack it is best that they divorce because they were not happy anymore and she’s happy with Dusty and he is happy with Carly. Janet tells jack that she will never regret their marriage and a –part of her will always love him and Jack tells Janet the same thing and Carly overhears the last part of the conversation.

(Lakeview) Craig calls Barbara from the bar and asks her if she wants you have lunch with him tomorrow. Barbara accepts the invitation because she wants to make Henry jealous. Someone breaks into Craig’s room looks at a picture of Johnny on Craig’s desk then looks at Craig’s appointments through his desk.

(Carly’s house) Janet thanks Carly for letting her stay at the house and then Dusty arrives as Carly is headed downstairs. Janet asks Dusty to get her a divorcee as soon as possible because she wants a future with him. Jack tells Carly that he and Janet were just saying good- bye to their marriage relationship and she once again understands about it. Carly admits to Jack that this is difficult for her and now she worries that Jack will think of Janet when they make love in their bed. Jack reminds Carly that he doesn’t just love her in their bed they have made out, kissed and made love in every part of the house. Jack tells Carly that this is their time to be together and nothing will pull them apart again.

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