ATWT Update Monday 3/22/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/22/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Holden tells Lily and Molly that Faith isn’t picking up her phone. Lily finds this hard to believe that Faith is doing drugs; they taught her about that. Molly thinks she is a rebelling teen and that Damian was holding that over her head to make her do what he wanted. Holden wonders why Molly didn’t tell him before. Faith promised she would tell them. Lily is irate; how could she not say anything; Faith was scared and would say anything. She was trying to stay out of her family problems, which is what she thought she would want her to do, Molly answers. Oh no, she better not turn this on her; if something happened to Faith then she will hold her personally responsible, Lily snarls.

At his home, Faith shows up surprising Parker. What is she doing here. She has a few days off. JJ doesn’t have time off. It is just her dorm – rodent problem; isn’t he glad to see her. Yes, but what is she doing there. She came to hang out; she didn’t think it was a big deal. How did she get in the house. She knows where his mom keeps the spare key; can she stay.

Downstairs, Jack comes in the house with some books. What are they for, Carly wonders. They are books on pregnancy. Carly scowls slightly and then reminds him that it hasn’t changed in all these years. Jack keeps mumbling about being concerned about Janet being healthy and taking care of herself. He wants to help. Janet will ask if she needs him. Why don’t they do something for themselves, Carly asks. Like what. Let people know they are together. Jack teases about it being like a public statement. No, just to let people know they are together no matter what…if that is what he wants, as Jack stares at her.

In his suite, Janet and Dusty are talking about her getting an annulment; he is anxious for her to be free. She cautions that it takes time. He could pay off someone – like the preacher. She tells him jokingly to stop mocking her religion. He just wants to be with her. She is here with him, as they kiss deeply. Janet stops herself soon after. What is wrong. She can’t be with him, as she gets up. This is happening so fast. It feels right though. She has so much on her mind and so much to worry about. She needs to tell him something; she has been praying for Liberty since she got sick, and she feels like if she is happy then it will jinx her ability to get better; she feels like she is hedging her bets. Liberty’s life is too important. She also just can’t be with him when she is married to Jack. She wants to be with him so much, but right now, she doesn’t know how to make it happen. He does.

Holden takes Molly aside and wonders why she didn’t tell him about Ms Gibson calling for him earlier. Lily interrupts; he really can’t figure that out; she was trying to score points with him and now it backfired. Molly defends that she didn’t use Faith to score points by trying to be her new best friend. Molly thinks she needs to get over herself. Lily thinks that teenaged girls rebel against their mothers often and then add that there is a divorce and a new girlfriend. Molly interrupts by reminding her that Faith’s rebellion has nothing to do with her. Lily laughs, but Holden doesn’t think this is helping. Lily angrily doesn’t want him defending his new girlfriend to her when their daughter is missing because of her. Holden tells her that he has had enough; he is going to go look for her himself. Not without her, Lily cautions. They both start to leave. When Holden asks Molly to call him if Faith checks in, Lily snaps about this time letting her parents in on what is going on.

Parker wonders why she wants to stay there. She just does. Ok. He seems off. He has a lot of stuff on his mind. She knows Liberty is sick and it must be hard on him. He can’t imagine what she is going through each day. She knows he helps her out. He tries. The situation sucks but he thinks they got closer because of it. He is a good friend. When there is trouble and people should step up. That is when you know who your real friends are Faith finishes. She is hungry; can he get her something to eat. She can come down with him. She just used the hidden key so that might be weird. It was, but he won’t say anything. She just doesn’t want to see anyone. She hears a car pull up and is immediately nervous. She sees it is her parents and starts to get anxious. She can’t see her parents; they can’t know she is here; he has to promise not to tell anyone she is there. Parker wants to know what is really going on.

Downstairs, Jack tells Carly that it isn’t just about them. Who else. He is still married to Janet. It is over. They shouldn’t put their relationship out there until he speaks to Janet. She is not going to run her personal life by Janet. He is trying to be respectful. Why because she is running around engaged to Dusty. Holden and Lily anxiously looking for Faith interrupt Jack and Carly; have they seen her. No. They figured since she is close with Parker. What happened because they thought she was at school. It is a long story, but they dropped her at school, didn’t walk her in and now she is gone. Lily adds that Molly made it worse. Carly wonders why. She kept quiet knowing there was a problem. Carly doesn’t believe it. She admitted it and she will give her two guesses as to why she did it. Jack steps in between them to diffuse the situation telling them that they will go to the station and see what they can find out. They head out, as Jack promises Carly that they will talk later. She smirks and answers that she can’t wait.

Upstairs, Parker wonders why she got suspended. Pot. Is she kidding. It is not a big deal. It is. She ran away when she got caught. She didn’t want to deal with it; he has no idea what she has gone though. Oh, her life is so tough, a sarcastic Parker answers. Why is he being like that. Because he watched, Liberty get sick, go through grueling treatments, be stuck in an isolation room and might need a bone marrow transplant before she graduates high school so it makes hiding from her parents stupid; she needs to talk with them. She can’t. If he gets caught, he will get in trouble and he won’t be able to see Liberty. Fine, she will leave. Where will she go. No worries. Wait. She can stay; he will get some food and then they can talk. She listens for him to go downstairs and then takes out a plastic baggy from her pocket with some rolled joints inside. Parker calls out for his mom and dad, as he is going downstairs; there is no answer so he starts to get some food when Carly comes in the kitchen. She sees all the food. Nervously, Parker tells her that he didn’t know she was there. She can see that; the question is who else is in the house. Parker tells her that there is noone else with him; he is a growing boy. She tells him that Lily and Holden are looking for Faith. Why. She left boarding school; they thought she would contact him. He hasn’t but, she always contacts them in the end. She admits that she was going to tell them about she and Jack getting back together, but they were too focused on Faith. There doesn’t seem to be a good time to start sharing the news and she is beginning to think there might never be. It might seem strange that they are getting together when his dad and Janet are having a baby. She wants him to know that their reconciliation is very real for them. He knows that. She is glad. He wants them happy. She knows things have been tough for him this yeat, but he has been amazing and has grown up a lot. He has learned to do the right thing and she is very proud of him. Carly tells him that she will see him later, as he guiltily looks upstairs.

At the station, Holden is talking to the school and Lily is on the phone with Faith’s friends and has heard nothing real. She was seen at school, but she took off and nothing more has been reported. Jack is also on the phone with his contacts putting the word out to be on the look out for her too. His phone rings soon after he hangs up and Lily is hopeful it is someone with news about Faith.

Up in Parker’s room, Faith has a joint in her hand, as she goes through his stuff looking for a lighter. She hears Parker coming and hides the baggy of drugs under his bed. Parker tells her that he told his mom that he hasn’t seen her, but she saw him with all the food and he thinks she might be keen to something. He wants to take her to the farm. She doesn’t want to go, but he tells her that there are a lot of places to hide there, but there aren’t here. She will get caught if she stays here. He holds out his hand and promises she won’t be found. Faith takes it and then heads out with him leaving her baggy behind.

At Al’s, Molly is having coffee when Carly walks in; she saw her through the window. She might want to hide out since Lily is on the warpath, but she defended her. She is fine, but annoyed. How did she wind up the bad guy when she tried to do the right thing. Is she surprised because she is the other woman. She isn’t because that implies that she got together with Holden when he was still with Lily. She left Holden for Damian; she loves Holden. She wants Lily to leave them alone. She needs to come to terms that it is over for them.

At the farm, Parker and Faith walk into the kitchen where Lily and Holden are waiting for them. He sold her out. He did it for her. Lily tells Faith that they were worried sick; they are no mad, but they need to talk about what is going on. Faith wheels on Parker and glares at him; she can’t believe he ratted her out; he is supposed to be her friend. He is. Yeah right, as Faith stomps out of the kitchen with Holden and Lily near behind. Holden thanks him and promise she is just angry.

Janet can’t believe that Dusty wants her to fly to Santa Domingo to get a divorce. She can’t do that to Jack; he needs to be involved. She can fax him the papers. She doesn’t feel right about leaving the country with Liberty in the hospital. Terri is staying with her. How does he know. He knows everything about her life and the people she cares about. They will be back in less then a day. He thinks they should do this. She doesn’t know. This is happening so fast. Does she want to be with him or not. Janet looks at her reflection in the mirror with Dusty standing behind her. She tells him that she wants to be with him, but can he understand she feels she is on a speeding train. She knows he wants to fix everything, but he can’t. It seemed she was just happy with Jack just a short time ago, then Brad died and it all changed. He wants to be her husband and he doesn’t want to waste anymore time. She wants to be with him too. Then what doe she say. Yes, Janet finally says happily, as they kiss.

Back at home, Lily and Holden are sitting with Faith; they think they should talk about her drug use. Faith jumps up; she is not a drug user; it was pot. Lily is defensive now; she doesn’t care because she was taught to know better. She knows she has a problem with pills and Luke has problems with alcohol. She is not her, Faith snaps. She can be prone to it because of her family history. She gets caught with some pot and everyone is making such a big deal. She just wanted to fit in. Then she is trying to fit in with the wrong group. She has no friends and won’t be getting any, but she just was tired of feeling like a loser 24/7. It takes time to make friends at a new school. She doesn’t belong there. Why didn’t she talk to them. Faith snaps that it wouldn’t have mattered because they shipped her off. No, she was the one who sold them on this school with her big pitch. Holden tells her that she is not going to turn this on them; she was the one suspended and caught with drugs. They don’t care the reasons. Neither does she; she doesn’t fit in, she is not going back and they can’t make her.

Carly thinks Molly and Holden sound solid. She agrees; they are moving forward. They are in the same boat then; Jack and she are about to go public. It is not a big shock to the world with that news, Molly teases. They were just meant to be. Molly doesn’t believe that because Lily and Holden were supposedly meant to be, but they are just wrong. Sometimes you find what you are looking for and sometimes you don’t. Relationships are not fate; they take work. Jack slept with Janet on demand when they were on track, and she knows that it was for Liberty, but she doesn’t want her to assume he will walk away from Janet and their baby that easily, Molly cautions. Carly looks down. Molly sees her face; she is sorry. No, it is what she thinks. No, Jack loves her and they will work it out. Carly looks unsure.

At the station, Jack asks a somber looking Parker if he is ok. Not really. It shows his maturity that he chose the right option with Faith. They hid from their parents and it never worked before, why would it work now. She is just angry, but when she works things out with her parents, they will be ok. Parker wonders what he does when things don’t work at home for him. He knows that mom wants to get back together. He does too. How will it work with Janet. This gives Janet hope for Liberty’s recovery and plus they are all adults so it will all work out. It is kind of similar with Hal when he was younger. He and Hal were friends though and he and Dusty, as Parker’s voice trails off. It would be easier if he and Dusty were friends, but, in all honesty, he can’t stand him.

In his limo, Janet and Dusty are headed to the airport, but they are stuck in traffic. Terri is with Liberty and everything is good; Terri thinks they are crazy, but she supports them. They all agree to wait until they get back to tell Liberty. Dusty wonders if she told Jack. Not yet. Dusty thinks she should just fax him the forms and be done with it. She texted him their plans but she didn’t want to get into a discussion about it. They both want to move on so it will be ok. Dusty wonders if she is happy. She is so happy and hopeful for the first time in a very long time, as they kiss.

Holden tells Faith that they don’t need to worry about school now; they just want her happy and healthy. Lily adds that she knows it has been stressful at home and she knows she hasn’t been tuned in as much as she could. Faith sarcastically answers, you think. Holden wants to know where they go from here. If boarding school was a mistake then fine, but staying at home is not a reward. He needs her to promise not to drugs again. She promises, as they hug. She just wants this over for good, as she looks over at Lily and Lily returns her look strangely. Holden explains that he needs to take a conference call, but he will be back, as he leaves the room. Lily tells Faith they have a lot to do to rebuild their relationship, but she loves her very much and wants them to be close again. They can try to be, Faith answers. She is glad to hear that because she thinks it is not a good idea to foster a friendship with Molly, as she tells Faith not to look at her like that. She knows she turned to her during this, but she wants her to stay closer to home. Faith has a question; is this why she wants their relationship to be better - because of Molly. No, she loves her and wants to be close. She is just jealous of Molly now being her dad’s girlfriend. No, that is not true. She is in denial. Lily angrily tells her not to talk with her that way. She doesn’t want her to lie then she should learn to tell the truth, Faith yells, as she stomps out of the room. Lily grabs her keys and leaves.

At the farm, Molly is leaving a message for Holden; when she hangs up, Lily walks in. Molly tells her that she was leaving a message for Holden. He is on a conference call. Is everything else ok. She isn’t sure; Faith is home. That is good. They all talked and there is a lot that needs to be worked on. She can’t do that with her in Faith’s life; stop trying to be her friend, Lily orders. What. She is getting confused; she thinks she is there and her mother isn’t. She has no concern or call on what she and Holden do, but that is not the case with Faith’s life, Lily answers. Molly is in disbelief that Lily is trying to tell her that she can’t be in Faith’s life. She can’t control her and there is no way she will agree to this.

Janet laughs, as she is reminded again that Dusty has his own plane they are trying to catch. He tells her to get used to being pampered. He will always take care of her, as they kiss again.

At home, Jack comes in and tells Carly that Faith is back home. That is great. She will get him some coffee. Jack realizes he has a text. Carly comes back in and sees Jack’s face; what is wrong. It is Janet; she and Dusty are heading to Santa Domingo for a quickie divorce. Isn’t that a good thing. She did this without consulting him. She wants a divorce like this. What difference does it make. She is pregnant and headed to some deserted island. Carly laughs; Santa Domingo is not deserted, she is only in her first trimester and she is with Dusty. What if something happens with the baby. They have doctors there. She should have discussed it with him. She is getting a divorce; she is doing the right thing; why does that upset him. Jack yells that she isn’t the only one that gets a say in how this goes down, as he grabs his phone. What is he doing, Carly asks shocked. Fixing the problem right now, as Carly looks angry and then stomps out of the room.

At the farm, Molly tells Lily that she is with Holden and in his life, which means she is in her kid's lives too. She can help Faith. She just wants to look good for Holden, so she doesn’t need her kids to do that. She sounded just like Lucinda there. She wants to protect her daughter. Trying to protect her from her; where was she when Damian went after her. She doesn’t want her in Faith’s life. Too bad because she has rebellious teen and she went through that with Abigail. She knows what is going on and she is her mother so she doesn’t have the same knowledge. She can’t force her way in. Exactly. What. She is forcing her way in her relationship with Holden. She doesn’t care about their supposed relationship. Molly answers that she will tell her for the last time to back off.

Faith comes back in the room and Holden asks if she is ok. She is fine, but does he know what her mom is concerned with in all of this – Molly. She doesn’t want them hanging out and she thinks she needs to keep and eye on that. Mom is feeling overprotective because she is in trouble – cut her some slack, Holden rationalizes. Molly isn’t a bad influence. Can she give her mom a break. She will try, as they hug.

Parker is on the phone with Liberty trying to cheer her up. He hangs up and drops something on the floor when he sees Faith’s baggy with pot by his bed. He picks it up and is concerned.

Carly comes downstairs when she hears the door; she calls out for Jack but gets no response. It is Janet and Dusty; they are annoyed with why Jack would do this. Carly doesn’t understand because she thought they were on their way to Santa Domingo. Dusty says the flight was grounded. Janet adds it was a police matter. Did she know. No. Carly calls out for Jack. He comes in with a sandwich acting casually. Carly wonders why he would do that. He just called in a few favors. Janet can’t believe him. Jack wonders how she could inform him of their impending divorce by text. Dusty tells him that she didn’t want to talk to him. She can’t just fly off to some island with Dusty when she is pregnant with his baby; that is a problem. Dusty doesn’t think it is ok. Jack starts to snap back at him when Janet grabs her stomach and yells out in pain. Dusty and Jack race to her, as she tells them it is the baby. Carly doesn’t seem to know what to feel or think as she watches nearby, with Jack, Dusty and Janet all huddled together.

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