ATWT Update Tuesday 3/16/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/16/10


Written By Eva
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(Lakeview) Vienna is shocked when Henry tells her he doesn’t want to make love to her she assumes that Henry doesn’t love her or want to be with her anymore. Henry can’t stand to see the hurt look on Vienna’s face so he tells her that he thinks they should take things slowly and Vienna assumes his mood has something to do with the earring she found in Henry’s bed. Vienna tells Henry she didn’t expect him to be faithful to her but he shouldn’t worry because she doesn’t care whom he was with while she was gone. Henry remembers the talk he had with Barbara after they made love and then Vienna interrupts by saying that she likes the idea of him courting her and building the anticipation until they make love again.

Barbara looks at herself in the mirror and tells herself she can’t compete with a young, beautiful woman like Vienna so she isn’t even going to try to compete with her.

(Katie’s house) Katie tells Reid that she is sorry that he is leaving before the new neurological wing is built so he can run it. Reid wonders how she is so sure that Henry will donate the money to build the new wing. Reid isn’t even sure that Bob won’t ask Chris to run the new wing or that Henry will put a condition on the donation that he can’t run the new wing. Katie tells Reid that Henry won’t put any conditions on the donation and that Bob wouldn’t want anyone else to be the head of the new wing. Reid tells Katie that he will consider the job if Henry does come through with the donation. Katie tells Reid that Chris isn’t even interested in an administrative position so he doesn’t have to worry about Chris either.

(Al’s Diner) Chris tells Kim and Bob that right now he just wants to concentrate on being a good doctor, Friend and son because he can’t handle complications in his life. Alison looks through the window at Kim and Bob Chris calls her name but she leaves and Chris goes outside to catch up to her.

(Lily’s house) Luke hears something break outside and heads outside to check about the noise. Luke is surprised and happy to see Noah but wonders why he isn’t in Texas. Noah tells Luke he was looking for his cane and knocked things over Luke finds Noah’s cane and gives it to him. Noah explains to Luke that Reid might take a permanent job at memorial and until Reid decides what he wants to do his trip to Texas is on hold. Luke smiles and gives Noah a hug and wonders when he is going to move back into the house. Noah tells Luke that he isn’t moving back into the house because he needs to learn to take care of himself. Noah explains to Luke that he will never be independent because Luke is too nice to let him bump into things and find his way around Luke sheds a few tears and promises Noah he will ignore him and let him do things for himself. Noah reminds him that he just picked up his cane for him and didn’t let him find it himself and he apologizes to Luke if this hurts him but it is something that he needs to do. Luke wonders where their relationship will go from here because now that he may stay in town they will see each other more often and Noah tells him that he still wants to be friends Noah tells Luke that all he can offer is friendship because he isn’t sure if the operation will work and if he doesn’t he will be blind for the rest of his life and he must learn to be independent.

Luke kisses Noah and tells him that he thought the love they shared would never change and reminds him that he never left him when he was paralyzed no matter how hard he pushed him away. Luke also reminds Noah that he helped him when he was expelled from college and through all his problems with Damian so Luke is confused as to why Noah wants him to leave him alone to deal with his blindness. Noah explains that Luke was still himself through all those crisis but this blindness has changed him deeply and he isn’t sure that he can be the person he used to be even if the operation is a success. Luke tells Noah that he loves him but he needs more from their relationship then just friendship and if he can’t even offer him hope for a future together then he can’t be with him anymore. Noah’s cab arrives and Luke offers to take Noah where he wants to go but Noah tells Luke it will be better this way and he and Luke wipe away tears and then Luke and Noah look at each other and by the look they both know they still love each other and Luke wishes Noah well if he feels he must of through this alone.

(Old Town) Alison tells Chris she didn’t see him at Al’s she just noticed Kim and Bob and she didn’t want to go in because she thinks they still hate her for what she did to him as well as Casey. Chris assures Alison that Bob and Kim don’t hate her and he has since forgiven her for the hurt she caused him and he has learned not to judge or hold a grudge against people. Chris tells Alison that he intends to work a few shifts at the hospital and he starts today so she should get used to seeing him at the hospital.

(Lakeview) Reid and Katie arrive and Katie introduces Vienna to Reid and Vienna is happy to meet the man who will be in charge of the new hospital wing that her Henry is funding. Katie tells Henry that she and Reid came to get his donation check and she plans to announce the donation on her show since the wing will be named after Brad. Henry writes the check while Vienna Reid and Katie watches well as Barbara who is watching from the hotel lobby. Henry gives the check to Katie who wants his donation to remain anonymous but Katie insists that she wants to announce it on the show.

(Al’s Diner) Katie and Reid present the check to bob and Reid wants total authority over hiring, budgets, equipment and everything used to build the wing. Reid also wants a 50% raise from the salary he was getting in Texas. Reid also wants fund to provide care for patients without insurance Bob tells him that he has a fiscal responsibility to the hospital and if they can’t come to terms he will hire Dr. Channing from Boston to be in charge of the new wing. Reid tells Bob that he doesn’t want that meat slicer near his wing and he tells Bob to draw up a fair contract and he will look at it and sign it. Chris isn’t happy that Bob hired Dr. Oliver but he promises Bob he will do his best to work with him. Barbara arrives and overhears Katie tell Kim and Bob that Vienna persuaded Henry to give the donation to the hospital because Henry will do anything for Vienna. Katie, Reid, and Bob head to the station and Kim stays behind to talk to Barbara. Chris heads to the hospital because he doesn’t want to be a part of the big celebration over Reid's new wing. Kim encourages Barbara to tell Henry how she feels about him but Barbara doesn’t think it would make a difference since Henry wants to be with Vienna.

(Lakeview) Henry writes a note to Barbara but crumples the note and sticks it in his pocket when Vienna arrives to admire his suit and tell him its time to go to the TV station. Vienna tells Henry that she has always love him but now she can love his choices too and Henry tells himself that only one of them loves the choice that he made to donate the money.

(Hospital) Alison still feels awkward with Chris and reminds her that he has change and he doesn’t hold a grudge or judge others. Alison tells Chris that he may have changed but she still hurts people in the same way and the best thing he could do is stay away from her.

(TV Station) Barbara asks Henry if he is glad that Vienna is back but he doesn’t get a chance to respond because Viemma interrupts to tell him that it is time to go on the air. Kim whispers to Barbara and asks her if she told Henry how she feels about him. Barbara whispers that she didn’t get a chance to tell Henry anything but it doesn’t matter because Vienna is back and he probably wants to be with her. Henry gives the check to Bob and tells him he is honored to fund the new wing, which will honor Brad’s memory. Barbara cries a little as she watches Henry with Vienna and when they have finished Katie is informed that Jacob is sick so she heads home to bring Jacob to the hospital.

(Hospital) Katie asks Chris to look at Jacob ad after Chris examines him he tells Katie that Jacob has a rash and gives her some ointment to put on the rash. Alison sticks her head in the door looking for Reid but Chris tells him Reid isn’t there and she quickly leaves and Katie wonders if there is still something between Chris and Alison. Chris tells Katie that he doesn’t have feelings for Alison he has forgiven her and wants to be her friend but Alison thinks its best that they not be friends.

(Lakeview) Bob’ Kim, Reid, and Vienna toast to Henry and the new hospital wing and Kim notices Barbara getting into the elevator and Henry looks over at Barbara. Kim distracts Vienna so Henry can go talk to Barbara Henry gets in the elevator and tells Barbara that he can’t stop thinking about her and he likes the person he is when he is with her because Vienna has this idealized version of him and he doesn’t think the man Vienna has in her head exists. Barbara tells Henry that when she was married to Hal she tried to be the person that Hal wanted her to be and it didn’t work. Henry tells Barbara that he used to be scared to let anyone see who he really was but she always makes him feel good about himself. Barbara doesn’t want to share her feelings Henry but after a few minutes she admits to him that she cares for him very much so much in fact that it isn’t good for either of them. Henry is surprised that Barbara didn’t ask him to break up with Vienna and Barbara tells him to break up with Vienna if that is what he wants to do. The elevator stops on their floor and Henry wants to go make love in Barbara’s room but Barbara hears Vienna call Henry so Barbara tells Henry they cant make love until he has resolved things with Vienna.

(Hospital) Katie thinks that Chris would be good on her show to give advice on children’s health and nutrition she also thinks the ladies would love him since he is a hot looking doctor. Chris agrees to do the show and if he likes it they can talk about doing more appearances on the show. Chris wonders why Katie is keeping herself so busy and Katie admits that she is scared to fall apart if she stays home with nothing to do. Chris is confident that Katie won’t fall apart because she is a strong woman.

(Al’s Diner) Noah asks Alison to sit down since he knew it was she by the perfume she wears. Noah asks Alison to read the apartment listings to him since he can’t afford his current apartment since Maddie moved out. Noah ales tells Alison that he isn’t in a very good mood since he and Luke broke up today. Noah also o tells him that Dr. Oliver took a permanent job at memorial so he isn’t going to Texas for the operation. Alison asks Noah if she can be his roommate so he doesn’t have to look for another apartment. Noah warns Alison that he probably won’t be good company right now and Alison says the same of herself. Alison promises Noah she will listen if he needs to talk and he makes the same promise to her and then they shake hands.

(Old Town) Reid sees Luke walking by and wonders why he is in a bad mood and Luke tells him that he doesn’t care what he thinks of him today. A man walks up to Reid and asks him if he remembers him and Reid says he doesn’t remember him. The man tells Reid that he can’t forget him then the man calls Reid a murderer.

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