ATWT Update Monday 3/15/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/15/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At the station, Jack smirks at Dusty, as he repeats his words that he can be with Carly now. Does he somehow need his permission, Jack wonders sarcastically. Dusty explains that he loves Janet and will be marrying her as soon as they cut through the red tape. Again, amused, Jack wonders if his marriage is red tape now. He will take care of her and her children. Has Janet said yes. She won’t say yes until her marriage is over – she is not like that. When he married her, she wasn’t the type to sleep with someone when she was married; things have changed. He has moved on so why not let Janet do the same. Once they are married, he will adopt the baby. Hell no, Jack snarls. He is not getting his hands on his child. He thought all he wanted was Carly.

At the farm, Janet wants Carly to leave. She will come here to make sure she takes her prenatal vitamins and takes care of herself. Janet remembers she has forgotten to actually them. Carly gets her milk to take with them. She can’t take pills with milk, Janet tells her. Yes, she can; she will get her whole calcium intake for the day now. She has been pregnant before, Janet reminds her. Does she mean when she was a teenager, alone, Carly answers. How dare she judge her. She isn’t saying anything she didn’t tell her many times. She won’t have her stand in judgment of her after the type of mom she has been. She isn’t judging – she is helping, Carly says with a smile. She can help her by leaving. She isn’t the enemy, as she hands her glass of milk.

In her Minneapolis hospital room, Liberty wishes Parker didn’t have to go back to Oakdale. Say the word and he will blow it off, Parker answers. She doesn’t want him doing that. She wishes she could hug him goodbye, as he puts his hand up to the plastic bubble, as she reaches out to his hand. The doctor interrupts them and Parker tells them that maybe they should switch Liberty’s medication because she seems out of it. The doctor explains he wishes it were that simple. Liberty wonders if her Leukemia is getting worse.

In the Lakeview lobby, a stunned Barbara is frozen, as she watches Henry and Vienna locked in a passionate kiss. She turns to walk away and then she tells herself that she has never been a coward so she won’t start now. She interrupts them to tell Vienna how it is an unexpected surprise to see her. Henry looks shocked to see Barbara so calm.

Jack explains to Dusty that Carly is being very understanding of the baby. Is she now, Dusty sarcastically responds. What does that mean. He couldn’t save Brad so he will save Liberty, as his voice trails off. He hopes he is not insinuating that this baby is just a bone marrow donor; this is his son or daughter and unfortunately, he and Janet are connected now. He can have visitations on the weekend but they will be raising him, Dusty answers. Jack raises his voice and tells him that if he thinks that he won’t have a say in his child’s life then he is crazier then he thought.

Janet finishes the milk, as she tells Carly that she is not taking advice from someone who can barely take care of herself. She will pretend that comment is hormone related. Does she expect her to let her and Jack play house with the new baby. Like it or not, Jack is with her, so she is involved. They are interrupted by Liberty calling; she sounds tired and weak and a worried Janet asks if she is alright. She is ok, but the doctors want to speak with her. Janet asks Carly to give her some privacy, as Carly promises that the conversation is not over. Janet promises Liberty that she is going to get right out there. After Liberty hangs up because she doesn’t feel like talking, Parker is on the phone. He tells Janet that he thinks she needs to get here quickly because Liberty needs her. Janet promises that she is on her way and then she thanks Parker for being there for Liberty. Janet starts to get her stuff together and quickly heads for the door.

Jack tells Dusty that he and Janet are married still and he won’t tell him anything about how it is going to be. He wants his cake and Carly too, Dusty asks. He won’t discuss his child with him. It is Janet’s child; he never wanted it. He is past that. He won’t give up parental rights so he can adopt his child; that would never happen. Carly interrupts them and wonder what is going on. Jack angrily explains how Dusty wants to adopt his child. Carly calmly wonders why he would want to do that when the baby has a father. Jack agrees; that is what he was saying. They are interrupted when Janet comes racing in talking with Dusty about how Liberty is in trouble. Everyone wonders what is going on. She sounded weak, and the doctors want to see her. Dusty tells her that they will take his plane, as Jack tells her that he an Carly are coming too and when they find out what is going on with Liberty then he and Carly will come back with Parker, as they all race off.

Barbara asks Vienna how long she is in Oakdale; is she just stopping through. No, she is staying with her man, Henry. Being away from Henry has changed her outlook; she missed him so much. She just couldn’t bear to see how his father’s money had changed him. Vienna is pawing him, as Henry looks increasingly uncomfortable, as Barbara stares on. Vienna continues now that Katie told her that he donated all of his money to the hospital, she realizes her Henry was back. Barbara wonders what she is talking about. Henry claims he can explain, but Vienna doesn’t know what there is to explain. She saw how horrible it was on him when he found out who his father was and now he is doing right by it. Henry thinks that they should change the subject. She wants to move on too because she forgave him for sleeping for Barbara. He didn’t know that, a surprised Henry answers. She forgave Barbara too. Barbara smirks. It wasn’t her fault Henry has sex with her. Whose fault was it, Barbara asks. His mother forced him. She had him all worked up; he didn’t know what he was doing. He didn’t exactly need a road map, Barbara answers. He must have needed one; otherwise, he never would have been on top of her. Barbara tries to contain herself, as Henry looks very awkward. An oblivious Vienna wants to toast to new beginnings. They all drink down and Henry wants to leave. Barbara thinks there is no rush, as Vienna wants more champagne too. Henry thinks Katie exaggerated how much money he is giving away. Vienna wants to know what he means. It happened so fast, Henry explains. It is the only thing left of his father and he is not sure he wants to give it up. It is a nice sentiment but everything James touched was bad. Not everything, Henry looks at Barbara. Vienna wants to leave and head up to their room finally, as Henry is surprised she said their room. They have been apart so long. Barbara tells Vienna that she seems to take Henry for granted that he would be waiting for her when she finally comes back whenever that might have been; he is a desirable man; isn’t she interested in who might have been keeping his company. Henry is trying to diffuse the situation by saying he isn’t that desirable. Vienna wonders if there is something they want to tell her. Henry is looking very afflicted and not answering. Barbara answers for him; there is nothing going on; what they had was a dalliance and it is over now. Henry mumbles that he doesn’t know what to say. Barbara thinks he has said enough; she will the two ‘love birds’ get reacquainted. She walks off and Henry sadly watches her go. Is he ready and want to go upstairs. He will see her upstairs in a bit; he will get some wine. He heads out after she leaves.

Janet and Dusty come in to see Liberty. Janet is not happy to see how tired she looks and that she is in a plastic bubble so she can’t hug her. Liberty doesn’t want her to get upset right now; she couldn’t bear it. Dusty promises to take care of her mom, as Janet wonders who is going to take care of her ‘baby.’ Liberty reminds her that she has an army of people around her giving her everything she needs. Janet touches the plastic telling her that she is here and everything is ok now, as Liberty raises her hand to touch her; she wishes it were true. Outside the room, the doctors tell Parker, Jack and Carly that Liberty is exhausted and fragile she needs to make a decision whether she can continue. An upset Parker says that if she doesn’t then she will die. Jack wonders if that is true. The doctor nods. What does Liberty think. Parker says the treatments are making her feel worse; all the medicine is confusing her. They have to tell her to keep going though. Carly tells him that they can’t force her to make that choice. She has to make this decision. What if she makes the wrong decision, Parker worries. Back inside the room, Janet tells her that it is her body and if it too hard or she is in too much pain, she will take her home right now. Liberty tells them that Parker would never forgive her if she gave up and died; she is not giving up. Janet and Dusty breathe a sigh of relief. Dusty thinks she is brave for her decision. Dusty steps out and tells the doctor that Liberty has decided to go ahead with the next round of treatments. The doctor leaves and Carly tells Parker to relax now. Parker wants to say goodbye, as Carly thinks that he should give her time with her mom. Jack has been staring at the door and looking somber, as Carly is talking with Parker. They will stop by later on the way to the airport. Jack promises to tell Liberty the plan. Carly kisses Jack and heads off. Jack heads inside and Janet is telling Liberty to do what she can and if she can’t then it is ok. They do have a back up plan, as Jack thinks Janet shouldn’t mention this now. Janet thinks she should, as she tells Liberty that she is pregnant. Liberty’s reaction is not good; she told them that she didn’t want that. How could they let that happen. This is not what she wanted and she told them that. Jack tries to explain that Janet was pregnant already; they didn’t know. What if the baby isn’t a match; they will be stuck with a baby they didn’t want. No, they will be committed to this baby no matter what, Jack answers. Janet pipes in that this baby is a miracle. Otherwise, this wouldn’t have happened so easily. This baby could save her life. Or not, and then they will hate it. Never. This baby is a person already, Janet explains. She knows she always wanted a brother or sister. Liberty asks how Jack feels. Any new life is cause for celebration, as Janet smiles appreciatively at him. Liberty wonders how Dusty feels since he has been unusually quiet. This is between Jack and Janet. He still must have an opinion; he always does. If the baby turns out like her then it will be a winner. Jack excuses himself to call the insurance company. Liberty doesn’t care what they try to say, Jack isn’t happy about this. Janet promises that he is just worried. She has done enough already for her; she shouldn’t have to revolve her whole life around her still. She is the reason she gets up in the morning, Janet answers. Because of her, she is having a baby she doesn’t really want with a man she doesn’t love anymore. Dusty thinks they should take a break; he would like a few minutes with Liberty.

At the hotel room, Carly is talking with Parker about Janet wanting to have a baby for Liberty. He knows and Liberty told his dad she was against it. Janet is pregnant, Parker gathers from his mom’s face. There is no guarantee Carly starts to explain. There is hope though if the radiation doesn’t work, Parker answers. Carly reminds there is no guarantee still. He wonders how this affects her and his dad.

Downtown, Henry chases after Barbara. He explains that he didn’t know that Vienna was coming back; it was all Katie. He wanted to thank her though for being so classy about their, as he isn’t sure what to say. Does he mean about their dalliance. It was more then that. She thought so too. Vienna is stunning, exotic, beautiful and young and she loves him; now he can just go back to his life. He doesn’t know what kind of man she thinks he is, Henry starts to protest. His phone ringing interrupts them though. He doesn’t have to answer it, but she thinks he should so Vienna doesn’t worry. Henry slowly does and it is Vienna wondering where he is because she misses him. Henry tells her that he will be back. Barbara thinks he should go and that they don’t have to make this into something bigger than it is. It is over now and he doesn’t owe her anything, as she walks off quickly so he doesn’t see her getting teary eyed. A somber looking Henry looks after her.

Dusty admits that it wouldn’t be his choice, but he has to live with it. What if she dies and she is stuck with a baby. Jack is now in her life forever; he doesn’t love her anymore. She deserves to have someone who loves her. He is in love with her mother; he wants to marry her, Dusty replies. Even with the baby. He would love it as his own. He loves her that much. He does; he gave up on family and now he sees it is possible with Janet. He so wants to do this – Janet, her, Johnny and the baby. They just have to convince her mother that it is ok to be happy. Liberty thinks for a moment and then calls out to her mom, who comes right in wondering if everything is ok. Liberty wants to know what is wrong with her; he loves her and she wants her to say yes. Janet starts to smile and coyly looks at Dusty. She leaves them alone for 5 minutes and he is trying to win her over. She is already there. Dusty laughs; he doesn’t play fair especially when its something that he wants. Janet returns the smile; they are going to have to work on that. Is that a yes, an anxious Dusty wonders. Janet stares at Dusty and then she turns to Liberty who nods yes. She looks back at Dusty and tells him it is a yes, as she beams. Dusty kisses her, as Liberty wants to make sure he doesn’t let her back out. Not in a million years, as Dusty takes out the ring and puts it on Janet’s finger. They kiss again until Liberty whines that she wants to see the ring. Janet wheels around and shows her the ring, as Liberty gushes over it. They are all standing there in their newfound engagement bliss when Jack comes back through the door and into the room. Janet tells Jack that she didn’t mean for him to walk in on, as her voice trails off. It is ok. Dusty asked her to marry him; she should have told him. Dusty already did. When. It doesn’t matter; he is just glad she is happy. She wants him happy too. She is sorry this didn’t work out like they thought. He can tell that this is for the best. They should start working on the annulment or he will have to arrest her for bigamy. They all laugh a bit. Dusty thanks Jack and Jack tells them good luck; he shakes Dusty’s hand. Liberty hopes he will tell Parker to come see her before he leaves. He will, as Jack heads out and then once outside, he looks back in to see them huddled around like a family. He sadly looks down, takes off his ring and puts it in his pocket.

At the hotel room, Carly is helping Parker pack. Does this baby mess things up for them. They will be fine; they have been through a lot over the years. This is major and permanent though, Parker says. That is true, and it won’t be easy, but she will handle it. He is glad to hear that. She jokes about being a grown up finally. She will be ok to raise this baby as her stepchild. She will help them raise the baby and the baby will help Liberty, which in turn will help him. She loves Jack and it has taken a lot to get back to where they are; she won’t let anything get in the way again

At Fashions, Barbara is returning her dress. She wondered if the dress looked too young and when she got home, she decided it did. Lisa thinks a woman never buys this kind of dress for herself. Barbara begs to differ; she didn’t dress for a man. Who is she trying to fool. No one – anymore. She is sorry it didn’t work. She may want to change her mind so. Barbara cuts her off; it was just a wrong purchase. She is being coy, but nothing happens in this town without her knowing. Barbara thinks she knows what that means; did she have a good laugh with Kim thinking she was an idiot running around with a younger man like Henry. Lisa’s face changes, as Barbara realizes that she didn’t know. Not until now.

At his room, Henry comes in and Vienna is in his bed in a sheer pink lingerie number. She reminds him that he forgot the wine, as he is taken by how she looks. She wonders if he has the match for this diamond beauty, as she holds up an earring; she knows enough to know it is real. It isn’t what she thinks. She doesn’t want to know. They have been apart. Barbara was right because she has been gone and he was allowed to play the field. She herself met hundreds of millionaires, but none of them held a candle to him. Henry tries to ignore that comment. He continues to talk nervously until Vienna playfully tells him to shut and pulls him down on the bed kissing him. Henry happily acquiesces for a moment before he pulls back. What is wrong. Nothing, but it is so sudden; he thought she was gone forever and now suddenly, she is here. A lot has happened and he is not the same man. She knows that; the old Henry would not have donated money, but he would have kept it for himself. She never would have come back for the old Henry; the money meant more to him then she. He wanted the money for her though. The money doesn’t mean anything to her. She wants to follow her heart and be with him. He wants to follow his heart too; he is going to go to the wine cellar. He will be back before she misses him. Right outside the door, however, he pulls out his phone and talks to himself about how he needs Barbara to pick up her phone. Barbara sees her phone ring and silences it. Lisa thinks she should answer it; he could be calling to apologize. She doesn’t think so. Why not. She could see her face before; she could barely contain herself from laughing about her and Henry. That is not true; she was simply startled. She hopes she had fun with him. It was nice being with him, she admits. Lisa thinks there is nothing wrong with someone unexpected like Henry. She noticed a spring in her step recently; she is glad it was fun. It was, Barbara admits as she leaves.

Henry comes back in the room with some wine. He finds Vienna dressed as a businesswoman. She coyly flirts with him claiming to be his new assistant. She drops her pen and seductively bends over to pick it up. Outside the room, Barbara walks up to the door and goes to knock when she hears Vienna laugh. She pauses, then turns around, and leaves. Inside, Vienna pulls down her hair that was wound tightly in a bun; she kisses Henry. Henry kisses her back and then tells her no. Vienna thinks he is playing around, and goes with the flow; she knows he is her boss, but she doesn’t want to stop, as she kisses him more. Henry tells her again no and then pulls back. Vienna is stunned; did he just say no to her. Henry stares at her.

Janet tells Liberty that they won’t get married until she is done with her treatments; she also wants her to be able to dance at her wedding. Liberty hopes she won’t be bald by then. Dusty tells her that he doesn’t have a problem with bald women. Janet isn’t sure how to respond to that, as she laughs. Dusty tells her that she is supposed to say that she has no problem with balding men. Liberty teases that Dusty is really living the life now – marrying into the Ciccone family, having to raise another man’s baby, marrying a fat pregnant woman, who has a bald daughter. They all chuckle over this. Dusty thinks he is the luckiest man he knows, as they kiss.

Jack comes into the hotel room, as Parker tells them that he will go say goodbye to Liberty now and asks if they can pick him up over there. Sure. After he leaves, Carly asks how Liberty handled the news about the baby. She was angry until she saw the ring. What ring. Dusty proposed and Janet said yes. That is great; now he won’t have to worry about her being alone. He is glad for that, but he doesn’t know how he feels about Dusty raising his child. If she can accept him having a baby with another woman then he can handle this. Does she think so, Jack answers with a smile. Dusty won’t be the baby's father; the baby will be his and so will she, as Carly sidles up to Jack and he pulls her in and kisses her deeply.

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