ATWT Update Friday 3/12/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 3/12/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Carly brings Jack some breakfast. He says he is not hungry. He’s in a big hurry. And he can’t come home and confuse Sage until things are a bit more settled. She states that Janet is in love with Dusty and he’s in love with her, so things do seem settled. Jack says things could change though if they find out the baby is Jack’s. Dusty could dump her then. He kisses her and tells her that she worries too much. He takes the breakfast and leaves with her telling him good luck.

At the farm, Janet stares at her purse and finally goes and pulls out the jewelry box. Dusty shows up. He is sure he is the father of this baby. Janet points out Liberty’s treatment is not going well. This baby may be their last chance. She says if this baby is his, then she is wearing this ring…..she promises and they kiss on it.

Barbara and Henry are exhausted as they slide out from under the covers. Barbara says they should be grateful for each other’s past lovers as they benefit from their tutelage. Henry quips he wants to start tuttling again then.

In Old Town, Katie gives Reid a handcuff shaped keychain. He holds Jacob and tells him to take care of his mother while he is out of town. He turns around and tells Mr. Snyder (Luke) that he has been there long enough to eavesdrop on the conversation; now go away.

Carly rushes to the hospital and confronts Jack, Dusty and Janet as she wants to be there for the results. Janet reads her the riot act of why she should not be there. She doesn’t want her holding Jack’s hand during the sonogram or waving her magic wand. Carly watches as the nurse calls for Jack and Janet for the test.

Barbara and Henry make plans for later. He steps onto the elevator and is shocked when he gets off and there is Vienna standing in front of him. He stammers, but tells her how good she looks. She said she had to come back to see her old Henry. She read that he is going to give back the Stenbeck money to the hospital.

Luke tells Reid that he is not spying. Kate rushes off and tells Reid not to go anywhere –she will be back in an hour. That last goodbye was just a warm up. Reid gets a phone call that upsets him because it will delay him and Noah going back to Dallas. Luke offers his private plane, but Reid nixes that since it will mean that it came from Luke.

Carly bumps into Barbara in the hallway at Lakeview and they discuss the possibility of Carly getting back with Craig. Carly says no, this is just business. Barbara says she is a better woman than Barbara was, and smarter.

The technician tells Janet that according to the placenta she is about 5 weeks pregnant. Jack realizes then this has to be his baby. Janet looks pleased, but Dusty looks disappointed. Jack says he wants whatever is best for Liberty. But she has already spoken on this subject that she would reject the transplant. Janet says she will tell Liberty herself that this is more than just a baby bone marrow donor. She wonders how Carly is going to feel about this.

Luke finds Reid having a drink at the Lakeview. He sneers that there is not a single place in town that he can get away from Luke. But he does sit on the couch and allows Luke in a nearby chair. Luke accuses him of being homophobic as he would not treat his straight patients this way or the boyfriend of one of his straight patients. Reid laughs and says that is rich. He is not homophobic as he is gay himself. Luke thinks he is messing with him; he can not be gay. Reid doesn’t know exactly how there would be proof. Luke can’t believe he’s said nothing before. He’s that deep in the closet. Reid clarifies that he has known since he was nine years old that he was gay. And never in that time has he hidden in the closet or apologized or felt ashamed of who he was. It wouldn’t have helped anything to tell Luke or Noah. Luke differs; if people have things in common they usually get along better. Reid tells him that he doesn’t want to bond with Luke. And he has no desire to spill his guts to anyone within range.

Katie rushes to the diner to see Vienna. Vienna says she loves this place and could not wait to get back. Henry can’t wait for Vienna to leave so he can rat out Katie for calling Vienna back home in the first place. He points out that she doesn’t love Henry; she left him. Only the piece about him giving the money to the hospital brought her home. He manages to sneak off and calls Barbara. He tells her that he’s going to have to take a rain check for tonight, maybe even tomorrow. She says it is okay. That is the beauty of their arrangement. And she has a bottle of body lotion that tastes like chocolate as she knows how he likes to nibble.

Carly opens her door and hangs on every word from Jack as she has been waiting hours for him to call. He tells her that he is sorry – that says it all – the baby is his. He kisses her and they fall into bed pulling off each other’s clothes. She tells him that he is a wonderful father and she knows he will be again. If Janet needs him, he will be there for her and the baby, but he’s with Carly now. They will wait and tell the kids when things are more certain and less confusing. They kiss and profess their love for each other.

Dusty tells Janet that he will not take his ring back. He’s not taking back his proposal. He still wants to marry her. He says that the baby is not the reason he asked to marry her. He still wants to marry her. He wants her to say that she wants that as much as he does. He wants to live with her and her kids the rest of his life. She kisses him, but says she can not marry him. She gives him back his ring. Carly charges in and says she will not be kicked out of here like before. So Janet is expecting Jack’s baby and he is back with Carly. So for better or worst probably, they are all in this together. Janet better get used to this face as she is going to see a lot of it. She’s there to help Liberty.

Katie runs into Reid again and tells him that he is about to get his best wish. Henry is going to donate the money to the hospital. Reid gushes that he just wishes he would wake up and find this has been a dream for the last few months and he could get the hell out of here. He’s sorry that she went to all this trouble. He doesn’t belong here; he just wants to get back to Dallas.

Vienna follows Henry and says she knows she has left him more than once. She says that she could not deal with being hurt by him again so that is why she left. He is a good man and she fell in love with that good part and that could be again. She kisses him as Barbara walks into the hallway and spies them.

Dusty goes to the police station and tells Jack that he knows he is trying to be the good guy here with Janet. But he doesn’t have to sweat it. He promises that he will be there for Janet and both of her kids. That means Jack is free to be with Carly.

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