ATWT Update Thursday 3/11/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/11/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Lakeview) Barbara watches Henry try on a very expensive suit and Henry feels guilty for buying the suit and the expensive care he ordered because he thinks that James money should do some good for people since James hurt so many people. Henry wishes Katie would have agreed to let him put some money in a trust for Jacob’s future. Barbara tells Henry that he is handsome, caring, compassionate and now very rich and he should get used to enjoying his money and stop blaming himself because Katie refused to accept some of it. Henry looks in the mirror and agrees with Barbara that he does look good in the suit and then he tells Barbara that she makes him feel very good about himself so Barbara tells him that he knows how he can show her how much he appreciates her an then Henry gives Barbara a kiss.

(Katie’s house) Katie calls Vienna and leaves a message for her telling her that Henry has changed and become more mature, caring and compassionate he just needs guidance from someone he loves on how to spend the Stenbeck fortune that Paul gave to him. Katie tells Vienna that Henry wants to do some good with the money to try and make up for the fact that James hurt so many people he just doesn’t know how he should spend the money. Katie hangs up the phone when she hears Jacob cry and then she looks in the crib she notices that Jacob’s favorite teddy bear has an eye missing and Katie panics because she thinks Jacob has swallowed the teddy bear’s button eye. Katie tells Jacob she will get him to the hospital soon but she is frustrated when she discovers her car battery is dead so she walks across the street to get help and a car knocks her down and the driver gets out to check on her Katie is surprised when the driver is Chris Hughes and she tells him she is fine. Katie tells Chris she thinks the baby swallowed a button and he offers to go back inside her house with her to check and see how if the baby swallowed the button.

(Hospital) Bob is impressed that the innovative operation Reid performed on an epileptic patient has reduced her seizures. Bob thinks that most doctors who had never performed that operation would never do it alone like Reid did and Reid says that most doctors don’t have his skills. Bob tries to persuade Reid to stay and work at memorial because he thinks that if the hospital had a doctor with his skills on staff the hospital could become a first rate research hospital. Reid turns down Bob’s offer and says that he wants to return to Texas. Kim arrives and Bob tells her that Reid is returning to Texas and that makes Kim very happy but Bob tells her he will miss Reid. Bob tells Kim that he offered Reid a job at the hospital and if he had stayed he wanted to train him to take over some of his responsibilities so that he could have more free time. Kim tells Bob that Reid has terrible people skills and wouldn’t be a good chief of staff. Bob insists that people skills can be taught and if he had stayed he would have been a good chief of staff.

(Police Station) a policeman tells Luke that Damian wants to see him before he goes to prison but Luke asks the policeman to tell Damian to have a good life but he isn’t going to say good-bye to him. Reid arrives and wonders what “Richie Rich” is doing there and Luke explains that his father is going to prison today Reid wonders which father the good one of the bad one this comment makes Luke angry and he slams Reid against the wall and tells him he is a wonderful doctor but a lousy human being. Luke tells Reid he doesn’t ever stop to consider how his decisions will effect other people Reid wonders if he is talking about Noah having the operation in Texas. Reid explains that he decided to take Noah to Texas because there he will have all the best equipment to perform the operation and assure the operations is a success. Reid tells Luke to stop thinking of him and think of what is best for Noah and Reid advises Luke to put a smile on his face when he says goodbye to Noah today.

(Fashions) Henry wants to buy Barbara an expensive dress and she appreciates the thought but she thinks the dress Henry picked is more suitable for a twenty-year-old girl. Henry tells Barbara that she is sexier than any twenty-year-old girl and Barbara thinks the dress would look better on Henry. Henry tells her that he has stopped dressing like a woman and he hopes Barbara doesn’t question his manhood. Barbara tells Henry that his manhood has never been in question to her and then they kiss each other. Kim walks in and sees them and at first Henry tells Kim that he wants to buy the dress for Maddie but decides that he has nothing to be ashamed of and tells Kim that he and Barbara are sleeping together. Barbara thinks Henry made a mistake telling Kim the truth because Kim will tell Margo who will then tell Katie. Henry tells Barbara that he isn’t ashamed of their relationship and he is going over to see Katie right now to tell her they are a couple. Henry gives Barbara his credit card to buy the dress and leaves the store and Barbara is still amazed as she tells Kim that Henry thinks she would look sexy in the dress.

(Katie’s house) Chris examines Jacob and determines that he didn’t swallow the button and if he did it will come out eventfully in his diaper. Katie is relieved and thanks Chris for examining the baby and then wonders why his parents didn’t say anything to her about him coming for a visit. Chris tells Katie he didn’t know he was coming home until he was on the plane and he has no idea how long he will stay in town. Chris gets up and walks by the crib sees the button inside and shows the button to Katie. Katie is relieved that Jacob didn’t swallow the button and apologizes to Chris for being so worried about nothing. Chris tells her that she is a good mom and he knows that she has been under a lot of stress since Brad died. Chris tells Katie that Tom told him what happened and he tells Katie he is sorry about Brad’s death. Reid arrives and introduces Chris to Reid and Chris tells Reid he had hoped never to see his face again. Reid doesn’t remember Chris and Chris explains to Katie they went to medical school together and Reid stole a fellowship from Chris by taking credit for a research study in which all he did was wash the test tubes for the actual researcher. Chris tells Katie Reid cheated to win the fellowship. Reid tells Katie that he didn’t cheat and decides to leave but Katie tells him that she might have been wrong in being the only person to trust him despite his lack of people skills and manners.

(Lily’s house) Noah arrives to talk to Luke and gives him papers that Lily needs to sign nullifying Lily and Damian’s adoption of him Luke wonders how Noah will pay for his operation since he doesn’t have insurance. Noah explains that Reid is paying for his operation using money from a research grant so he won’t have to pay for anything. Noah also tells Luke that Reid got him a job at the hospital to help pay for his housing and he is going to make a documentary about his journey towards recovering his sight. Noah tells Luke that he can’t think about their relationship right now because he has to concentrate on getting his sight back. Noah gives Luke a camera and asks him to say something about him for the documentary and Luke takes the camera and tells Noah that he is the best person he has ever known and it has been an honor to know him. Luke and Noah both cry a little and then kiss good-bye. Noah tells Luke that he hopes that someday he can patch up his relationship with Damian. Luke doesn’t think that will ever be possible because he can’t forgive Damian for what he has done.

(Katie’s house) Henry arrives to talk to Katie and isn’t happy to see Reid there but he tells Katie that he has decided not to interfere in her life anymore. Henry tells Katie that if she wants to have a relationship with Reid he won’t stop her then Chris comes our of the kitchen when Henry is telling Katie that Reid isn’t the right guy for Katie. Chris looks at Reid who is eating cereal and asks him to tell Henry or he will and Reid swallows his cereal and then tells Henry that he is gay. Chris apologizes to Reid for “outing” him but Reid, tells Chris he didn’t do that and Henry is shocked that Katie knew and didn’t tell him. Katie tells Henry that Reid told her when he moved into the house and she didn’t think it was her place to tell anyone about Reid’s personal life. Katie tells Henry that he promised not to interfere in her life and she pulls him towards the door pushes him out into the hallway and shuts the door before Henry can tell her he is sleeping with Barbara.

(Old Town) Kim tells Barbara that Henry is an unusual man but he has a kind heart and that she should not feel badly for being with him just because he is younger. Kim thinks Barbara should feel proud of herself because she is attractive enough to be of interest to a younger man.

(Hospital) Luke takes Noah’s hand and tells him he loves him and they share one more kiss good-bye. Reid watches them and waits until they have finished before coming in to check on Noah. Luke waits outside and when Reid comes out of Noah’s room Luke apologizes for his outburst earlier at the police station. Reid also apologizes to Luke for his joke and tells him he understands what it is like trying to please two different people and in the end not pleasing anyone. Luke asks Reid for permission to visit Noah in Texas and Reid says its okay as long as he stays out of his way.

(Lakeview) Henry tells Barbara the details of his fight with Katie and Barbara laughs and tells Henry he has always fallen in love with woman who he thinks are to good for him and he has worked very hard to please them and the relationship never worked for him. Barbara tells Henry that she likes him just the way he is and doesn’t expect anything from him. The phone rings and Henry sees its Katie calling but ignores her call and instead kisses Barbara.

(Hospital) Bob and Kim are having lunch in the on call room and Bob is still a little disappointed that Reid left. Bob hears a knock at the door and gives Chris a hug when he comes in and Kim also gives him a hug. Chris tells them he is staying a while but he isn’t ready to work at the hospital. Chris wonders why Bob hired a jerk like Reid Oliver to work at the hospital. Kim wonders if Chris is hungry and he says no because he had a big breakfast on the plane.

(Al’s Diner) Kim and Bob watch Chris eating his lunch as they continue to talk and Kim laughs because he told her he wasn’t hungry. Chris tells his mom that he just felt like having a snack. Chris tells Bob and Kim that Reid stole a fellowship from him in medical school and is surprised that Bob still thinks Reid is a good doctor. Chris is happy when Kim tells him Reid is going back to Dallas as soon as the judge says its okay. Kim wonders if Chris returned home because Tom told him Alison didn’t marry Casey but Chris says no he just wanted to come home for a visit. Chris tells Kim that he has decided that romance isn’t for him.

(Outside Al’s Diner) Katie thanks Chris for his help with Jacob earlier and he tells her that she can call him anytime she thinks Jacob may be sick. Chris and Katie look at Kim and Bob talking and Katie thinks that Kim and Bob give her hope in romance and then she looks at Chris and they both agree that Kim and Bob don’t give them hope in romance.

(Lakeview) Barbara tells Henry that she is happy that he wants to tell Katie about their relationship but she isn’t upset he didn’t do it today. Barbara tells Henry he should forget about Katie and go upstairs with her. Once Henry goes upstairs Vienna arrives and tells the desk clerk she hopes to stay in Oakdale for a while.

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