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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/9/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Forrest Hills house) Damian sees the look on Lily’s face and is puzzled as to why she is afraid of him. Lily explains to Damian that she is afraid of him because of all the things he has done even though she knows he did those things because he loves her. Damian agrees with Lily that he loves her so much he was willing to do whatever he had to do to be with her and he doesn’t think that Holden would ever love her that much.

(Molly’s car) Molly wants Holden to call the police and tell them Damian is alive so that they can help in case it gets dangerous with Damian. Holden explains to Molly that the police would arrest him not Damian because in their eyes he is the one who escaped from jail and they wouldn’t believe that Damian is alive. Holden tells Molly that he is scared that Damian did something to Lily and Faith and he must find them although he has no idea where they are going he tells Molly to drive while he tries to figure out where Damian may have taken Lily and Faith.

(Lakeview) Ellis tells Craig that he is worried they will both get caught and end up in jail if people find out that Craig is taking money out of Parker’s trust fund to fund Monte Carlo. Craig tells Ellis they won’t get caught because he is only taking out a little money and he considers it a loan, which he will pay back to Parker’s trust fund once Monte Carlo starts to make a profit.

(Carly’s house) Carly tells Jack that she is willing to accept him having a baby with Janet if that is what she has to do in order to be with him. Carly also tells Jack that she will love the baby and welcome it into their family because the baby is a part of him. Carly tells Jack that she has learned her lesson and no matter what life throws at them she is never letting go of him and then Jack and Carly kiss. Carly tells Jack she intends to take Sage’s advice and keep things as simple as possible because they have wasted too much time by making things complicated for them. Carly wonders if Jack is feeling guilty about letting go of Janet since Liberty is sick. Jack tells Carly that Janet knows that he doesn’t love her anymore and she would never ask him to stay in a marriage without love. Jack tells Carly he is coming home to her and they will be a family no matter what comes next they can handle it together.

(Farm) Janet doesn’t want to marry Dusty and she is determined to prove to him that Jack is the father of her baby despite the fact that Dusty thinks that he not Jack is the father of her baby. Janet tells Dusty that the baby has to be Jack’s because if it isn’t she has lost the only chance she had to save Liberty. Dusty tells Janet that if the baby is his he won’t stop until he finds another way to save Liberty’s life. Janet tells Dusty that she can prove that the baby she is carrying is Jack’s by having a sonogram and she intends to have the test done today. Janet doesn’t want to talk to Dusty anymore and she goes upstairs to gather more clothes to send to Liberty. Dusty answers Janet’s cell phone when it rings and Jack asks to talk to Janet but Disty tells her she isn’t home. Jack gets annoyed with Dusty and asks to speak to his wife now and Dusty finds it strange that Jack chooses to call Janet his wife now since they will soon get an annulment. Dusty also tells Jack that there is a possability that he could be the father of the baby. Jack wonders if Janet told Dusty this and Dusty says that doesn’t matter he just thought that Jack should know the truth. Dusty hangs up the phone just before Janet comes downstairs and asks him to leave one more time.

(Carly’s house) Jack tells Carly what Dusty told him and Carly notices the tone in Jack’s voice and wonders if he is upset that Dusty could be the father of the baby. Jack tells Carly he isn’t upset he is just worried about what will happen to Liberty if Dusty is the father of the baby. Jack asks Carly as a woman does she think its possible that Dusty could be the father of the baby and Carly says it is possible that Janet ignored the symptoms because she has been under a lot of stress since Liberty was diagnosed with cancer. Carly tells Jack that if Dusty is the father of the baby Jack could be totally free to be with her and their kids without the responsibility of having a child with a woman he doesn’t love anymore. Carly also thinks it would be wonderful if Janet and Dusty had a baby together since they love each other they can be happy with their own family. Jack tells Carly that he has to go talk to Janet and find out the truth from her and Carly reminds Jack that whatever happens they will face it together. Jack gives Carly a kiss and thanks her once more for being so understanding about the situation.

(Lakeview) Ellis wonders if Carly is worth Craig and him possibly going to jail for grand larceny and Craig tells Ellis Carly is worth him going to jail. Johnny tells Dusty that he wishes that he would buy him a house so he wouldn’t have to live in a hotel. Johnny wishes he could build a fort in the backyard so that he could play in it. Dusty thanks Johnny for giving him such a great idea.

(Farm) Janet calls Liberty to check on her and Parker answers and tells her Liberty is finally asleep and that she had a bad day today. Janet cries when Parker tells her this and thanks him for being there to take care of Liberty.

(Molly’s car) Holden uses a tracking service that tracks text messages to discover that the last text sent to Faith was sent from a house in Forrest Hills. Holden gives Molly the address and tells her that Lily told him she was driving Faith to Forrest Hills so she could get a ride back to school with a friend.

(Forrest Hills) Damian tells Lily he never meant to hurt Meg and he is sorry about what he did to her and Lily tells Damian that he made a lot of mistakes because he loved her. Lily asks Damian not to add to his mistakes by making Holden pay for has mistakes. Lily makes Damian think he has a chance to get back together with her but only if he tells the police that he is alive so that Holden can get out of jail. Damian doesn’t believe Lily and asks her to prove that she still loves him and not Holden.

(Carly’s house) Carly tells Jack that when he talks to Janet he shouldn’t make this a competition between him and Dusty he should just find out the truth and remember that he is coming home to her. Jack gives Carly a kiss before he heads for the door and to the farm to talk to Janet. Craig arrives too talk to Carly and surprise her with some of her designs he had made into samples so they can sell the clothing lime to stores. Carly thinks her designs turned out beautifully and she heads upstairs to get some new sketches to show to Craig. Craig follows her upstairs and sees the unmade bed and wonders if Carly slept with Jack. Carly tells Craig that is none of his business but Craig wonders if she and Jack are back together. Carly tells Craig she doesn’t know because now Janet is pregnant and doesn’t know if the father is Jack or Dusty. Craig thinks that if the baby is Jack’s he will never leave Janet and stay married to her. Carly tells Craig that she is ready to handle any situation but she is never going to let Jack go again. Carly is so excited about the clothing samples that she wants to launch Monte Carlo nationwide and asks Craig if he can get more money from the investor. Craig asks Carly to promise him that she won’t let her personal life effect the company and one Carly promises Craig tells her he will talk to the investor about getting more money.

(Farm) Jack sees Janet crying when he arrives and she tells him through tears that she talked to Parker and he told her Liberty had a bad day and she wishes she could be there to help her. Janet tells Jack that Dusty isn’t the father of her baby. Jack asks Janet for the truth and Janet cries as she admits she doesn’t know who the father is because she has been under so much stress she hasn’t been paying attention to her body. Janet cries as she apologizes to Jack for breaking he marriage vows because if she hadn’t done that Liberty wouldn’t be sick now. Jack tells Janet she shouldn’t think that way because she isn’t being punished for cheating on him. Janet tells jack she will call him when she has the results of the sonogram then she goes to work despite jack’s advice that she should get some rest.

(Forrest Hills) Lily tells Damian she can’t imagine a world without him and then Damian hears a noise, which turns out to be Faith, and he gets angry and grabs Faith and tells her that she disappointed him. Faith shakes loose of Damian’s grasp and calls him a creep and tells him that her father wouldn’t be in jail if it weren’t for him. Lily tells Damian that if he lets Faith go she will go away with him on the ship. Damian grabs Faith and ties her to a chair and leaves with Lily. Holden and Molly see Lily’s car and Holden rushes towards the house when Lily sees him she scrams his name and Damian knocks Holden over the head and drags him to a place where he can’t be seen then he takes Lily with him. Molly calls the police tells them everything and tells them to hurry because Damian could be armed and dangerous. Molly heads towards the house when she gets inside she hears Faith scream and finds Faith and unties her then they both go in search of Holden and Lily. Molly and Faith find an unconscious Holden and Molly begs for her love to wake up but Holden calls Lily’s name when he awakens and Molly whispers to him that it is her not Lily. Faith cries hysterically and apologizes to Holden for causing all this trouble and she tells him that she couldn’t live with herself if anything happened to Lily. Holden tries to get up and go rescue Lily but Molly insists he stay with Faith until the ambulance and police arrive. Molly tells faith to keep Holden talking and not let him fall asleep and she promises Faith she won’t let anything happen to Lily.

Damian wonders why Lily won’t let go of Holden even though he has treated her so badly she has no idea how much it hurt for him to watch her chase after Holden. Lily tells Daman if he knows her at all he knows she could never be happy living far away from her children. Damian tells Lily she will fall in love with him again once she is far away from all the people trying to turn her against him. Damian tells Lily that they belong together until death do they part. Damian tries to grab Lily’s hand but she back away from him telling him not to touch her.

(Metro) Dusty tells Janet to come with him because he has a surprise for her she doesn’t want to at first because she has to work but Dusty says she can come back to work later.

(Al’s Diner) Carly wants to sell her clothing line through the online websites of different department stores and Craig is happy to see Carly so excited. Jack arrives and starts to leave when he sees Carly with Craig but Carly asks Craig to leave them alone to talk.

(Old Town) Jack tells Carly everything Janet told him and Carly once again tells him they can handle whatever comes their way together. Jack promises to understand about Carly working with Craig since she is being understanding about Janet and the baby.

Dusty shows Janet a beautiful house and tells her they could be happy in that house with their kids. Janet tells Dusty she can’t give him an answer about his marriage proposal until things are settled with Jack. Dusty tells Janet he and the house will wait for her and be there whenever she is ready. Dusty gives Janet the keys to the house and the engagement ring he bought for her and asks her to put the ring on her finger when she is ready.

(Forrest Hills) Lily admits that she has been lying to Damian and she made the biggest mistake of her life when she married him again and she wishes that he had really died it would have been better for everyone.

(Old Town) Jack tells Carly that he is glad they found their way back to each other after all that time they wasted apart from each other then Jack gives Carly a kiss.

(Forrest Hills) Damian tells Lily that she will learn to love him or she will die alone and then Molly walks in and tells Damian she hopes she isn’t interrupting anything important.

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