ATWT Update Monday 3/8/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/8/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At the station, Holden is anxiously telling the officer that he needs to speak with his family; he needs to protect them. The officer can’t help him because he is being transferred to county jail. He needs to get to his family to protect them from the man he is accused of hurting, a distraught Holden tells the officer, as he leaves the room.

At home, Faith is on the phone with Damian telling him that she can’t do this anymore. They had an understanding, he presses. It is too hard; she can’t keep sneaking around. She knows what her parents would feel like if they found out about what happened at school. He also tells her that the people in his family would go after her family. She isn’t sure she believes that anymore. Her mom will be safe and her dad will get out of jail if she listens to him; there is a house in Forest Hills; he will text her the address so she can bring Lily to him. How is she supposed to get her mom over there. She will come up with something; she has two hours or he will have to take drastic measures. What does that mean. She doesn’t want to know. Lily interrupts wondering if Faith is ok. It is her friend; she told her that she has to get back to school today and she needs to drive her, as Lily looks exasperated.

Outside of Faith’s school, Molly comes to talk with the school administrator. She introduces herself as Lily and tells her that they are concerned about Faith’s suspension. The woman realizes that she is not Lily; she is that TV reporter from Oakdale.

At home, Jack and Carly are kissing on the bed when Jack stops. Carly wonders what is wrong. He mumbles it is nothing, but he is so happy to be here with her finally. He just wants to look at her. She is more beautiful and precious to him than ever, as they kiss passionately.

At the hospital, Janet stumbles over the words to the doctor; she is pregnant. Is he sure. He is and he will let her celebrate with her husband alone, as the doctor leaves and Dusty asks if she is ok. She struggled so long as to whether to have this baby or not and now, she can see that God intervened. Dusty wants her to have this because he knows how important this was to her, as Janet thanks him. She knows how hard this will be on him, but she knows how much he realizes how important it is for her and Jack to have this baby. That is just it, Dusty starts. Janet doesn’t understand. How can she be a 100% sure this is her and Jack’s baby and not theirs. How can he think that and let alone ask. They slept together. That was months ago. The doctor didn’t say, how far along she is. She has to know there is a good possibility the baby is theirs. No, she doesn’t know that. We can’t afford, as she cuts him off. There is no we. It could be theirs, Dusty continues. Stop it; this is Jack and her baby, Janet answers flatly. They did it to save Liberty’s life. Dusty just stares at her.

Jack and Carly are wrapped in the sheets kissing. Jack wonders why they didn’t fight longer to hold onto this. They fought so long and wore each other out, Carly believes. The trick is to not fight – to just hold on as tight as they can. He is never letting her ago again. He better not. She is completely at peace now. They wasted so much time not being together. They both smile, as they realize they can be a family again. He never thought they would get back here to hold each other again. She said not to come back till he could give his whole self to her. She also made him promise not to say he loved her again until he could with his whole being; he loves her so much, as she returns the sentiment and they kiss again.

Dusty just wants Janet to consider what he believes. It can’t be. It has to be Jack’s baby - for Liberty. If they have a baby then it could be a match too. Brad was Jack’s brother; that is like 100%. What if it is theirs. Stop it please; she has to call Jack, Janet tells him. Janet gets on the phone and calls Jack, who is still in bed lounging with Carly. He sees it is Janet and sighs, as Carly tells him to answer. Janet tells him that she is at the hospital and is fine, as she pauses before she tells him that they did it; she is pregnant. Jack stares at Carly and then looks overwhelmed. Carly softly asks what is going on, as Jack looks down.

Lily tells Faith that she is glad that she is thinking about school, but she can’t take her back today. She needs to not miss out on any more schoolwork. She thinks with everything with Holden than they should wait. She is afraid of how much she is missing. She could call the teacher. There is nothing more she can do for her dad right now, Faith tells her. Lily begrudgingly agrees and says that they could leave then now. Faith explains that her friend broke her leg and had to go home, but her friend is going back to school today too and she can go with her and her parents; if she could just take her to her house in Forest Hills. Lily agrees; she and Holden are so happy how seriously that she is taking her schoolwork. A guilty Faith looks down. She just wants to make them proud. They are very proud of her. Faith tells her mom that she wants to make one stop first before they go.

Molly admits to the administrator that she is a reporter, but she is with her father. That doesn’t give her a right to information on any student, as she starts to walk away. Molly stops her by saying that the man she released Faith to, was not her father because her father is in jail on trumped up charges. If she released one of her students to someone who was not a parent than she would hate to see what that would do to her and the school’s reputation, as the woman stops and stares at Molly looking worried. Does she know who this man was; can she explain him to her. He was tall and thin. She also recalls that he had an Italian accent. Molly looks horrified, as she exclaims Damian’s name.

At the station, Lily brings Faith to see Holden. Holden wonders if they called them. Lily is confused – no. Holden wonders if everything is ok. Faith needs to get back to school, but she wanted to say goodbye. Holden just wants her to be ok back at school. When are they leaving. Lily explains that she is only going to Forest Hills to drop Faith at her friend’s house. Faith tells her dad that she knows he didn’t do what they said he did, as Holden hugs her. After they leave, the officer comes back in and says since he said goodbye to his family than he has to leave with him now, as Holden tries to struggle with him. Molly stops them when she comes rushing in telling them that can’t take him away.

In the car, Lily comes in with some snacks. Faith is worried about being late. She will take her the whole way if her friend’s parents leave. She can’t. Lily is wondering why she is so wound up. She is just worried about her dad; can she stop with the 20 questions, Faith snaps. Faith gets a text from Damian wondering if she is doing her part, as Lily wonders who it is from. Faith covers claiming it is just her friend. Why is she shaking and she looks like a wreck. She is cold; she just wants to get going. Who really sent her that text, Lily asks. She told her. Lily takes the phone and wonders who is Max. It is her friend’s father. She is lying; he would not be programmed into her phone. Faith is pleading with her to please drop it so they can get going. Lily won’t let it drop; she can help her, but she needs to tell her the truth. Faith stares at her for a moment and than finally admits that there is no Max. Who is Max then. It is a code name. Max is Damian; he is alive and wants to see her.

Molly tells the officer that they love each other and they need just 5 more minutes. The officer begrudgingly agrees and leaves. Molly tells Holden that she got back from Faith’s school; she found out that they let Faith go with her supposed father; she got a description, as she pauses for a moment, before she tells him that the person who picked up Faith was Damian, as Holden looks horrified.

Carly and Jack are dressing, as she repeats that Janet is pregnant. She doesn’t know why it is surprising because Janet was his wife, but she thought they might not have been, as her voice trails off. Jack explains that he had told her about trying to get pregnancy; he just didn’t know that it would happen that fast. Carly stares at him for a moment before she tells him that what is done is done, as she walks away from him. When Liberty found out, she was furious, Jack recalls. Then he changes the subject; he asks Carly if she is ok. She is freaked out truthfully. Before the phone rang, Jack starts and Carly finishes the thought - everything was right. It still is. This doesn’t change anything. Carly answers that he is lying; this changes everything. No. He knows how he feels and where he wants to be. He needs to go see his wife though, Carly answers. Can she understand. She does; she just doesn’t have to like it. Jack pauses for a moment, as Carly tells him to go softly. Jack hesitates at the door and than heads out. Downstairs he puts on his scarf and looks back towards the stairs before he heads back up them. Carly is making the bed when he comes back in and she asks if he forgot something. He did forget something, as he pulls her into his arms and kisses her deeply; he then pulls back and tells her that he loves her. Carly smiles brightly and tells him that she loves him too. She takes off his scarf, puts it around her neck, and tells him she will keep it so he has something to come back for. He tells her that he has everything to come back for, as they kiss again.

Dusty can’t believe Janet won’t even consider it. She would know if she got pregnant from their one night, Janet answers. Women know. Would that be a bad thing if the baby were his. It would be bad for her daughter’s survival, Janet answers. He can’t pretend they didn’t sleep together or that he doesn’t love her, as they are about to kiss when Jack walks in. Janet rushes over to him and thanks him. She knows it is confusing, but it is a wonderful gift that he is giving to Liberty. Jack looks over at Dusty and wonders if he interrupted something. Dusty tells him that he did, as Janet stares at him. Dusty tells Jack after a pause that he was just congratulating Janet. Janet lets out a breath. Janet thanks Dusty. He wishes her the best and walks out the door. She knows it is strange, but she will be forever grateful; she doesn’t want or expect anything from him. They are in it together though he won’t shirk his responsibilities, Jack answers. She knows that, but she also knows that he is in love with Carly. Yes, he is. She isn’t planning on using this baby to get him back, Janet assures him. He would hope not. She thinks they should keep the lines clear and go back to their idea of getting an annulment. Jack agrees. She knows this isn’t how they pictured their future, but she wants him to know how much this means to her and Liberty, as she hugs him.

Carly comes downstairs with Jack’s scarf on. She smiles, as she rubs it. Sage comes in and tells Carly about her homework when she realizes her dad was there when she sees the scarf Carly just put down. Carly explains that he had to leave quicker than he expected. Why. Carly smiles as she tells her that he had something he had to take care of. Sage smiles; he didn’t come there to see her, as Carly looks down coyly and tells her that her dad always wants to see her. Cut it out; are they back together, Sage asks happily. Carly tells her that is a huge leap. Sage stares at her some more before Carly admits that they are and Sage screams in delight. She knew it; this is the coolest thing ever. She has to tell her everything. Absolutely not. What changed. They realize they still loved each other. This is what she has been telling her. It isn’t that simple. She knows she is married to Janet, but when is he moving back in with them.

Lily and Faith are standing outside the car; Faith promises she was trying to do the right thing. She knew all along that Damian was alive while her father was in jail and she said nothing. He told her not to. She has a mind of her own; he was not holding her hostage; why didn’t she come to her or her father. He came to get her at school; he said people were after him. Lily is furious; she is just a child; how could he do that to her, Lily wonders outloud. He said she was in danger and that was why he was pretending to be dead. He was lying all along, Lily exclaims. How did she know; he said if she didn’t do what he told her than she could die. A frustrated Lily tells her that Damian faked his death to set Holden up so he could come after them. What does he want her to do. She can’t, Faith starts to say. Lily raises her voice; she needs to tell her the truth this moment! Faith stares at her when Lily has a realization – they are not going to her friend’s house in Forest Hills. Faith starts to sob. No. Damian is waiting there. Faith shakes her head. He swore he just wanted to talk to her and than he would come back to Oakdale to clear up things with Holden. Lily yells that he is pathological liar and she shouldn’t have believed a word out of his mouth. She used to, Faith answers quietly. Lily grabs her phone and Faith wonders whom she is calling. The police.

Holden tells Molly that Faith was just here and Lily is taking her back to school – well to her friend’s house; she never said a word about this. Molly thinks Faith is probably scared to death. She was in a police station – that is the safest place she could be with the police and her parents surrounding her. He knew something was up, but he never imagined. He shouldn’t beat himself up. Then he realizes that this trip with Lily taking her to Faith’s friend’s house must be a trap that Damian is leading Lily into. He has to stop this, as the officer comes back in. Holden tries to explain about Lily and Faith are in danger. The officer grabs him and pulls him out of the room, as Molly tries to stop them.

Lily is on the phone with the police trying to explain that she knows where Damian is. However, the reception is not good so she has to repeat herself. She gives them the address of the house, but she isn’t sure they heard her. She looks down at her phone and tells Faith that she has no bars. Faith wonders what they are going to do. They are going to see Damian, Lily answers, as she tells Faith to get into the car and they start to drive off. Lily and Faith stop outside the house, as she tells her to stay outside. She can’t go inside, Faith pleads. What did she have in mind to tell her when they got there if she hadn’t figured out something was going on. Faith worries that she is mad. She isn’t, but the minute she got away from Damian, she should have told someone. She pleads with her to forgive her. She loves her, and it isn’t about forgiveness. The police will be here soon; she wants her to tell the police where she is. She is giving Damian what he wants – her. Shouldn’t they wait. This ends now, as Lily heads in the house.

Holden is bring dragged into another empty room by the police officer still trying to explain that if something happens to his family, it will be on his head. Finally, he starts to pretend to hyperventilate; the officer stops to help him. Holden overtakes him and renders him unconscious. He takes his handcuff keys after he checks to make sure the officer is breathing ok.

Downtown, Dusty is sitting on a bench with a strange smirk on his face when Teri walks over. Why isn’t he at the hospital with her sister. They are releasing her. Where is she. She is with Jack. She is telling, as his voice trails off. Teri assumes that she is telling him about his marriage proposal. No, she is pregnant. Teri is shocked. She obviously didn’t know she was pregnant and that is why she was talking about in vitro. She is so sorry. She told Janet that it would tie her to Jack forever even if it had to do with Liberty. She did it for selfless reasons, Dusty knows. Teri wonders if he still wants to be with Janet. Dusty explains that this baby could be his. Janet told her that they hadn’t been together since New Years. He still believes it is a possibility, but Janet won’t even consider it; she wants it to be Jack’s. Teri explains that is only for Liberty and not because she still has feelings for him. He still wants to be with her no matter what. Does she think he is crazy. For being with her sister. No, for thinking the baby is his. Well, that would mean she would be in her first trimester; her cousin was very sick during that time; she was nauseous and exhausted. Dusty reminds her that Janet has been feeling like that for weeks. That was probably because of Liberty. Dusty gets up. Where is he going. To find out if the baby is his, as he walks away.

Carly tells Sage that she doesn’t know what her dad’s plans are yet. If he is going to be with her, than he needs a divorce. It is complicated. If they are in love than they will be together. It isn’t that simple. Is Janet really upset, Sage asks. Not exactly. Then he can tell her that he is sorry and he wants to come home. When she puts it like that, it does sound simple, Carly laughs. It is; adults make it too complicated. Their conversation is interrupted when Jack comes in. Sage is so excited that they are going to be a family. Jack is surprised to hear her say this – they were always a family. However, he is going to come home now so it will be real. Jack looks at Carly. It isn’t that simple. She told her mom that it is that simple and adults are the ones that make it complicated. She has to go post that on her profile, as she runs upstairs and Carly is laughing at her, but Jack looks concerned; he was gone for 20 minutes ant already told her. She is a smart kid; she figured it out. She told her. She sees Jack’s face and now she is frustrated; she told her that they love each other – does he have a problem with that. He is acting like she did something wrong that they are back together… unless in the 20 minutes he was gone that he changed his mind.

At the farm, Janet opens the door to find Dusty there with flowers. She wants him to stop. He is just concerned. She doesn’t want him to push her, as she puts the flowers down in the sink. He wants her to see his perspective. He doesn't have one. She hasn’t been feeling well for weeks. Her daughter has Leukemia. He wants her to face the truth. He means his truth. He wants to ask her something. Would it be so bad if the baby was theirs, as Janet stares at him. He knows she wants it to be Jack’s, Dusty realizes. She needs it to be. What if it is ours and they make a match, Dusty wonders. He is living in a dream world. It has to be Jack’s; it is his. Does she believe in miracles. She does and this is one. Only if it is according to her script. Does she love him… because he loves her and he wants to be with her. What if this baby is Jack’s, Janet asks. What then. They can find out. She can’t. He can’t walk away until he knows the truth, as he pulls her in close, as their mouths are almost touching.

Jack wonders if that is what Carly thinks of him – he goes to see Janet for 20 minutes about the baby and suddenly he has changed his mind. She confirmed what Sage knew because she didn’t want to lie to their daughter. He doesn’t want her to either, but he is still married. She knows that; she asked when he was getting divorced. Wow, Jack exclaims. Did she tell her about the baby. She thinks it was too soon. He can’t believe this is happening; a few hours ago, it was just the two of them. He can’t believe Janet is pregnant. Carly sits, takes a deep breath and tells him that they will work it out. The only way it will get in the way of their future is if they let it. Jack sits down next to her and agrees that they won’t let it. It has taken them too long to get here, Carly says. Yes, and he is sorry that he just made her feel that he didn’t want to be here. She understands; he is being pulled in many directions. No matter how many directions he is being pulled in, he will always come back here. Carly smiles; however, it is not going to be easy for them to get back together again now. It is the only thing she wants though. Him too. They can’t let it tear them apart, Carly tells him. It won’t, Jack promises; he won’t let it. He hugs her tightly, as both Carly and Jack look concerned when they are holding one another.

Molly is sitting in the car when Holden jogs out from the station; he jokes about what took her so long. Shut up, she playfully answers; where are they going.

Lily lets herself in the house calling out to Damian that she is here; she knows he wants to talk with her, as she slowly walks into the livingroom. There is no answer until finally, Damian walks up behind her and exclaims, ‘Cara she came back to him,’ as Lily turns and faces him.

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