ATWT Update Friday 3/5/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 3/5/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

Parker at home and Liberty in the hospital communicate via their laptop screens. He says he does not need to date as he gets enough aggravation from her as is. Ellis tells Craig that this is illegal. Craig says he worries too much. This is a slam dunk in borrowing Parker’s money so they need to get started. At the farm, Janet pumps Terry of what she would do in this situation. Terry reminds her that if she has Jack’s baby she could lose Dusty. Janet thinks she may already have.

Jack drops by Carly’s and she asks what they have decided about having a baby. He doesn’t know why she is pushing for this. Whatever way they have a baby means he will be tied to Janet. It’s not what she wants. She would like him to tell Janet that he loves Carly and she comes first with him. He says she knows he can’t do that. She says she knows so that is why she has to be okay with Janet having the baby.

Jack tells her that he wants to be her husband and father to her children. She knows he is not happy about this, but she can not stand in the way of Liberty getting better if a baby can help with the bone marrow. He realizes it is not the ideal situation and a lot for Carly to accept with him having a baby by another woman. Parker tells them goodbye. They both smile that they did something right in raising him. Parker runs into Craig and asks for money to go to Minneapolis. Craig just happens to have the debit card and gives it to Parker. He wants to be sure that Jack and Carly knows. Parker says he just said bye to them, but they were in the middle of something so he did not tell them. He’s hoping Craig will.

Dusty shows up at the farm although Janet says they have nothing to talk about. Terry says she will leave, but Janet says they have no secrets, she can stay. Janet tells Dusty to say what he wants and then get out. He gets down on one knee and pulls out a jewelry box with a huge diamond ring. She’s aghast. She tells him she does not care how he feels. She’s in another man’s family’s house and this is inappropriate. He tells her that he loves her and begs him to marry her. She faints into his arms.

Jack explains to Carly that Janet is scared and she wants to do something and she wants to do it now. She may not be willing to wait. Craig shows up and Carly says this is not a good time. At any rate, he barges ahead and tells them about Parker. He has been using his account to pay for trips to see Liberty, but he no longer needs Craig’s approval on the card and he just wanted to let hem know. Craig is surprised to hear that Janet is still with Jack and that Carly is okay with them having a baby by in vitro. Craig remarks that Jack is a stand up guy, but why would Carly want any part of that?

Jack returns to the farm and finds out from Terry that Janet fainted and Dusty took her to the hospital. Terry questions Jack about his intentions in having a baby. She does not want him to do it out of guilt. She says if this is not real, then just let Janet go, otherwise it will kill her. Liberty calls Jack and begs him not to do this…do not have a baby because of her. This is insane. He explains they are just talking about it; nothing has been settled. She tells him that she will feel guilty having a brother or sister that is only around because his marrow was needed. She will not go through with the bone marrow. She is fighting this battle starting today and she is going to win.

Craig tells Carly that she just doesn’t want to hear the truth. They both know Jack’s hero issues. He’s bound and determined to be a good husband and will stay with Janet. With a baby, he never will leave her. She is headed for another long, hard haul with Jack She needs to walk away. Come help him and make Monte Carlo a big success. She says she can not concentrate on work right now. He tells her that work is exactly what she needs right now, not another heartbreak.

Dusty tells Janet that she needs someone right now and he wants that someone to be him. Just say yes. She says she can’t, she is still married. He tells her to get unmarried. He knew her right away, that she would be his kind of gal, tough, sensitive, witty. She tells him that she loves him too, but she has no right to think of that now with a sick daughter in the hospital. He thinks if Liberty is happy for her then she will be better. They kiss. Jack walks in and is worried. He asks Dusty for a moment with Janet alone. He explains to Janet that he would do anything to help Liberty, but he can’t do that in having the baby.

Jack says all his instincts tell him not to bring a baby into the world like this. They have not been a family for a while and this would not be fair. They just need to keep looking for other possibilities. She admits they don’t love each other that way anymore and he is right; it would not be fair to bring a baby into this world. Their marriage is over and they are both sorry. She suggests they get an annulment so they can both move on their lives. She says he is free to go and be with anyone he likes. He vows that he will not leave Liberty. They hug and he leaves and tells Dusty to take care of Janet. Janet tells Dusty what Jack just said and that she asked for an annulment. She’s okay with that. The doctor steps in to give Janet some test results.

Liberty is surprised when Parker shows up. She had told him not to. They joke about her bright red wooly cap she wears to hide her hair that is falling out. Parker and Liberty laugh about the possibility of having a baby brother. Liberty says again this is not right just to have some bone marrow. She will not do it. He drags out a bag full of gifts from kids back home. She insists that he try on some of the caps; she will not let him say no to a cancer patient. She laughs so hard that they have to stop. They touch hands through the plastic curtain where she is quarantined.

Jack returns to Carly’s and makes Craig split. He explains that Liberty will refuse the transplant even if they go ahead with the baby. He tells Carly that his marriage is over as Janet has asked for an annulment. She wants to know where that leaves them. He says, “together, if that is what you want.” She leaps forward straight into a kiss. He tells her that she has been more patient with him than he has a right to expect. Not being with her is the hardest thing that has ever happened to him, but it’s not going to happen again. She was put on this earth for them to be together. They hug and kiss passionately.

The doctor tells Dusty and Janet congratulations; they are going to have a baby.

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