ATWT Update Thursday 3/4/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/4/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Police Station) Lucinda is upset with Jack for not doing more to help get Holden out of jail but Holden explains that Jack can’t do anything since the international authorities want more solid proof that Damian is alive. Holden tells Lucinda and Jack that he thinks Damian is hiding somewhere in the United States just waiting for his chance to return for Lily. Holden even suggests that Damian could be in Oakdale just waiting to talk to Lily to try and persuade her that they belong together. Lucinda thinks that Damian would be crazy to return to Oakdale because they would arrest him right away but Holden points out that Damian would do anything if he thought that Lily wanted him back in her life.

(Lily’s house) Damian is about to go inside and talk to Lily when he sees Molly arrive for a talk with Lily so he hides again. Molly knocks on the door and Lily wonders why the guard didn’t let her know that she was there. Molly looks around for a guard since she doesn’t see a guard close by and Lily is puzzled and thinks it is strange that the guard disappeared when Molly arrived for a visit. Faith and the security guard look for her earring which she never lost and when the guard wants to go back to his post outside the door Faith begins to flirt with the guard.

(Al’s Diner) Carly apologizes for making a scene in Minnesota and making things worse for him Jack tells her that she shouldn’t have confronted Janet with the truth but he is glad that everything is out in the open now because they were all keeping too many secrets from each other. Carly wonders what happens next in their relationship and Jack tells her he doesn’t know because Janet still wants to have a baby with him to save Liberty.

(Farm) Janet packs some of Liberty’s clothes to send to her in Minnesota and Dusty arrives to ask Janet not to have a baby with Jack. Janet tells Dusty that she has to have a baby with Jack to save Liberty’s life and she doesn’t care that Jack doesn’t love her anymore or that Jack wants to be with Carly. Janet tells Dusty that they can’t be together because she has to concentrate on doing what is best for Liberty and she can’t think about herself right now.

(Al’s Diner) Jack tells Carly that he still hasn’t agreed to have a baby with Janet but he doesn’t feel like he has another choice but to do it since he feels indebted to Brad since he accidentally killed him. Jack also reminds Carly that when he spoke to Brad he promised him that he would take care of Liberty. Jack tells Carly that he couldn’t live with himself if Liberty died and he could have done something to prevent her death. Carly wonders how long they will have to wait to be together. Jack tells Carly he doesn’t know how long they will have to wait to be together and he asks Carly to be patient and give him some time to decide what to do.

(Lily’s house) Molly tells Lily she came by to check on Faith because she was acting jumpy and nervous when she spoke to her earlier. Molly tells Lily that Holden asked her to talk to Faith and see if she can get Faith to tell her what is bothering her. Lily gets very upset and tells Molly that she doesn’t need her ex- Husband’s girlfriend giving her any advice on how to talk to her own daughter. Molly tells Lily she clearly needs help from someone and she tells her to look outside because Faith seems to be flirting with the security guard. Lily opens the door and asks Faith what she is doing and she says that she finished taking her oral exam and she needed to get some air. Lily tells Faith to come inside the house and Molly asks Faith how she did on her chemistry test and Faith tells her it was an English Literature and Molly reminds Faith that she told her it was a chemistry test. Faith goes upstairs and Molly tells Lily that in the 21st century most schools give exams online not by phone and suggests that Faith may have lied to her. Lily gets very upset and tells Molly to leave and she also asks the security guard to escort Molly to her car because the last time she visited she stole some things from the house.

(Police Station) Holden tells Lucinda that he is worried that Damian might find a way to talk to Lily alone and he can’t protect her from Damian if he is in jail. Lucinda thinks that Holden is worried about Lily because he still loves her but Holden says he will always care about Lily because she is the mother of his children. Lucinda thinks that Lily would never have married Damian if Holden had told her that he loved her as soon as he returned home. Holden points out that the day that he returned home he saw Lily marrying Damian and that hurt him very much.

(Farm) Dusty asks Janet to seriously think before she decides to have a baby with Jack because a child is a big responsibility. Janet insists that this is the only way to save Liberty’s life. Janet asks Dusty to leave because she doesn’t want to discuss the subject anymore.

(Al’s Diner) Jack tells Carly he loves her and wants to be with her that hasn’t changed and Carly agrees to give Jack time to make his decision. Jack takes Carly’s hands and kisses them and Carly’ kisses Jack’s forehead before she leaves him alone to think about what to do. Once outside the diner Carly calls Dr. Schiller’s office to see if the doctor has time to answer some questions for her regarding invitro fertilization.

(Police Station) Dusty tells Jack that he should tell Janet he won’t have a baby with her because he doesn’t love her and he wants to be with Carly. Dusty tells Jack that he does love Janet and wants a future with her so he should let Janet go so they can all be happy. Jack decides that they shouldn’t discuss this at the station so they head to old Town to talk.

(Old Town) Jack tells Dusty that he understands why he cares about Janet because he hasn’t had a family since Jennifer died and Janet can give him the instant family that he had when Jennifer was alive. Jack tells Dusty that he doesn’t have the right to interfere in a decision that should be between him and his wife.

(Farm) Carly tells Janet that the best chance to find a match for Liberty is to do invitro fertilization because the doctor could do a DNA test on the embryos to see which one would be a bone marrow match for Liberty. Janet tells Carly that this is none of her business although she is curious to know how she found out all of this information. Carly tells Janet she talked to her doctor about it and she gave her the information. Janet wonders how the procedure would work and Carly explains that the doctor would create six embryos and would implant two of them at a time until she was pregnant. Janet wonders what would happen to the embryos they didn’t use and Carly says they would probably get rid of the unused embryos. Janet objects to this because it is against her religious beliefs. Carly laughs at Janet and says that she didn’t think about her religious beliefs when she slept with Dusty or when she considered having a child with a man she doesn’t love anymore just to create a possible bone marrow match for Liberty.

(Lily’s house) Faith tells Lily that she wants to leave boarding school because she feels like the family needs her right now. Lily tells Faith that she will talk to Holden about it and then let her know what they decide to do. Lily tells Faith she has to go talk to Holden about a few other things and she will be back soon. Faith doesn’t want Lily to leave but Lily assures her that she will be safe with the guard outside. Once Lily is gone Faith grabs her jacket and leaves the house.

(Police Station) An angry Lily arrives to tell Holden to get Molly off her back but Lucinda thinks that Lily is angry because she doesn’t like that Holden is dating Molly and that Molly is helping him with this mess. Lucinda tells Lily she should admit that she wants to help Holden all by herself because she wants him for herself because she still loves him. Lily asks Lucinda to leave because she needs to talk to Holden alone so Lucinda tells Holden she will see him later. Lily tells Holden to ask his girlfriend to stop interfering in the lives of her children. Holden tells Lilly he asked Molly to talk to Faith and find out what was bother her because he thought she would feel more comfortable opening up to someone who wasn’t a parent. Lily is hurt because Holden thinks she can’t conect to her own daughter.

(Java) Molly tells Faith that she was a lot like her when she was her age and she can talk to her about anything that is bothering her and she will listen. Faith tells her that she doesn’t need anyone to talk to and then she gets a text message from Damian. Faith is in a hurry to leave so she tells Molly she will call her if she needs to talk.

(Police Station) Lily points out that Molly made things worse for Holden by making the fake ring and forging the note from Damian. Holden tells Lily that Molly only did that because she was trying to help him. Holden can’t understand why Lily refuses to blame the only person responsible for this mess Damian.

(Farm) Jack arrives and Carly and Janet explain the IVF procedure to him and Janet tells him that she objects to it because they get rid of the unused embryos. Jack asks Carly to leave so he and Janet can talk alone. Jack asks Janet if she would consider the IVF procedure and Janet tells him that she would only consider it if they could give the unused embryos to another couple then it would be like adoption.

(Police Station) Lily wants to use herself as bait to smoke out Damian and Holden smiles because Lucinda also suggested they find a way to smoke out Damian. Holden tells Lily that it would be too dangerous and he won’t let her do it. Lily promises Holden she won’t use herself as bait to get Damian to come out of hiding.

(Damian’s car) Damian wants Faith to help him get Lily alone so they can talk in private but Faith just wants to call the police and tell them Damian is alive so that Holden can get out of jail. Damian tells Faith that if she doesn’t do what he asks he will tell the police she had drugs in her possession.

(Java) Molly calls Faith’s school and finds out that Faith was suspended because of drugs and that her father picked her up and took her home.

(Lakeview) Dusty talks to a picture of Jennifer and tells her that he is in love with Janet and asks Jennifer to send him a sign so he will know if he is doing the right thing.

(Farm) Janet gets a call from Liberty asking when she is going to send her some clothes. Janet tells Liberty that she is going to take the package to the mail today. Janet hangs up the phone and tells Jack they should make a decision soon because Liberty is scared. Jack goes outside and is surprised to find Carly there. Jack tells Carly that they have not decided what they should do yet. Jack is torn between wanting to be with Carly and meeting his obligations to his family.

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