ATWT Update Tuesday 3/2/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/2/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Lily’s house) Lily calls Faith at boarding school because she thinks she might have read the city times newspaper on the Internet. Faith tells Lily she hasn’t had time to read the newspaper on the Internet because she has a lot to study. Faith wonders if Holden is still in jail Lily says yes but she is trying her best to help get him out of jail. Faith is surprised that Lily is helping Holden since she loved Damian but Lily tells Faith she knows Holden could never kill anyone. Lily asks Faith to come home because her father really needs her support but Faith says she has mid term exams and promises to come home after she has finished her exams.

(Boarding school) The principal tells Faith she is a very lucky girl because she would normally be expelled because they found pot in her locker but her father persuaded her to suspend her and not expel her from school. Faith is surprised to see Damian pretending to be her father and is about to tell the truth to her principal until she learns that she could still be expelled unless she goes along with Damian. Once the principal leaves Faith wants to call the Oakdale police to tell them that Damian is alive so that Holden can get out of jail but Damian tells Faith he is the only one who can help Holden and he will only do that if she cooperates with him so they head to Damian’s car to have a talk.

(Police Station) Molly arrives to interview Holden for her story but tells Holden she only said that to Margo so that Margo would let her in to see him. Holden and Molly kiss for a few minutes and then they discuss the case. Holden thinks that Damian provoked the fight between them at the docks because he planned to set up Holden for his murder. Holden and Molly wonder whom Damian killed and threw in the water so that he could use the body to frame Holden for his murder. Holden worries that Damian will return to Oakdale to get Lily since he thinks he and Lily are destined to be together.

(Minnesota) Craig is upset that Carly lied to him about looking at warehouse space there only because she wanted to go there to find out what is going to happen with Jack and Janet. Carly reminds Craig that she didn’t want him to come along he invited himself along on the trip. Carly finds out Janet’s room number and is determined to go and confront her even though Craig advises her not to do it because Jack and Janet were in love once and Jack won’t leave her because Janet needs him now since Liberty is sick. Carly is confident that once Jack tells Janet the truth then they will get a divorce and Jack will come back to her but Craig thinks Carly should move on and allow Jack and Janet to repair their marriage. Jack tells Janet that he knows that she slept with Dusty and they need to talk alone but Dusty doesn’t want to leave Janet alone with Jack. Janet tells Dusty she will be okay and asks him to call the hospital and check on Liberty for her. Dusty heads for the door but tells Jack that before he blames Janet for everything that he should look in the mirror because he also shares the blame for what happened to cause the strain in his marriage. Janet figures out that Carly rushes to tell Jack that she slept with Dusty because she has wanted to break them up ever since they got married. Jack tells Janet that Carly had more respect for their marriage vows then she (Janet) did because Carly was hoping that she would tell him the truth herself. Janet tells Jack that it was only one night not an affair like Carly told him. Janet explains that she slept with Dusty on New Year’s Eve because she was upset that he was stuck in a cabin with Carly. Jack reminds Janet that he wasn’t on a romantic get away with Carly their cars were pout of gas and Craig was also there and sick with a cold. Janet tells Jack that it is just one example of how Jack was nit therefore her when she needed him. Janet tells Jack there have always been three people in their marriage because Carly has always been between them. Jack tells Janet that Dusty told him that he loves her and he wants to know if she is in love with Dusty but Janet jut tells him that she shouldn’t have to make excuses to anyone if she likes to have Dusty be there for her as a friend.

Carly tells Craig that once everything is out in the open Janet will be with Dusty and she and Jack can be happy. Carly goes to the bathroom to change clothes and Craig ties some string to the door and then he goes into the hallway to tie the long piece of string to the door across the hall so that Carly can’t get out of the room.

(Damian’s Car) Damian tells Faith that his cousin wants control of the family business and his cousin was the one who framed Holden for his murder. Damian tells Faith that he is afraid that his cousin will hurt Lily and the family if he comes forward right now to get Holden out of jail. Damian promises Faith that he will help Holden once he has made sure that the family is safe. Damian asks Faith to go home to Oakdale right now and he will make sure that she never has to return to boarding school. Molly calls Faith to ask her to come home because Holden needs her and she even offers to pick her up but Faith tells her that she will get there when she gets there.

(Minnesota) Craig sees Dusty at the hotel bar and tells him to leave Janet and Jack alone so they can work out their problems and fix their marriage. Dusty knows that Craig is only saying that because he wants a chance with Carly so he advises Craig to keep Carly away from Jack. Craig tells Dusty that he has already done what he can to keep Carly away from Jack. Dusty and Craig go back upstairs to check on Janet and Jack. Carly manages to get out of the room and knocks on the door to Janet’s room Jack opens the door thinking that Dusty is on the other side ready to come in and Defend Janet. Jack sees Carly and tells her that it isn’t a good idea for her to come in right now but Carly pushes him aside because Janet needs to know the truth. Dusty and Craig also come in right behind Carly and then Carly tells Janet Jack was ready to ask her for a divorce until she told him Liberty was sick. Carly tells Janet both she and Jack stuffed their feelings for each other down because they knew that she and Liberty needed him. Carly tells Janet that all that pain was for nothing because all that time she had feelings for Dusty but didn’t want to let Jack go because she needs to have a baby with him in case Liberty needs a bone marrow transplant. Janet asks everyone in the room if they knew this and when everyone nods their head she is hurt that everyone knew this except her. Carly tells Janet that since everyone knows the truth now she is free to be with Dusty and she and Jack can be together. Jack tells Carly that it isn’t that simple and asks everyone to leave so that he and Janet can talk.

Jack tells Janet that on New Year’s Eve when he spoke to Brad he promised him he would take care of Jacob and Liberty but he is sure Brad never thought Liberty would get leukemia. Janet cries and tells Jack that he felt obligated to her and that isn’t love and then she asks him if he loves Carly. Jack tells Janet he does love Carly and that he never meant to hurt her this way because when they married he did love her and that was never a lie. Janet tells Jack that she isn’t sure if what she feels for Dusty is love but she does have feelings for him. Janet cries as she wonders what is the next step and she tells Jack that maybe they should get an annulment. Jack tells Janet he will do whatever she wants him to do and Janet makes it clear that even if they are not a couple they will still have a baby together to help Liberty. Janet asks Jack to leave her alone and she sits on the bed and cries. Carly waits in her room for Jack to come to her when he is ready. Carly looks in the mini bar and considers getting a drink but instead she grabs a water bottle and a candy bar.

(Police Station) Holden visits with Natalie and Ethan and then he tells them to wait in the squad room for Lily. Holden wants Lily to take the kids and go visit Sierra in Montega because he is worried that Damian will return to Oakdale because he thinks there is hope that he and Lily could get back together. Lily refuses to leave town because if Damian does return she is the only one that can get through to him. Lily tells Holden that she does believe in him and will do everything she can to make sure he is free even if she has to work with Molly.

(Minnesota) Janet cries as she takes off her wedding ring while Jack walks outside and also cries as he takes off his wedding ring.

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