ATWT Update Monday 3/1/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/1/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At Carly’s home, Jack pulls away from his embrace with Carly and tells her that as much as he wants to be with her, he can’t betray Janet. She already broke that vow, a bitter Carly snaps. ‘Miss Sweet-little-my-vows-are-so-important-to-me-Janet’ slept with Dusty, Carly growls. She wouldn’t, Jack stutters. She saw her kissing Dusty at Metro. He knew about that, but that doesn’t mean she is cheating. When did this happen. A few days ago. If that were true, then she would have raced over to tell him. She wanted to tell him. What stopped her. The same reason he stays with Janet – Liberty; Janet needed him. Okay, a stunned Jack answers. Then, why now. They were headed upstairs, but he stopped out of loyalty to Janet; he has been torturing himself to be a good husband all the while drowning in guilt over what he feels for her, but the whole time, his wife has been sleeping with another man.

At a hotel room in Minneapolis, Janet and Dusty are close to kissing when a guilt ridden Janet thinks she needs to get back to Liberty. She is sleeping. She didn’t come here to spend time alone in a hotel room with him. He knows that and he knows she has to be there for Liberty, but he wants to be there for her. She needs to rest; he will hold her until she goes to sleep. Is that enough for him. No, as Dusty moves in and kisses her gently, as Janet reciprocates.

At the Lakeview, Craig asks Ellis if there is enough money in Parker’s trust fund to get Metro up and running. Ellis wonders how Carly would feel to find out her was stealing form her son. She won’t find out, and besides, he will replace the millions soon enough.

In his suite, Barbara is lying in bed now awake, as she coyly talks to Henry about the marathon time they have had thinking he is still in bed next to her, but Henry suddenly shows up walking into the room in a robe with champagne and chocolate. They giggle over needing some food to regroup. Barbara comments about their relationship being no string attached, but does he want something more substantial. He tried substantial when he offered Katie the Stenbeck fortune and she threw it back in his face… why…does she want something more substantial, as the cork flies off the champagne bottle and they both laugh, as the tension is cut and then Henry pours Barbara some champagne and then they kiss.

At home, Katie and Reid come out of Jacob’s bedroom, as she is relieved how easily he goes to sleep when Reid sings to him. Reid tells her it is gas. He admits that he will miss it when he leaves. If the judge refuses to let him go then she will be putting up with his bad habits a lot longer. She wonders if he just tried if he could get new patients here. He thinks she just wants that because she has no life. She already told Henry no in regards to the money. Her son could go to Harvard, as Katie looks down. He just wants her to think about it, as he leaves, Katie now seems to be contemplating it.

Carly wonders if Jack wants coffee so they could talk. There is nothing to talk about. When will he confront Janet. What does she mean. When will he tell her that he knows about Dusty, he wants out, and he is free; it changes everything. She is wrong; this doesn’t change anything, a saddened Jack admits, as Carly looks shocked. How can he say that. A couple minutes ago, he couldn’t wait to get her out of the dress and she thought it couldn’t happen because of his loyalty to Janet. Everything is still the same from before. He still loves her. Yes. Then why isn’t he divorcing Janet because she slept another man. Does she have to keep saying that, Jack asks quietly. Yes, because if they were married and she even kissed another man, he would have gone insane; why does Janet get a free pass. Janet slept with Dusty because of him. What, a surprised Carly asks. Brad died and he left; he walked out on her. She could have brought him home like she did; she could have fought for her marriage. He owes Brad and Janet. He is still planning on having a baby with her. Nothing can change. They have to have a baby right away to save Liberty; that is what he came to explain. There is no way to know a baby would be a perfect match, Carly reminds him. What if their child they needed to save was theirs; what would she expect from him. She gets that, but staying in a sham of a marriage won’t save them and it won’t bring Brad back. If there was any other way. There is – and it is standing right in front of him, Carly answers. She is right in front of him; walk away from her. Jack starts to tear up; he loves her, Jack tells her; he kisses her, tells her that her loves her again and then walks out the door, as Carly quietly calls out to him.

Janet and Dusty fall back on the bed kissing when the phone rings and Janet jumps up to get it; it is Liberty and she is upset. Janet wants to know what is wrong. Liberty stumbles over her words before she explains that she knew it would happen, but her hair is falling out now. Janet promises she is on the way, as she hangs up and starts to frantically get herself together. She thanks Dusty for his help getting them there, but she will see him back in Oakdale. Dusty stops her; she explains she can’t do this now, but he tells her that she forgot her keys. He also tells her that she is no condition to drive; he will take her to Liberty, as Janet thanks him and they head out.

Henry and Barbara are kissing more in bed, as Henry puts Barbara’s champagne glass down because he is trying to get more frisky, as they are getting more involved, they hear a door knock; it is Katie. Henry puts his hand over Barbara’s mouth; she needs to hide, as Barbara is annoyed, but Henry pleads with her so she finally goes in the bathroom. Katie invites herself in and Henry wonders if she could possibly leave Jacob with ‘Dr. Doolittle.’ She doesn’t want him to insult Reid because he is the reason she is here. She starts to explain that she was thinking, but then she gets sidetracked when she sees the messed up bed and she takes a sniff of the air. Nothing hangs in the air more then cheap perfume. Barbara looks annoyed, as she hears this in the bathroom. Is this what he is doing with his inheritance – blowing it on chocolate, champagne and hookers, as Henry looks nervous and worried and Barbara looks infuriated in the bathroom. Barbara tries to come out, but Henry blocks the door. What does she care what he does with the money – she said the money was cursed. He adds that the woman he was with today, is not morally challenged, as Katie rolls her eyes and says she is sure. Barbara is getting dressed in the bathroom ready to do battle. Afterall of this, she wonders how he can put Reid down. Now it is Henry’s time to roll his eyes, as he comments about how they all can’t make the blind see and the lame to walk. She didn’t come to talk about Reid. Why did she come. She is reconsidering the offer about the money. What changed her mind. Reid talked her into it. Henry wants to know what is in it for him. Don’t criticize him because he is her friend. Is he a better one then him. These days. Katie is frustrated because now she thinks she made a mistake after seeing what he is doing with the money – he is being so thoughtless with this money; it is an insult to Brad and her, as she leaves. Barbara comes out of the bathroom loaded for bear. She is so glad to find out what he thinks of her. That is not what he meant; he just wanted to get rid of Katie. It is ok to have a marathon love making session in his bed, but it is not ok to be doing it with her. She grabs her stuff, heads for the door, and tells Henry that the good thing about not having a committed relationship is she can say goodbye at any time. Henry tries to stop Barbara, but she slams his hand in the door when she stomps out.

At the hospital, Janet and Dusty arrive and she tells him that she could be here for a while so if he wants to head back to Oakdale, as Dusty cuts her off; he is staying, as Janet hugs him and tells him thank you many times. She heads inside, as he reminds her not to let Liberty see her cry. Inside, they hug and Liberty tells her that it was just a little hair; she feels silly. Janet doesn’t care; she just wants to be there for her because as a child she never let her baby her. Janet takes out a gift for her; it is a knitted hat. Liberty loves it. She just wanted her to have something hip while her hair grows back. Liberty remembers that she wore one like that when she was small. Janet fights back the tears when she tells Liberty about when she cut her own hair as a young girl, then she brought her to a salon, and they had their first mani-pedi, as Liberty and Janet hug some more, as Dusty watches through the window.

At the Lakeview, Carly sees Craig and tells him that she is ready to go national with Monte Carlo. She wants to rent space and talk with designers. What started this. She wants to keep busy. What did Jack do now, Craig asks. She told him about Janet and Dusty sleeping together and he said it didn’t matter. Craig is surprised to hear they did, but Carly doesn’t stop; he tells her that he loves her, but her can’t leave Janet and what he knows doesn’t change anything. Craig agrees; Liberty is still sick and he won’t walk away. She rolls her eyes. She is done trying to get Jack to see the light. He hopes she means it because the best thing she can do for herself is to leave Jack behind. No, the best thing for her is to make Monte Carlo a huge success and that is what she is going to do starting now. What if Jack comes crawling back. He won’t; she just needs his money and not his advice. They need to go to Metro order some steaks and figure how to get rich, Carly decides.

At Metro, Jack arrives and the waitress tells him that they have a table if that is what he is there for. He is there to talk with Dusty. He isn’t around right now. He will wait. The waitress tells him that he is out of town. Jack frowns and tells her that he has an idea where he is – Minnesota, as he walks back out the door.

At the hospital, Henry is soaking his hand in ice in a champagne ice bucket. He calls out for a doctor when Reid comes in, as Henry is annoyed. Not him. He wants another doctor – one that is likeable or ethical. How did this happen with his hand, as Henry doesn’t want to get into it. Reid wants to see his hand. Henry begrudgingly shows him. He wonders if he can move it, as Henry cries out in pain before Reid even touches it. He doesn’t see any bones sticking out, which is a good sign. He just has a bad sprain. He wants a second opinion. He is really good at getting things slammed, isn’t he. What does that mean. He has this whole pitiful thing going on with being in love with Katie but not being able to tell her. Henry tries to deny it but Reid isn’t interested; he has more patients to see; he will send him down to X-ray.

At the Lakeview, Barbara runs into Katie. Barbara doesn’t want to talk but Katie does. Katie asks what she is wearing for a perfume. Barbara’s eyes form into slits, as she promises that she is wearing something expensive. Katie tells her that she likes the smell; she wouldn’t believe the smell she smelled in Henry’s room – probably ode-to-by-the-hour, as Barbara glares. She is worried about Henry, Katie continues. Henry isn’t her concern. She thought they had a thing. It was short and now it is over. Barbara wonders why she is so worried about Henry; she thought she was still grieving over Brad. Katie tells her that she is, and then realizes that she thinks they have something going on. They are just friends. They were married, Barbara reminds her. That is true, but they realized they were better off as friends, as her voice trails off, and she quietly says at least they used to be. Why is that. He inherited the Stenbeck money and both times, it brought out the worst in him. He was trying to do something nice with the money when he offered it to her, but she turned him down. How did she know that; did Henry tell her, Katie wonders.

At Metro, Carly and Craig are eating steaks and talking about renting warehouse space in NYC. She wants to be done with a line for Fashion Week. Craig wonders if they should find space in a warehouse so they can work and live in the same place. Carly tells them as long as they live in separate places on separate floors. Then, she wonders about her kids. Craig thinks they should finish out the school year here and then they can come to NYC by the summer in time for all the fun summer events like concerts in the park and street fairs. Craig stops the waitress and tells her that he would like to compliment the restaurant on such a great meal; his compliments to the chef and manager. The woman tells him that he isn’t the first person looking for Dusty today, but he is out of town in Minneapolis, but she will tell him. After the waitress walks away, Carly gets up and tells Craig that she needs to go to the bathroom. She walks over to the waitress and asks her if the other person looking for Dusty was Jack.

Outside Liberty’s room, Janet hugs Dusty tightly telling him how happy that he is there with her. Dusty asks her about the doctors looking so serious before. Janet explains that they were outlining how this study is going to go down for them. They are interrupted when one of the doctors comes over and asks Janet if she has any more questions. When Liberty goes through this first round of treatments, she has to be isolated completed. Yes. She will be asleep for 48 hours and then she will be in somewhat of a bubble. Dusty pipes in that she must be able to visit her though. The doctor tells her that she can see and talk with her. Janet looks sad because she won’t be able to touch or hold her. Dusty thinks she should go back to Oakdale for the couple of days to recharge. That is what Liberty wants, but she doesn’t think she should, Janet answers. The doctor agrees with Dusty when he tells her that her husband and daughter are right. After he leaves, Janet apologizes for that. He didn’t mind. He can take her to the hotel room. She wants to stay for a little bit, because Liberty is going to start her first round of drugs and she wants to make sure everything goes well. Dusty tells her that she should call him when she is ready. Janet heads back into Liberty’s room and Liberty wonders if there is any new information. Nothing – she will be sleeping for a couple days; so that will be nice. Janet promises that they will beat this. Liberty asks her to hold her while she can. Janet gets into bed and hugs her tightly promising that she will never let her go, as they are both emotional.

At the hotel room, Dusty walks in to find an angry looking Jack sitting there with a drink; he thinks it is about time that they talk, as Dusty shuts the door behind him looking serious as well. Is he here to beat him up. He is in his wife’s hotel room to see his wife. When he swung by Metro he wasn’t in a talkative mood much, but he then he remembered it is all about Liberty. There is a door behind him and he should use it, Jack tells him. Like he did when he walked out on Janet like he will do when he goes back to Carly, Dusty answers. He is pretty good at ignoring things – like his wife’s nightgown on her bed and him letting himself into her room so he shouldn’t push him, Jack snarls. Who told him – was it Carly. Does it matter. It does. Carly told him a few things too; she said that if Liberty didn’t get sick then they would be back together. She must have told him that nothing happened also. He cares about Liberty, Janet and his marriage, Jack raises his voice. Dusty wonders about his vows… do that matter to him. They matter to Janet no matter what they have done and he knows that, Jack quietly answers.

Liberty thinks that her mom should get back to Oakdale because she has a job. Dusty told her that she could have all the time she needs. Liberty thinks that Dusty is a great guy. Janet changes the subject to Jack, who she said told her to give Liberty a hug. She wonders how it is going. They are fine. If they are staying together for her, as Janet stops her. She married a wonderful man that puts family first. So she hugs Liberty telling her it is from Jack. Janet tells Liberty that she is being so brave, as Liberty starts to cry – she has a great teacher. She needs to go so she can continue to be brave. She will call her every hour. She will be asleep. She will have them put her on speakerphone. A sleepy Liberty wonders what she will say. What she has been saying since she was born…’I love you I love you I love you Libby Loo,’ an overwrought Janet answers. Liberty has fallen asleep.

Carly comes back and asks Craig about going to Minneapolis instead of NYC. She thinks it would be more affordable there. Minneapolis is land of Paul Bunyan, Craig answers. No, there are a lot of up and coming designers there, Carly defends. How fast can he get her there. He will just fuel up the jet. She didn’t expect him to come. How does he expect to lease some space without him signing the check. He will get them a hotel room. Carly coyly tells him not to worry because she knows of a place.

Henry tells him that Katie is just a friend and that is why he is warning her. Reid tells him that he won’t need to worry because if his hearing goes well then he will be gone. He might leave, a happy Henry asks. Why does it matter. He is horrible and he doesn’t deserve Katie. He gets it, but even if he leaves, he won’t make a move because deep down in his shallow heart, he knows he isn’t good enough for Katie. And he is. If he disagrees, then he should call her and prove him wrong. After he leaves, Henry takes out his phone and stares at it.

At the Lakeview bar, Barbara and Katie are having drinks; Henry has talked to her from time to time, Barbara explains. About her. Why does that matter; is he not allowed to do that. She doesn’t want Henry used. What would she use Henry for. She wants the Stenbeck inheritance. Barbara laughs – the money is the furthest thing from her mind. The only one using Henry is her. She is not, Katie replies. She has been holding him on a string; if he disappoints her then she knocks him down a peg; what kind of friend does that. What has Henry been telling her, Katie asks. Nothing; she is just observant. She is not concerned about Henry and if she wants him then she can have him. She doesn’t want Henry’s money or hers, as Katie stomps off.

Dusty gets closer to Jack. Does he think Janet will stay with him. He can offer her something he can’t. Like what. Dusty’s phone rings and it is Janet. She thinks he sounds funny; is he ok. Yes. She tells him that Liberty just got her first treatment and she is sleeping. She is going to take a cab to the hotel. No, he answers quickly. Dusty thinks she should meet him at the diner across the street. She wonders if he is ok again. Yes, he just has to take care of something, as Jack paces in the background. Janet looks worried, and Jack and Dusty glare at one another.

Katie is making Reid a sandwich. Why is she doing that, he asks. This is the last night they are roommates; however, selfishly she hopes his hearing will tank so he would have to stay. He admits he will miss her and Jacob too. He sits; what did she do today. She just hung out. Did she have any visitors or calls. No. Idiot, he mumbles to himself. She asks him what he said. He was just thinking of a patient that he prescribed something to, but he didn’t fill it. Katie tells him to finish his sandwich before she gets back because it looks disgusting. Reid mumbles to himself again about Henry blowing it.

Barbara is finishing her drink when Henry comes up behind her and tells her that he deserved it. Barbara wonders what he is talking about. He will show her, but he wants her to know that there is no insult intended by this. He holds up his bandaged middle finger that is in a splint, as Barbara wonders what happened and then realizes what did. That happened when she was leaving. Note to self never get in between an angry woman and a heavy door, Henry teases. She is sorry. He is the one that is sorry; he never should have made her hide from Katei; he isn’t ashamed of her to be seen with him, as Barbara thanks him. They are pretty good together and it has made him happy. Her too. If they went public, would it ruin it, Henry wonders. Barbara smiles; she can only imagine what Paul, Emily, Bob, Kim and everyone else would say. Maybe he was right to lock her behind a door. She takes Henry’s hand and kisses his finger; they look around and then kiss and soon he is telling her that he will see her at his room in a minute, as she guzzles down the remainder of her drink and leaves a moment after Henry does.

At the hotel, Carly and Craig arrive, as he wants to start calling warehouses, but Carly wants to freshen up so he should go do that in his room. Craig wonders what is really going on. Why this hotel too. It is nice. It is ok, but it is nowhere near the warehouse district, but it is close to the research center. She isn’t here for fashion; she is here for Jack.

In another part of the hotel, Jack is telling Dusty to get out of the room, as he opens the door for him. He paid for the room he is not leaving. How much does he owe him, as Jack takes out his wallet. He didn’t do it for him. His mission for mercy is over. He is better for Janet then him, Dusty tells him. Really then maybe, they should talk to Meg, Lucy, Bonnie, Lily or any other woman he romanced and dumped, but Janet is his wife, Jack yells. Where is Janet on his list; he shows up here feeling guilty because of Carly; she deserves better. He is really serious about her, Jack notices. Yes, he is in love with his wife, as Jack turns around and sees a shocked Janet standing in the door.

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