ATWT Update Friday 2/26/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/26/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At home Carly is a mess. She remembers the kiss with Jack, and Janet telling them she and Jack are going to have a baby. At the farm, Janet tells Jack it was nice being with him again. She is going to be pregnant before he knows it and that gesture from him agreeing to it meant more than she can say.

At the hospital, Dusty makes a phone call that Liberty hears and she says she heard her name and she needs to know what he’s talking about. Janet interrupts and tells Liberty to get back to her room. Parker tracks Jack down at the farm and tells him that he is worried about his mom.

Craig finds Carly beating a rug against the wall outside but by her crabby disposition he says he bets he is not the one she really wants to beat up. Carly tells him they are business partners, nothing else. He’s put the moves on her before and she hopes this is not more of the same. He tells her no, but they need to do it right this time so people will sit up and take notice. They need to move to New York.

Janet rants to Dusty that she is married to Jack and going to have a baby with him. She can not have Dusty show up in her life any time he feels like it. He says he is only trying to help Liberty. He thinks that her and Jack having a baby will only make things worse. She accuses him of being jealous.

Parker brings Liberty some snacks if she is up to it. He starts telling her about his plans for a movie night later this week and he’ll bring tons of popcorn. She shows him something on her laptop about a study in Minneapolis and she hopes to go there so she doesn’t think she will be here for that movie night.

Craig tells Carly that the best designers are in New York; that is where they should be….not here where she is chasing after Jack. He saw her murdering that rug on the porch; she doesn’t need that. She informs him that she isn’t trying to run away from Jack. At that moment Jack calls and Craig dares her to take the call and prove to him what she just said is true.

Carly doesn’t take the phone call just to prove that she can avoid Jack if she wants to. Craig pushes her about the decision and she says it will be right there from her home in Oakdale not New York. She says she has mopping to do and he only asks that she think about New York. As soon as he leaves, so does she.

Parker tries to bolster Liberty’s spirits that she will be downgraded to only pretty once the chemo begins. They hug. Dusty admits that he doesn’t want Janet to have a baby with Jack. She doesn’t have to do this. She apologizes for calling him jealous. He says he is jealous of Jack. She reminds Dusty that he could have anyone he wanted. She returns to Liberty and says she told Dusty to go as he was pressuring her. Liberty says she has been reading up on it and she wants to go. She asks Janet to go with her. Janet tells her just try to stop her.

In Old Spring Jack catches up with Janet and finds out about Minneapolis. He wants to drive her, but she reminds him about the chicken pox and he can’t be around Liberty. They admit they will miss each other, but she will come back and forth so they can still work on making a baby. They hear something in Lisa’s shop as Carly is trying on a dress and spies them from the window. Jack goes to investigate.

Craig calls Ellis and tells him that he is still going to have to work on Carly about New York. He needs to know just how much he can afford to spend now on Monte Carlo. Ellis has to give him the bad news that he could ill afford to finance a line of socks right now.

Parker shows up at Craig’s room and confesses that he needs money. Craig tells him the answer is no. His parents made it clear that they do not want him to have the money yet and he doesn’t want to go to war with them. Parker explains that he needs it to go see Liberty when she goes out of town for her treatments. He doesn’t want her to go through this alone. This is his money and he’s not trying to blow it on something stupid. Suddenly a light bulb goes off in Craig’s head and he agrees with him that when you love somebody no amount of money it too much and there is nothing you wouldn’t do to make them happy.

Jack finds out it was Carly that ran out of the back of the store still wearing a dress from the shop. He returns to Janet and they hug and kiss and say goodbye for her to drive to Minneapolis.

Carly returns home and plops on the couch. She grouses that she doesn’t care if Jack sleeps with Janet. ….or they have a baby……after all she is his wife. She has a fantasy of Jack at the farm celebrating the birthday of his baby son. Carly shows up drinking and threatening to put a hex on the occasion. Craig rescues her and Jack tells them not to come back. Craig points out that he knew he shouldn’t have let her stay in Oakdale, that she couldn’t handle it. Back to reality, she calls Craig and tells him she is ready to talk about the New York deal.

Jack shows up and Carly explains that she ran out of the shop before she took the dress off, but she is not a thief. She tells him that she had other things on her mind as she is moving to New York. He tells her that she is not moving to New York with his kids. What’s happened to her? She said he happened to her. He made promises to her that he is not keeping. She tells him that he can’t ask her to stay here and see him happy with Janet. She doesn’t want to say something she will regret. She starts to take the dress off so he can return it. She more or less dares him to stay while she does it here and now.

Liberty and Janet check into her room. Dusty shows up as he didn’t want to leave it to chance. He cares about them and wanted to be sure the living arrangements were sufficient. Janet hugs him.

Craig meets up with Ellis and explains that the answer is right before their eyes. He can move to New York and use Carly’s son’s money. He has no doubt he can pull this off. Parker would want his mother to be happy.

Parker calls Liberty just as she has discovered she is losing some of her hair. She doesn’t want to be seen on the screen phone and makes an excuse about the batteries being charged.

Janet goes back to her room and sits on the bed. She apologizes to Dusty for what she said. She knows he is doing this for Liberty, but she can’t let him do all of this; it isn’t fair.

Jack starts to help Carly unzip her dress. That leads to a hot kiss until he finally pulls away and tells her they can not do this. He can not betray Janet this way. She laughs. How ironic when his sweet little wholesome “my wedding vows are so sacred” wife has already beat him to the punch. He wants to know what she means. She tells him that Janet slept with Dusty Donovan.

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