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As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/25/10


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(Hospital Roof) Casey wants to push Mick’s wheelchair off the roof and he wants to know if Alison loves the psycho meaning Mick Alison is nervous and crying because she is scared that Casey will push Mick off the roof. Alison doesn’t know how to respond to Casey’s question and Casey tells her that he wants her to tell him the truth.

(Police Station) Tom tells Holden and Molly that the authorities in Malta are determined to have Holden extradited to stand trial for Damian’s murder in Malta. Molly tells Tom that isn’t fair and she is determined to tell everyone about it when she reports on the story for WOAK. Tom tells Molly to wait on that because he wants to try and talk to the U.S. Attorney first and see if he can keep Holden from going to Malta. Molly agrees to let Tom try to stop the extradition first and if that doesn’t work she is going to put the story on the news tonight.

(Hospital) Luke tells Lily that Dr. Oliver saw the autopsy photos and told him that the body couldn’t be Damian because the person in the autopsy photos had stage 4 houghnigton's disease and he wouldn’t be able to walk or talk. Dr. Oliver tries to persuade his patient Gayle to let him do an experimental operation on her, which he has never performed before, but he tells her he is confident that he can do the operation. Gayle is worried because Reid tells her that he doesn’t know if she will be better or worse after the operation but it is her best chance to have a normal life. Lily wants to talk to Dr. Oliver so he can confirm everything Luke just told him so Luke interrupts Dr. Oliver’s conversation with Gayle and tries to ask him to come outside after he is finished talking to his patient. Dr. Oliver gets very angry with Luke for interrupting him and throws him out of the room. Reid continues to talk to Gayle and Luke tells Lily what happened with Dr. Oliver. Lily gets angry and thinks Reid is a rude unprofessional, arrogant jerk.

(Hospital Roof) Alison tells Casey that she loves him and not Mick and she doesn’t understand why she slept with Mick. Alison tells Casey that she and Mick had a strange connection to each other but it was never love. Casey is surprised to hear these words from Alison and Alison tells Casey not to kill Mick because she doesn’t want him to end up in prison again. Casey realizes that he wants Mick to suffer in prison because prison is worse then death so he pulls him back from the edge. Mick tells Casey that he doesn’t deserve Alison and Casey punches him so Mick runs over Casey’s hand with the wheelchair giving Casey a bad cut on his hand. Mick then rolls away Casey wants to go after him but Alison tells him that cut is bad and he needs to go inside and get the cut treated.

(Police Station) Holden asks Molly to go talk to Lily because he needs to prepare things with his family in case he is taken to Malta. Molly tells Holden he shouldn’t give up and he promises he won’t give up and Molly fives him a kiss before going to look for Lily.

(Hospital) Reid tells Luke not to interrupt him again when he is with a patient or Noah will stay blind. Lily tells Reid that he isn’t a doctor and t is clear that he doesn’t care about his patients. Reid tells Lily to come inside the room so that he can go over the autopsy photos with her. Molly arrives so Lily tells Luke to go inside and she will catch up with him. Molly tells Lily that Holden needs to see her because the Attorney General wants to extradite him to Malta to stand trial for Damian’s death. Lily leaves with Molly while Luke explains to Reid that unless he testifies about what he saw in the autopsy reports Holden the father who raised him could go to jail because they think he killed his biological father. Reid tells Luke it isn’t any of his business and he is too busy to testify for him. Luke tells Reid that because of his selfishness he will lose both of his fathers.

(Police Station) Tom talks to the U.S. attorney but he tells him he will need solid proof so he can keep Holden from standing trial in Malta. Lily arrives and Holden asks to speak to Lily so Tom and the other attorney go to the squad room to talk. Lily tells Holden what Luke discovered and Holden has hope until Luke arrives to tell them Reid doesn’t want to testify for him. Holden and Lily tell Tom the news and he gets on the phone to try and find another neurologist to testify on behalf of Holden. Holden tells Lily that he gave Tom notes for each of the children and he tells her he doesn’t want them to visit him in jail. Holden tells Luke that he doesn’t want him to visit him in jail either. Lily cries a little because she doesn’t want Holden to say good-bye to her forever.

(Hospital) Reid records some notes about Gayle’s case but he can’t stop thinking about Holden’s case. Alison gives Casey a tenuous shot and tells him she told him the truth about how she felt about him earlier on the roof. Casey thinks it is better that they didn’t get married because neither of them were ready for marriage and he thinks Alison slept with Mick because he pushed her to get married so quickly. Alison goes to find a doctor to put stitches in Casey’s hand because he has a deep cut and she doesn’t want him to have a scar. Casey tells Alison he still loves her too and Alison smiles before she leaves to go get the doctor. Alison finds Mick in the stairwell and persuades him to turn himself in and tells him she will testify so that he goes to a psychiatric hospital instead of jail so that he can learn how to be his own person with James brainwashing. Mick thanks Alison for helping him beat his James personality because he couldn’t have done it without her. The police arrive to arrest Mick and he tells Alison good-bye and assures her that he will be okay because of her. Reid talks to Noah and tells him that it won’t be long before he can do his operation. Reid tells Noah that Luke asked him to testify for him so they can prove that Damian is alive. Noah tells Reid that he is being selfish because he is letting an innocent man go to jail just because he doesn’t get along with Luke. Reid tells Noah that he has said enough and he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

(Police Station) Molly tells the U.S attorney that she will have his name on the news all over the country and people will know the unfairness of Holden’s situation. Reid arrives and testifies on Holden’s behalf but the U.S. Attorney says that he can’t do anything about it and the judge will have to decide about Holden. Luke thanks Dr. Oliver for his help and Reid asks Luke to testify at his hearing so that the police will drop the charges against him. Luke agrees to do it when Reid promises he will still do Noah’s operation.

(Hospital) Tom arrives to get his father to confirm Reid’s diagnosis of the autopsy photos and Casey tells him about his fight with Mick and that Alison still loves him and he still loves her. Tom hopes that Casey and Alison can put their relationship back together. Tom tells Casey that he is going to try to get his police record expunged so that he won’t have trouble getting into law school. Casey smiles and is happy that his parents believe he can be a lawyer.

(TV Station) Molly goes on the air with Holden’s story and after she is off the air she is told the network wants to run the story tonight.

(Police Station) Holden. Lily, Luke, Reid and the U.S attorney watch Molly’s story and the U.S. attorney gets a call from the attorney general telling him he is suspending Holden’s extradition pending further investigation and everyone celebrates.

(Hughes House) Alison arrives to pick up the rest of her things and tells Casey Mick was arrested and Margo placed him under phyciatric evolution. Casey tells Alison that he is going to apply to law school and Alison tells him that he will do well in law school.

(Malta) Daman sits in his office and is angry when he reads the news about Holden on his cell phone. Damian is so angry he throws all the things on his desk on the floor.

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