ATWT Update Tuesday 2/23/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/23/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Police Station) Lily, Luke, and Molly wonder why Margo is taking such a long time to question Holden and they hope that everything is okay. Lily insists that Margo can’t arrest Holden because Damian is alive he sent her his ring and a note to prove it so she is sure that Margo will figure out Damian is alive and Holden will be okay. Holden tells Margo Damian attacked him and he had to defend himself but Damian was alive when he left him on the deck of the ship. Margo wonders why Holden didn’t tell her about the fight before and Holden apologizes to Margo for that but he just didn’t want to think about Damian anymore he just wanted Damian to leave him and his family alone. Holden doesn’t apologize for defending himself against an attack from Damian. Margo tells Holden the Maltese police want swift justice for Damian’s killer and right now they have no other suspects in the crime. Holden asks Margo if she is sure Damian is dead and Margo tells him that the Maltese police positively identified Damain’s body off the cost of Malta so she is sure that Damian is dead.

(Hospital) Jack calls Liberty from the hospital hallway to tell her he brought a DVD player and movies for her to watch so she won’t get bored. Jack asks Liberty to tell Janet to come out and take the movies inside to her but Liberty says that she doesn’t know where Janet is since she was gone when she woke up. Liberty tells Jack to tell the nurses to bring the DVD player in to her because she is very bored right now. Jack says that he will do his best to get the DVD player in to her soon and Jack is surprised when Dusty arrives to visit Liberty. Jack isn’t too thrilled to see Dusty but asks him to take the DVD player in to Liberty since he has had the chicken pox. Liberty is thrilled when Dusty arrives with the DVD player and movies and Jack watches Liberty smile through the window outside her room.

(Old Town) Janet tells Carly she isn’t cheating on Jack with Dusty because Dusty is a good friend as well as her boss and she isn’t having an affair with him like Carly claims. Carly tells Janet she can stop denying it because she knows that Janet slept with Dusty at the Lakeview. Carly explains to Janet that she tricked the truth out of Terri and Janet is still denying everything. Carly then tells Janet that she has seen the way she and Dusty look at each other and she also saw them kissing at Metro. Janet finally tells Carly the truth but explains that it isn’t an affair because it just happened one time on New Years Eve when she thought her marriage was over. Carly tells Janet it doesn’t matter because she still slept with Dusty and if she doesn’t tell Jack the truth she (Carly will tell Jack the truth. Janet tells Carly that what happened with Dusty was a mistake, which she regrets because she still loves Jack and is determined to make her marriage work. Carly thinks Janet doesn’t love Jack anymore and is only hanging on to him because she needs to make a baby with him in case Liberty needs a bone marry match. Carly asks Janet to let Jack go and she can be with Dusty and Jack can stop bending over backwards trying to make her happy.

(Police Station) Molly is upset when Lily tells her that she gave Margo the ring and the note to Margo as proof that Damian is alive. Molly tells Luke and Lily that she needs to go get some coffee at Java and she quickly leaves the police station. Holden tells Margo about the ring and the note and Margo tells him that she is having the ring and the note authenticated to make sure Damian really wrote them. One of Margo’s men arrives with the test results on the ring and the note and advises Holden that he should get a lawyer because the ring was a copy that was made at a jewelry store in Oakdale. Margo reads Holden his rights and handcuffs him because he is under arrest for Damian’s murder.

(Java) Molly makes a call to her friend at the TV station who gave her the name of the jewelry store to use to make the copy of the ring and she asks her friend not to tell anyone that she was the one who wanted to make a copy of the ring. Lily arrives and overhears the last part of Molly’s conversation and figures out that she copied the ring to protect Holden but she tells Molly that her plan backfired because Margo discovered the ring was a copy and arrested Holden for Damian’s murder.

(Police Station) Luke wants Holden to tell him the truth and asks him if he killed Damian. Holden tells Luke about the fight he had with Damian and that he left him badly beaten on the deck of the ship but he admits that when he left Damian he wasn’t sure if Damian was dead or alive. Luke is upset that Holden lied to him and Lily and didn’t tell them this from the beginning so they could help him. Luke doesn’t completely believe Holden’s story and is disappointed in his father even though he tells Holden he could never forgive Damian for all the things he has done to hurt his family. Luke asks Margo if he can have a copy of the coroner’s report because this situation reminds him of when Holden was missing and thought to be dead and he thinks maybe if he read the report it would make Damian’s death real to him. Margo tells Luke that is against the rules but she gives him the copy so that he can accept Damian’s death.

(Old Town) Carly asks Janet to let Jack go because it is clear from the kiss she gave to Dusty that she doesn’t love jack anymore. Janet is determined to make her marriage work because she loves Jack and she doesn’t believe in divorce. Carly tells Janet to stop using the church and Liberty’s illness as an excuse to hang on to Jack and let him go so they can both be happy. Janet is offended by Carly’s accusation and says that she isn’t using the church or Liberty’s illness to hang on to Jack she loves Jack and she wants to work on their marriage.

(Hospital) Dusty brings Liberty a punching bag with the word cancer written on it so that she can get all her anger out about her illness. Liberty smiles and thinks Dusty is crazy but then she really starts to enjoy punching the bag. Janet arrives and Liberty tells her that Jack brought the DVD player and DVD’s for her and had Dusty bring it in and hook it up for her. Liberty continues to punch the bag and then she gets dizzy so Janet has her stop and rest. Janet asks to talk to Dusty in the hallway and when they go out she asks Dusty to call and let her know when he wants to visit Liberty. Janet doesn’t want Jack to get the wrong idea about their relationship. Dusty tells Janet that Jack didn’t seem to care that he was visiting Liberty but Janet tells Dusty that she cares because she loves Jack and is married to him. Dusty tells Janet that they should be together and that she knows she deserves better then a part time husband. Janet tells Dusty that jack is a wonderful husband who has been very supportive during this crisis. Dusty tells Janet that she should stop denying that they belong together. Liberty calls for her mother so Janet goes back inside but not before she tells Dusty she doesn’t want to talk about this subject again.

(Old Town) Jack sees Carly looking inside the window of the Lakeview bar and she quickly explains that she wasn’t planning on drinking. Jack tells Carly that he and Janet have not decided to have a baby yet. Jack admits that he doesn’t know what he should do because he thinks that maybe if Brad was alive he could have been a bone marrow match for Liberty. Carly tells Jack that they don’t know that and he shouldn’t blame himself for Brad’s death. Jack tells Carly he promised Brad he would take care of Liberty and Carly thinks that Brad would be very proud of the way Jack has taken care of Liberty. Carly tells Jack that she is sure he will do the right thing because that is what he has always done.

(Java) Molly tells Lily that at least she tried to do something to help Holden and Lily has done nothing but hurt Holden ever since Damian came back to town. Molly tells Lilyy that instead of being relieved that a monster like Damian is dead she is more concerned about getting justice for a man who did such horrible things to hurt her and her family.

(Police Station) Holden asks to speak to Molly when Molly and Lily arrive back to the station. Holden thanks Molly for trying to help him by having the ring copied and asks her not to say a word to Margo about having the ring copied. Molly tells Holden that Lily already knows so Holden asks to speak to Lily and he asks her not to say anything to Margo about Molly being the person who had the ring copied. Holden tells Lily that would only make things worse for him so she agrees to keep quiet for his sake.

(Hospital) Luke is looking for Bob so that Bob can help him figure out the coronor's report but he bumps into Reid who knocks all his papers to the floor. Luke explains that Damian died and he is looking for Bob to help him make sense of the report. Reid is intrigued and offers to help but Luke wants to wait for Bob to help him. Reid tells Luke that he would be stupid not to let a world-renowned neurosurgeon help him. Luke gives him the photos and after Reid looks at them he says Damian died from blunt force trauma to the head but he would have died anyway because he had stage 4 Huntington’s disease that is a degenerative disease that eventually shuts down the entire body. Luke tells Reid that Damian was healthy before he died so Reid tells him if that is true then someone ticked him because the person in those photos isn’t Damian.

(Lakeview) Carly tells Dusty that she knows he slept with Janet but Dusty doesn’t care that Carly knows because he told Janet he wants to be with her and he is waiting on her to decide what she wants to do. Carly tells Dusty that Jack and Janet are thinking about having a baby in case Liberty needs a bone marrow match. Dusty tells Carly that he will persuade Janet not to have a baby with Jack because she doesn’t belong with Jack.

(Farm) Janet wipes tears from her eyes as she tells jack she went for a walk because she doesn’t know how much longer she will have the strength to handle Liberty’s illness. Janet says that she is so tired because she hasn’t gotten any sleep at the hospital. Jack holds her and tells her that he has decided that they should have a baby. Janet is so happy that she kisses Jack but Jack isn’t happy about his decision. Jack and Janet talk in their bedroom and Jack tells Janet that he blames himself for the strain in their marriage. Janet tells Jack the strain goes both ways and he isn’t entirely to blame. Jack asks Janet if she is sure she wants to do this because a child is a big responsibility and once they go ahead they can’t turn back. Janet tells Jack she loves him and she doesn’t want to turn back she wants to go forward so Jack and Janet make love.

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