ATWT Update Monday 2/22/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/22/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At Al’s, Lily and Holden meet to talk. She wants to talk without being interrupted; she wanted to apologize for pushing him about Damian’s disappearance. When she heard about the body, she thought how he was the last person to see Damian, and she jumped to conclusions. What changed her mind, Holden asks. Damian sent this, as she shows him the ring. He must have left it for her secretly, but the most important thing is he is alive and he is letting them go. How does she feel about that. It was driving her crazy about what happened to him, but she got closure with this. She knows he is not a liar and not even Damian can turn him into one. He wishes he could say he was sorry to hear he is gone for good. She is happy he is out of their lives because it is for the best; she can now learn to start again with her life without any concerns holding her back. Molly interrupts their conversation and wonders what is going on. Holden tells her that Lily has good news, as Molly thinks they can all use some of that. Holden tells her that Damian is alive. Molly feigns happiness, as she hugs Holden; she told him that it would all work out, as Lily watches them both.

At home, Luke is standing by while Noah is finishing packing. Luke understands, but he hates to see him go. Noah explains that he has to get his life back and he has to do it on his own. He has to learn how to do everything all over again. Noah explains that Luke can’t let him screw up and learn to do things without him wanting to help. He can stay and he will leave him alone, Luke promises. He wouldn’t and he would want him to help. Dr. Oliver was right to have him keep his distance. No, Dr. Oliver just hates him and that is why he wants him away. If he is going to go through this surgery and rehab, he has to learn to do it on his own. Luke gives in; fine, he should just go move back in with his ex girlfriend, Luke answers snidely. They are interrupted when Margo is at the door. She wonders if Lily is in. Luke explains that she stepped out. She wanted to talk to the two of them together. Luke is worried; what happened. Margo takes a deep breath; she got a call from the Malta authorities; a body has been recovered and the remains have been positively identified as Damian’s. Luke shakes his head no.

At the Lakeview, Craig is meeting with his financial man named Ellis; he tells him about how good he and Carly’s business plan was; everyone was so impressed, but noone wants to throw a dime at a start up. The man wonders if they should look into other business opportunities. Craig wonders how much does he have to pull together to liquidate all of his assets. The man smiles – it is enough to justify an account in the Caymans. Craig returns the smile; he won’t need that. He put everything into Monte Carlo, and if he can’t find a backer then he will do it himself.

At the farm, Carly is telling Jack this is not something she wanted to have to tell him, but then she corrects herself and tells him that is not completely true. She wants him to know it; he needs to know it, but she didn’t want to be the one to tell him. Jack wonders what she is talking about. She doesn’t know how to say it. Carly begins to spill her news when Janet comes outside and wonders what is going on. Carly smirks at her. She came to tell Jack what has been happening. She may think what she has to say is important, but it isn’t, Janet answers. Carly thinks Jack should be the one to decide. Jack explains that Liberty is back in the hospital. A worried Carly wonders if she is ok. Obviously, she knows she isn’t ok, as Carly rolls her eyes and wonders if she will just tell her what happened. She has a fever, and ordinarily it is not a big deal, but there is an outbreak of chicken pox at the high school and Liberty hasn’t had them so they are erring on the side of caution, Jack says. Janet adds that she is happy she had them, as Carly adds that Jack hasn’t. Jack explains that he needs to keep his distance for a short time. Janet tells her that she has to take some books over to Liberty, as Carly tells her that she will stay there with Jack to talk. Janet cuts her off; no, she won’t because she needs Jack with her because Liberty’s chemo had to be stopped until they find something better. Carly apologizes; she wishes she could help. They are going to help, Janet answers, as Jack tries to stop this conversation, but Janet tells him that Carly is an interested party. The best way to find a match is through a sibling, Janet continues. Jack looks increasingly uncomfortable, as he reminds her that a lot has to be worked out. Jacob isn’t a match, Carly answers confused. Janet continues; everyone is going to find out anyway; she and Jack are going to have a baby, as Carly stares dumbfounded.

Luke wonders if they are sure that the body is Damian’s. Yes, Margo answers. The authorities in Malta are handling it since he was discovered over there. What did he die from. The body had been in the water a while so they aren’t certain, but the coroner is pretty sure it was from foul play. Luke takes a deep breath, as he admits that he can’t believe it. Margo is surprised since he came to the station concerned because he had disappeared. When they found the wallet, he knew something was wrong, but he had no proof; he was hoping he was being paranoid. Margo wonders if he might know anything about his final days. Luke can’t believe that they are talking about that because he knows that Damian hadn’t been in his life long, but he can’t wrap his mind around him being gone forever. Margo wonders if he would like to do this another time. No, he wants to talk about it. He saw Damian at his office; he was headed to the pier where his freighters were. He put him in charge of the company and then he left; if he had known that was the last time he would see him, as he breaks down. He realizes he can’t do this now. She wonders if he wants her to talk with Lily. No, he will tell her. Margo would like to have Lily come down to the station when she can so they can talk about a few things, as Luke agrees. After Margo leaves, Noah tells Luke that he is right here.

Lily tells Molly and Holden that she needs to go. Holden reminds her that their food hasn’t even come yet. Lily tells them that she is sure that Molly wouldn’t mind her leftovers, as Molly smirks and says ‘ouch’. Lily apologizes for being so aggressive when it came to finding out about Damian; she didn’t mean to hurt him. He knows, and he is glad that she and the kids have closure now. Luke and she can move on now – in fact, they all can, as Molly and Damian smile at each other.

Craig realizes that only idiots put all their money in a risky business ventures, however, ‘fortune favors the bull’. Besides, it is only temporary. Carly and he learned from their mistakes before, she just needs a little capital to get the business on its feet. On the other hand, is it to get Carly off of her feet, Ellis wonders. Craig tells Ellis not to be crass. Is this business or pleasure, Ellis asks. He doesn’t see the difference.

Carly wonders if Janet is pregnant, as Jack quickly answers no. Are they trying. Jack tells her that there is a lot to consider, as Janet tells him that there can’t be because their child would be the closest viable match to Liberty; this baby will save Liberty’s life. Carly tells Jack that she has to go, as he wonders what she was there to tell him. It is nothing; it was about something for Sage and school, but it isn’t important, as Carly rushes off after telling them that she is sure, that Janet needs to get to the hospital. After Carly leaves, Jack wheels around and asks Janet why she did that, as she stares at him.

Luke and Noah are sitting when Luke wonders if he needs to make some plans. He needs to tell his mom first, Noah reminds him. What can he tell her. Noah tells him that he can stay here and be there for him. He doesn’t want him to change his plans suddenly; he was halfway out the door before. He isn’t going to leave him when he is so upset. He doesn’t want him to stay out of pity, Luke snaps. Noah snaps back that he doesn’t pity him; he loves him. An agitated Luke reminds him that he has been pushing him away for months and then his father dies and he all the sudden remembers how much he wants to be with him; he just doesn’t want to be the bad guy. Maybe he just realized what is important, Noah answer quietly. What about his independence. That is not important now. What about his surgery; he didn’t think about that did he. He can work it out., He doesn’t want him to bother because if he told him to stay then he would be right out the door again. He wouldn't. Yes, he would; he would leave and believe it or not, he still loves him. He needs to decide what he wants because either he is with him forever or he is not because if that is the case, then he needs to figure out how to get through this on his own.

At the Lakeview suite, Holden and Molly are in a room pouring champagne. He didn’t think it would be appropriate to do this celebrating at the farm with everything Janet and Liberty are going through. They toast to Damian, Holden tells her. He hates him, but he is so happy he is alive, as Molly toast to that. He did think he killed him. Isn’t he glad he didn’t confess to something he didn’t do. He thanks her for that. Holden pulls her in; he thanks her for sticking by him. She just wanted him happy; it is over and he doesn’t have to worry about Damian anymore. Does he want to move on with his life – actually, the two of them together if that is what he wants. Holden teases her that she talks too much, as he pulls her down on the bed kissing her.

At the dock, Margo is walking along the waterfront when she comes across a little boy who is playing with a boat in the water. The little boy sees Margo’s badge and starts to walk away quickly. Margo takes him gently by the arm promising he didn’t do anything wrong; she just wants to talk to him for a moment.

Back at home, an elated Lily walks in the door, but when she sees Luke’s somber face, she immediately wonders what is wrong. He needs to tell her something, as Lily can hardly contain herself, as she tells him that she has something to tell him as well… it is good news. She shows him Damian’s ring; she found it outside with a note. Luke reads it and doesn’t understand. He is saying goodbye, and unfortunately that means they won’t see him again, but at least he is somewhere out there. Luke tells his mom that it isn’t possible for Damian to have sent this to her. Why not. Margo just came by; she told him that they found Damian’s body at sea; he is dead, as Lily looks stunned.

At Craig’s, Carly comes bounding in talking a mile a minute about wanting to talk about Monte Carlo; they should grab dinner and talk. Craig is happy with that; he will get them a table downstairs. Carly then remembers that there is no food in the house for the kids so he should come there, but then she tells him that they probably shouldn’t do that. She will just figure something else out and send him an email or something, as she continues to ramble barely holding it together. Craig stops her; what is going on. Carly tries to change the subject, but Craig tells her to stop; what is going on. She wants a drink so badly that she is crawling out of her skin. What can he do to help. He can be his smarmy self because she would never give him the satisfaction of falling off the wagon around him. She will stay sober then. The lesser of two evils; she is too exhausted to lie. What brought this on. Jack and Janet are having a baby. Craig is surprised to hear this. Is she pregnant already. No, but she went there to tell Jack about and then Carly changes her mind and simply says she was there to talk with Jack and Janet smacked her in the face with her news. She wants to make sure that there is a match for Liberty if the chemo fails. Craig understands now. She can’t complain about this without being a selfish witch. She wants Liberty to get better, but, as her voice trails off. Craig finishes the sentence; she loves Jack though. How can she trump a dying child. She can’t; she has to shut up and take it. She isn’t good at being noble and suffering in silence isn’t her bag, as she paces. Join the club, Craig answers. He knows she is hurting, but he thinks this might be the best thing to happen, as Carly glares at him.

Jack wants to know why she would tell Carly something like that when they haven’t decided anything. This is the only way to save Liberty. No, it isn’t, Jack snaps. Liberty’s doctor plans on changing up her chemo and the hospital hasn’t mentioned bone marrow in a long time. It takes 9 months to have a baby and who knows how long it may take her to get pregnant. What if the baby isn’t a match. That is a chance she is willing to take. No. If this happens then they have to check with doctor to see if this is feasible. They don’t need to check with a doctor on this. What about her beliefs on having a baby for the sole purpose of saving someone else. They will love it no matter what. There are plenty of ways to fight Liberty’s cancer. Why won’t she just admit to what is going on; she sees the way Carly and he are looking at one another when she walks into the room. He doesn’t know what she is talking about. She will spell it out; having a baby is a huge commitment for the baby and the parents. She knows that he would do anything to save Liberty’s life – except make a commitment to her. Jack doesn’t want to make this about Carly; this about bringing another human being into the world – not a donor or a sibling. She knows that. No, he thinks she is so worried about Liberty that she isn’t thinking straight. What is she supposed to think when her child is sitting in a hospital room fighting for her life. She is terrified and she has every right to be. She doesn’t know what else to do; the odds are against them; they won’t find another donor; please don’t say no. He will think about it, but it isn’t about just Liberty it is about the rest of their lives. She knows that he isn’t the type to make snap decisions; she knows if he decides to do this then he will be with her entirely. He will think about it. She has to go bring these books to Liberty, but when she comes back, they can talk some more, as she kisses Jack, who looks overwrought, as she leaves.

Carly wants Craig to spare her the everything happens for a reason speech; just because even if it is true doesn’t mean the reason is good; he is not talking hypothetical; something always derives her and Jack apart, but she always tries to come back together. He just doesn’t understand them, Carly answers. She doesn’t have to listen to him though; she can just call Parker, Molly or Rosanna too. She doesn’t need to take a poll to know what is best for her. She is acting like things could work out. He is married and from the look of things, he is staying that way. What if Liberty gets better. She will, but what about the baby; that will be a good 18 years. Janet is never going to stop needing Jack and Jack is never going to stop being there for Janet because Jack is a stand up guy. Carly sadly adds that he doesn’t love her though. They both know that is not true; it may not be crazy love they shared, but he is devoted to Janet. It is because she has a sick child. The reason doesn’t matter; he is not leaving her. Carly wants him to shut up. He knows it is hard to hear that what she and Jack shared is gone, but Jack isn’t hers anymore. No, it is not gone, but it will be if Jack and Janet have a baby together because he is a good guy; he would never leave her and Janet knows that. This isn’t about Liberty; it is about saving her marriage; she couldn’t have done it better herself, Carly answers quietly. Craig tells her that if Janet has Jack’s child, then a piece of her will always belong to him. Carly makes an aggravated noise; she can’t compete with that, as she lies on Craig’s shoulder and Craig kisses the top of her head. Carly jumps up; he is so typical and inappropriate; she will cal him later, as she rushes out,

Holden and Molly are making love when she admits when she came back she never thought this would happen. Never. Ok she did wonder about it, but she figured it was a fantasy. What about now. She still can’t believe it, as Holden kisses her. She will never take him for granted. He thinks they should go visit Abigail. She kisses him. He takes it that is a yes. She can’t remember the last time she was so happy. It is about time, Holden tells her.

Margo tells the little boy named Arthur that he has been deputized and they take care of their own. He is scared though. Why. It is like he told the other lady, Arthur explains, as Margo wonders what other lady. She asked him about the men who were fighting. What happened. He didn’t see it all because he was hiding. That was a good idea, but what did he see as he was hiding. One man was on the boat and the other man ran away. The man on the boat – was he moving. He doesn’t think so; he was bleeding pretty badly.

Lily can’t believe Damian is dead; he sent the note to tell her he is ok. Maybe he had someone else do it or he planned it before, as Luke’s voice trails off. He believes that Damian is really dead. They found his body off the coast of Malta; they did tests that proved it was he. She doesn’t believe it, as Luke is surprised. It is just like Holden and she knew he was not dead; she let people convince her that she was too grief stricken to know her own heart. She jumps up; she is calling Margo to get to the bottom of this.

Margo tells Arthur that she needs to take his call; Lily is upset because Damian can’t be dead; they are wrong. Margo tells her that she is sorry. She shouldn’t be because Damian sent her a message. Margo wants to know how. She tells her about the note and ring at the house. She should bring it to the station. He is not dead and Holden saw him get on the freighter. Margo is surprised to hear that Holden saw Damian down by the docks. Yes, but so what; they figure he is just in hiding. The Malta police made a mistake; she is sure of it. Margo wants her to come into the station and they can discuss it there. Lily agrees to come right over.

Lily tells Luke that Margo wants her to come down to talk, as Lily tells Luke that Margo is convinced Damian is dead, as she wrings her hands. Is she. She doesn’t know, but she has a bad feeling; they need to make a stop first before the station.

At the farm, Molly and Holden are kissing, as Holden doesn’t think they needed to leave afterall; the place is deserted. Molly thinks they should give it a moment because the amount of people that come through this place makes it seem like Emma is the mayor of a small town, as they chuckle while they kiss more. They are interrupted by a knock, as they laugh; it is Margo. Holden offers her some coffee; it is an official business; Damian is dead. That is not possible. His body was recovered off the coast of Malta. She also heard that he was the last person to see him alive, as Holden looks down and then over at Molly.

At Carly’s, Jack lets himself in, as he is holding some books. He calls out asking if anyone is here; the kids left some books at the farm. He hears a noise at the door and sees Craig; he is at the wrong house. His kids live there. What is his excuse. He is there to see Carly, but he hears that congratulations are in order. What does he mean. The baby that he and Janet are going to have, as Jack glares at him.

At the hospital, Janet sees Carly and wonders what she is doing there. Liberty is sleeping, but she is dropping off some magazines and sketching pads; she is going to be a fabulous fashion designer one day. Janet thanks her. She is glad that she is showing an interest in her future while she is doing everything in her power to make sure she still has one. Carly nods. If there is anything, she can do. She has done enough, as Carly wonders what that means. She appreciates all he time she has spent with Liberty since she has gotten sick, but she wants her to leave her family alone. They talked about this; Liberty needs to stay focused on her future. She is too tired to be polite so she will say it straight – she is spending too much time with Jack and she wants it to stop.

Molly is trying to look busy while Holden asks Margo if she has seen Lily; she has proof Damian is alive. She has talked with Lily. As Molly pipes in then how can she think Damian is dead. According to the authorities. Holden cuts her off; it is a mistake. Lily has the evidence so why is she there talking with Holden then. Margo cuts her off; this is not a press conference, as Holden wants her to stop. Molly wants him to be careful what he says. She has an eyewitness at the docks that said he and Damian got into a violent confrontation, and he ended up unconscious on the deck of a freighter. Is it true, as Molly doesn’t want him to answer, but he finally says it happened. She has to take him down to the station. Lily and Luke walk in and wonder what is going on. Lily is quickly upset and rambling about how Holden has to tell her that she is wrong and that he didn’t do anything to Damian, as Margo and Holden walk out, Lily is still insisting that he tell her.

Jack tells Craig what Janet and he chose is none of his business. What he does with Carly is then. He is toxic. He forgot that he had nothing to do with her drinking, Craig sarcastically answers. He was the one there, Jack reminds him. Yes, and he was not, which in Carly case was the bigger problem. Jack tells him that he is not getting her back. He and Carly are starting a business together and while it is not the same commitment as starting a family, it does require personal contact. Jack looks down. Craig wonders how he keeps two magnificent women on the hook. He wouldn’t know. He knows kids don’t save marriages; he knows it only leads to anger and resentment. He is doing better then him; at least he doesn’t walk away from his responsibilities, as Jack walks back inside and starts to close the door, as Craig answers is that noone can say that he is not reliable and he is counting on that, as he stares after Craig.

Carly tells Janet that she is not there to fight; she knows she needs a lot of people around her to fight this and keep her mind off of this. She asked her to help. That is before she knew she would use her daughter to get closer to Jack. Pardon her. She heard her. Carly quietly growls that she should hear this then because she doesn’t need to use a sick child to see Jack. Janet snaps back that she is warning her – stay away from Jack. Carly quiets her voice – they don’t want to do this here. That is too bad because there are only two things that matter to her – Liberty and her marriage and she won’t let her threaten either one of them. Carly is outraged, as she replies amazed that she considers her the threat. Jack is over her and there are plenty other men in the world – find another. She should know. What does that mean. She isn’t the one destroying her marriage because she is doing a bang up job of it on her own. What is she talking about, Janet asks. If she really wants to save her marriage then she should go give this speech to the person who really needs to hear this. She has no idea what she is talking about. She is talking about her boyfriend – Dusty Donovan, as Janet stares at her.

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